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Witch's Tale

Radio Show: Witch's Tale

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310611 The Werewolf 
311207 The Confession 
320414 The Gypsys Hand 
321024 Share And Share Alike 
330306 Graveyard Mansion 
330321 The Wonderful Bottle 
340503 The Violin 
340802 Rock-a-bye Baby 
340907 The Puzzle 
340928 The Happy Ending 
341108 Physician To The Dead 
350107 The Entomologist 
350613 Devil's Mask 
350827 The Knife Of Sacrifice 
370122 The Suicide 
370212 The Haunted Crossroads 
370219 The Devil Doctor 
370311 The Troth Of Death 
370318 The Boa Goddess 
370422 The Statue Of Thor 
371019 Four Fingers And A Thumb 
371207 The Power Of Lucifer 
380113 The Altar Of Hate 
380120 Firing Squad 
380303 Tourists Accommodated 
380329 The Wedding Gift 
380502 The Devils Number 
Graveyard Mansion Part - 1 
Graveyard Mansion Part - 2 
King Shark God - Australian 
The Bronze Venus Part - 1 
The Bronze Venus Part - 2 
The Flying Dutchman Pt 1 
The Flying Dutchman Pt 2 
The Hairy Monster Part - 1 
The Hairy Monster Part - 2 
The Mannequin 
The Priest Of Sep-thet 
The Spirits Of The Lake Pt 2 

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