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A little too much to drink
My job was to clean a supermarket car park using what can only be described as a big industrial hoover . One day I forgot that I had work and drank a litre of Vodka. I was running late and decided that I could whip round the car par with the hoover as if it was a small room. Only trouble was,as I was running with the industrial size hoover, the my feet stopped and the hoover kept going. I feel flat on my face just as the boss was coming round the corner to check up on me after receiving complaints. The hoover nearly hit him and I was sacked instantly. I also had a black eye for my troubles.
Hot Grease Anyone??
Ok so I was at work one night, I worked the overnight shift. I had been ready to quit my job at Arbys for the longest. I had worked there for four months when they hire this girl I had gone to highschool with as my "supervisor" when she had no idea what the hell she was doing and had no supervisor experience! I was pissed as you can imagine. Well one night I lost it. We had cameras in the store and on my last night of work she came in bitching and complaining as always trying to "make me" do alllll the work...So right when I took the bacon out of the oven, she said the last "smart azz" comment I could take...I turned around and threw at her the entire pan of hot bacon and bacon grease! Bacon bits went flying! She must have felt the seering heat of the grease cause she started screaming and crying HAHAHA! I ran out of the store, and needless to say I didnt come back, not even for my check..I was scared ..
but they mailed it! LOL So I win !
It Was A Long Way Down
well it all started before deer hunting this past year i requested the season off and got it I am a truck driver I just worked extra hard the week before now the truck i was in needed some majore repairs that were considered hazerds for the truck to be on the road the boss said that the 9 day deer season would be more than enough time to repair it when the 9 days were down nothing was done and the truck hadn't moved from the place i parked it I told the boss that I wasn't moving the truck because the law states that these repairs have to be made and that I didn't want the fine if the d.o.t. checked me. He waited 1 day then called me on the phone and told me I was fired then got someone in the truck and sent it down the road!!!
It just so happened to be the last day of my brother's summer job at a camp and to celebrate the end he and some friends went down to the conference center pool which had a very tall waterslide winding down to the pool. Apparently my brother had a new found confidence from jumping from high places. One of his friends "Sharkbait" jumped first and he made it into the pool perfectly. After his stunt, he urged my brother to do the same and he did, making it into the pool...the first time! He climbed back up the 20ft. waterslide for a second jump and as he jumped his foot slipped out from under him (the bar they climbed atop was wet). He and his friends both knew something went very wrong. He flailed in slow motion for what seemed like forever to him and suddenly he smacked the pavement with the whole right side of his body and flopped into the pool. First he panicked and tried to crawl out of the pool as quickly as possible, but his friends had to help him out. We were all more worried about him being paralyzed or having a head injury. An ambulance was called immediately and was there in about ten minutes. They put him in a neck brace and laid him on the stiff back board and rushed him to the nearest hospital. I (his sister) had just come back from the mall and was getting ready for work when I heard the news. I was quickly driven to the hospital by some friends. The hospital had done a few test and to everyone's amazement, his only injury was a deflated lung. He spent many days in the hospital and nothing was done except many, many x-rays. The hospital bill was outrageous! Anyway, he and the lifeguards were all fired the day of the incident. What a way to celebrate your last working day!
Work Troubles
there was alot of stuff that had been going on at work. first, the newest employee stole money out of my cash register and i got in trouble and almost fired for it (which my boss found out was the new girl after i got fired). Then i had found out i was pregnant so i had morning sickness at work and had to go home early a few times. But the worst thing of all...one of the other employees tryied to hit me while i was pregnant!!!! That same night, i was doing the things on my chore list before we closed up and she told me that she didnt like me because i was dating her ex-boyfriend who she was still hung up on (and i was pregnant by). I told her that i didnt care what she thought of me, that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and i went back to doing what i was suppose to. Well, she came over and tried to hit me because she didnt offend me by what she was saying so she got mad. Well, words were exchanged and the next morning we were both
called to the boss' office and I got fired and she didn't....
chillin on the job[literally]
Well it was in summer and i was working at quiznos subs. They had me work the "mascot" so i had to walk around in a cup costume all day! it was literaly ninety something degrees. So after a while i just couldnt stand it anymore, i walked inside and hid out in the freezer for the whole shift (while still in the costume)! Well turns out a fellow employee told on me and i got fired the very next day. hahaha
Oh..we didn't tell you???
So, I was hired as seasonal at a Gap Outlet store. The time was coming to an end so I asked two of my four managers if I was being kept on. They said that I was doing very well and that they would put in the good word to my main boss, aka Kris. So one day I came into work and was told by a co worker that they had already let go everyone who they wouldn't keep on. I was so happy and ran to get my schedule. Then as I went through the stack of schedules I suddenly noticed...I didn't have one. So I went to the manager on at the time and asked them what was going on. Her response, "ohhh Kris didn't tell you?" I was so upset that I told her, "I loved this job, until now. That was unproffesional and rude. Since you don't have the respect to tell me I'm fired. I don't have the respect to come in for my last day of work." Then I wallked out. They have called a couple times to apoligise, but I just say, "You
guys are unproffesional, Or did I forget to tell you that?"
ok well i was working in a village pub in england. i had just finished a 6 hour shift and they paid me 15 pounds, bearing in mind the salary was 5 pounds per hour, so i went back and told the owner that she had underpaid me and i think she was very drunk because she started screaming at me! so obviously im not going to stand there and do nothing so i started to shout back and well we had a huge row and then she fired me...i was like ok...i just got fired for being underpaid?

