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Treasury Star Salute

Radio Show: Treasury Star Salute

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440612 John Charles Fremont 
440619 Edwin Booth 
440626 Buffalo Bill Cody 
440703 Mark Twain 
440710 Jane Adams 
440717 John Hey 
440724 Dr Walter Reed 
440731 Private Joe Martinez 
440807 Johnny David Hutchins, Seaman 1st Class 
440814 Albert J Hoffman 
440821 Major Greg 'Pappy' Boyington 
440828 Capt Maurice Britt 
440904 A Dog Named Ceaser 
440911 2nd Lt John C Morgan 
440918 PM2 Maurice Gabel 
440925 Lt Mary L Roberts 
441002 Sgt Joe Gomez 
441011 Sgt Forest Vosler 

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