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Well, i worked for blockbuster video while looking for another job, for awhile, and while most of the people were great, the manager was a lady thrust into position due to our former manager being canned for stealing and she really didn't have a good handle on what she was doing. We all tried to give her lee-way, even though our schedules would change 2 or 3 tims a week after you were already in that week, and it became confusing what hours you worked and didn't. i had things happen like showing up and being told i wasn't working, and a million phone calls that went, "Hello, the schedule changed, be here in ten minutes." This was so bad i would show up for work and they had changed what hour i was to come in that day, and claim i was late! I was written up twice, and all former schedules were always destroyed and new ones provived so there was no paperwork to show that what i had writtn down was in fact what i was told. After Two write
ups for tardy (the third being a fire) i was ready
to leave one day and was rung up for my weekly free movies. somehow it showed that i only had 4 left, and i had rang up 5 movies. Well i was told i had to pay for #5 or be fired. I said "Well then i'll just take the four then please." and was told once somethings rang up it has to be bought, etc. if it's an employee or be fired. That even though i removed accidental ring ups all day i couldn't do that. i had to pay (and she knew i was broke) so i scrounged change and stuff and paid for it after asking "are you serious? really? you can't just take it off? pay or be fired?" to which she wouldn't budge. i paid.
Couple days later i was like 8 minutes late due to an accident on the road and was told the old too bad so sad routine.
Fired because it was my last write up.
Funny thing is HER manager made her call me back and rehire me.
At this point i was to start the new job I have now, so i agreed to work it and then gave my notice so i don't have a fire on my record. At the time i was leaving she was trying to talk me into more hours as she probabally realised she needed a good experienced clerk like me who's good on the register.
Also my last day was on the day of inventory, where you spend a whole night scanning EVERYTHING in the store and then make accounts on what's missing and go and try to find the missing stuff and it suck the big one, so it was funny having her try to talk me into staying for inventory (i was one of the better employees/scanners i think was why she ate a lil crow) and me saying hell no.:)
How I got fired, and my friend Jeff
It was that one day, when I went into work with my cousin. He was in a bad mood from start because is girlfriend broke up with him. This fat hog came in and wanted a Arby's 5 for 5.95 all roast beef. She thought even if you bought all 5 roast beef you got a large pop for free. He told her she was wrong and she started cussing him out. He picked up one of her roast beef's off the counter and chucked it at her head. He got fired, then walked out. Then work was boring without him there. So I got a large cup and poured Dr.Pepper in the cup. Then I walked to my boss, tossed it at his face and took off running out the door. Then I walked back in and said "Whoop's I forgot something." then I told him off and went to my car.
First Day,Well it was my first day working at this local place of mine and this customer ordered some food she asked were the sauces were and i said it was behind her as she turned round she went straight in to my boss and she and got food all over him i got right told off and the next day he fired me i was really pissed of and the next day i walked in took all the sauces opened them all then threw them at the boss then told him off and walked off.
Fired over IM
My brother in-law and I made an offer to buy the company I was employed at for 12 years, him for over 16. Our boss had been out of the country for about 6 years saving the world, so we thought since he had been running the office for 6 years and I several construction jobs we should just buy it form him. He initially was interested and we were 25,000 dollars apart on Wednesday and on Monday he fired me. This all occured VIA IM.
Going to school
I got fired because I told the company that I worked for (Cintas) that I wanted to go back to school. They tried to talk me out of going to school, and even stated that I didn't need a degree to move up in the company. I wanted to go back simply because it was something that I wanted to do, not for a particular job reason. They are still fighting my umemployment claim. Cintas doesn't care about their employees.
Starbucks of Doom
(keep in mind that I've never been fired from a job. Also, I had 5 years cafe experience)
I was working the drive-thru window one busy night at Starbucks. I was the only one on the window at the time. (The Starbucks I'm speaking of happens to be the busiest in the southeast). I had a customer at the window that wanted his drink in his own cup (no big deal). I take the man's cup and turn around to give it to the girl that is working the espresso machine (who just happens to be the manager on duty at the time). The AUTOMATIC window closes as I step away from it...which THEY ALL DO if I'm not mistaken. When I go back to the window to take the man's money he starts yelling that I slammed it in his face! I tell him that "no, sir...the widow closes by itself. It's automatic..." The "manager" on duty comes over to defuse the situation. I work several more days with no problems. One day I come into work and my store manager wants to speak with me. So we sit out on the patio and she fires me! In front of customers and co-workers. Turns our the "manager on duty" that
lied and said I did slam the window in the man's face. Two other ex co-workers and I got them back though. Can't say how. It's incriminating.
