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Burns & Allen

Radio Show: Burns & Allen

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340926 Returning To America 
36_01_15 Gracie Plays Sadie Thompson 
36_11_25 Landing of the Indians at Plymouth 
36_12_23 Gracie's Christmas Carol 
38_01_10 Gracie's Murder Mystery 
38_01_17 Another Murder Mystery 
38_10_07 Gracie Reads Frank Parker's Telegram 
40_02_28 Government Jobs 
40_03_06 Hats Off To Gracie 
40_03_13 Gracie's Triumphant Return 
40_03_27 Surprise Party Platform 
40_04_03 Till The Cows Come Home 
40_04_10 Gracie Wins Wisconsin 
40_04_17 All Promises Are Fictitious 
40_04_24 The Biggest In The World 
40_05_08 Aunt Clara Kangaroo 
40_05_15 Rah Rah in Omaha 
40_05_22 George's Malady 
40_05_29 Sweeping Into Office 
40_06_26 Last Broadcast CBS 
40_07_29 Kiddie Party 
40_08_12 Gold Rush Gracie 
40_08_19 George Late for Show 
40_08_26 The Elsie Trellafas Case 
40_09_02 George is on Trial 
40_09_09 George Owes Money For Phone Calls 
40_09_16 George Needs a Guest Star 
40_09_23 George Writes a Newspaper Column 
40_09_30 George Is Kidnapped By a Gangster 
40_10_07 George Disguises Himself as Woman 
40_10_14 What's Wrong with Gracie 
40_10_21 Professor Thorndyke Studies Gracie 
40_10_28 George Tries To Get out of Broadcast 
40_11_04 George Tries To Impress Fifi 
40_11_11 Gracie Writes A Musical Comedy 
40_11_18 Thanksgiving Show 
40_11_25 Rehearsing Next Week's Show 
40_12_02 Sponsor Drops By 
40_12_09 George Gets Black Eye 
40_12_16 Gracie Writes a Play 
40_12_23 Christmas Show 
41_01_13 Impressing Cubina Wright 
41_01_20 Visits Art Gallery 
41_01_27 George Plans To Recover A Mink Coat 
41_02_24 Gracie Is Late for Show 
41_11_18 Gracie's Old Boyfriend 
41_12_16 Mailing Christmas Package 
41_12_23 Santa and the Wicked Witch 
42_10_06 Pretending To Be Single 
42_10_13 Successful Marriage Manual 
42_10_20 Pooling Resources 
42_10_27 George To Have an Office 
42_11_03 The Man From MGM 
42_11_08 George lands movie part 
42_11_10 Expecting a Baby 
42_11_17 Hat Box Hostage 
42_11_24 With Eddie Cantor 
42_12_01 Fixing George's Car 
42_12_08 Party for the Neighbors 
42_12_15 with Herbert Marshall 
42_12_22 Santa and the Wicked Pirate 
42_12_29 with Rita Hayworth 
43_01_19 with Brian Donlevy 
43_02_02 Good Help Is Hard To Find 
43_02_09 with Charles Laughton 
43_02_16 with Veronica Lake 
43_02_23 with Bob Burns 
43_03_02 with Madeleine Carroll 
43_03_09 with Jose Itubi Deems Taylor 
43_03_23 The Uplifters Make George Sick 
43_03_30 Victory Garden 
43_04_20 Gracie Wants a New Easter Outfit 
43_06_08 Gracie Tootsie Work For Millionaire Playboy 
43_08_31 Frank Sinatra Singing Contest 
43_09_07 Shortage Of Husbands 
43_09_14 Brian Donlevy 
43_10_19 The Wrecked Car 
43_11_02 Gracie Blackmails Jack Benny 
43_11_16 Walter Pidgeon Moves In Next Door 
43_12_21 Playing Santa Claus 
43_12_28 John Garfield the Gangster 
44_01_18 Gracie Teaches Culture To William Bendix 
44_01_25 Paul Henreid 
44_02_01 William Powell 
44_02_08 Aldolphe Menjou 
44_02_15 Fred Astaire's Tap Dancing 
44_02_29 Dorothy Lamour 
44_03_07 Alan Ladd 
44_03_21 Rita Hayworth 
44_05_16 George Tries To Sing His Way Into Office 
44_06_06 Kansas City's Favorite Singer 
44_06_13 War Bond Drive with Dinah Shore 
44_08_29 No Money for Auction 
44_10_17 Wrecked Car Concerto for Finger 
44_10_31 George Better Actor than Gable 
44_11_14 George Sings at a Bond Rally in Boston 
44_11_21 Franchot Tone Hotel Room Shortage 
44_xx_xx George The Plumber 
44_xx_xx George Wants To Buy Land From Joe B 
45_01_15 With Alan Ladd 
45_01_18 Burns And Allen 
45_06_25 Prepares To Entertain Troops 
45_09_20 New House 1st show for Maxwell House 
