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Nice One
I was employed in Subway. This costumer was really annoying telling me to get him everything on his sandwich. I got really pissed because he said I wasn't working that fast,, So I threw salami in his face and he left, then I just walked out because I knew I was fired. :)
Menards Secrets
Ok, so I was working at Menards in West Chicago Illinois just off of North Avenue and Route 59. Anyway, my boss Javier is a real jerk. He is the kind of boss who talks down to you instead of to you. Anyway, he pissed me off so much every single day to the point where one day he told me to organize all of this different fiberglass foam. So i opened a package and draped some all over him. Needless to say he was itchy for a week. I got fired on the spot but he knew he deserved it so they didn't look at it as an attack.
Fired for being ginger
My friend had worked at a local market for over 5 or so years, her old boss had retired and a new one appointed, she was fired the next day because she had ginger hair and he had something against ginger people.
Rip Off
basicly i worked at BP owned by indans and they had not done inventory and i took full advantge of this. i probably lifted 1000 dollars worth of cigs and candy out of that store. and the fun thing was i got fired becuase one day a regular came in and i gave him on pack of smokes for free. i got fired. but it was all good becuase the owner doesn't know about the rest of it.
Dominos Uniform
My friend, lets say Joe, was working at Dominos he just got hired. Joe is very cheap and tries not to waste more money that necessary. he went in for training, they gave him his uniform and that stuff. he went the the training, and at the end the trainer told joe that $20 was going to be deducted from is check for the uniform. when joe left the dominos that night that was the last time he went to work.
I was collecting carts in the grocery store and I found a wallet. I took the money (I didn't count it)and hid it in the bush with 2 other friends. A lady came up to me asking where the wallet was and I told her it was inside. She came out with a manager and told us they would look at the video cameras. The lady told us to give her the money and she promised we wouldn't get in trouble. She was a single mother and just got her paycheck ($1700). I felt sorry for her,(the other two guys just ignored her). I told her where the money was and she ran inside telling the managers that she found her money. The next time I worked, they brought me in for questioning. I told them the story and I told them: "She got her money back, right? That's all that matters." They fired me (I'm Mexican) and they let the other two guys off with a warning (They're White). I don't know I think I should've gotten a write-up.
Kacy's Carry Out
About 7 or 8 years ago i worked at this convenience store that had a pizza kitchen in it as well. well it was quiet so i came to the front and was at the cashiers. so i saw that the gum display rack was a little jumbled and at the time i was straightening the gum rack just below the registers. it was cold that day so i had a little bit of a runny nose so i use my sleeve to wipe my nose so my boss looked at the video and accused me of stealing so she handed me my check and told me to get out of her store so i did. Needless to say my father-in-law was standing there at the time and he heard it all. so later that day he brought me back to the store and slashed all 4 of her tires to her brand new truck, even got the spare. he he. then i called the head office and told them that she was firing employees to hire friends. the next day i was on a bus back to Houston when i got a phone call saying that she got fired and were trying to give me my job
back. Stupid!,
What comes around..goes around,So i was working at a cattle farm. I was always on time, never missed a day of work (even know i was sick the whole time i worked there b/c of allergies), covered for coworkers whom never did cover me back. well one morning i was called in for a chick who had the flu, so i went in and fed the calves and then told my manager that i had a doc appt at 10am and needed to leave early (reminder was not my day to work) so i tell her and she goes down to tell our lazy boss and he told her, to inform me that would be my last week. So i went to my doctor appt. ended up having a serious sinus infection and having to buy meds that cost $115.00!!! went back showed him the paperwork and he goes why are you showing this to me, i don't care.
but i didn't go my last day i was to work, screw him like he did to me.
but its all good, after he fired me 3 others quit in a 2 week times and then HE got fired from the other investors!
Whipped Cream Facial
My best friend worked at an ice cream shop, let's call him 'John'. One day, 'John' came into work drunk. And when I say drunk, I mean drunker than a frat boy on spring break! Well, as soon as he walked into work, he started smashing the ice cream cones, throwing sprinkles on the floor, and cursing at customers. The manager heard the noise and walked in, and 'John' threw a handful of whipped cream at the manager's face! Without bothering to wipe it off his face, he fired 'John'. It was worth it though, it was funny as hell!
