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David Harding Counter Spy

Radio Show: David Harding Counter Spy

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420608 Washington Woman Spy 
420622 - The case of the Nazis From Mexico 
420914 - The Case of the Spy Submarine Logansport 
421214 German Spies 
430301 - The Case of the Nazi Radio Station 
450613 - The Case of the Washington Woman Spy 
450620 Explosive Dog 
450625 - The Case of the Bag of Dynamite 
460726 - The Case of the Stolen Car Racketeers Rehearsal 
460727 - The Case of the Stolen Car Racketeers 
460728 Stolen Car Racket 
471023 - Rehearsal of Unknown Show 
480606 - The Case of the Recruited Nurse 
490222 Mexican Rancho 
490224 Poison Peddler 
490809 Blackmailed Hijacker 
490811 Murmured Million 
490816 Statue Of Death 
490818 Desert Explosion 
490823 Bouncing Bank Robber 
490825 Murdering Messenger 
490830 Cold Blooded Prof-1 
490901 Cold Blooded Prof-2 
490906 Arrogant Arsonist 
490908 Courageous Comeon Counterspy 
490913 Flatbush Fagin 
490915 Hot Car Killer 
490920 Postal Pirates - 1 
490922 Postal Pirates - 2 
490927 Visiting Vultures 
490929 Vicious Visitor 
491004 Sweepstakes Murder 
491006 - The Case of the Genuine Counterfeit 
491011 - The Case of the Case of the Society Swindler 
491013 - The Case of the Case of the High Class Hijacker 
491018 - The Case of the Photograph Furrier 
491020 - The Case of the International Intrigue 
500404 Magic Murder 
500411 Mile High Murders 
500413 Hoodlum's Hero 
500418 Fabulous Formula - 1 
500420 Fabulous Formula - 2 
500425 Hijacked Country 
500427 Murdered Confessor 
500502 Soaring Saucer 
500504 Crystalline Double Cross 
500613 - The Case of the Tattooed Eye 
500815 - The Case of the Foolish Father 
501013 - The Case of the Foreign Fires 
501020 - The Case of the Curious Conspiracy 
501027 - The Case of the Insidious Impersonation 
501103 - The Case of the Car 89 
501112 - The Case of the Stolen Secret 
501119 - The Case of the Pseudo Spuds 
501126 - The Case of the Hideous Hijacker 
501203 - The Case of the Spectrograph 
501210 - The Case of the Infiltrating Agent 
501217 - The Case of the Invisible Insurrectionist 
501224 - The Case of the Pretty Plant 
50xxxx - The Case of the Flanagan Sis Corn Syrup Coverup 
510107 - The Case of the Kleptomaniac Clue 
510114 - The Case of the Captured Contact 
510121 - The Case of the Double Crossing Defender 
511013 - The Case of the Foreign Fires 
520214 - The Case of the Fight Against Narcotics 
531221 - The Case of the Diamond Thieves 
53xxxx - The Case of the Maisie the Barfly 
David Harding 
Tattooed Eye 

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