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Hallmark Playhouse

Radio Show: Hallmark Playhouse

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480610 The Devil And Daniel 
480617 Mrs Union Station 
480624 Unless Love Is Music 
480701 Penny Serenade 
480708 Pride and Prejudice 
480715 The Citadel 
4807xx Girls Are Like Boats 
480812 The Old Nest 
480819 Drums Along the Mohawk 
480909 Cimarron 
480916 Goodbye, Mr. Chips 
481007 Elmer the Great 
481021 Mrs. Parkington 
481028 O'Halloran's Luck 
481104 My Friend Flicka 
481118 My Financial Career 
481202 Old Man Minick 
481223 The Story of Silent 
490106 McCloud's Folly 
490127 he Failure 
490203 Abe Lincoln Prairie Years 
490217 Random Harvest 
490317 Our Own Kind 
490324 Wyatt Earp 
490414 One Foot in Heaven 
490505 Mother 
490512 You Could Look It Up 
490519 The Enchanted Cottage 
490929 August Heat 
491006 National Velvet 
491013 The Virginian 
491027 The Story of Dr Seri 
491103 Col Effingsham's Raid 
491110 Bride of Fortune 
491117 Letter to Mr Priest 
491124 The Courtship of Mil 
491201 Cheers for Miss Bishop 
500119 Around the World in 80 Days 
500202 Wine of Youth (Eliza) 
500427 They Came to a River 
510111 Farmer in the Dell 
510222 Valley Forge 
510301 Monsieur Beaucaire 
510308 Deepwood 
510315 The Long Winter 
510322 The Long Love 
510329 Elizabeth, Captive P 
510405 Rest and Be Thankful 
510412 Joy Street 
510419 FOB America 
510426 Two Years Before The Mast Hollywood Star Playhouse 
510503 A Breath of Air 
510510 A Man's Mother 
51xxxx The Story of Kansas 
521228 A Man Called Peter 
HP480610 - The Devil and Daniel Webster 
HP480617 - Mrs Union Station 
HP480624 - Unless Love Is Music 
HP480701 - Penny Serenade 
HP480708 - Pride Prejudice 
HP480715 - Girls Are Like Boats 
HP480722 - The Citadel 
HP480805 - Afterward 
HP480812 - The Old Nest 
HP480819 - Drums Along the Mohawk 
HP480902 - To Mary, with Love 
HP480909 - Cimarron 
HP480916 - Good Bye Mr Chips 
HP480923 - Captain January 
HP481007 - Elmer the Great 
HP481014 - Arrowsmith 
HP481021 - Mrs Parkinson 
HP481028 - O'Halloran's Luck 
HP481104 - My Friend Flicka 
HP481111 - Wild Swans 
HP481118 - My Financial Career 
HP481125 - Fre 
HP481202 - Old Man Minnick 
HP481209 - Woman With a Sword 
HP481216 - The Desert Shall Rejoice 
HP481223 - Story Of Silent Night 
HP481230 - Lost Horizon 
HP490106 - McCloud's Folly 
HP490113 - Clay Shuttered Doors 
HP490120 - Parnassus on Wheels 
HP490127 - The Failure 
HP490203 - The Prairie Years 
HP490210 - Smilin Through 
HP490217 - Random Harvest 
HP490224 - So Big 
HP490303 - Berkeley Square 
HP490310 - And There I Stood With My Piccolo 
HP490317 - Our Own Kind 
HP490324 - Wyatt Earp Frontier Marshall 
HP490331 - Immortal Wife 
HP490407 - Morning Glory 
HP490414 - One Foot in Heaven 
HP490421 - Kitty Foyle 
HP490428 - A Tree Grows in Brooklyn 
HP490505 - Mother 
HP490512 - You Could Look It Up 
HP490519 - The Enchanted Cottage 
HP490526 - The Barker 
HP490602 - I Like it Here 
HP490908 - Yankee from Olympus 
HP490929 - August Heat 
HP491006 - National Velvet 
HP491013 - The Virginian 
HP491020 - Let the Hurricane Roar 
HP491027 - The Story of Dr Sericold 
HP491103 - Col Effingsham's Raid 
HP491110 - Bride of Fortune 
HP491117 - Letter to Mr Priest 
HP491124 - The Courtship of Miles Standish 
HP491201 - Cheers for Miss Bishop 
HP491208 - Christopher and Columbus 
HP491215 - Wedding Morning 
HP491222 - Silent 
HP500105 - The Egg and I 
HP500112 - The Way West 
HP500119 - Around the World in 80 Days 
HP500202 - Wine of Youth 
HP500209 - Lincoln and the Baltimore Plot 
HP500216 - April 25th, as Usual 
HP500223 - Autobiography of Will Rogers 
HP500302 - The Indestructible Julia 
HP500309 - Home to the Hermitage 
HP500330 - Pioneer Preacher 
HP500406 - Arbutus of Bonnet 
HP500413 - Appassionata 
HP500420 - My Sister Eileeen 
HP500427 - They Came to a River 
HP500525 - Knee Pants 
HP500601 - The Story of Kansas City 
HP501123 - Home to Thanksgiving 
HP501130 - Stephen Decatur 
HP501207 - The Third Ingredient 
HP501214 - The Promise 
HP501228 - Patrick Calls Me Mother 
HP510104 - The Life of Theodore Roosevelt 
HP510111 - Farmer in the Dell 
HP510118 - Old Soldiers Never Die 
HP510125 - The Golden Horde 
HP510201 - Goodbye, Mr Chips 
HP510208 - Abraham Lincoln - A Man for the Ages 
HP510215 - Cinderella 
HP510222 - Valley Forge 
HP510301 - Monsieur Beaucaire 
HP510308 - Deepwood 
HP510315 - The Long Winter 
HP510322 - The Long Love 
HP510329 - Elizabeth, Captive Princess alias Waterloo Bridge 
HP510405 - Rest and Be Thankful 
HP510412 - Joy Street 
HP510419 - Fob America 
HP510426 - Two Years Before the Mast 
HP510503 - A Breath of Air 
HP510510 - A Man's Mother 
HP510517 - Benjamin Franklin 
HP510531 - Johnny Appleseed 
HP510913 - Francis Scott Key 
HP510920 - The Prisoner of Zenda 
HP510927 - Web of Destiny 
HP511004 - Country Lawyer 
HP511011 - Wild Orchard 
HP511018 - Cashel Byron's Profession 
HP511025 - John Adams 
HP511101 - Evangeline 
HP511129 - Salad Days 
HP511206 - Night of the Hayride 
HP511213 - Story of John Hancock 
HP520131 - Westward Ho! 
HP520207 - Percussion 
HP520313 - This Pleasant Leave 
HP520320 - Time Remembered 
HP521228 - A Man Called Peter 
HP530104 - Wave High the Banner 
HP530111 - January Thaw 
HP530118 - Forty Odd 
HP530125 - Big Family 
HP530201 - Trenton '76 

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