i was working for this business after one guy and moved. i put my stuff in his office and changed the background of the computer to one of the default ones that are already on the computer. well one of the other workers saw the background and told the boss that i had messed up his computer which it wasn't. i got fired
So, i was working at this handmade soap store in a busy past of town. I'd been there for about 6 months and then they switched management. The girls who became managers were real jerks and very two faced. They were looking for a reason to fire me but couldn't find one. So first, they cut my hours in half! Then, they had a team meeting and didn't tell me about it, so obviously I didn't show up, and they wrote me up...even though no one bothered to call me. Then they added a shift to my schedule and didn't tell me about it, so they wrote me up again. So I decided that I was going to give them a piece of my mind. One day, I went in when i wasn't scheduled and asked my manager if I could speak to her. Well, she completely ignored me, and then went to greet customers. So i waited...and waited...and waited. Well, in our store, we did demos of the products in the back of the store. I was tired of waiting for her and the bubble bath water was just sitting
there. So...I filled up the huge pot all the way to
the top with water and bubbles. Then in front of all the customers, I threw the water all over the floor and told my manager (who's attention I finally had), that she was a two-faced idiot and I quit. It was so liberating!! I can't show my face in there anymore...but it was worth it to see the look on her stupid face! LOL!!
America Run Away From Dunkin
I was hired to work a very busy DD in Boca Raton, FL right on the spot. I had been working there a while and one day my manger comes up to me and asks me to remove the expired milk from the custom fridge. I checked all the milk and removed the bad ones. I didn't know where to put the bad milk so I asked my manager where. He said to just put them in the back. So I placed them in the back of the freezer. The next day some guy comes in yelling at about how his daughter is sick (throwing up and all that) from drinking bad milk that he bought at our DD. Someone must have put the milk back in without checking the dates. I told him to hold on and I get the owner. He holds the bad milk up to my face and goes, "you drink it". I tried to back away, but he just leaned over the counter push the milk back into my face. I was horrified. He started saying he was going to sue me. Instead of taking his sick draughter to the hospital he
came back to DD to harrase me. It wasn't even my
fault. The parents should checked the expiration dates to make sure it was safe. Thankfully the owner came over and dealt with him. Talk about a horribe work experince. I'll never forget it.
My friend and I were working in D&D Sports when a kid walks in with his mom to buy a football helmet. I did the routine and measured his head and recommended a helmet. 3 days later I get a letter in the mail saying the kid got a concussion and he was sueing us. I got fired after the lawsuit.
I was working at this telemarketing place for four months and my supervisor did not like me one bit! The center Manager didn't really like me either, I really don't know why but let me cut to the chase here... I was at work one day planning to put in my two week notice because I was moving halfway across the country! I could not get out of my seat to get the papers to fill out (it was a rule) so I asked my supervisor to grab me one to fill out, when she asked why I had told her the truth that I would be moving in two weeks... WELL she is best friends with the center manager and immediatly went and told him! Not two min after I asked for the papers, here comes the manager storming towards my cubicle, he told me I need to grab all my stuff and follow him to his office. So I get all of my stuff and follow. When we get in he shuts the door and asks me to sit down, then asks why I was putting in my two weeks, I told him the same thing I told my
supervisor and when I was finished he looked at me
and told me that he thinks I should leave NOW! I asked why, and he told me I was making poor sales and I had a bad attitude! (I was top seller for three months and am a nice person). So when he said those words, I SNAPPED INSIDE! I worked hard for all the sales I had ever gotten. I stood up reached across his desk, shook his hand and said, " It was NOT a pleasure working with you", and proceeded to turn around and walk out but he followed me. I was walking toward the coat rack to grab my coat which is not anywhere near the exit, and he proceeded to bad mouth me the whole way to it! When I grabbed my coat I turned around and Yelled IF YOU DO NOT GET AWAY FROM ME IM GOING TO KICK YOUR BUTT! Now I am a very petite woman a whole 115 pounds and five foot three inches tall, LOL! He was not happy that I had said that, plus everyone in the call center had heard him and me yelling, so I tried walking toward the exit and he followed like a stupid jerk and just before I got to the doors to leave he yelled
THATS RIGHT YOU BETTER GET OUTTA HERE! I turned around and got into his face and said You had better watch what you say to me or I will mess up your car! That made him stop for a second and I walked out the doors, only to hear him cursing at me as I got into my car! Needless to say my friends and I took turns messing with his hood and windshield! That will teach him to mess with a short nice woman who has finally had enough of his bullying!
