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Runnin' on Dunkin
My friend was working for the breakfast chain Dunkin Donuts, and he was completely tired of the job. The management treated him badly and he didn't really get paid that well, so one day he decided to get fired. On the cash register, there is a screen that reads "America Runs On Dunkin" and scrolls followed by "Have a Nice Day!". My friend took over the register and changed the scrolling screen to read "America Gets The Runs from Dunkin! Have a Nice Day!" and walked out of the store. He was fired shortly after.
Never in good hands
i was working for a bank's hr and i was fired because one of my co-workers bad mouthed me and told different lies to our boss, i.e. i said that our boss looks like a horse (w/c is partly true btw). next thing i know she was receiving a merit increase! at my expense? i dunno! now, im employed with a new company and happy :)
My friend worked in a deli and she ate a piece of chicken that was supposed to be thrown away. They didn't fire her right away. The company called her and fired her on her day off. ha ha ha.. She got fired on her day off..
Don't work for Valero
Ok, so I was working for this Diamond Shamrock/Valero for over 4 years under the same manager. I get promoted to her assistant manager, and then eveything becomes my fault. She would always take the weekend off, she knew my birthday was in July, so she would take her vacation then, and when I finally got an invitation to be the camera person at my friends wedding. She wouldn't let me take the time off. I had known about this wedding since May with the date set in November. My boss looked at me and said, "I haven't had a day off in 2 weeks, and if you think you're getting it, you can think again." The next day I laid my 2 week notice on her desk.
What the
My friend works at a restaurant that is close to my workplace (remember I DO NOT work at the restaurant). So I had just finished my lunch and I walked up to the counter and started talking to my friend. His boss then walked out and started yelling at my friend for "disrupting the customer." Once I told the boss that I had started talking to my friend, the boss demanded I give him back my nametag and that I get out of his establishment. So I said why. And he goes, "CUZ YER FARRED!"
kmart sucks
My friend worked at kmart for 15yrs. She would work weekends, holidays ,and would cover other peoples shifts for almost nothing . One day the manager fired her and said it was because she was making to much and he wanted to hire someone who would work cheaper but she was only making minimum wage. So as advice dont work at kmart you might get fired over the amount of money the goverment requires your boss to pay you
Back Stabbing Bosses
My husband worked for a small company, that barely had enough work to keep him busy. One weekend his dad and uncle were in town and he wanted to spend a little extra time with them. Friday morning, he called his boss and explained his family was in town, and asked if it would be okay if he did not come in that day. Fridays were the slowest day and his boss said, "yes, thats fine I dont see a problem". Three hours later, he was called back and fired.
The war
January 7, 2007. "Card Yard" (My store)was empty. Overstock of candy for reasons nobody understands. Manager not paying attention. Scenario for mayhem...
This cold crisp morning, it was about 11 o'clock. My store was about bankrupt, selling cards, candy, cigarrettes,etc. It's no chain, just a small store in Minnesota, selling some candy. Cheesy generic cards, people got sick of it. Ten customers made a great day. We knew the place was out of business. We knew they were in trouble. We wanted money. So we organized a labor union. Me, Bob, Joe, Mike, Tom, and Kevin (The only Employees) Got together at the town Starbucks every Tuesday at 6 P.M. We wanted money. We made $7.50 an hour, and we were not getting enough. When the Home Depot across the street pays its worst employees $11 an hour! I mean this was a rich town and we made minimum wage. Yet we were loyal to Mr. Larken, the boss. So Kevin said, let's demand a raise, or we quit and boycott the place. "Good Idea" I says. So the union get together with Larken, and demand atleast $9 an hour. He said "NO!!! GET OUT NOW OR YOU ARE ALL FIRED!" So we get out.
Next day, I'm at note when i notice something. A key! I pick it up and put it in the cabinet that had a lock, so it opens. I realize what it is. His Master Book. So I look through it, photo copy it and bring it on Tues. Joe was supposed to get fired Friday, along with Bob, and Our wages cut to $6 Bucks! I mean you could see bankruptcies pre-effects echoing to us from the future, Notice trends of the end. So me and Tom, the math kids, make predictions that the old shop will be gone by next friday, based on current trends, and Larken's plans. The shop would be gone, so we said, let's just have fun, because it won't be worth working by Friday. So in protest, the next day, we all show up. We start throwing hot coffee, snow cones, lotto tickets, cards and candy everywhere in protest. Joe hits boss with coffee, gets fired gruesomely, and boss tells us that as a punishment, our pay is $6 an hour. Now you'll see as our salaries fall.
I throw an snow cone at Mike, who tries hitting me with coffee. I duck and the coffee hits the register. Then Kev got another Idea. He takes money from the register, climbs up the counter and tosses change everywhere. He gets fired we're down to $5 an hour. Mike dumps coffee onto the register and gets fired, making our new rate $3 an hour. Bob quits, and boss says that to make up for the damage, $1 an hour! We all quit throw stuff around and walk out. He begs us to come back, but we didn't. Turned out that the next day, the place is shut down. So if you get a coffee stained dollar, remember us, and the battle at Card Yard!
