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Moon Over Africa

Radio Show: Moon Over Africa

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350316 The Talking Head Murder at Midnight 
350323 The Atlantis Quest 
350330 Jungle Trance Pt 
350406 The Sacred Python 
350413 Rhinoceros Hill 
350420 Captured By Cannibals 
350427 Escape Pt - 07 
350504 A New Land Pt - 08 
350511 Inside the Volcano 
350518 Prisoners in the Palace 
350525 Sacrificed Pt - 11 
350601 Revolution Pt - 12 
350608 Secret of the Talk 
350615 Passage of the Rock 
350622 Witch Women of the Rock 
350629 Back to the Jungle 
350706 Eyes of the Moon 
350713 The Leopard Cult 
350720 The Leopard Woman 
350727 The Devil Doll 
350803 White Magic Pt - 21 
350810 Native Revenge 
350817 Whispering Forest 
350824 Treachery Pt - 24 
350831 The Orchids of Death 
350907 Treasure of the Ancients 

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