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Dark Fantasy

Radio Show: Dark Fantasy

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411114 (01) The Man Who Came Back 
411128 (03) The Thing from the Sea 
411205 (04) The Demon Tree 
411219 (05) Men Call Me Mad 
411226 (06) House of Bread 
420102 (07) Resolution, 1841 
420109 (08) Curse of the Neanderthal 
420116 (09) Debt from the Past 
420123 (10) The Headless Dead. 
420130 (11) Death Is a Savage Deity 
420206 (12) The Sea Phantom 
420213 (13) W Is for Werewolf 
420220 (14) A Delicate Case of Murder 
420227 (15) Spawn of the Sub Human 
420306 (16) The Man with The Scarlet Satchel. 
420313 (17) Superstition Be Hanged 
420320 (18) Pennsylvania Turnpike 
420327 (19) Convoy for Atlantis 
420403 (20) The Thing from the Darkness 
420410 (21) Edge of the Shadow 
420501 (24) A Letter from Yesterday 
420508 (25) The Cup of Gold 
420515 (26) Coffin for Two 
420522 (27) Dead Hands Reaching 
420529 (28) Rendezvous with Satan 
420605 (29) I Am Your Brother 
420612 (30) Sleeping Death 
420619 (31) Seance 

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