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Columbia Workshop

Radio Show: Columbia Workshop

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360919 Hamlet Part 1 
361114 Hamlet Part 2 
361128 History of the American Patent 
361226 The Happy Prince 
370102 Public Domain 
370213 Pitch Perception 
370411 The Fall of the City 
370627 Babouk 
370928 Alice in Wonderland 
371003 Alice in Wonderland 
371223 Alice Through the Looking Glass 
371230 Alice Through the Looking Glass 
380521 Behold the Man 
380730 Tristram 
381110 A Drink of Water 
381117 Luck 
381215 A Trip To Czardi 
390120 Pepito inherits the Earth 
390220 Nine Prisoners 
390306 Winged Victory 
390313 In the Train 
390320 A Letter from Home 
390327 Pepito Inherits the Earth 
390403 Rendezvous with Kit 
390529 Private Throgg 
390810 Radio Play - Saroyan 
390824 Meridian 7-1212 
390921 Now it's Summer 
391102 Biennerhassett 
391116 A Letter From Above 
391123 The Circular Tour 
391130 The Wonderful Day 
391207 As You Like It 
391214 A Story In Dogtown Common 
410817 Esther Part 2 
411228 Who Wants To Be Born 
440307 Movie Primer 
440509 Cromer 
440523 Tel Aviv 
440530 Untitled 
440704 Home for the Forth 
440725 El Captain and the Corporal 
450703 Unity Fair 
450710 Daybreak 
450821 The Case of Gumpert 
460202 Home Coming 
460209 Anniversary 
460302 Slim 
460309 Thanks for the Memory 
460512 No Children at Play 
460616 Sometime Every Summer 
460630 This Is Singing Country 
460721 The Pide Piper of Hamelin 
460728 Legend in Brocade 
460804 Happy Thoughts for a hot afternoon 
460811 Wilbur, the Psychoneurotic Car 
460818 Modern Exhibit 
460825 The Path and the Door 
460928 The Day Baseball Died 
461019 Moby Dick Part 1 
461026 Moby Dick Part 2 
461221 The Day They Gave Babies Away 
461228 Rain, Rain Go Away 

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