Why macdonalds supervisors suck
well this isn't so much as firing more quiting.
i was 16 and working at macdonalds, it was 12.30 (the busiest time of the day) and we had ran out of cup lids, so i told me supervisor and she just said "get the ones from under the tray or behind the machines" and im thinking 'what you mean the DIRTY ones'
eventually we ran out of these dirty lids, and she was just stood there doing nothing at all and acting like she was better than everyone else
so i went to another supervisor (who was also pissed of about it) and asked for the key to the store room to get some lids, and off i went.
when i came back she screamed at me, in frount of about 150 customers and 30 staff, that i had left my customer and i had not told anyone where i was going (there was no more lids, i had to get some before i could serve the customer, and the other supervisor knew where i was going, and we had been asking all day for her to go and get some but she would not get off her fat butt)
so i went back to my till, fuming at this point, and thats when i customer asks my name and then her name so she can put in a complaint.
i later found out that she was getting about 5 complaints a week.
well the next day i walked in at 7 in the morning and quit, the store manager begged me to come back as i was the only member of staff who was polite :D
Too Stupid?
This is the only time I have been fired in my life. I was working at Fazoli's (a fast food italian place) in the evenings to help with college expenses. I had been working there for about a month and thought things were going pretty good, when the region manager comes in for a store visit. He hung around all evening. I worked the rest of the week, then when they posted the schedule at the end of the week, I wasn't listed. I asked about it, and the manager kept saying he'd fix it when he got a minute, then avoided me the rest of the night. Well, I'm not dumb, but I did finish the shift, because I'm not the type to have a fit, or leave the rest of the crew short. Finally, when we were closed, the manager took me to the side and explained to me that the regional manager had said that I had to be let go immediately (he was there almost a week ago!) because "my intelligence level didn't seem to be up to their standards." I got
fired for being too stupid for fast food. The really
funny part is that at the time, I was enrolled in college and had an internship with NASA, through the school. I have since completed my Masters degree in Computer Science, and am currently employed doing software development for IBM. I guess maybe passing out breadsticks is more mentally challenging?
Worst Western
About 6 months ago, I had been given a job offer by my temp agency at a Best Western Hotel as a housekeeper. Having been unable to find work for awhile, I decided to settle for the job even though I was Culinary trained and certified.
When I first arrived, nobody could find the manager who was supposed to show me and my fellow new employees around, and we were given a half-assed tour and overgeneralized instructions by another employee who was fairly new herself. Then we were set to work, even though we had barely half a clue what we were supposed to do. The next day, the manager we were supposed to see came in and examined our work as we performed it, criticizing us as though we were well-trained, long-time employees who were supposed to know every detail of our jobs. She really ragged on us, but eventually had a seasoned housekeeper show us what to do. The critical treatment continued for several weeks, nearly daily verbal abuse to all the new employees by this woman.
Plus, she herself didn't know how to do her own job, often forgetting things that were important, like when she had certain employees scheduled, or when an event would be going on that required more rooms to be cleaned than usual, giving us the room assignments last-minute and making us work hours after our shifts were supposed to end. As well, she didn't know how to schedule employees properly. For instance, she would have a majority of the housekeepers on during the week and hardly any on busy weekend shifts, often having to assign each weekend housekeeper as many as 32 rooms. We all had to stay and help the others until all the rooms were done, on one occasion keeping all 6 housekeepers on shift that Friday from 7 am until 8 pm.
One Monday, when I was seriously contemplating quitting my job, I was on my way back from break when my coworkers and I were all brought into a dining hall by upper management and the doors were locked. We were asked to discuss our feelings about the job, and to discuss with them how we felt about that particular manager. Finally, the uppers told us that we had to be kept in the room for a bit because the woman had just been fired from her position and she was throwing a hysterical fit that seemed likely to turn violent.
I quit a couple weeks later, but it was very satisfying to know that foul woman was out of the hotel as well.
I was working at McDonalds almost everyday making low wage and i had a fat boss she had me sweep the whole floor but there was this piece of lettice stuck to the damn floor and it wouldn't come off by using the broom, so she got pissed and told me to get it off using my hand and i said some bad things to her so she fired me and i chucked my broom at her and walked out
Hospital Story
okay, my friend was working at this hospital, shes been there for at least 2 yrs now..she is in college so she need the money, she worked in the summer, when the summer was over, she quit n that day was a FRIDAY, the boss said her last day was Monday, she sais okay, then wen my friend went back to her desk, there was a girl there, on my friends computer entering her information, n the girl said, oh im sorry i didnt know, i thought u quit, then my friend said my last day is monday then the girl said "my bad" then my friend said if she could leave, politely, she said im not done with my stuff, my friend got pissed OFF!! she was like well my last day is monday, and today is friday, so im still an employee! then the girl was like i said im not done entering the information yet now would u please leave me alone?! my friend got pissed n went to the boss, turns out that it was the grls first day, and she got fired before actualyl started.
