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Vic & Sade

Radio Show: Vic & Sade

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194xx Russel Miller Con Art 
20 Dollars Hank Gustav Gave 
370604 Sade's Trip To Dwight 
371128 Congress And The Supreme Court 
380303 Official Host 
381130 Vic's New Hat 
390000 Letter To Walter 
390102 Lodge Regalia Out On Loan 
390116 Flower Garden Arranger 
390308 Mr. Erickson's House 
390425 Rotten Davis Telephone 
390426 Sade's New Luggage 
390511 Overnight Guests 
390601 Grandpa Snyder - Xmas Cards 
390605 Y.Y.Flirch Tries To Phone Vic 
390613 Porch Collapses, Collapses Rotten Takes Blame 
390705 Two Tons Of Coal #1 
390830 Rush Mad - Preselected School Clothes 
390906 Office Invoices - Magnifying Glass 
390922 Sade Provides Names 
391006 Double Feature In Hopewood 
391030 Five Xmas Card Sales 
391031 BlueTooth Under Gook Davenport 
391106 Charlie R.'S Fish Picture 
391107 Smelly Makes A Speech 
391114 Rush - House Destroy 
391121 Smelly Clark Solicits Gifts 
391200 - Rush Is Getting On In Years 
400000 Appelrot Shoves Sade 
400102 No Painted Portrait 
400109 Boys Copy Numbers And Sade Tells Gossip 
400112 Vegetable Garden 
400119 Gumpox Vs Donahue 
400122 R.J. Konk's Improved Portrait 
400124 Y.Y. Flirch Best Looking Man 
400220 Rush's Good Looks 
400227 Deep Currents Of High School Life 
400319 Bess Letter - Grocery List on Top 
400325 Smelly Clark's Big Date 
400327 Vic Fakes The Coronet 
400329 No, Vic, No Trip To Chicago 
400404 Rush Must Make A Call 
400408 Can Blue-Tooth Sue The Bijou 
400410 Nicer To Sleep Over 
400417 Vic's Heart-Shaped Face 
400503 Engine Cab Ride To Chicago 
400506 Working Out Hank's Indebtedness 
400515 Vic's Picture Totally Mislabelled 
400527 Miss Scott Getting Too Chummy 
400529 Nicer The Goader 
400613 Short Bio Of Little Dipper 
400614 Freedom - Last Day Of School 
400617 Mr. Sludge To Sleep 
400618 June Xmas Card Pressure 
400619 Vic's Wide-Brimmed Hat 
400621 Hank's Job-Royal Throne Barbershop 
400624 Mr. Gumpox Blows Kisses 
400701 Ruthie Has Secrets 
400704 Mr. Sludge Calls His Mother 
400722 Mr. Donohue Asks For Demotion 
400723 Sade Shows Razorscum Album 
400814 Bacon Sandwiches 
400900 Mr. Sludge Grows A Moustache 
401023 Hot Soup 
401119 Man Caught In Revolving Door 
401200 H.K. Fleeber's 48 Teeth 
401217 A Bijou Lifetime Pass 
401223 Bess' Letter From 1937 
401231 Howard Has A New Harness 
410000 14 Days In Grovelman 
410100 Chit Chat - South American Wallpaper 
410121 Demise Of Bernice 
410123 Vic Now On Marching Team 
410124 Mr. Ruebush Has To Wait 
410125 Beautiful, Beautiful 
410203 New Wallpaper - There's a Catch 
410207 Landlady's Photos - Again 
410211 Fred Considering Joining Lodge 
410216 Manual For Wives 
410224 Uncle Fletcher To Me 
410225 No Marching For Me 
410300 Company Coming - 13 People 
410314 Marching Team Pictures 
410318 After Dinner Talk 
410325 Muddled Shopping Money 
410327 Hank's Weather Service 
410331 Rush Wants His Interest 
410400 40 Lbs. Of Golf Clubs 
410404 Dinner Invitation Withdrawn 
410423 Sleep Tight, Mr. Donahue 
410500 Rush, Bulletin Board Monitor 
410502 Vic's Picture on Quarterly Cover 
410512 Exalted Big Dipper 
410513 Uncle Fletcher Wants Vic and Sade 
410516 Uncle Fletcher's Door Stop Plan 
410521 Key Collection 
410530 Five Men From Maine 
410601 Calling Long Distance 
410603 The Hammock 
410604 Grand Old Lodge Lady 
