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Miscellaneous Music

Radio Show: Miscellaneous Music

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470408 Bob Hope Show 470408 
481207 Bob Hope Show 481207 
B5461023 Bing Crosby Philco 
B5461030 Bing Crosby Philco 
B5461106 Bing Crosby Philco 
B5461112 Bing Crosby Philco 
B5461120 Bing Crosby Philco 
B5461204 Bing Crosby Philco 
B5461211 Bing Crosby Philco 
B5470101 Bing Crosby_Philco 
B5501018 Bing Crosby Chest 
Bing Crosby 46-11-27 - With Judy Garland 
Bing Crosby Show - with Bob Hope 
Bing Crosby Show for Chesterfield with Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour 
Bob Hope Show 48-11-09 
Country Style USA 57xxxx w Ernest Tubb 
Frank Sinatra - Songs by Sinatra 
GE - Judy Garland 10-30-52 
I Sustain The Wings 1943-12 
I Sustain The Wings 1944-04 
I Sustain The Wings 1944-05 
I Sustain The Wings 1944-06 
kyser 44xxxx-Kollege of Musical Knowledge 
Music - 1935 - Henry Busse Program 
Music - 33-03-00 Edens Shampoo 
Music - Ben Pollack - WBS Summer 
Music - Johnny Mercer's Music Shop 
Music - Larry Clinton And The Dipsy Doodlers Incomplete 
Music -19 -Henry Busse Program 
Music 38-12-02 an Savitt & His Tophatters 
Music 40-02-26 Ella Fitzgerald 
Music 40-03-04 Ella Fitzgerald 
Music 44-09-09 Eddie Condon's Jazz Concert 
Music 45-12-31 All Star New Years Dancing Party National Guard Armory 
N-K Musical Showroom - 46-01-30 - With 
Nash - Kelvinator Musical Showcase - 46-01-23 Eddie Duchin 
Nash - Kelvinator Show Case 45-12-19 
Philco Radio Time - Bob Hope & Dorthy Lamour 
Spotlight Review - 471024 
The Bob Hope Show 48-11-09 Bob & Jack Benny as Djs 

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