Trip up
I was working at the cornershop down my road, and brought a box of crisps out from the back to put on the shelf, but left them behind the counter instead for a minute while i used the toilet. The boss came round the corner, tripped over the box, crashed through the whole display and broke the crisps. When i came out from the toilet to find him lying on the floor surrounded by sweets and crisps i couldnt help but laugh.
And he couldnt help but fire me. No one has a sense of humour these days
No teeth
I was working for the LaRosa's call center in Cincinnati. I had been there for 8 months and was the top Customer Service representative in the place and The job was pretty cool. Just sit on the computer in a comfy desk chair in a cubicle and take call in orders. I had had oral surgery in April.I had to stay off of work because My mouth was swollen and I couldn't talk. They fired me because I was not able to work due to the fact that I couldn't talk (even though I had a doctors note that they said was fake and that I was pretending).
Here's your Newspaper!
My first job was working as a paperboy it was hell! I got up at 4 am every morning (even on my days off if the fat weekender kid didnâ??t show up) I was never later apart from when I was hit by a car (which my boss had no sympathy about) and only three weeks later (still with my arm in a cast) he told me to deliver more papers on a Saturday or I wouldnâ??t get paid, Well I did for about a week but then he told me if I didn't do another four streets (which had about 25 homes in each) I would get firedâ?¦. So all I did was take the bag off my shoulder slammed it onto the ground and said â??who do you think you are!â?? Then picked up a lot of papers and jammed them all in the post box outside the shop.
Broke The Door
I was an assistant manager at a walgreens and one day a drunk guy came into the store and was causing problems for the employees the other customers. I asked him to leave and he raised his voice yelling "This is a free country I can be where I want". When I tried to walk him outside he started pushing me. I eventually got agitated, grabbed him by the shoulders and threw him through the sliding door at the front of the store. The door slipped off the tracks and broke the glass on the ground. After watching the tape I got fired.
Stick puck fired
When I was 15 I worked at a canadian tire part time after school and on weekends. One weekend me and one of my coworkers were working in sports department alone and the rules say two people have to be on the floor at all times unfortunatly it was a 10 hour shift so we needed a lunch break and at least 1 15 minute break legally but they said niether of us could leave the other alone .. I argued it was their fault for not having enough staff that's when my coworkwer kinda stopped me and said don't worry about it . I knew he was up to something haha .. We go back to work and he takes out his cell phone and orders up some pizzas to the sports desk haha the delivery driver comes right to the desk and after we pay out comes the supervisor who in turn makes a fool of himself by yelling at us in front of customers so I calmy told him that's not very professional haha which made him even angrier seeing how I just offered pizza at work hahaha he
threatened me by saying hed fire me if I ever did
anything like that again so as the day goes by it gets quiet around the tire me and my coworker decide to go to the warehouse grab a hockey net and open up some goalie gear. My buddy there put the gear on I grabbed a net a stick and some pucks haha. Were havin a good time when I shoot the ball wide of the net and hits one of the kids building bikes. He comes out pissed right off telling me he was telling on me! So he ratted on me and I got fired haha good times tho well worth it!
Hospital stay
About 6 years ago I worked as a ramp agent at a local airport. I (and my co-workers) noticed that i was getting really sick. Losing abnormal weight and i had a swelling in my throat. Now this job sucked but it was my job and i actually liked half my co-workers and bosses were pretty cool. all except for one high strung wanna be idiot. I ended going to the hospital and getting surgery done on my jaw, because a tooth had gotten infected and went and infected my lympe nodes. I was sick as a dog for weeks due to the antibiotics i had in my system. Needless to say i was calling in alot because i didnt have the strength to destroy someones bag. Well one morning that high strung squirrel crawled up my butt after i called in after i spent 2 hrs hunched over the toliet. That jerk yelled at me saying i might as well never come back in. So I told him fine he could kiss my butt. It did my heart good to hear about how the other bosses jumped his case.
Fat People in 5 Guys
Ok so one of my first jobs was at a Five Guys. I liked the job but I felt like I was working too hard. One day I wasn't very busy cause almost everybody was away on spring break. So I decided to go into the kicks and sticks (lacrosse and soccer store) which was right next to 5 guys and have a look around. I look around for 5 minutes probably and then go back. There was still nobody in there. Then 2 super fat people walk in an order 4 large bacon cheese burgers, 2 large sodas, and a large order of fries. They amazingly finished it all in like 15 or 20 minutes. Then one of them comes back and looks really mad. He claims that I didn't put on enough bacon so I tell him that he's too fat to notice how much food he ordered and I shove a handful of bacon in his face. They told my boss and I got fired but boy did it feel good.

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