410609 Letter Writing Plot 
410630 Who's Who In Kitchen 
410700 Fred's Concrete Part 
410701 The Easy Chair 
410826 Uncle Fletcher The Protector 
410909 Vic Gets Gift Wrap Again 
410917 Don't Help Dust Uncle Fletcher 
410929 Bright Kentucky Hotel Speaker 
411008 Sade's Surprise Xmas 
411009 It's Algebra, Uncle Fletcher 
411010 Fred And The Fifth Tire 
411014 Vic Declines Coronet Lessons 
411031 Broken Alarm Clocks 
411100 Crowded Car Ride 
411104 Send The Slippers Back 
411105 Vic's Xmas Gift List 
411120 Rush Humiliated On Thanksgiving 
411200 Left & Right Handed 
411201 Bert, Winnie & Vic's Trip To Plant No. 17 
411208 The Bottom Buffet Drawer 
411212 34 Xmas Gifts 
411225 North Dakota River Bottom Revel 
420000 Lodge Speech Rehearsal 
420200 Donahue's Doorbell 
420211 Budgeting 
420213 Prize Clock 
420217 Hank Gutstop, Hostess 
420218 Edith Suggins' Visit 
420219 Uncle Fletcher Comes 
420224 Rawhide Shoestrings 
420226 Putting Up The Porch 
420300 Miss Appelrot's Peti 
420303 Accounting For The Spondulicks 
420304 Roomwarming 
420306 Tornado Gook 
420309 Uncle Fletcher's Unopened Letter 
420312 Vic's Business Lunch 
420406 Scrap Drive 
420515 Mentioned In Dispatch 
420608 Fourth Letter From Bess Sleepyhead 
420716 A Gross Of Gravels 
420806 Xmas Cards, COD 
420809 Thimble Club Ladies 
420818 Attic Cleaning 
420824 Rush's New School Clothes 
420914 Sade & Ruthie Come Out Even 
420915 Letter From H K Fleeber; Forward March 
421001 Cherry Phosphates 
421012 The Mayor 
421020 Fred's Concrete Floor 
421027 Office Suggestion Box 
421120 Smelly Clark, The Barber 
421207 Miss Nagle To Break Vic and Sade 
430000 Color Of Gumpox's Eyes 
430104 Honorary Titles For Sale 
430107 Fred Might Join Lodge 
430215 Dottie's Letter From Chuck 
430216 Leland Richards Is Coming 
430217 Leland Richards Is Homesick 
430305 Vic Entertains Dotti 
430310 Chuck & Dottie Wash Dishes 
430318 Miss Appelrot Vs Dottie 
430331 Brainfeebles' Housewarming 
430412 Dottie's New Dress 
430608 Vic Reluctant To Put Up Porch Swing 
430712 Lodge Regalia 
430723 Lodge Robe Needs Altering 
430820 Picking Up Vic At Railroad Station 
430920 50 Photos Of Vic's Teeth 
431001 Sewing Buttons 
431011 Victor R. Gook Fontenelle 
431026 Pompom Honorary Lodge Member 
431027 Thimble Club Ladies 
431100 Watchfob Collection 
431108 Essay On Birds 
431110 Phone Call Interrupt 
431111 BB Baugh & Stingybery Jam 
431112 Uncle Fletcher's Packing Problem Russell 
431115 Ike Kneesuffer's Snapshots 
431119 Pompom Cordova 
431126 Boss' Xmas Present 
431129 Garbage Wagon Pass 
431130 Sweet Esther, Wisconsin 
431202 Cleaning Out The Bookcase 
431227 Invoice Preparations 
440125 Missouri State Home 
440203 Sixty Pairs Of Pants 
440204 Mr. Sludge Grows A Quick Mustache 
440225 History Of Plant 14 
440301 Hank Gutstop's Supper Party 
440307 Hank Gutstop's Proposition 
440317 Vic's Cancelled Trip 
440320 Mysterious Skulkers 
440403 Fred Stembottom Becomes Ted 
440405 Roy's Formula For Hyena Grease 
440407 Solo March 
440419 BB Baugh, The Dentist's Friend 
440501 Lodge Holiday Home Visits 
440530 Lolita Di Rienzi's Suggestion 
440602 Teaching Cigar Smoking 
440607 Elkskin Shoelaces 
440609 The Lunges Are Coming 
440612 Professor Russell - Tutor 
440613 Prettiest Eye Contest 
440614 Dead Man's Watch Job 
440615 Bess' 3rd Letter 
440616 Piercing Blue Eyes 
440619 500 Bijou Tickets 
440620 No More Pretty Boy 
