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  The Adventures of Michael & Bubbles

About The Show

An animated musical adventure about a super hero popstar and his sidekick Bubbles. From the very talented creator London Lyric teaming up once again with the brilliant creator of Dumb.com. Bringing you a pop musical animation that's sure to be having you bouncing your head to this amazing sound.

About Michael:

A very well known popstar who is often called the king of his genre of music.

Michael started off singing with his older brothers. Then after rising to stardom he decided to go solo. Now, he tours and creates music videos with his pet and sidekick Bubbles the monkey.

About Bubbles (the monkey):

A hard hitting MC who loves to rap and chill with his owner Michael.

Bubbles is unlike any other monkey in the world. He can spit a verse or two, backup Michael on the vocals, and he can also dance.

Episode One: Ask Somebody
Episode Two: My Best Friend

Episode Three: Still The King
Episode Four: The Jackson Gang