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Damon Runyon Theater

Radio Show: Damon Runyon Theater

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01 Tobias the Terrible 
02 Little Miss Marker 
03 Romance in the Roaring Forties 
04 The Lemon Drop Kid 
05 A Nice Price 
06 The Idyll of Miss Sarah 
07 For A Pal 
08 Princess O'Hara 
09 Butch Minds the Baby 
10 Breach of Promise 
11 Dancing Dan's Christmas 
12 Pick A Winner 
13 Hold 'Em Yale 
14 The Brain Goes Home 
15 Blood Pressure 
16 Old 'Em's Kentucky Home 
17 Blond Mink 
18 Leopard's Spots 
19 All Horse Players Die Broke 
20 The Hottest Guy in the World 
21 A Piece of Pie 
22 Barbecue 
23 Lonely Heart 
24 Broadway Complies 
25 Madam La Gimp 
26 Baseball Hattie 
27 The Big Umbrella 
28 Earthquake 
29 The Bloodhounds of Broad 
30 The Lily of St Pierre 
31 It Comes Up Mud 
32 Broadway Financier 
33 Bred for Battle 
34 So You Won't Talk 
35 Social Error 
36 Cemetery Bait 
37 The Melancholy Dane 
38 The Breakman's Daughter 
39 The Lacework Kid 
40 Maybe A Queen 
41 Joe Terrace 
42 Lillian 
43 Palm Beach Santa Clause 
44 Tight Shoes 
45 That Ever-Lovin' Wife of Hymie's 
46 A Light In France 
47 A Story Goes With It 
48 Dark Dolores 
49 What, No Butler 
50 Neat Strip 
51 Sense of Humor 
52 Dream Sweet Rose 
DRUN490102 - Tobias The Terrible 
DRUN490109 - Little Miss Marker 
DRUN490116 - Romance In The Roaring Forties 
DRUN490123 - The Lemon Drop Kid 
DRUN490130 - A Nice Price 
DRUN490206 - The Idyll Of Miss Sarah Brown 
DRUN490213 - For A Pal 
DRUN490220 - Princess O'Hara 
DRUN490227 - Butch Minds The Baby 
DRUN490306 - Breach Of Promise 
DRUN490313 - Dancing Dan's Christmas 
DRUN490320 - Pick A Winner 
DRUN490327 - Hold 'em Yale 
DRUN490403 - The Brain Goes Home 
DRUN490410 - Blood Pressure 
DRUN490417 - Old Em's Kentucky Home 
DRUN490424 - Blond Mink 
DRUN490501 - All Horse Players Die Broke 
DRUN490508 - Leopard's Spots 
DRUN490515 - The Hottest Guy In The World 
DRUN490522 - A Piece Of Pie 
DRUN490529 - Barbecue 
DRUN490605 - Lonely Heart 
DRUN490612 - Broadway Complies 
DRUN490619 - Madam La Gimp 
DRUN490626 - Baseball Hattie 
DRUN490703 - The Big Umbrella 
DRUN490710 - Earthquake 
DRUN490717 - The Bloodhounds Of Broadway 
DRUN490724 - The Lily Of St Pierre 
DRUN490731 - It Comes Up Mud 
DRUN490807 - Broadway Financier 
DRUN490814 - Bred For Battle 
DRUN490821 - So You Won't Talk 
DRUN490828 - Social Error 
DRUN490904 - Cemetary Bait 
DRUN490911 - The Melancholy Dane 
DRUN490918 - The Breakman's Daughter 
DRUN490925 - The Lacework Kid 
DRUN491002 - Maybe A Queen 
DRUN491009 - Joe Terrace 
DRUN491016 - Lillian 
DRUN491023 - Palm Beach Santa Claus 
DRUN491030 - Tight Shoes 
DRUN491106 - That Ever-Loving Wife Of Hymie's 
DRUN491113 - A Light In France 
DRUN491120 - A Story Goes With It 
DRUN491127 - Dark Dolores 
DRUN491204 - What No Butler 
DRUN491211 - Neat Strip 
DRUN491218 - Sense Of Humor 
DRUN491225 - Dream Sweet Rose 

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