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I got fired for calling my manager a ugly bear from the woods.
i got fired for calling my manager a ' ugly bear from the woods '

i have been working at mcdonalds for like 6 months and now that i found a job that pays me $11 an hour i thought that it would be smart to call my mcdonald manager names.

she is a very bad manager. she makes me clean up the floor and pop can while there were whole bucnch of peoples right there looking at me.

one time i was about to smack her face with a broom stick for making me clean up the bathroom and she was yelling too while there were lots of peoples looking at me.

so last month i had enough and i called my manager an ugly bear and told her to go back to the cave in the woods, then she came to me with her bear face in front of me so i said u touch me i sue you and ' I'M LOVING IT '. then i said i quit u ugly bear and walked out WITH MY HEAD HELD HIGH .
I was detasseling during the summer of 2006, to earn money for a car. I got real bored after days of slowly walking down the lonely rows of corn. I thought it would be funny to make crop circles in the middle of the corn feild. With no one looking, I made a crop circle about 30 feet in diameter. I finished my artwork then continued working. Later on, people came screaming running out of the corn field. They got so scared of the crop circle, many of them quit detassiling. About five people got fired because of me. The next day, I was caught and got fired for scaring the other employees. It was well worth getting fired for such a funny prank.
Doctor Said
Me and my mate Emma were a bit bored and were always skint, so we decided we should have a go at helping out down one of the local day care centres. Now, Emma has a bit of... Bowl trouble, if you know what I mean, and she was getting it sorted out at the Doctors round the same time we applied at Sunnydays Care Centre. Anyway, we'd been put on assistant duities, and had to make snacks for employees and file things for them, you know the sort of thing. Meanwhile, Emma's doctor had told her he needed a sample of her stuff, just to see how her bowls were doing. She came into work with an old coffee strainer and said she's use it when ready. Anyhow, she did her business and left it out the way on a tray with some sugar and old teabags and stuff on it. Anyhow, the boss came into the lounge and asked for a coffee, 'sharpish'. I rushed to be the one to make it and hopefully leave a good impression. Of course, I ended up quenching my boss's thirst with
a cup of... Well, guess! She splurted it out all
over the floor and fired me on the spot. When Emma saw it she fessed up rather crimsonly and was fired too. We got home and spent abour four hours laughing about specific moments, I'll never forget it! I still wonder why my mate's business looks like weak coffee though...
burning shame
well it starts off as the boss was just a complete idiot had no idea on how to run a business. so me and a few of the workers gave him hell non stop..it was really funny! the boss ended up crackin the sads and said he was gonna fire me...at that stage i really didn't care.. anyways i was walkin to work and decided to light my work shirt on fire and ripped it all up..it was a mess. i walked into work and threw the shirt at the boss and said 'i quit' he said too late your fired. i didn't care it was a pissa.
Sleepy boss
I walked into my bosses office one day and she was laying there asleep.i simply acted like i was clearing my throat.she woke up and was embarrased so she said 'youre fired'.I asked why.she said for snooping around in her office
cleaning hose
I didn't show up for work 1 day!!!
It was my birthday, and everybody ignored me. Including my wife and kids. I thought they had all forgotten, so I was really mad. So I went to work like it was any other day, then my really hot secreatary (And the Boss's Daughter), Elise gave me a my cup of coffee like usual, then invited me ot her house after work. Naturally I obliged, and on the way to her home we didn't speak all that much. So we got inside the hosue and I sat on her couch. She said she was going to go 'Freshen Up'. I took this in the wrong way, so when she came back I was shirtless, and nearly pantsless. She screamed before turning the light on. Everybody jumped out, and yelled Suprise, Happy Birthday! Of course I was fired.
first kids job
i am 14 and i was 13 when i got my first everyday job. a friends mother asked if i could tutor her 8 year old daughter. i said yeas because for my age i got good pay. she really apperciated me and the daughter was doing better in school. i lost my job because i didny work with her daughters schedule.
How I got fired from my job
I work at hotel. We have a very old and stupid boss. He pisses me off. I would of kill him. Ok, now I will tell you how he fired me. Once I was pissed off by him and I did one thing on purpose. I went to his room and turned everything upside down. I took all his important papers that he need for work and I threw them out of the window, then I took his computer and I threw it on the wall. His computer broke. Then i broke his table thats made out of glass!! Then when I finished doing all of that, I was still in his small old freakin Room. And he came and he saw me. He WAS SO SO SO SO PISSED OF!!! First we were fighting I punched him in the face then he. Then i beat him up and he was scared! He called the security and he SO FIRED ME!!!!
oh my god
well i was working for wendys and a person came in threw the drive in window and she said there was a piece of hair in the food and i told her to take it to some one who cares and th en i got fired
The supermarket
I once worked for a supermarket that had a cute checkout girl that my boss hag the hots for. instead of him she went out with me.
the next day the boss told me that I was fired.I decided to 'treat' my boss to some chocolate,knowing he had a sweet tooth.the 'chocolate was secretly exlax,and I gave him 4 squares.as soon after he ate the chocolate he became sick,and headed to the bathroom.
As I left the store, I was applauded and hoorayed for getting the jerk off everyones back,even for just a day.
and thats how I got fired.
