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Command Performance

Radio Show: Command Performance

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420301 Command Performance 
420308 Eddie Cantor, Danny Kaye 
420309 Fred Waring, Joe E. Lewis 
420313 Kate Smith, Henny Youngman 
420318 Fred Allen, Kenny Baker 
420329 George Jessel, Connie Boswell, Oscar Levant 
420401 Kay Kyser, Bea Wain 
420407 Unknown Guests 
420419 Shirley Temple, Abbott and Costello 
420423 Pat O'Brien, Frances Langford 
420507 Betty Grable, Jack 
420514 Edward G. Robinson, 
420618 William Powell Gaut 
420630 Groucho, Victor Borge 
420630 Spencer Tracy Groucho Marx 
420714 Edward Arnold Ewate 
420830 Cary Grant, Ginny Simms 
420904 Tallulah Bankhead 
421013 Bing Crosby, Mary Martin 
430220 Francis Langford, Ish Kabibble, Kay Kyser 
430224 Bob Hope Dinah Shore 
430224 Command Performance 
430828 Bing Crosby, Judy Garland 
431009 Robert Young, Tex Ritter 
431127 Herbert Marshall 
431127 Herbert Marshall Edgar Bergen Bob Wills 
431204 Command Performance 
431204 Dinah Shore, Abbott And Costello 
431211 Bob Hope, Francis Langford 
431211 Bob Hope, Francis Langford, Martha Raye 
431218 Dinah Shore, Bing Crosby 
431220 Fred Allen, Ginny Simms, Benny Goodman 
431221 Fred Waring, Kate Smith, Orson Welles 
431225 Christmas Special 
440108 Carmen Miranda 
440115 Francis Langford, Spike Jones 
440122 Bob Hope, Deanna Durbin, Dennis Day 
440201 Dinah Shore, Bing Crosby 
440325 Don Ameche, Roy Rogers 
440422 Gene Tierney, Roy Acuff, Martha Tilton. 
440506 Bob Hope, Bing Crosby 
440520 Paulette Goddard, Jimmy Durante 
440527 Dick Haymes Virginia Obrien 
440603 Bob Hope, Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby 
440603 Connie Haines, Bing Crosby 
440610 Bette Davis, Jimmy 
440617 Jack Benny, Harpo Marx 
440624 Nelson Eddy, Tommy Dorsey 
440708 Command Performance 
440715 Claudette Colbert 
440722 Ronald Coleman, Ginny Simms, Cary Grant 
440722 Ronald Colman, Ginny Simms, Cary Grant 
440730 Barbara Stanwyck, Dick Haymes, June Allyson 
440805 Ginger Rogers, Virginia O'Brien, Jimmy Durante 
440819 Judy Garland, Danny Kaye Helen Forrest 
440826 Fred Allen, Jack Benny & Rochester, Ginny Simms 
440902 Betty Grable, Beatrice Kaye, Phil Silvers 
440909 Groucho Marx, Georgia Gibbs, Kenny Baker 
440913 Bob Hope, Johnny Mercer, June Allyson 
440930 Deanna Durbin, Jack Benny Ginger, Rogers 
441014 Compilation - Highlights of 1944 
441026 Clark Gable, Joe Bushkin, Ginny Simms 
441026 Command Performance 
441026 Winged Victory Edit 
441101 Command Performance 
441101 Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy 
441101 Ethel Merman, Eddie Heywood, Connee Boswell 
441107 Claudette Colbert, Bob Burns, Tommy Dorsey 
441108 Fred Waring, Kate Smith, Louis Prima 
441118 Linda Darnell, Marta Tilton, Amos 'n' Andy 
441125 Ginny Simms, Larry Adler, Diana Lynn 
441125 Irene Dunn, Johnny Mercer, Jerome Kern 
441127 Thanksgiving Special 
441216 Bob Hope, Bing Crosby 
441224 Command Performance 
441225 Christmas Special 
450111 Linda Darnell, Janet Blair, Jimmy Durante 
450118 Burns & Allen, Connie Haines, Joe Lilly 
