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  Firing Stories
ex boyfriend
At the time i was 18 years old and workng at a trailer manufacturing company welding the 16 foot trailers together. I worked the night shift form about 5pm to 5 am. i had been dating one of the painters who also worked there when he was fired. a few months after being fired i had broken up with him because he was a dead beat jerk. one night while at work, he showed up drunk and it took me several hours to get him to leave. the next day when i showed up to work i was immediately fired. i had no idea that anyone even knew he was there the night before until i saw that he had spray painted his name across all of the walls in bright red paint saying "BUD WAS HERE".
I was a tv repair man until one day when a wealthy family called me up to repair their widescreen tv. When I got over there I looked at the tv and saw that the tv was just unplugged so i reached over to plug it into the outlet. I pulled a little too hard and the tv fell over. Luckily nobody got hurt.
bathroom hide out
i worked at the super market and i had to go clean the bathroom so i hid down there and kept switching bathrooms until my shift was over and they never schedualed me again
My First Job was at McDonalds. I am a normal teenager and was looking for a small job. I usually would go to McDonalds with my friends so i thought i would work there so we can get cheap deals and maybe get them some free meals. So when i show up for my first day on the job i have to unload and put away the boxes from the delivery truck. I was putting the raw chicken mcNuggets in the freezer and i saw an open box of them. They were all BLUE! I went straight to my boss and asked him why they were blue. He responded that thats how they are when they are frozen. So I decided that i would tell everyone i know including many of my friends from high school that the "all white meat" chicken nuggets arrived blue. Many of my friends were creeped out and they decided to stop eating at our McDonalds. My boss was confused why there was not as many teenage customers as there usually were. He called to his office and questioned me about this.
I told him that all my
the broken nose
my friend had gone into work as normal at 7:30 am to wait tables in the hotel he worked in. as he wlked through the door and started his shift there was one of the guests making a scene over the heating in his bedroom the night before. the man started to blame the staff and was shouting in my friends face. when he said to the gentleman in question "please calm down" the guest pushed him so my friend friend punched him headbutted him broke his nose and was then sacked for it on the spot.
College Greenhouse
I worked for a horse barn next door to me. My one job was to pick the weeds from around a sand field. When I would be done with one end, the other would be filled with weeds. I ended up asking for more help and asked 4 other friends to help. So instead of paying for one, he paid for 5 and told me to never come back.
Butt Suprise
One day i was working and i snuck into the copy room to copy my butt then i wrote kiss my butt on it put it in a envalope and told someone i work with to give it to my boss then he opened it read it and the next day i had a picture in my locker at work and had a picture of a building on fire and it said ,your fired!!! i mean whats that about ? a building on fire???
Keep your pregnancy a secret....
I was working at a good job for about 9 months with no problems... I found out I was pregnant after I was 5 weeks and told my job right away... after that my manager made my life hell... she searched through my desk for things I did wrong and checked my emails. She even double checked my phone calls to see what I was saying to customers... 3 more months went on and I was so frustrated, I confided in one of my work "friends" that I wanted to quit because of the stress but I couldnt because I was showing and couldnt get a job anywhere else... 2 days later I had a scheduled doctors appt and arrived at work at 11 am. I was called into the my managers office and was told I wasnt a good fit for the company because I told someone I was unhappy there. I think it was because of my pregnancy... well, sucks for them... my lawyer is in talks with thier lawyer now... wrongful termination and pregnancy discrimination... hahaha!