440621 Rishigan Fishigan's Secret 
440622 Gaggle Of June Xmas 
440623 Lodge Telescope Want 
440626 The Boys Avoid Instructions 
440627 Fraudulent Job Rejected 
440628 Cough Nixes Buller Letter 
440629 War Bond Visitor 
440630 Russell Stays With Milton 
440704 Sade Decides To Play Rummy 
440705 Big Dipper Dashes For Robe 
440706 Where To Hide The Ritual 
440707 Second Letter From Yellow Jump 
440710 Vic Cajoles - Play Rummy 
440711 Don't Scrape Off The Watts 
440712 Phone Call From Yellow Jump 
440713 Uncle Fletcher Miffed With Sade 
440714 Sade Short Changed 
440717 Marching Plans Disappear 
440718 Sale At Yamilton's 
440719 Uncle Fletcher's New Lodgings 
440720 Uncle Fletcher's Come Visit Me 
440724 Robert & Slobert Are Scoundrels 
440725 Mr. Donahue Hates Vacations 
440726 Sade Pleads To See A Movie 
440727 Vic's Foreign Accent 
440728 Garbage Box Mystery 
440731 Hank Cuts His Debt To Vic 
440801 No Old Overshoes 
440802 Miss Harris Vs Mr. Overholt 
440803 Sunday School Alumni 
440804 Vic Is Boss For A Day 
440807 No Dinner Today 
440808 Russell Is In Charge 
440809 Hunt For Lost Teeth 
440810 Sade Struggles With A Letter 
440811 Uncle Fletcher Must Rest Brain and Body 
440814 Uncle Fletcher - Rest Extended 
440815 Vacation From A Vacation 
440816 Great Picture Of Vic 
440901 Arranging The Honeymoon 
440904 Wedding Guest List 
440905 Sade Reckons Her Debtors 
440906 Muted Silver Moonbeam Chimes 
440907 Mysterious Mother of Pearl Box 
440908 Business Trip To Chicago 
440911 Uncle Fletcher Looks For A Guide 
440912 Changing Tires With Fred Stembottom 
440913 Aunt Bess' Letter 
440914 Working Out Gutstop's Indebtedness 
440915 Uncle Fletcher Needs Sade's Help 
440918 Vic's Greeting Cards 
440919 Vic Is To Be Best Man 
440920 Rev. V. Cook's Letter 
440921 Groom Arrives On The 9-45. 
440922 Vic's Unheard News 
440925 Saving Bluetooth From Tragedy 
440926 Box Of Old Letters 
440927 Bridegroom Disappears 
440928 Vic Duns Keebergers 
440929 Good-Bye 
450318 Vic & Sade 
451119 Uncle Fletcher, Unwanted Samaritan 
451120 Miss Korkell, Strong Lady 
451121 Jimmy Custard, City Callestalker 
451123 Five Sleeping Beauties 
451126 Sweet Corn, A Shattered Bullfinch 
451127 Sade's Parade Of Interruptors 
451129 Uncle Fletcher Arranges Phone Calls 
451130 Dwight Twentysixler's Scrapbook 
451203 Dull Evening Comes To Life 
451204 Orville Fired & Hired 
451205 Engagement 
451206 Rainy Day Fun In The Kitchen 
451207 There's Going To Be A Great Day 
460627 Piano Lessons 
460704 Women's Auxiliary 
460711 Police Chief Cullers 
460718 Mid-Summer Madness 
460725 Moving To Peoria 
460801 Drum The Bum 
460808 The Honeymoon Couple 
460822 Sade & Miss Kessler Fight 
460829 Uncle Fletcher's Pre-Arranged Meals 
460919 Uncle Fletcher Is Farmed Out 
460926 Office Work At Home 
461010 Mr. Zee The Handyman 
570000 Lodge Catalog 
After Dinner Talk 
Another Letter From Aunt Bess (Ham Ham) 
Deep Currents of High School Life 
Discuss Wedding Guests 
Dottie Brainfeeble Arrives 
Flower Garden Arranger 
Golden Treasuries Of V-S 
Ike Kneesurfers Snapshots 
Landlady's Washrag Collection 
Letter To Walter 
Mr Chinbunny Eats Ice Cream 
Mr Ericksons House Repairs 
Mr Ruebush Has To Wait 
People Who Owe Sade Money 
Rush Draws List Of Acquaintances 
Rush Tells Sade Bernice Die 
Russell Stays With Milton 
Sade Opens Rev Gook Letter 
Sade Out In The Yard 

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