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Six Shooter

Radio Show: Six Shooter

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530715 Ben Schofield - Audition 
530920 Jenny Garver 
530927 The Coward 
531004 McAdam's Cattle Drive 
531011 Silver Annie's Mine 
531018 Rink Larkin 
531025 Red Lawson's Revenge 
531101 Ben Schofield, Killer 
531108 The Capture of Stacy 
531115 Dink Faulk Escapes 
531122 Old Sheriff Gabe Starbuck 
531129 New Sheriff Billy Riddle 
531206 A Pressing Engagement 
531213 - More Than Kin 
531215 More Than Kin 
531220 A Western Christmas 
531227 Cora Plummer Quincy 
540103 The Stepbrothers 
540110 Hiram's Gold Strike 
540117 The Silver Belt Buck 
540124 Helen Bricker 
540131 Trail to Sunset 
540207 Clay Fenton and the sorrel 
540214 Quiet City 
540221 Battle at Tower Rock 
540307 Cheyenne Express 
540314 Thicker than Water 
540321 Wes Singer - Gunfighter 
540401 Aunt Emma 
540408 General Gilford's Widow 
540415 Crisis at Easter Creek 
540422 Johnny Stringer 
540429 Revenge at Harness Creek 
540506 Anna Nordquist 
540513 The Double Seven 
540520 The Shooting of Wyatt King 
540527 Blood Relations 
540603 Silver Threads 
540610 The New Sheriff 
540617 When the Shoe Doesn't Fit 
540624 Myra Barker 

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