After working for McGraw-Hill for over 9 years, perfect attendance, customer service awards, etc. I was forced to change postions. I took a 8 week so called training course, at which time I was given incorrect information or incomplete information or no information at all! Once the so called "training class" was over, I was put in the department and my daily work was verified. I found that I could go to 3 different co-workers in the department and get 3 different answers for 1 question. My daily error rate wasn't based on company procedures, it was based on how my verifyer would do it, which in a lot of cases, would be different than other co-workers. No consistency. Then, while doing my research for daily work, I started finding errors that the so called trainers and verifers were making.These were the same types of error that I had made as I'm learning everything! But somehow that didn't make a difference. They could make all the
errors they wanted, it didn't matter if it affected
the customer or not! The people making these errors and getting by with it are the supervisors pets and half my age. I tried to tell the HR department that I was experiencing problems and that there was unfairness but instead of helping me and looking into the issues and attempting to resolve them, they fired me! My supervisor was a mean, moody nut case which was most of the root of the problems. She should be fired for the things that she says about people, the ruin things she says to people and her actions. I wouldn't recommend that anyone work for that company! 9 years of dedication got me nothing . They were just interested in cutting costs, the temps they brought in were being paid less than me. During the 9 years I worked there, I saw a huge turnover. HMMMM ....need I say more?
Some ugly redneck p.i.t.a.
Well I wasnt fired from my job but fired from a project.
I had to do a project at a grocery store like 30+ miles away and had to leave at 5 in the morning. So I get to the store around 6 and the woman in charge didnt actually tell me what to do until 6:30. I had to redo an entire aisle of grilling stuff and switch it for toilet paper / paper towels all that jazz. I got started and cleared everything off with another worker which she was slow as heck so it took 45 minutes. Then I had to arrange all the shelves for the WHOLE aisle myself because the woman helping me felt bad she ripped a tag so was about to like, cry that she ripped it instead of getting a new one made in like 2 seconds.
It was 7:30 and I had started assembling shelves for the baby wipes and they were a PAIN to set up. Finally after I got the little display things set up it was 8:00am and the woman helping me FINALLY started bringing product over after I brough a majority of it myself.
The person in charge came up to me and said she needs the plan-o-gram back and I told her how am I going to do this without the plan-o-gram? She said make a copy so i went to the office, got the copier key, made a copy and the woman came up to me 5-10 minutes later and said "Its already past 8am I could have had that aisle done by now but you are working so damn slow"
"How do you expect me to do that ENTIRE aisle by myself when those stupid display things are broken so I had to figure a way to get them working and that woman you gave me to help me ran off and cried because she ripped a damn tag, you SERIOUSLY can get that done in an hour and a half?! I'd love to see you do it"
"Leave the store now I dont wnat to see your face"
"And I pity the man who wants to see your ugly blue collar face at night, he must be PRETTY desperate to want to even TOUCH you"
Yeah I reported her. My Boss thought it was funny what I said and they said she reported me and my boss just went "I have no idea what you are talking about" and hung up on them. I liked my old boss but we did have some issues.
I worked at a bike shop, and all the employees rode bikes around all day, trying to jump over one another. I yelled at them many times, but they never stopped, so I put crisco all over the floor. The one guy, we will call him jerry, he came riding around the corner very fast and started to slide. He hit a bike rack, flipped over and went through a window. He was ok, and it was very funny, but I don't Know why i got fired.
Doller General Fun
So i was on break at doller general my first job when i was 16 my friend came over and we started playing hacky sack in the toy isle my friend kicked it so hard that it busted out a light i got fired and had to pay for the light.
Accused of being a thief!
I got fired from the first job I worked at. The boss really didn't like me. I'd never done anything to her, she just had it out for me. For example, one Saturday before we opened, I was stocking shelves. Well, EVERYONE else was sitting down chatting and gossiping. I decided to join them but no sooner than I sat down, she said real mean like, "What are you doing?", meaning, "What areare you doing sitting down and not working?" while everyone else was doing NOTHING. Well one day I was at the register with a REALLY long line. I was already nervous working at the register because they had the cheap registers where you had to punch in the price of everything so it took a LONG time and there were a LOT of customers in line. The customer gave me a $50 dollar bill, which we are supposed to call in to the office, along with $100's. Well, I did, I let them know I had a $50 and for them to come get it. They said
they would. Well my quite nervous self for some
stupid reason put the $50 under a display on the counter meaning to give it to them when they came to get it. Well half an hour later, the line was gone and I'd forgotten about the fifty they'd never come to get. I went back to stocking shelves. At closing time, I was called into the office and asked where the fifty was. They had already gotten it (I'm assuming my fellow cashier had seen me and told them where it was). I remembered I had put it there and told them, but they fired me, accusing me of planning on stealing it. Ridiculous! If I had planned on stealing it, would I have called it in to begin with??!!! To make matters worse, my own FATHER accused me of planning on stealing it and called me a thief!
