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American Trail

Radio Show: American Trail

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01 Dispatch from New York 
02 The north west ordinance 
03 Louisiana purchase 
04 Lewis and clark expedition 
05 Samuel Slator's machine 
06 The golden ocean 
07 The magic wire 
08 On to monterey 
09 The California gold rush 
10 The rich desert 
11 The new south 
12 The blue yonder 
13 The brave flag 
53xxxx - [01] Dispatch to New York 
53xxxx - [02] The North-West Ordinance 
53xxxx - [03] The Louisisana Purchase 
53xxxx - [04] Lewis And Clark Expedition 
53xxxx - [05] Samuel Slater's Machine 
53xxxx - [06] The Golden Ocean 
53xxxx - [07] The Magic Wire 
53xxxx - [08] On To Monterey 
53xxxx - [09] The California Gold Rush With Bing Crosby 
53xxxx - [10] The Rich Desert 
53xxxx - [11] The New South 
53xxxx - [12] The Blue Yonder - Saga Of James Doolittle 
53xxxx - [13] The Brave Flag - Final Episode 

More westerns coming soon...

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