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Three Stooges
Took An Umbrella
Jumped Out The Window
A Daycare Center
Sits On The TV
Hear The Ocean
Took The Pepsi Challenge
Soul Train
Stepped On A Crack
Called Dan Quayle
Took A Spoon
Stole Free Bread
Got Stabbed
Took A Ruler
What The Number Was
Invited A Cop
Quarter Back
Solar Powered Flash Lite
Sold Her Car For Gas Money
Tripped Over A Cordless Phone
Alphabetical Order
Locked In A Grocery Store
Dig To Find Her IQ
Chilli Outside
2 Hours To Watch 60 Minutes
Texaco buys oil from her
She sweats Crisco
She got tangled up
Lick other peoples fingers
She went to McDonalds
Bought Hefty bags at Kmart
She Waves around a...
She Drives a Peanut
Her Face is on the front of...
She Eats Cereal with her Fork
She says Ding
Ring the doorbell
Cannot afford to pay attention
She make mud look clean
Creap up on the bathwater
In her yearbook
Her Birth Certificate is in...
She Ran Track
She was a Waitress at the Last Supper
New Burger King When...
Her Birth Certificate
Picture of Moses
When She Was in School
Her SSN# is 1
Act her own Age
Tied the Bunjee Chord
Walks into a Bank
Tied a Steak
People ask if it's Halloween
Took her to Work
Dad Met Her at the Pound
She Scares the Roaches Away
NHL Banned Her for Life
Turn Medusa To Stone
She Trick or Treats on the Phone
Even Ted Danson
Even Rice Krispies
Jumped in the Bath
Made Monster Cookies
12 Hours
She Made An Onion Cry
Pay Her
If Ugly Were Bricks
Moved Halloween
Her Mom
364 Extra Days
Tried out for Star Wars
In The Mist
Gorilla Cookies
Looked out the window