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 Audio Flirts and Pickup Lines
Personalized Audio Pickup Lines for Nikki are audio flirts and pickup lines that actually say Nikki's name. Share with friends, family, and co-workers.
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Do you have any raisins?

Blinded by your beauty

Where you talking to me?

No Chance

Roses are red

You look like

Are your legs tired?

Are you lost?


I hope you know CPR

You better have a license

New burger at McDonalds

Do you have the time?

Lets make like a fabric softener

Are you an interior decorator

I am a thief

What do you do for a living?

Is your last name Gilette?

Are you a parking ticket?

I am invisable

Fall out of a building

Never had a dream come true

You look like my first wife

Do you have a sunburn?

Addicted to yes

U N I together

No really this tall

This is a test

You must be the prime rib

If beauty was sunlight

Do you mind

Life without you

A broken pencil

Your body is a wonderland

Sweet as can be

Can I have directions?

Are you an alien?

Did you fart?

Your smokin?

If you were a booger?

Just a sparkle

You have been a bad girl

If beauty were time

Do you know karate?

Are you as beautiful?

Do you have a bandaid?

Turning me down

I hope your day

You make me melt

The same color as my porsche

I can tell your future

I am Mister Right

Giant Polar Bear

Your so hot

I must be a snowflake

Giving me a toothache

My love for you

If looks could kill

Did it hurt

Can you empty your pockets

Do you have a map

Bet you $20.00

Do you believe in the hereafter?

Beautiful or not

Most beautiful girl in this room

As blue as my toilet water

Intoxicated by you

Do you want to make millions?

The night is young

Kiss me if I am wrong

The only TEN I SEE

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