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Drunk or just another hangover
I was drunk the night before so I had my friend take me to work. I had a few drinks on the way there because I had previously came up with the idea to quit. My boss was cruel to everyone especially me. I knew that the boss liked me he had just a bad way of showing it. He would have had to have a good reason to fire me. So I had to be drunk and crazy. I often don't drink as much as I did but this was a matter or eat or be eaten. So I walked in to find the boss had decided to give me the promotion I had wanted since I got married. Well, when I told my wife just what had happended she just bust out laughing. So I had to tell someone about how I was fired from my great new job, before I even started!
So i was working in a fast food place and I got fired for forgetting to flush the toilet.
6 O'clock
I worked at a fast food restaurant that served breakfast, lunch, & dinner. Rather than just being open to work one shift. I told the manager I will work ANY hours that is available to make more money. So I often did 3 morning shifts and 2 evening shifts each week. It was never steady.

My hours were all jacked up. Sometimes I would work 4 hours, 5.5 Hours, ooooh and if I was really lucky I was able to work a 6 hour shift without being sent home early due to lack of sales. Not by choice but when it "slowed down" I was the first to go home!

To make a long story short I was scheduled for 6 O'clock AM one day but I arrived at 6 O'clock PM it really was an honest mistake. When I jotted down my schedule I must have made a mistake. I didn't even get a WARNING just: YOUR FIRED! I cried my eyes out and have been a 26 y/o female living with my parents ever since. I can't quite afford an apartment yet.

I bit her
This is honestly the stupidest thing that has ever happened to me. I worked in a clothing store and I was playing around with a co-worker and i bit her lightly playing around. we are both females so it's not like I was trying to make some sort of move on her. Well, she felt uncomfortable and instead of confronting me she went and told the manager who she is close with. I got fired for "misconduct".
The Babysitting Accident
One day i was watching an 8 year old and an 8 month year old. I sat them down on the couch and the younger baby fell off the couch and smashed his head against the floor. When the mother came home, the 8 year old told his mom what happened and I started laughing even though it wasn't funny. Afterwards, she cursed me out and told me to go home and never come back. Till this day, i still laugh about what happened that day!
i was working in a marverick store one morning, and our big head honcho guy makes his routine visit. well i am stocking all the frieght,( breaking down boxes and all). i could break down this certain kind of box, that the bagged jerky came in, very easily. so i thought i would jump onto one at a time and smash it. lol. needless to say, on my way back down the box slid out from under me, and my butt landed on the concrete floor right in front of the district manager.
just plain wierd
i was going to be a stable hand at a horse barn, and, at the time, i wasnt used to working with earshy horses, so i was leading a ear-shy horse to the round pen and i saw he had a fly so i reached up and brushed the fly away. well, the horse freaked out and got lose and galloped all over the place, i finly cot him but my boss fired me just for that one mistake!
This is what happened. You see, I was a secretary and my boss treated me so low that I couldn't take it anymore. So, I ask my friend for advice on how to get fired. She says 'Spill some coffee on his groin.' So that morning, I went into his office and spilled the extra-hot coffee all over his groin. I waited for his reaction. In my mind I was like ' YES! THIS IS IT!' But boy was I wrong. He didn't fire me. There was no answer. He jsut sent me away to get him a new pair of trousers. Damn! I was upset. So, I went back to my friend and she asked me,' Why don't you just quit?' But you see, I couldn't do that, because...I just couldn't. I need revenge. A few days later, I was in my office when I got a call from my boss's wife. She left a message telling to inform him that his yearly cut for his wig was today. Wig?! PERFECT!!!!!! Later on, I walked into my boss's room with a camera hidden in my pocket. I charged towards him and ripped off his wig
and quickly took a picture.
Immediately after that I ran home. I went on my computer and I upload the pic. I sent it to everyone in the office. The next day, I printed copy of the picture was posted on every wall of the building. And guess what? My plan worked!! And now I'm at home, jobless...yay!
I was planning on getting married on a Saturday coming up. I asked for the day off work but my boss said no. So rather than changing anything, I called off sick. I was told to either come in to work or I would be fired. I was fired.
wet grass
I was coming back from my lunch break in my car and it was raining. the parkling lot was full so i had to park in the grass parking. well i thought it would be cool to drift/slide my car in to the spot. well i cut the wheel to turn but i just kept sliding staight and i slid right into an empty oil tank. It had a huge dent in it. so yea i got fired for that.
Water Spill
I was on my way to the office when i saw my friend push over a water bottle. our boss came and said he saw me do it . and he fired me cuase my area was the wetest.
don't work for benson box ever
i was doing a lot of bending over so i asked the boss for some equipment that we use to lift pallets so my back does not ache as bad and i can work better but he straight away said i didn't hurt my back in his building and said that bending over repetedly wouldn't harm my back at all the next day i recived a phone call saying that i wasn't needed for work at benson box
Thats so dumb...
I called to ask a personal day. My Boss said okay,so I did. Then, next day at work, he asked,'Where were you yesterday?' Then I told him that he said I could take a personal day off.
'well, I dont thin so. I think youre makin me think I dont remember what I said.YOURE FIRED!!!!GET OUTTA HERE!!!!!
drunk tubing
i worked at a water park in nj for the summer to make some quick money. the business was family owned and operated so everyone was against me pretty much when something went wrong. so one moring i drove to work with 5 of my friends in the car and we were all drunk. so then we continued to go down the water slides until they sent people after us. ha they found out it was me and told me never to come back.
Personal Phone Calls
I once had a job that required me to be on the phone for a certain amount of time everyday making sales calls. I also had a lot of work to do off the phone. In order to meet my phone time quota I found a few numbers that would go into voicemail systems and not hang up on me. That way I could leave my desk and go do other work and still accumulate minutes towards my required phone time. I kept this up for six months. Once the boss discovered that I was getting a lot of my phone time from a few numbers, he called them. When he got the voicemail systems, he realized that I had found a way to cheat the system, so he fired me for making personal phone calls.
i was working at publix grocery store everything was going fine then my fiance' brought another girl up there while i was workin when he came to see me on my break he said she was just a friend but i knew better so i ended up leaving on my lunch break to go check up on him and i didn't go back that day so i got fired and he broke up wit me within 2 hours of each other.
So i was fired for absolutly no reason. Well it's not i have two people who were there with me. My story is about a bakery and how for 7 months i delt with them not giving me my check and just giving me money right out of the drawer. On july 21, 2006 i was fired for asking to have all my money that i worked for. I didn't yell i didn't swear..In fact i almost started crying because i was scared that she was going fire me. But 10 min before she fired me she wanted me to work a 7 hour shift. ( what kind of boss wants you to work 7 hours then fires you) anyway i demanded my full paycheck and i was called names and told i was fired that 'they don't run a business like that' So that's the short story. Usually when we were supposed to get our checkes she would run away or say she didn't have time. Thats a long story short.
Fired for Not Working
My friend and I work at a convenience store, will I do anyway.My friend and I were hanging out at his house when our boss came in and started yelling at us, because we ran out of beer. My boss and my friend are yelling at each my boss saying I don't pay you sit on your butt while my friend is saying if you were their this morning you would have known we were running low and could have gotten more. So finally after about half an hour they stop yelling and my boss tells him that he is has to go to work the next day, his only day off that week, and my friend says he's not going to go to work the next day and my boss tells him that he is and my friend refuses and my boss finally tells him that he's fired and my friend says good then you can go to work tomorrow and stock the beer cooler, Then my boss says you want to get smart with me boy and my friends says if thats what it takes to get anything through your skull, so my boss says lets take
this outside and i'll put my fist through your skull.

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