450125 Frank Morgan, Frank Sinatra, Andrews Sisters 
450201 Gloria De Haven, Carmen Miranda, Bing Crosby 
450208 Jeannie Craine, William Bendix, Gene Krupa Trio 
450215 Dick Tracy In B Flat 
450222 Danny Thomas, Dick Haymes, Ginny Simms 
450222 John Garfield, Ginny Simms, Danny Thomas 
450301 Basil Rathbone, Helen Forrest, Jack Carson 
450308 Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor, Margaret O'brien 
450315 Jimmy Durante, Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall 
450322 Dinah Shore, Lina Romay, Judy Canova 
450329 Bob Hope, Ingrid Bergman 
450405 Bing Crosby, Lionel Barrymore, Marilyn Maxwell 
450419 Kay Kyser, Gary Cooper, Edward G Robinson 
450503 Ken Carpenter, Hvon Zell, Tribute To Walt Disney 
450510 Jack Benny, Paulette Goddard 
450531 Rita Hayworth, Charles Boyer, Nat King Cole 
450608 Bob Hope, Ann Ruth 
450614 Command Performance 
450621 Joan Edwards, Jack Carson, Arthur Treacher 
450622 Herbert Marshall, Marilyn Maxwell 
450705 Bing Crosby, G.I. Jill 
450712 Janet Blair, Victor Borge 
450719 Judy Canova, Hoosier Hot Shots, Danny Kaye 
450809 Walter O'keefe, Marilyn Maxwell, Les Paul 
450814 Victory Special 
450815 Command Performance 
450830 Frank Sinatra, Bogart & Bacall, Victor Borge 
450902 Vj Day Special 
450906 Bing Bob Frank and Judy 
450927 Betty Grable, June Haver, Jack Carson 
451004 Dinah Shore, Lum And Abner, Alan Reed 
451011 Ralph Edwards, Connie Haines 
451101 Bob Crosby, Gilders 
451108 Command Performance 
451213 Andrews Sisters, Garry Moore, Jimmy Durante 
451224 Command Performance 
451225 Christmas Special 
460110 Abbott & Costello, Andrews Sisters, Pied Pipers 
460124 Repeat Of Cp 102 
460131 Chico Marx, Jack Benny 
460307 Ginger Rogers, Burl Ives 
460407 Army Day Special 
460421 Fred Allen, Jack Benny, Ginny Simms 
460505 Kay Kyser, Lina Romay, Esther Williams 
460616 Shirley Temple, Anita Ellis, Peter Lawford 
460922 Janet Blair, Jane Powell, Jerry Colonna 
4609XX Tyrone Power, Walter O'keefe, Town Criers 
461208 Rudy Vallee, Dorothy Patrick, Hal March 
461226 Carole Landiis, Frank Sinatra, Jimmy Durante 
470323 Glenn Ford, Marilyn Maxwell, Phil Silvers 
470330 Lina Romay, Garry Moore, Virginia O'brien 
470504 Marilyn Maxwell, Frank Sinatra, Benny Goodman 
470708 Esther Williams, Andy Russell, Danny Thomas 
470729 Command Performance 
470902 Penny Singleton, Virginia Obrien, Jack Haley 
471021 Doris Day, Frank Sinatra, Jim Backus 
471216 Peter Lind Hayes, The Mello Larks 
471223 Kay Kyser, Marsha Hunt, Ish Kabibble 
47XXXX Martha Tilton, The Charioteers, Jerry Colonna 
47XXXX Meredith Willson, Lina Romay, Paulina Carter 
480120 Anita Ellis, Harpo Marx, Sweeney And March 
480907 Lina Romay, Garry Moore, Steve Allen 
480914 Ava Gardner, Steve Allen, Herb Jeffries 
481020 Command Performance 
481130 Vincent Price, Kay Starr, Joan Davis 
481225 1948 Christmas Special - Part 1 
481225 1948 Christmas Special - Part 2 
481225 Christmas Special - Part 1 
491018 Alexis Smith, Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis 

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