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  Firing Stories
no blonde
i got fired from working at a Restaurant because i was the only "not blonde", girl/guy there. And i refused to dye my hair a blonde color... they fired me that night.
Why Can't I Be Here?
So I was working as a server in a crummy little family diner, I had to work New Years Eve and was very upset, all I did was say how hungover I was going to come in the next morning cuz I also had to work New Years Day at 8AM! So about 730 AM that morning I call in and tell them I had a terrible car accident and I couldnt come in. So they bought it and I tried getting over the hangover. About 10AM my friend wakes me up and says "lets go get food" I wake up, he drives, we go into this place...Before I knew it I had walked right into my work and was fired on the spot...
PS I still ate my meal, then puked in the mens room!
love changes everything
One sunday my boss said he has organized a surprise party for me .I went there and he provided me with a grand feast.he gave me a check and said it was my bonus .But when the party ended he said i have one more gift for you. He said 2 words: Hey man You are fired.
i lost my yob to illegals!
i worked at a custum wood working shop i got hired as a shop apprentice for $15 an hr.it was nice until the slave driving boss started canning guys left n right! first it was simple outa staters nothing wrong with that exept if you come from Iowa were you make $12.50 an hr. now your in Chicago were we make higher wages but they didnt realize this so the boss fired a few guys to bring in these guys who didnt mind getting paid $12.00 an hr it was ok till one day the boss hired an illegal South American who worked for $8.00 with no breaks! next thing you know i'm fired along with the last two guys makeing $15 an hr. I go to get my last check and papers for unemployment and i see 6 illgals he canned 2 outa staters a day after us! unreal slave driver wins!
forklift antics
i worked at walmart for 3.5 years. I decided to start screwing around on the forklift one day like i usually did every day. I was driving the forklift and i decided to jump off of it while it was still going about 10 mph. I let it coast for a while before i jumped back on....i did this a few times. The last time i jumped on just before i ran an employee over who was too dumb to get out of the way of a 7000 lb vehicle and skidded to a stop. Well anyway...i got a phone call later at work from the assistant managers office. they sat me down and asked me straight up if i jumped off the forklift...i didnt deny it a bit...haha. plus they had me on camera anyway! so i got fired....i got my job back 2 days later though cause i came in there and told them they shoul dnot have fired me.
i was working as a saturday girl for the local giftshop and i happened to mention how young i though one of the other employees looked for her age my boss said she bet I couldn't guess her age and she's always saying she should have retired years ago and she does look about 70 so i said 63 she's only 48! Apparently i was cheeky and disrepectful and she used the excuse that i turned up late to fire me. A colegue later told me she saw her altering our shop clock.
got fired
I took my son to work and he messed up everything so the boss said get the baby out off here or u get fired so I talked back to him so I got fired.
my boss fired me for taking too long to get the coffee. isnt that unbeieiveable?
I was doing the gob for a month now and I was so used to having naps after work and I had to work overtime and I fell asleep on the job! My boss was so mad that he fired me.
biology lab
I was fired because I didn't notice a leak in the tank of the 4 manta rays I was taking care of. How was I supposed to know? They all died, and I left. (Happily).
Shot My Boss With A Paintball Gun
I no longer wanted my job, so I thought how I wanted to end it. I finally decided on going to work and shooting my jerky boss with a paintball gun. Guess what? it worked!
I was 15 when I started working at a newspaper. I filled out an application and everything that said I was 15. I started working and everything was going good when one day I came in and they told me that I couldnt work there because I was only 15 and I had to come back when I was 16 (they told me this afer a few months of working there). Now I am 16 and I have an even better position at the same newspaper.
Buying from Competitor
In the days of the Five and Dime Stores, I had a job at the Woolworth Store in our town. After clocking out one day, I wanted to buy a candy bar to eat on the way home; but, I did not want to take the time to go through the long procedure involved in making an employee purchase.
So, I walked a few doors down the street to the Kress's Store. I went in, selected, and paid for the bar of candy I wanted; then, turned around to see the Woolworth Store manager standing right beside me!
I nervously blurted out an explanation, but, he made no comment at all. However, when I went in the next day to see about my work schedule for the following week, the secretary told me that I was not scheduled to work at all! She did not know why, but, I was sure that I knew why.
So, I walked down the street to the Kress's Store, filled out an application, and, they told me to come in to work the next week.

She's Healed!!!
My sister took a part-time job while in high school but she also loved to go out with her friends. Well, the party of the year was scheduled and she was also scheduled to work the same night. She decided that she would call the manager and tell her she had broken her leg and would not be able to work that night. She did not think her plan through well enough because not only did our cousin's husband work there and the manager called our house to see how she was doing. Well, my mother did not know she had broken her leg as she had just seen her walk out of the house only an hour before she received the call. Needless to say, she was fired and on top of that, our mother made her go back to the restaurant to apologize for lying. She never did that again.
Cancer bald and Fired
I went thru radiation and was bald and not allowed to wear a wig for medical conditions. I wore a scarf. I was fired as a director of a daycare after 13 years.
I-70 breakdown
My friend Brian worked about 30 minutes away and i went to college by where he worked. Well, he offered me a ride back to college one morning because he had to go to work.
Well, we broke down on the interstate. He said that his job was already mad at him for absence, so he walked with me back to the college, and left his car on the interstate.
He not only lost a job that day, but lost a car too!
the con conned me
Conagra all employee meeting
they are closing our plant
what a bunch of fat rich folks they will be.
Best Buy
I bought something for a neighbor of mine. He got a discount through me. He saved over 200 dollars. He decided to go up to Best Buy and return everything in that i had bought for him. He told on me and i got fired.
crisco disco music
I was fourteen at the time and I used to run to the store for the little ol lady down the street and she had asked me to bring her CD's and food items often and she was from burma and still had a very strong accent and she said crisco and I misunderstood her words and came back with twinkies a coke and a greatest hits disco CD and the same day her cat died and she wanted to bake a pie and she got pissed and didnt get any money and i had to get my parents to get her to pay me back and she never did but at least I got to return the CD. And guess what? Apparently she killed her self 5 months ago with a sawed off shot gun in her uncles cabin ( i could tell she was mentally destressed but not to this extent).

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