Praying to the Porcelain Gods
I used to be a housekeeper at a 3 star hotel. I was pregnant at the time and didn't know it. It was the earliest signs possible when I started to get morning sickness. I went to work and tried to do the best I could but kept feeling nauseous. At the time I just assumed I was sick or ate something that didn't agree with me. I was slacking with my job that day and was going slower than usual cause I kept taking short five minute breaks and puking in a few toilets at work. I got fired because I got caught by the boss for puking in the toilet after I just got done cleaning it. It was the worst possible time for my boss to just walk into the room along with the customer, who's room I was cleaning at the time. The customer looked disgusted and my boss went to the extreme of firing me because she didn't know how to handle the situation. Four days later I found out I was pregnant with no job, living in the number one worst state for
employment at the time, a year ago.
I received a letter in the mail saying I could be offered a job at twenty dollars an hour. since I was a junior in highschool I could not resist. I went to the interview that was about an hour away from my house. The young geeky young man was there all serious there... he was a really big jerk to everyone who was there and when people didn't answer a question the way he wanted them to he looked at them like they were brain dead. Cutco are these really expensive cooking knives that i have to admit they are pretty good but a set of them are about 500 to 1000 dollars and you rarely will find people that have that kind of spare cash. He hired me that night and expected me to be there for the next 3 days for 8 hours each day. The next three days he bragged (which made him look really ugly) and talked about his girlfriend. I honestly feel bad for her... he is insecure, stuck up, and way too serious. Then he wanted for us to pay for the knives that i was going
to be showing to the customers.... the way the
buisness works is that sales representatives will go to people they know and those customers will give them 3 people they know and it works from there. This manager of mine, Jay, made it look soo easy but in reality it was a nightmare i hated it. And for some reason my paychecks were never coming in and i told him about it and he said he would call and it was rediculus that it would happen to a new employee.. then he made me go meet him and the rest of his amazzzzing employees at the place that i had my orientation at which was an hour away and then drive to philly which we had to pass my house and travel another 1 1/2 hours to philly ridiculous right? He never told us where we were going and if we had enough money for gas. Pretty ignorant of him huh? and i talked to him how it was ridiculous for us to meet him at the place where i had my orientation and he yelled at me saying we are a team lol and we leave together... but after 6 hours at this seminar which was in a hall in a hotel he left us there not
telling us how to get home and he didn't pick his phone.... some team huh?.... I stopped selling and told him i wanted my paychecks... weeks went by i called him on a daily basis until my boyfriend's parents got a knife they ordered and said who is john *** because that was the name on their receipt as their sales representive... I went on the internet and got the main phone number to cutco and told them and they were in shock and really angry what he was doing to all of his new sale representives... because i was not the only rep not getting paid...I called him and left a long nasty voicemail how he was going to get sued if he didn' pay me and he gave me a check written in pencil so he had to return from his college and give me another one...he is busted and looks like a nerd and he breathes like a creeper...Cutco is a stupid job which won't ever help you unless you wanna work at a fast food joint or be a telemarketer.
Stealing Smokes
Me and my best friend Jerry worked at the same Food Lion grocery store for 7 months. From the very beginning my friend Jerry would show up to work at 5:30 A.M. in the morning, before everyone else, and steal cartons of cigarettes from behind the checkout counter. I warned him several times that he was eventually going to get caught when the manager did his inventory check. However, my friend became even more greedy, and starting stealing groceries and cigarettes from the store, and putting them in his car. Everything was going smoothly until he got into an argument with one of our co-workers: Adam; and he pushed Adam into a pile of cardboard that was going to be crushed and bailed. After Jerry pushed Adam into the cardboard, he threatened to throw Adam into the bailer with the cardboard (which would have killed him). Needless to say, Adam was scared to death, and the next day Adam went to the store manager and told him that Jerry was
stealing store merchandise. The manager reviewed the
videotape, and he called the police. The police arrested Jerry in the store, and charged him with felony larceny. (The manager told Jerry he was fired as he was being handcuffed). Jerry went to court, and the judge reduced the sentence to misdemeanor larceny; and Jerry had to re-pay Food Lion $1000 dollars for all of the cigarettes and food that he stole. Overall, it was a very stupid thing for him to do, and I hope that he has learned his lesson.
