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Smilin Ed's Buster Brown Gang

Radio Show: Smilin Ed's Buster Brown Gang

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441119 Billy Stanley 
460526 - Pegasass, the Great Winged Horse 
460726 Knights and Tournament 
470830 - A Caribe Indian Story 
471213 - Shoot Down a German Plane in Mexico 
480515 Pirates And The Parrot 
490115 The Enchanted King 
490226 Kulah's Brother 
490305 Alamo, The Race Horse 
490430 A Wolf Named Fang 
490813 Robin Hood 
500304 Little Foxes 
520823 Zaca And The Mutiny 
520830 The Goddess Statue 
520906 Melon Patch Murder 
520913 Little Fox's Moose H 
520920 Enchanted South Wind 
520927 - Monkey Gods 
521004 - The Boy Who Wouldn't Obey 
A Carrieb Indian Story 
A Tribute to the Girl Scout 
Jerry and Judy 
Pegasus, the Great Winged Horse 
xxxxxx - A Tribute to the Girl Scouts 
xxxxxx - Jerry and Judy 

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