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Father Knows Best

Radio Show: Father Knows Best

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481220 Audition Show 
500112 The Elusive Card Game 
500504 An Uncontrolled Dog 
500511 The Golf Challenge 
500518 Betty's Screen Test 
500525 Superstitious Folk 
500608 Time For A New Car 
500615 Father's Day Trip 
500622 A New Housekeeper 
500629 New Arrangements 
500907 An Efficient House 
500914 Family Car Stolen 
500921 Who Has The Time 
500928 The New Girl Friend 
501123 Thanksgiving Show 
501221 Christmas Program 
501228 Party Preparations 
510201 Ranch Inheritance 
510920 A Discussion Of Diet 
520515 Smooth Household 
520825 Father Knows Best 
520911 Watching The Dog 
520918 Weekend Activity 
520925 Should Women Work 
521009 Betty & The Crooner 
521016 Bud Quits School 
521030 A Carnival In Town 
530115 The Boy Next Door 
530129 Bud Likes Girls 
530205 Aunt Thelma Visits 
530212 Babysitting Miseries 
530212 Father Knows Best 
530305 Overdue Vacation 
530312 To Build A Wall 
530416 Family Getaway 
530423 Old Father Time 
530430 Springtime Woes 
530507 The Good Old Days 
530514 Sophisticated Bud 
530521 Paper Drive 
530910 Remembering Names 
530917 Big Inheritance 
530924 Mind Your Manners 
531001 A Date Mixup 
531008 The Value Of Money 
531015 Life Of The Party 
531022 Too Many Peanuts 
531029 Halloween Blues 
531105 Moving To Chicago 
531112 Betty's Engagement 
531126 Thanksgiving 
531203 Too Many Rabbits 
531231 Father Knows Best 
540107 Taking Pictures 
540114 An Unusual Bet 
540121 Mink Coat Woes 
540128 Trash Can Lids 
540128 Trash Can Lids 
540204 The Telephone Mixup 
540218 Betty's Freedom 
540225 Check Writing 
540304 Spring Cleaning 
540311 False Elopement 
540318 Income Tax Mixup 
540325 Rainy Day Activity 

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