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Bright Star

Radio Show: Bright Star

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52-10-23 The Oil Swindle 
52-10-30 Susan Runs For Mayor 
52-11-06 Hillside Becomes Mom 
52-11-13 Miss America Visits 
52-11-20 George The Informer 
52-11-27 The Crooked Carnival 
53-01-01 Dramatic Lessons 
53-01-08 French Dress Designer 
53-02-25 The Haunted House 
53-03-05 The Rodeo Star 
53-03-12 Scientific Living 
53-03-19 New Home Page Editor 
53-03-26 George's Old Flame 
53-04-02 Aunt Sophia Plays Matchmaker 
53-04-09 The Talking Parrot 
53-04-16 Patience's Romance 
53-04-23 Sammy's Girlfriend 
53-04-30 Fight For Beaver Park 
53-05-07 Susan's Cousin Emily 
53-05-14 Susan's Poetry 
53-06-04 Chorus Girl 
53-06-11 The Society Burglar 
BS521023 - [01] The Oil Swindle 
BS521030 - [02] Susan Runs for Mayor 
BS521106 - [03] Hillside Bcomes Mom and Dad 
BS521113 - [04] Miss America Visits 
BS521120 - [05] George And The Informer 
BS521127 - [06] The Crooked Carnival 
BS521204 - [07] George and the Chorus Girl 
BS521211 - [08] George and the Society Burglar 
BS521225 - [10] The Boxer 
BS530101 - [11] Dramatic Lessons 
BS530108 - [12] French Dress Designer 
BS530212 - [17] George Covers the Hillsdale Fire 
BS530219 - [18] George Coaches the Hillsdale High Football Team 
BS530226 - [19] Haunted House 
BS530226 - [19] The Haunted House 
BS530305 - [20] Rodeo Star 
BS530312 - [21] Scientific Living 
BS530319 - [22] New Home Page Editor 
BS530326 - [23] Hotel Room Shortage 
BS530402 - [24] Aunt Sophia Plays Matchmaker 
BS530409 - [25] The Talking Parrot 
BS530416 - [26] Patience's Aid 
BS530423 - [27] Sammy And Shirley 
BS530430 - [28] Beaver Park 
BS530507 - [29] Susan's Cousin Emily 
BS530514 - [30] Susan's Poetry 
BS530521 - [31] A Flower for Susan 
BS530528 - [32] Box Supper 
BS530604 - [33] The Chorus Girl 
BS530611 - [34] The Society Burglar 
BS530618 - [35] One Word Cablegram 
BS530625 - [36] Missing Childhood Sweetheart 
BS531008 - [51] George's Old Girl Friend, Betty Lou 
BS531015 - [52] Susan's Cousan, Emily, Comes for a Visit 
BS53xxxx - [xx] Magic Show 

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