Some Boss
I was 5 months pregnant working at a BP gas station for a real nag of a boss. I was working Valentines Day of this year when I got really sick and had severe pains in my stomach. I called my boss and told her she needed to come in and work because I was going to the hospital. She told me to call someone else becuase she was busy. i told her the ambulence was on the way so she was going to have to do it. she said fine and slamed the phone down. When she got into work she was crying becuase SHE had to work... she didn't care that i was colapsed on the floor in pain but she did care that she had to work. Anyway, I was supposed to work the next day but was still in the hospital. my mom called my boss and told her i wasn't albe to work because I was still in a lot of pain. Later that same day, the phone in my room rang and it was her. she told me that she had no further use for me and that i was worthless. She said i needed to give my uniform
back that day. so let me recap... SHE FIRED ME
Hairy Bed
I used to work at a hotel called The Hampton Inn (house keeping).I hated having to go to work everyday at 8am.One day I got lazy and as I was cleaning the rooms I started slacking and I wasn't changing the sheets on the beds,I didn't think I would get caught but sure enough the next day I got a call from my boss and she told me she had to fire me because she found hair on one of the beds!
And I would have got away with it too.....
Didn't feel like working one day so brought a bag full of cans of beer with me. I clocked in and sat outside in this shed they had for smokers. By about 1 o'clock i was off my face and flicked my cigarette across the room . This landed in a polystyrene cup setting it on fire. The cup was next to a bin which also set on fire. As I tryed to get up to put it out I fell and landed in my pile of empty cans. And who should walk in at that very moment but my supervisor Willy. Strangely enough I still got paid for that entire weeks work even after being booted off the property by security. Jackpot :)
Giving Coupons is Bad?
I arrived at work on friday the 13th and my general manager was there and she asked me to come in the back and talk to her. i went back there and they gave me the big long spiel explaining why they started looking into my like paperwork. ok people i am a hairstylist, how hard can it be. so she proceeded to tell me that it is against company policies to give people coupons when they don't recieve them in the mail or don't have them at the time of arrival, so in other words i got fired for saving people money. Then they told me that if i would do a whole haircut and only charge then for a bang/neck trim (5.00) instead of 11.00 that that was wrong and taking money from them, shows you how much they care.
Fired Outback
I worked at Outback as a hostess for about 3 months. In that time, my manager had fired 9 people in one month and accidently took me off the list along with everyone else and didn't schedule me all one week (I have bills to pay!). Then I had told her I was available everyday except Tuesay and she was cool with that. Well, she scheduled me like 2 Tuesdays in a row and I still worked them. Then came the deadest week of the year. She scheduled 4 hostessed to work one night which is rediculous. (Keep in mind we make our money off tipshare). So I decided to call in sick. This was my first time and since they screwed me so many times, i didn't think it was a big deal. Well, my manager called me the next day and told me since I couldn't give him a doctor's note, i was fired because I wasn't dependable!! Who isn't dependable??
How i got fired from my first job
I was baby sitting this kid every friday night.one night the kids gramma came over unannounced and fired me she said i was to young and she would baby sit from now on.
the dr appt
I worked at Chilis and my insurance only covers me out of the town i live which is about 3 hours away. i put the appt in the book and had it approved by a manager. then when i got back i was fired for a no call no show even tho i was already approved to have that day off. so i walked out and didnt care that i was missing out on 3 dollars an hour plus about 12 bucks a day in tips for only 3 days of work a week and which only added up to about 2, 50 dollar pay checks every 2 weeks i was making like 250 bucks a month go chiliheads! way to get rich quick
lost job
I was on holiday got delayed couldn't inform company tried to explain to personnel when i got back but was fired.
All for Love
I was an assistant manager in a Pizza Hut, and I was closing on the night of July 3rd. Ten minutes before closing, my ex-boyfriend came strolling into the store. Since I was still in love with him, I asked him to stay until the crew and I were done closing down the place. He agreed and sat with me in the office while I did the closing paper work. We talked and worked a few things out. After all the closing work was done, I set the alarm and locked the doors. My ex offered to buy me a drink after work, so thinking I might get lucky, I agreed. Needless to say, one drink turned into ten, and we were on our way to Taos (a big tourist gambling town in New Mexico). After many more drinks and bouts of gambling, we decide to get a room because I we wre both way too intoxicated to drive any further. I knew I had to be back to open the store in the morning, so I set up a 6 a.m. wake up call (it was already like 4 a.m.). After making up with my ex
and no sleep for over 24 hours, I slept through
the wake up call. I rolled over and saw that it was a quarter to 10, ten minutes before I was supposed to be at work. I couldn't find my cell phone, so I quickly grabbed the room phone and called my general manager and said I was sick and would not be able to make it into work. She then instructed me to call her back in ten minutes to see what she could do. Five minutes later the phone rang. Not thinking, I picked up the phone, and to my surprise, it was my manager on the other end of the line. I got fired for lying, and calling off on a holiday. Needless to say, I hate caller ID, but on the bright side, my boyfriend and I are still happily together!

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