45_11_01 George the Butler 
45_11_08 George Goes Hollywood 
45_11_29 Gracie Goes Back to College 
45_xx_xx Making George Look Young 
46_01_03 Taking In A Veteran 
46_01_10 Meredith Wilson and the Uplifters 
46_01_17 Uplifters Take Over Radio Show 
46_01_24 Guest Kay Kyser 
46_02_07 Marriage Contest 
46_02_21 George's Job in Washington 
46_03_14 George Sells Chicken Farm 
46_04_11 Gracie Joins a Literary Club 
46_04_25 Guest Sydney Strotz 
46_05_02 Special 1 Hour Broadcast Pt 1 
46_05_02 Special 1 Hour Broadcast Pt 2 
46_05_09 Guest Harpo Marx 
46_05_30 Guest Ben Gage 
46_09_12 Gracie Against Crime 
46_09_19 George's Birthday 
46_10_03 Guest Eddie Cantor 
46_10_17 Gracie and current events 
46_10_24 Gracie wants George in the movies 
46_10_31 Jack Carson Acting Contest 
46_11_07 Getting Frank Sinatra To Leave Town 
46_11_14 Guest Louella Parsons 
46_12_26 Guest Eddie Cantor 
47_02_20 15th Anniversary in Radio 
47_02_27 Gracie Turns House Into Office 
47_03_06 Gracie Takes Up Crime Solving 
47_05_15 Gracie Treats George Like a King 
47_05_22 Beverly Hills Uplifter Society Meeting 
47_05_29 Guest Francis Langford 
47_09_25 Beating the High Cost of Living 
47_11_20 Royal Wedding The Poker Game 
47_11_27 Guest Jean Sablon 
47_12_04 Gracie Wants Bing Crosby To Retire 
47_12_18 George Gets Gracie A Christmas Gift 
47_xx_xx Cary Grant And The Uplifters 
480114 Bing Crosby Show with guest George Burns 
480121 Bing Crosby Show 017 Burns And Allen 
48_01_08 Gypsy Disguise with Jack Benny 
48_01_15 Income Tax Time 
48_01_22 With Walter O Keefe 
48_02_05 New Mink Coat 
48_02_12 Babysitting for Kay Kaiser 
48_02_19 Keeping George from Making Decision 
48_03_25 Easter Program 
48_04_15 George Seeing Green Eyed Monster 
48_04_29 George is Finally Getting a New Car 
48_05_13 Gracie's Problem with Salesmen 
48_05_20 Gracie's Mother Visits 
48_09_03 Impressing the Neighbors 
48_09_30 The New Neighbors 
48_11_11 15th Wedding Anniversary 
48_11_18 Who's The Boss 
48_11_25 Thanksgiving Program 
49_01_06 with Gregory Peck 
49_01_20 Cesar Romero Steels Girlfriend 
49_01_27 George's Birthday Just Around Corner 
49_02_10 With Howard Duff 
49_02_17 George Collects Cats 
49_02_24 George's Handwriting Analyzed 
49_03_03 Gracie Smashes into Parked Car 
49_03_10 Gracie Wants To Be Girl Scout Leader 
49_03_17 Marlene Dietrich - George Has a Cold 
49_03_24 Jane Wyman up for Academy Award 
49_03_31 Benny Invites Burns to Lunch 
49_04_21 with Eddie Cantor 
49_04_28 Gracie Asks George To Bake 
49_05_05 Convincing William Boyd To Retire 
49_05_19 Gracie Wants To Adopt Mickey Rooney 
49_06_02 with Chester Morris 
49_06_16 Watching Neighbor's Daughter 
49_06_23 Last Show of 1949 Season 
49_09_28 2nd Courtship 
4x_xx_xx Gracie Allen Inc 
50_01_11 Getting a Movie Contract 
50_01_25 Speech To Honor Ronald Reagan 
50_02_08 Gracie' Dented Fender 
50_02_15 Dulcey 
50_02_22 Going to the Races 
50_02_26 Preparing The Income Taxes 
Guest Star Radio 059 Burns and Allen 
Guests Burns and Allen xx_xx_xx Biography 
Jack_Benny 37_04_11 Guests Burns and Allen 
Jack_Benny 43_03_07 Burns and Allen Sub for Jack 
Jack_Benny 47_01_12 Guests Burns and Allen 
Kraft Music Hall 1948_11_04 Burns And Allen 
Lux Radio Theater 37_03_29 Dulcy Burns and Allen 
Mail Call 137 Burns Allen 
Skits Big Broadcast of 1932 
Willie's Broken_Back 
xx_xx_xx George The Cowboy Part 1 
xx_xx_xx George The Cowboy Part 2 
xx_xx_xx Gracie Takes Over The Household Bud 
xx_xx_xx Guest James Mason 
xx_xx_xx Letter To The Postmaster 
xx_xx_xx Santa's Workshop 
xx_xx_xx Unknown1 
xx_xx_xx Unknown2 
xx_xx_xx Unknown3 

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