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Flash Gordon

Radio Show: Flash Gordon

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350427 On The Planet Mongo 
350504 Befriends Lion Men And Stops A Wedding 
350511 Imprisoned By Hawkmen 
350518 Death Battle Won By Flash 
350525 Rules Over Cave World 
350601 Blue Magic Men Capture Flash 
350608 Dr Zarkoff To The Rescue 
350615 Aide Tal Plants Seeds of Doubt 
350622 Flash Charges Ice Barricade of Hawkmen 
350706 Dr Zarkoff Is Thawed Out 
350713 Dr Zarkoff Shoots Cooks With Electrodes 
350720 Flash Regains Memory 
350727 General Tal Rescued 
350803 General Tal Attacks 
350810 Dr Zarkoff Builds Invisible Ray Machine 
350817 Flash The Avenging Shadow 
350824 Azora Regains Memory 
350831 - [18] Flash, Still Invisible, Escapes 
350907 Flash Still Invisible 
350914 General Tal Tries Capturing Dr Zarkov 
350921 Pit Of Peril And Death 
350928 Trapped Behind The Iron Door 
351005 Flash King Of Cave World 
351012 General Tal Seizes Azora's Throne 
351019 Flash Dale & Dr Zarkoff 
351026 Flash And Dale Married In The Jungle 
351218 - [38] Fake Attack 
351219 - [39] The Mole Machine 
351220 - [40] Fortress Bombarded 
351223 - [41] The Titans 
351230 - [45] Showdown with King Taurock 
351231 - [46] Sacrifice for Poseidon 
xxxxxx - [01] The Lost Continent of Atlantis 
xxxxxx - [02] The Lost Continent of Atlantis 
xxxxxx - [xx] Decoy Of Ming The Merciless 

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