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Charlie's Orchestra

Radio Show: Charlie's Orchestra

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4xxxxx - And So Another Lovely Day Is Over 
4xxxxx - Atlantic Wall 
4xxxxx - Bei Mir Bist Du Schön 
4xxxxx - Daisy 
4xxxxx - Dinah 
4xxxxx - Double Dare You 
4xxxxx - Elmer's Tune 
4xxxxx - Elmer's Tune German Submarines 
4xxxxx - FDR Jones 
4xxxxx - Goody Goody 
4xxxxx - Hold Me 
4xxxxx - Hold Tight 
4xxxxx - I Can't Give You Anything But Love 
4xxxxx - I Double Dare Ya 
4xxxxx - I'll Never Say Never Again 
4xxxxx - I'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket 
4xxxxx - I'm Sending You The Siegfried Line 
4xxxxx - I've Got A Pocketful of Dreams 
4xxxxx - I've Got Rhythm 
4xxxxx - Indian Love Call 
4xxxxx - Japanese Sandman 
4xxxxx - Let's Put Out the Lights 
4xxxxx - Lili Marleen 
4xxxxx - MacPherson is Rehearsin' 
4xxxxx - Makin Whoopee 
4xxxxx - Medley Tea for Two You the Top Blue Moon 
4xxxxx - Miss Annabelle Lee 
4xxxxx - Nazi Propaganda 
4xxxxx - Nice People 
4xxxxx - Onward Christian Soldiers 
4xxxxx - Picture Me Without You 
4xxxxx - Scotch And Soda 
4xxxxx - Slumming on Park Avenue 
4xxxxx - South of the Border 
4xxxxx - St Louis Blues 
4xxxxx - Stardust 
4xxxxx - Thanks for the Memory 
4xxxxx - The Kings Horses 
4xxxxx - The Man With The Big Cigar 
4xxxxx - The Sheik of Araby 
4xxxxx - Three Little Fishes 
4xxxxx - United Air Man 
4xxxxx - Unter'n Linden sign off 
4xxxxx - Who'll Buy My Bublitchky 
4xxxxx - Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf 
4xxxxx - Why'd ya Make me Fall in Love 
4xxxxx - With a Song in my Heart 
4xxxxx - You Can't Stop Me From Dreaming 
4xxxxx - You're Driving Me Crazy 

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