I was working at a supermarket, Coles to be exact doing nightfill (stacking shelves). Was working there for 2 months then I fell really sick and had to take some time off, i think it was only a week. Over the next month I hardly got called up then I received my super annuation notice for that company in the mail and it said.. "there is no balance shown, you are not currently employed by this company." Rude huh?
Puppy stores are hard jobs
ok so I started working for Puppies and Love at the mall. It was all together a pretty cool job, there was a lot of stress for me, but not as much for all the other girls. For one, I was the only guy working there...srsly. Everyone else was a chick. I think I got fired because I was a guy, or becuase I couldn't multitask...whatever
Free Tacos
ok. me and my freind were working at taco bell and things were pretty boring so...........We decided to go out onto the side of the road and throw free tacos at each and every passing car. Our boss eventually found out when a costomer said " you know theirs some idiots throwing tacos outside". He fired us and banned us from his buisness.
Rotten Banannas
For an April fool's joke, I hid some bananas and McDonalds meat patties around one of my coworker's office in places no one ever uses, in files, behind shelves and ect. I got fired the next day for similar practical jokes. Three weeks later, I got a call from my friend who told me that his office was infested with bugs and he would have to work in a cubical until the exterminators came. Oops!
Karma and my bf got even for me!
I worked at a stupid tiny little store called Christine at West Edmonton Mall. They sell cheap plastic jewelry and hair accessories and what-not. Well, one day I am just about to leave for work when I get a phone call from my boss saying I'm fired. OVER THE PHONE!! I asked her "Oh really, for what?" She said she couldn't tell me!! I'm pretty sure that I am entitled to a reason!! (Later on when I went to pick up my cheque I was told it was for swearing in the store, which I NEVER did, and then on another occasion the story had been changed, now suddenly it was because I was rude to a customer, which I ALSO NEVER DID!) Well anyway, I had dropped my phone and sat on the floor and started crying. My boyfriend asked me whats wrong and I told him that my boss just fired me over the phone and for no good reason, so he immediately stormed out to his car, drove over to the store, and cussed my boss out right in front of a
bunch of customers, who all started leaving the
store lol. If that wasn't awesome enough, my bf and I are now engaged, and that store has long since been permanently closed down!!
GasMart Revenge
I got a job last year working at a GasMart (phillips 66), soon after I started working there I found I was pregnant. At that point in time I had accepted the assistant manager position after only being there 2 weeks. I worked hard and did everything I was taught. My manager seemed cool. She was only a year older then me until I realized what kinds of person she really was. I got fed up with her working me and everyone so much and not doing literally anything. She would open the store late, leave on the clock for hours to go tan or shop and would play childish pranks like leaving sanitary products in the store safe for me to find when I was counting the money. She would spit in the floor and leave her trash in the floor insisting other people picked it up. I wrote a email to the district manager telling her that my manager was rude, and disgusting without detail and that I was demoting myself to employee because with the baby due soon I wouldn't
be able to handle the stress of the whole store.
Later that day my manager came in to see if I had done my cleaning list which I had all but 2 things which I told her I couldn't do because I was pregnant and it hurt to bend like that. She ended up giving me three write ups in a day which happened to be the firing limit. I flipped and started cursing her in front of the customers which oddly enough were on my side with her behavior. She called the district manager while I was still yelling and cursing her out. I proceeded to flip over the office chair, vacuum and a few other things, snatched my coat, threatened to beat her up if she thought she could take me and then leaving store. The next day she called me to tell me not to come in anymore, but I told her I would be up there anyways to get a copy of my write-ups and my termination papers for legal proof. She freaked out and wouldn't even show her face. She had an employee bring me the papers. A month after I had my baby I seen her working at wal-mart in the meat department. When she seen me she ran in
the back. Funny end to the story is she ended up getting fired less then a month after that because of the horrible manager she was. She tried to fire me to protect herself but only told on herself even more. Sweet Revenge!
You stink
This happened to my mother when I was still a child but my father told me my mother had a job at National University in California. To make a long story short, he said she only lasted for five weeks because the entire staff complained she had horrible body odor. Eventually her boss told her to put on some deoderant or don't come back at all. It's been eleven years since the incident and it's still a problem!

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