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Dennis Day Show

Radio Show: Dennis Day Show

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461003 Masquerade Ball 
461114 Dennis Writes a Radio Script 
461225 Sing for the King 
470101 Ladies Aid Meeting 
470122 Amnesia 
470212 Dennis and the Other Woman 
470226 Asks for a Raise and 
470305 Mistaken for a Bank Robber 
470319 The Photographer 
470326 The Burnside House 
470416 The Marriage Counselor 
470423 True Life Article 
470827 Drama Critic 
470903 Dennis Runs for Mayor 
470924 The Railroad Property 
471001 Support for a New Jail 
471015 Mrs Anderson Opens a Dress Shop 
471022 Dennis Gets a Second Job Selling Insurance 
471203 Mistaken for a Bank Robber 
471210 The Bank Loan 
471217 President of the Ladies Club 
480114 Stealing a Painting 
480121 Job at the Post Office 
480128 Dennis Does a Radio Show 
480317 Baby Picture Contest 
480324 The Land Grab 
480407 Keeping the Radio Station on the Air 
480421 Misquoted in Newspaper 
480505 Choose Acting Career 
480616 Bill Calhoun Visits 
480623 Bets on a Horse by Mistake 
480630 Donates Money for a new Gym 
480918 Out On the Town 
480925 Gives Up His Room For A New Boarder 
481002 Prevents a Boy From Running Away 
481009 Stealing Football Plays 
481016 Phony Oil Deal 
481023 Does Mildred Have a new Boyfriend 
481030 Accused of Stealing 
481113 Advice Column 
481204 Mr Anderson's Love Love Letters 
490108 Job in the Mayor's Office 
490115 Dennis is Uninvited 
490129 Correcting a Bad College Grade 
490212 Plans to Elope 
490219 Mistaken for an Heir 
490319 The Missing Heir 
490416 Campaigning for Assembly 
490611 Dennis Finds the Morgan Treasure 

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