I had been working at Fazoli's for about a eleven months. At twelve months you get a raise. Well during my last week there i started planing for my mom to come visit me for the first time in five years. Therefore i had a busy weekend to set up. In all of this confusion I happend to look at the schedule wrong. I checked my mom in at the hotel and headed to work. I thought i came in at five but happened to have to be there at two. I was immediatly pulled into the office and terminated. there was no use even trying to reason. i then found out my dad called up there to find out the story and the manager was rude to him too.
I started working at this daycare when I was 18. Loved my job, had a blast working there. My boss fired me because her 13 year old son had a crush on me!
Still Drunk
I was the assistant manager at a small restaurant in Ft Collins, CO. I was given a hundred dollar bar tab every month as part of my salary. With that I was cut off from drinking there several times for getting too drunk after my shift. I didn't see a problem with this as I was off work. The owners said it made them look bad. Anyways after a night of heavy drinking with my roomates at home I went to work the next morning still drunk. My boss told me to go home take a nap and come back later. I went home had a few more drinks and ate some lunch. When I came back later he pulled me in to the office and fired me. I wanted a new job anyway.
Poor Paper Boy
My boyfriend's brother just told me this story. When he was 17 or 18 years old, he had a job as a paperboy. He was doing his route and it was 4am. He made a u-turn in the middle of the street, and out of nowhere, going 60+ miles an hour, a truck t-bones him. The cops and ambulance were called, but everyone ended up being okay, and even though his car was totalled it was still driveable. So my friend decided to go ahead and finish the paper route. He finished it up, went back to sleep for a few hours, and called his boss to tell him he couldn't make it to work for the next couple days because he got in an accident during the route and the car needed to be fixed. His boss asked him if he finished the route, and he said yes, and then his boss said that he was fired! All because someone else ran into him, AND he finished the job he was supposed to do.
Don't Dance
I hated my work place. no one ever spoke beccause 'we weren't alowed to interfere with other workers working'. one day, i forgot to eat breakfast, so i went a bought a packet of marshmallows into work. i had them on my desk and my boss comes over and said 'sorry we don't allow sweets and biscuits because it distracts you from your work' so i got on my desk, and started dancing. my boss looked completely horrifed, so i was fired.
Christmas Bonus
I worked for a computer store, doing 12 hour shifts over Christmas. To get more money I worked a weekend for a co-worker who needed the time off. When I got my pay slip I found I hadn't been paid for that weekend, so I took it up with my manager. He said that since he hadn't been told about it and it wasn't changed on the rota that I wouldn't get paid for the 24 hours I'd worked. So a PS2 plus controllers and games, as well as a game boy advanced with some games found their way into my possession - all the items values added up to the amount I'd been stiffed. Sukkas!
Bad Management
I was an Employee at the Melting Pot at one time during '06 and '07. When I worked there it was absolutely fine. The management was great, the employees were nice and everything. Unfortunately, I left because I had found something that paid more and promised me wonderful hours. I worked there for a while and tried to get my job at the Melting Pot again. I did but i find out that everything has changed. The GM was a royal jerk and the manager was an idiot. They treated me like I was 12 years old. They constantly got mad at me for doing what I was trained to do, but telling me it was all wrong. So I had finally had a enough of it and found a new job. But before I quit I turned in my two weeks notice. On my notice, I put my days avaiable to work (after all it WAS spring break). To put the icing on the cake, they didn't listen to my requests and scheduled me every day (the other two hostesses got off for spring break). I went up there to get my
check and the manager asked me why I wasn't dressed
to work. I said, your not going to honor my requests, i'm not gonna honor your schedule. So go take a menu and shove it. I QUIT. Her face was pale as paper and couldn't say a word. Almost all the employees there applauded me and walked out as well. needless to say they were very short staffed that day.

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