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  Firing Stories
dared to hug
I was working at a gas station. It wasn't very fun. I was complaining about it to a friend. She dared me to go to work and hug every customer. So I did. And well apparently people don't appreciate hugs like i do. My boss came out and told me it is inappropriate and he could not have me doing this. So i gave him a great big hug and well needless to say I had to give my name tag back.
So Messed up!
I was employeed at a fast food place, well my boss had given me some verbal and written notices that I was slacking off and that my chances were slim. Well one day I came to work and tried to open the store and someone who worked with me had taken my key off my key chair so I couldn't get in and there was an enveloped taped to the door that said "Turn in you uniform or you will be billed! Have a nice day!" Can you believe that, they didn't even tell me in person!
I Hate My Boss So Much I Could Die
OK i was not so ready to go to work and so i was late for work and when i got there i started working my boss was looking at everyones papers and i didnt care but my boss did so i started playing games on the internet and my boss came straight to me and he said " where is your work" and i said that i didnt do it and my boss said " come to my office NOW" and i walked in and he said YOUR FIRED!!!!!!!! and i said WHO CARES! so i geared up my stuff and walked home and i told my husand that i got fired and we got into an argument and thats why my job sucks and " I Hate My Boss So Much I Could Die" THE END
Salty Strawberries
I once salted strawberries that are used in strawberry shortcakes. I made it look like sugar and then the desserts went out to tables and the people were so pissed. It was really funny! I was fired later on for telling them that the job wasn't worth my time.
I got up late and didn't shave so i did it while working with a customer and my boss saw me.
Fresh Fried Puke
Well about four years ago I was working at a Red lobster in Illinois. I was the cook there and I totally loved my job. Well one night I was celebrating my 21st birthday party with all the waiters and waitresses at a Rip rocks club that was next door. That night I had very many drinks, and little sleep, and had to open the next morning. So I got to work opened up the kitchen but I was notfeeling that great. After running back and forth for about an hour cooking food the smell just got to my stomach from the food. So without great reaction time I ended up throwing up in the fryers. My boss was pissed. They had to shut down the kitchen for about and hour and a half to clean and sanitize the fryers. Well because of all the sales they lost and my upchucking I ended up being fired. Oh well, at least I had fun the night before.
I snooped....
I snooped in my boss's private folder on the computer and found out I was going to be fired 1 week before he fired me. All the way up to the last day he didn't even act like he was going to fire me. I told a co-worker, and that Monday, he fired me right off the bat.. saying "I noticed you started taking your pictures down".... still not sorry I snooped!!
Rude Customers
A friend of mine was recently fired from the restuarant she worked in because she got busted dripping dirty dish water into the food of a particularly rude and sleazy customer.
I was working at sonic and my job was to carry a tray filled with ketchup...napkins..etc. I saw this couple making out and I said to them.."you want a mint FOR YOURE BREATH??!" Manager heard me and then fired me.
I used to work at a Carpet cleaning agency and didn't work on weekends and usually kept the van keys with me. One weekend I decided to use the company van to go to the shore with. I had forgotten the van needed brakes. The following monday one of the other employees needed to move the van and he quickly reversed it into a spot by a brick wall and went to slam on the brakes but didn't catch and he slammed it into the wall causing a good amount of damage. My boss looked up the Ez-pass record and noticed it was used over the weekend and terminated me.
I knew it!
well this was a couple years ago I was working as a sales clerk in some store I was talkin to a co-worker about how they were cheating us out of money. My co-worker looks at me and tells me that they have microphones to hear us and me not believing it kept on rambling about how they stole my money. The next day my manager tell me I'm fired because I could find a better job that will pay more money I was like omg it was true lol. Months later it turns out that my manager had a stealing money scheme in the store I was like I KNEW IT! point is he got fired and as for me I moved on.
Wet Soulder
Well.. I worked at an arcade at the local mall..boring job, crappy pay..anyways, one day I was at work, it was a weekend, so it was pretty packed. I was just hanging out at the counter talking to some friends, and one of them wanted to play DDR, so without thinking I went over to DDR and opened it up, threw some free credits on it, (which we always did) forgetting that my supervisor had just gotten finished souldering a wire on the inside, and went about my business. Well, a while after the credits ran out, I was swamped with customers, and my friend wanted to play DDR again, so I threw the keys at him and told him to bring them right back to me, as I was too busy to run over and put credits on for him. So..a few days go by, and my supervisor calls me and asks me if I had given the keys to anyone for DDR..and I was like "yeah" and hes like ok well DDR is all messed up now, and youre going to be in trouble..blah blah..so I had a few days
off and I went to see a friend who lives out of state..and I wasn't too tight with my money because I knew I would be getting paid soon..So when I get back, I go to work to get my check, and a friend comes up to me and is like " I heard you got fired, Im sorry" and Im like "???" So I mean they fired me without calling..without letting me know..and I thought it was pretty GEH...
Tah Dah
I was working at a BurgerKing in Hull, when I started eating a burger when nobody was in the restaurant, I decide to eat it because I hadnt eaten anything for over 30 hours, My boss saw me and sacked me, not only did he sack me, he ate the burger in front of my face.
the day i got fired
i was working at tesco at christmas and i was very fed up off how the day was going. so i decided to keep scanning the same item over and over again to one customer without them knowing.the longest chain of scanning the same item was 23 on a bottle of coke. i finally got caught when my boss decided how i was getting on and guess what... i got fired.
No more monkeys jumpin on the bed...
Haha i worked at a hotel and i had to go in early in the mornings.. about 7 a.m. and the night before was a friends birthday... when i went into work i was still drunk/hung over.. so while my coworker was trying to make the beds i was jumping on them and then soon after i was worn out.. threw up.. and passed out on the bed... my coworker got mad and decided to leave me behind... when not only the people staying in the room... but my manager came in to check out the toilet that hadn't been working all morning... that day it was kind of a relief being fired because all i wanted to do is sleep and throw up in my own toilet... that worked... haha!
It was my first job. I started working a fast food chain. I had only worked there for about 45 minutes when my manager asked me to fill the ketchup pump in the dining room with ketchup. So I went and got it and I saw a big box of the ketchup packets (you know the ones they put in your bags in the drive-thru). I took the packets and started emptying them into the ketchup pump thing. My manager was standing behind and she started rolling with laughter when she said that she was going to have to fire me for wasting company money. Well at least I was worth a laugh anyways. Right???
Nursing Home
i got fired from a nursing home because my boss said that i was pushing the patients down the hall to fast in there will chairs and the patients were upset that i left and it still hurts me
my friend got fired because he started the office building on fire because he was smoking and it burnt down . then he didnt confess and it took like 20 days to figuare out it was him.
sick time
i had almost 80 hours of sick and vacation time and i used it all within 3 weeks i was down to an hour and a half and my boss fired me after working the for 6 years
Drinking on the job
I worked at a day care. I worked with first graders. One day I came in with what everyone thought was a strawberry coolata. Nope! It was very much spiked with vodka. I threw up at work and the kids just thought I was sick. The director could smell the alcohol and fired me. oops

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