Amusment Parks arnt fun.
When i was 16 i worked at a local amusement park. I was only making $7.40 an hour, but it was my first job so i didnt care. After two 8 hour training sessions they stuck me on a kiddy ride, and left to do other things.

I was on the ride for about 30mins when i noticed a man and his son in line. Both of them didnt have a shirt or shoes on, and the man was smoking. It was my first day fresh out of training and i distinctly remember that there was to be no smokeing in line. When i told the man this, he got angry and relcutantly put it out.

Another 15 mins when by and him and his son were up next to go on the ride. I loaded then on and sent them off. Just as the ride started my boss came over and said that the man and the boy both needed shirt and shoes to ride. I was embarsed and after the ride stopped i told the man what my boss told me. Needless to say, he got really angry and started yelling at me and wouldnt leave the ride. I called my boss to handle the situation, but it was no good because the man went on a rampage and hit my boss into me, knocking us both over into a line of people.

After security came, and the man was escorted out of the park my boss told me "if you cant handle this situation, i cant immagine how you would work out for the rest of the season".

That day i drove home with my first and last paycheck for roughly $30. Not even enough to pay for the gas to get there.
Flu?? Then go home
I worked at a children's play place for almost 2 years. I knew everything there and I organized parties and ran them quite well. I hardly messed anything up and I was always eager to help anybody. I even climbed up and all around the 3-story jungle gym to dust it off! Then one week I came down with the flu, i would basically vomit every 10 minutes. I called off work for the next day and then went to the Dr. I couldnt work for the rest of the week and so I was given a Dr. excuse for the next 4 days. I went to work to hand it in, and i was dizzy and ready to pass out. The boss said "ok" and "feel better" and then i left. A few days later at school a girl who worked there told me that I was supposed to come in and talk to the boss today.. i told her I would and that I was even scheduled to work that day anyway. When I went in my boss told me that he couldn't keep me working there since I got sick. He thought I would
only be out for one day and not 4. Apparantly I suppose he wanted me to work with small children while i had the flu, well that is one caring man right there!
Giggle of a gaggle
I quit school to work as a dental assistant. Everything was going fine i was picking things up fast, until one day we had a weakened stomached lady come in for a check up. When i put the sucker in i couldnt help but have a giggle with the noises this lady made as well as the noises the sucker and spit made. Lets just say the doc wasn't impressed.
How I Lost My Job
Hmm well lets see... to make a long story short, I was working at safeway and my loser jailbird of an ex thought it was a great idea to let him and our neighbors go through the till daily without ringing in their items. For many reasons I am not about to explain, I agreed to this stupidity! So anyway, this went on for about a week or so until... BAM!! One day myself and the neighbors wife were pulled into my Boss' office and in turn, fired and arrested by the cops!! Most embarrasing moment of my life!!
Bad Valet
Well, my friend was working part time as a vallet. The basic routine was simply parking cars, and some of the cars were nice, very nice. But he and his co-workers got bored one day and pulled straws to see who would actually take one of the cars for a test drive. My friend was the lucky one, and got to drive a Mercedes. When he got back, he was given a warning and lost a day's pay. But when you do something once it is easy to do it again. It was a monday, and his boss does not work monday's. So my friend, he came up to my house with a gorgeous mini cooper s convertable. We could not resist driving it around town. Around noon we would heading to a resturant, pulled into the parking lot, where by lord his boss was. My friend's boss was pissed. He fired my friend on the spot. Whatever, I doubt the boss was able to get the car back in time, well that is his problem....
