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Alan Young Show

Radio Show: Alan Young Show

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440000 Alan Wants to be a Reporter 
441003 - Harriett Hatch 
441024 - Alan Buys A Water Heater 
441212 Alan Writes an Opera 
441226 - Alan Decides to Become a Newspaper Reporte 
44xxxx - Guest Jack Kirkwood 
450109 Taking David to School 
450116 Alan Wants to Hire Fred Waring 
450123 Alan Wants to Propose 
450130 Becoming More Assertive 
450206 Elope With Betty 
450213 Raising Rabbits 
450220 His Life Story 
450227 Honeymoon Trail 
450313 - Synthetic Cigarette Machine 
450320 Gold Fish 
450403 Old Love Letters 
450605 - Alan's Bloomers 
450807 - The Burlesque Dancer 
450821 - Jury Duty 
450828 - Planning a Trip to Canada 
450911 - 3Rd Try to Get a Trip to Canada 
451030 Boys Love Girls 
451106 - Alan Wills Five Dollars 
451113 - Alan The Fullback 
460308 - Guest Edward G Robinson 
460315 - Title Unknown 
460322 - Housing Shortage 
460910 Landscaping 
460925 The Letter (West) 
460927 The Letter (East) 
461004 Stolen Necklace 
461011 Cucamonga Killer 
461018 Making Betty Jealous 
461025 Alan, The Movie Star 
461101 Home Available for Veterans 
461108 Watching the Baby 
461115 Dinner at Duffy's Tavern 
461213 A Great Singing Star 
461220 Hold-Up Man 
461227 Rose Bowl Float 
470103 Family Tree 
470110 Alan, the Playwrite 
470117 Clothes Make the Man 
470124 Bear Shot with Bow and Arrow 
470131 New Checking Account 
470207 Photo of Bank Robber 
470214 The Dog 
470221 McPhearson Fortune 
470228 Kiss Maker 
470307 Charity Masquerade Ball 
470314 The Mouse 
470328 Overdue Rent 
470404 Buying Stock 
470418 Vaudeville Act 
470502 Birth Certificate Error 
470509 Typical American Mother 
470516 Big Yacht Race 
470523 - Cowboy Blood 
470530 - Lifeguard Contest 
490208 - The Parole Officer 
xxxxxx - A Visit from Maryanne 

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