i was woking 4 McDonalds and every night when they made me wash up id steal a peice of the milkshake machine! id stole about 5 peices from it and it started playing up then they made me wash up again! so i stole the biggest part of it. The next day my boss found all the parts in my locker so obviously i got fired i even asked 4 a free milkshake b4 i left ha ha ho ho he he weeeeeeeeeeeee lol
Sick and Tired...
I was working at a drug store and my boss had scheduled me to work the week before Christmas. Since it's really busy she needed me to be there. I told her barring any health or family issues I would be there.
Two days later (the Monday before Christmas) I got the flu. Bad. So bad that I actually went to the doctors, and had to get a prescription for antibiotics and some other stuff. My mom took it to the pharmacy in the store I worked at to get it filled. That evening I called my boss and told her I couldn't work that week because the doctor told me I needed to rest.
On Friday I called to tell her she wouldn't need to find someone for my shift because I was better. She told me not to bother coming in. I was irresponsible and couldn't be trusted. She didn't believe I was sick. (Even with a note and the prescriptions filled AT HER STORE)
Grocery store messup
Well I had started at a local grocery store and I had worked there about 3 weeks. I was dating a guy from 6 hours away. He decided to come see me. I had to work that night, so I decided to lie and tell them I was sick. I called in and my boyfriend came into town. Well in the mean time my mom had got sick. When he arrived she asked us to go to the store to buy her some medicine. So stupidly I decided to drop into the store that I had worked for. I walked in and my boss met me at the door. I acted like "I" was sick. He fired me right on the spot and to make matters worse right infront of my boyfriend. He was so embarresed that he broke up with me and told me I was a jerk.
Midnight Injury
I was working in a factory type job in a middle management role. I had access to all of the tools and had general maintenence responsibilities. I also had a key and the alarm code. I opened up the factory one night after midnight, long after it had been vacated by other employees and I went into the infeed room which is full of metal roller conveyors. I grabbed a plank of timber and after turning on the automated rollers I threw the plank down on them and jumped on in an attempt to ride it like a surf board. I fell and landed with my leg stuck between the rollers and though I wasn't seriously injured, the serveilence cameras caught the whole thing on tape. I was fired the next day for entering the factory with no purpose and for gross negligence resulting in harm to myself. (Apparently I lacked the maturity for the job!) I am currently trying to convince my friend who still works there to retrieve the tape.
"no tips for you!"""
Oh my gosh! I know this story sound wack, but it was true. I used to work at this chinese buffet for like 4 and a half weeks. And every day i would get average up to 50 dollars in tips. But what I didn't know was that I wasn't suppose to take the tip. So for the first two days I took "MY" tip. And he pulled me aside and said your only a "bus-girl" your not suppose to take the tip. So we had a long discussion about it. And he said, "if the customer gives you the tip directly then you can take it." so the next day I was serving these very polite old folks and they handed me 10 dollars. I was like, "Cool! my first 'REAL' tip!" and then after I was finish cleaning up the table, the boss came again, pulled me aside, and said "I thought I told you not to take the tip" Then we got into this discussion about if the customer leaves some tip on the table for the waitress and hand me
some then I could take it. But if the customer only hands me the tip then I'm not suppose to take it because I'm only the "bus-girl" So then I quit before I could get fired! This story still gets to me!!! ahahah
Im sick!!!
Well so I had been working at job for about a year when i started getting sick. I was passing out and the doctors couldnt figure it out. SO a few months went by and i had passed out quite a bit so i wasnt at work alot i had called off like maybe 7 times those couple months and one day i came to work and they fired me for calling off and that wasnt even the bad part she was so mean to me like it was my fault and i was doing it on purpose. I was crying so hard and i couldnt keep it in because i just felt so not in control and she was just like ok well bye your fired. so that is my I was fired story it has been horrible. I still have no job because of my illness no on w ill hire me. So i'm done being depressing but thats my story!!!
stupid firing
My mom's friend works at the target distribution center. one day she was lifting a skid in a truck because she was unloading them and she got a sharp pain in her neck. later on she had to tell the company and the company had a meeting about it they decided that it was her fault and she was fired.
My boss sucks
My Friend told me this story.
She came to work on Monday like it was any other day but it wasn't no it was not .She was going to be fired that day .Her boss ask her to come to his office and of course she did.Then when she got in she understood he had bad news to tell her .This was his words.
"Rachel I'm sorry but we well we have to let you go ."
"It is not you it's this company we did someone with more expirence for the up coming projects.I'm sorry really."
"No i get it i will get my stuff and leave good bye John,I hope you find the persons you need."

Merry Christmas
Well it was a week b4 xmas, and I decided to confide in my boss about a sickness that I had aquired. She was at first sympathtic and assured me my job was fine. She said she didnt know much about it and was concerned about it being contagious. I assured her that it was only possible blood to blood and that the probabilty of that was slim to none as all I did was serve drinks and food. So things went well for two days and then I was called into the office and she sat me down. She said "John I cannot allow you to work here any longer." How come I asked. I can't tell you why. So she refused to tell me why but I knew deep down why. So I got up and retrieved my coat and walked out.
kiss and tell
So i was working like always, I am kind of a big flirt. Anyways this cute guy comes in and asks for my number not only did I give him my number but I left from behind the counter went outside and was flirting around and making out with him when my boss opens the drivethru window and yells "go ahead and take your belongings and you two get a room. Dont worry about coming back to work." it was pretty embarrassing!
The reason i did get fired is because i was playing the lottery at work!
drinking and selling cars do not mix
I had just got a job at a used car dealership and was doing really good. I was the new salesman at this locally owned car lot. anyways we had our christmas party at the dealership and i drank everything they had beer, wild turkey, fire water, and what ever else they had. when everything was over i did a dumb thing and decided to try and drive the few blocks away to my house. well when i put the car in gear and turned my head around to back up i gave my car alittle gas and instead of backing up like i intended i ended up going forward right into a this 2005 vw bug beetle. I was fired on the spot by my drunken boss. When i came in to pick up my check he was like where the hell you been? I told him that he had fired me that night when he was drunk and he said did I ..well good i already got that taken care of.

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