I am a member of the army.Yesterday, me and my friends were doing extra drill (punishment routine) on the mountain.We had to carry six bricks and walk to the top.We took a short break and suddenly, while punishment under the sun, my friend started to give the demo of our company commander.He said,"Do you think your asses is the only thing you'll carry?No, 'cause you'll have six bricks stuck to your asses.If I see you dropping the bricks at anytime, then I will, throw your ass in category C.Do you know who I am?I am your company commander.!HA HA HA HA ! But I remained silent as I saw our company commander's shadow behind him.He saw me looking back and decided to look back too.And you should have seen the look on his face when he saw our boss.Then, I silently laughed as our company commander gave him the boot from the hill saying,"Soldier, you have violated my law.So, get your brick-ass out of the army
now.You're fired.But if you don't go, then you'll really be FIRED.HU HU HA HA HA HA HA!
Fired for doing my job!!!
I used to work at a call center for a well-known telephone company. My job was to take calls from customers who had bill problems, wanted new service, etc. One customer was very irate and the more I tried to calm him down and explain his bill the madder he became; finally, I had to raise my voice just to get him to listen (as we were not allowed to hang up on any customer. One of the supervisors happened to hear me and thought I had instigated the arguement she instantly parked herself next to me and began to tell me what to tell the customer and shouting at me at the same time. I couldn't possibly pay attention to TWO shouting parties who were both agitated with me! So I continued to help the customer (and this after the supervisor told me to put him on hold for a long time just so she could yell at me) and he said "thank you for taking care of me and helping me understand my bill." However, I still got written up
for arguing with the supervisor and this got me fired...kinda dumb, huh?

bad apple...er...tomato
This woman got mad cuz i put a "bad" tomato on her sub.She left and came back later and fussed me out. So I got fired. Stupid woman.
Everything HALF OFF!
So I used to be the store manager at a small movie/music outlet store. I was employeed there for 6 months. Well around the 3rd month, my boss began to piss me off. Since I was the store manager, and I knew how to work the system, I began to give everyone that was nice 50% off their purchase. I did this for 3 months straight. About the 5th month, my boss comes up to me and says, "Why are sales down so much since you started working here? We have lost almost $25,000 per month!" I calmly explained it wasn't my fault and that movie sales have been slow. Needless to say, a few weeks later I was "let go."
Moral of the story is, don't piss off someone who is in a possition, that can bring down the company. Thank You.
no blonde
i got fired from working at a Restaurant because i was the only "not blonde", girl/guy there. And i refused to dye my hair a blonde color... they fired me that night.
Why Can't I Be Here?
So I was working as a server in a crummy little family diner, I had to work New Years Eve and was very upset, all I did was say how hungover I was going to come in the next morning cuz I also had to work New Years Day at 8AM! So about 730 AM that morning I call in and tell them I had a terrible car accident and I couldnt come in. So they bought it and I tried getting over the hangover. About 10AM my friend wakes me up and says "lets go get food" I wake up, he drives, we go into this place...Before I knew it I had walked right into my work and was fired on the spot...
PS I still ate my meal, then puked in the mens room!
love changes everything
One sunday my boss said he has organized a surprise party for me .I went there and he provided me with a grand feast.he gave me a check and said it was my bonus .But when the party ended he said i have one more gift for you. He said 2 words: Hey man You are fired.

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