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Speed Gibson

Radio Show: Speed Gibson

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370102 Octopus Gang Active 
370109 Secret Police 
370116 Heading For Hong Kong 
370123 Shooting Attempt 
370130 Octupus Orders Kidnapped 
370206 Remaining At WakeIsla 
370213 Speed Is Missing 
370220 Splinters In Custody 
370227 Splinters Gets Away 
370306 Barney Flies The Mystery Plane 
370313 Trio Ambushed On Guam 
370320 Octopus Plans A Surprise 
370327 Arrival In Hong Kong 
370403 Clins Suspicious Of Mr. Wu 
370410 Clint To Stay With Dr Kingsley 
370417 Hotel Rooms Are Ransacked 
370424 Marsha Is Kidnapped 
370501 The Octopus Reveals Plans 
370508 Disguised As Coolies 
370515 Speed Is Knocked Out 
370522 Leave On A Bullet Plane 
370529 Speed Tried To Warn Cli 
370605 Shot At And Forced Down 
370612 Flower Boat Is Sighted 
370619 Prisoner On The Flower 
370626 Clint and Barney Are Captured 
370703 Speed Arrives And Helps Clint 
370710 Bob Gilmore Sworn Into Secret Police 
370717 Speed & Bob Fly To Help Dr. Kingsley 
370724 The Octopus's Secret Home 
370731 Speed Discovers The Secret Entrance 
370807 A Trap Has Been Set 
370814 Tunnel Fills With Water 
370821 Water Continues To Rise 
370828 Dynamite Must Be Used 
370904 Speed Is Lost In The Tun 
370911 Speed Is Found 
370918 Barney Heads For The Hut 
370925 A Teahouse Fire 
371002 New Instructions From The Octopus 
371009 The Octopus Continues 
371016 Plan Into Effect 
371023 Speed Thinks Quan Wu Is a Gang Member 
371030 Set Up In A Trap 
371106 The Octopus Traps Speed 
371113 Al Taken Prisoner 
371120 The Octopus Escapes 
371127 Hiding In A Secret Room 
371204 Poison Gas Bomb 
371211 How To Catch The Octopus 
371218 Everyone Ready For The Trip 
371225 Fighting Breaks Out 
380101 Heading Into Tibet 
380108 The Octopus Will Go To Black Pass 
380115 Following The Octopus 
380122 Monoplane Is Airborn 
380129 Speed Talks With The Octopus 
380205 Follow The Dragon 
380212 A Tibetan Avalanche 
380219 All Narrowly Escape 
380226 The Octopus Plane Spotted 
380305 The Secret Police Are Jailed 
380312 The Octopus Reaches Secret House 
380319 Pass Of The Iron Dragon 
380326 Surrounding The Octopus 
380402 Secret Police Capture The Octopus 
380409 Kidnapping Plan 
380416 Barney Kidnapped 
380423 Thought Recording Machine 
380430 A False Floor 
380507 A Secret Torture Chamber 
380514 Thought Helmet Taken 
380521 Blank Thought Waves 
380528 Barney Found Wandering 
380604 Arrow Almost Hits Speed 
380611 Tibetan Feast 
380618 The Octopus Visits Zee Ring's Home 
380625 PicnicPlanning 
380702 Speed In Disguise 
380709 Speed Caught By The Octopus 
380716 Clint Saves Speed From Storm 
380723 Octopus Pictures To The States 
380730 Marsha Winfield Held Prisoner 
380806 Slave Raids Begin 
380813 Clint & Speed Begin An Air Flight 
380820 Marcia And Her Brother 
380827 Aplinter And Wu Are Captured 
380903 Splinter Is Shot 
380910 089 - Splinter is Cared For 
380917 Splinter Is Hiding 
380924 Marcia Recovers From The Vapors of Sleep 
381001 Shooting Breaks Out 
381008 Repo Catches Pilots At 
381015 Open Radio Accident 
381022 An Aerial Dog Fight 
381029 Octopus Plane Crashes 
381105 Ready For Attack On The Octopus 
381112 Time For A Showdown 
381119 Octopus And Men Captured 
381126 The Octopus Jumps From Plane In Flight 
381203 Atlantian Investigation 
381210 An Airborne Fire 
381217 Safe Landing Is Made 
381224 Falling Into A Trap 
381231 No Water Aboard The Plane 
390107 The Time Bomb 
390114 Leeds Kills Himself 
390121 Davis Shot By Octopus Gang 
390128 Davis Killed 
390204 The Octopus Is Still Alive 
390211 An Octopus Gunboat Outside 
390218 Trapped In Cave With No Water 
390225 Everyone Rescued 
390304 MarieI's Stowaway 
390311 Smiley Is Missing 
390318 Is Smiley Dead 
390325 Messenger Arrives 
390401 Angry Crowd At Casablanca 
390408 Airport Disguise 
390415 Octopus Gang Moves In 
390422 Power Magazine Plan 
390425 Stop Plans For Explosion 
390429 - Stop Plans for Explosion 
390506 Clint & Carlos In A Bad Storm 
390513 Dropping A Signal 
390520 A Poison Dart 
390527 The Octopus 'Old Headquarters 
390603 Plan Flight To The Sahara 
390610 Fly To Legionnaire Outpost 
390617 Attack Repelled 
390624 Bad Sand Storm 
390701 Clint Lands In The Desert 
390708 Discovered In The Desert 
390715 Octopus Learns Their Location 
390722 Speed & Clint Arrested 
390729 A Ring Gets Them Out Of Jail 
390805 The Octopus Visits Are Explained 
390812 Enemy Plane Crashes 
390819 Boating Down The Congo 
390826 Speed Is Confronted By A Leopard 
390902 Leaving Camp 
390909 Clint Rescues Mrs Buchanan 
390916 Search For John Buchanan 
390923 Barney Hypnotized By Wings of Giant Moth 
390930 Troubles With A Boa Constrictor 
391007 Fumes Overcome Everyone 
391014 In The Path Of Cannibal Ants 
391021 The Octopus Suspects Trap 
391028 Warriors Help In Search 
391104 Native Attack Near Octopus Headquarters 
391111 Attack Stopped With Elephant Stampede 
391118 Search Of HQ Started 
391125 Saved From Suffocating 
391202 Leaving For Gorilla Country 
391209 The Octopus Prepares Death Ray 
391216 The Octopus Overheard 
391223 Elephant Grass Fire 
391230 A Jungle Crash Landing 
400106 Surprise Meeting With Natives 
400113 Barney Confronted Talking Gorilla 
400120 Talking Gorilla Starts Attack 
400127 Entire Camp Captured 
400203 Octopus Packs Death Ray 
400210 Everyone Escapes Gorilla 
400217 All Are Caught In Jungle 
400224 John Buchanan Found In Hut 
400302 Surrounded By Pygmy Headhunters 
400309 Safe Take-off 
400316 Speed Missing Again 
400323 The Octopus Waits 
400330 Car Crash 
400406 Octopus Gang Member Is Questioned 
400413 Clint Worries About Landing 
400420 Clint's Plane Catches Fire 
400427 An Octopus Agent Confesses To Fire 
400504 Desert Raiders Attack 
400511 Octopus Camp Is Reached 
400518 Death Ray Blown Up 
400525 The Octopus Finally 

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