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My name is Nicole and i got fired from McDonalds for accidently flipping hot french Fries and a whole bunch of grease at my co-worker.....OOOpps!
You want fries with that?
When I was 17, I worked at a fast food restaurant, Whataburger. After working for almost 8 hours without eating, I tried to eat a chicken strip while the manager wasn't looking but I got caught. He threatened to fire me if I was caught again. Not even 5 minutes later, I saw him doing the exact same thing he yelled at me for!
The job sucked anyways and I didn't need the money, so when he went to the restroom a little while later I emptied something like 50 chickenstrips into the top two drawers in his office. I then dumped two loads of fries on top of the desk and was in the middle of writing a swear with ketchup when he came back. Needless to say that bridge was burned.
Weird customer
so this guy walks in to the Tim Hortons i work at k? he orders a coffee, drops his change and his toupe fell off and he was extremely bald. i told my brother a million times.. thats the toupe guy and he always denied it saying it was someone else. he didnt even see it. so i laughed hard and cried out of laughter and got fired.
Tight Fisted
I worked for a company doing graphics for a year and a half. It was a family run business, by family run I mean the father owned 3 companies and let his 2 boys run 1 each. The whole place was a joke, they conned their clients and the 2 sons didn't have a clue what they were doing.
They were always trying scare tactics like pulling people into the boss' office and saying "we can replace you very easily".. which of course had the whole office's moral at an all time low.
I was promised a raise after 3 months of working there and as hard as I tried, I never got it. Until one day they said I could have it..and I did.. but not really. They raised my pay and cut my hours, so believe it or not, I worked out earning the exact same money!
That was the last straw, so I found another job. I took my "boss" (one of the sons) to the side and told him I had to give in my notice. He seemed shocked, but took it well.
Now for the rewarding part, the 2 sons called me outside and told me they didn't want me to go and that they'd raise my salary to match the salary of the new job (double what I was making). So going from "we can replace you in an instant" to doubling my wage? I had real satisfaction in telling them "thanks, but no thanks!".
Shoe Show
I left a job because my position was being phased out to go to work for this company as a store manager. I was told I would be required to close three nights a week, and they didn't want me to have to close every single weekend night, but that is how schedule wound up. This store where I was to train was an hour and a half from my home. I was scheduled three 12 hour shifts back to back. I never complained or said a word. I did not receive gas mileage, either. I worked a Friday 12 hour shift, Saturday 12 hour shift and a Monday 12 hour shift, then worked my scheduled hours Tuesday, but I guess I was kind of ran down and I caught a virus that had been passing around in the area. I came in Wednesday morning to work my shift sick. I was probably too sick to be at work. I explained this to my training manager. I was frustrated because the training manager had not allowed me to take notes initially while training, and even her boss had told me to
take notes. I finally broke down and forced
her to let me take notes. She got mad, called her DM and told her I don't know what, then the next thing I knew I was terminated on the phone by someone I had never met. I found a sheet of paper up front where the training manager had written down things I supposedly said. Only thing is, they were half truths taken out of context. So after leaving one job for this one, driving three hours every day and working these 12 hour shifts back to back, and even coming in to work sick, I was terminated, just like that. I have used their open door policy at corporate to tell them what happened to see if they would let me work because I live alone and must work, but I still have not heard from them. They also profess to be a Christian based company. During my training this training manager spoke badly of the company and everyone who worked for them that she knew of, she fractured rules, i.e. locked doors before closing time, took lunch without clocking out while I was made to clock out to subtract that time
my hours, etc. I have never been treated so badly at a company before. This is not a career oriented company, or even a good place to work. When I interview now I will find a way to get more information before I accept a position, even though I cannot afford to be out of work. Signed Look Before You Leap.
Worked as a Security Officer for a large company. I worked in the gatehouse for a shipping warehouse. 12 hour shifts get a little boring and lots of things tend to happen. In the office we had a picture of all the staff including our boss. One night i decided to draw glasses and a moustache on the picture it had a wipe clean surface. I forgot that i had done it and recieved a phonecall later the next day saying i had been suspended. When they finally called me in they told me i was being fired for vandalising company property!
Wrong place wrong time
on mother's day i called in sick to work... i said it stomach virus but really i had terrible female problems that day... after hearing a long lecture from my boss i assured him i wouldnt be with my boyfriend who also worked there. well later that day i get a worried call from my boyfriend. he needs me to come get him (cause he has no license) and we needed to go to this guy's house ( we'll call him mike.) to get his little sister an take her home cause she was in trouble. well bein in such pain when i got my boyfriend i asked him to drive. well when we got to "mike's" house it was surrounded by about 6 cop cars. which is alot cause we live in a small town. turns out they were lookin for someone we'll call him billy. see billy had cut this other dudes throat (he didnt die) so my boyfriend panicked and turned around, and before we got away we were caught. so my boyfriend (no license) got asked to get out of the car, asked
where billy was, and when he said he didnt know he was
arreseted! well in the middle of all this my mannager drives by and sees all the comotion, tells my boss, and the next day i was fired for lying about being sick. and to beat all i wasnt even given a chance to explain the situation. so lets just say i gave all the managers and my boss a very unpleasnt piece of my mind and they dont even speak to me when i go in there now... LOL!
Sick in the head
So i had been working at JCPenney for quite some time when my boyfriend (of 2 years) finally got the call that he could get a liver transplant which we had all been waiting for. Well i called my boss to tell him i had to go to the hospital with my boyfriend while he got his transplant...my boss had the nerve to say you have no business going to the hospital with them, that' so insulting that you would invade like that and just going on about how horrible of a person i am for inviting myself to go! I told him that regardless of what he thinks im going and if you say no i will quit..well then he goes on to say your just so rude and i would hate to see you burning bridges this young in your life and i need you to come to work tonight. I ended the phone call with a few choice words and hung up :)
My boss would throw a big fit about me smoking even when it was my break because of the smell and she always made me do her work, the tax pros and mine own. I left a cigarette on each desk and left in the middle of peak season.
Punished for being honest
Well, I had been working at a hair salon uptown. I live in a college town, so itâ??s really the only good hair salon around, and it was always busy. Well I had been training for the receptionist on the hair side considering it was a hair and tanning salon all in one. I had just recently graduate high school on a Sunday and that Tuesday I started. I loved the job and my boss has been holding it for me since December since I didn't graduate until May. Well about 2 weeks into the job, it was crazy, I was literally running around like I was everyoneâ??s slave and I wasnâ??t having it. I was starting college in the fall and my boss had told me that she only wanted me to take 1 class per quarter and work every day 2 p.m. to close, which was usually around 7 or 8 at night. Iâ??m a double major and I couldnâ??t do that. So I started looking for a job at the college I was attending since they are more flexible because they are used to working with the students schedule. I finally found a job, it seems pretty cool, I would be able to walk around campus during work, which is a beautiful campus, I might add. So I had a job interview for it, it was early in the morning and I didnâ??t start work until later in the day. So when I went in for my interview, I thought everything went great and they told me that only three other people applied for that job, so I was pretty sure I had it and was excited. So I went to work and acted like nothing was wrong, and around 5 oâ??clock and I had to close that night, I told my boss I needed to speak with her. So we went back into her office and I told her that I had had a job interview and I would know by Friday if I got the job or not, (this was on Wednesday) Right then, she tells me well thanks for telling me, thanks for all your work, we really donâ??t need you and she started crying, and was telling me how she had saved this job for me and everything. Well not to mention I get my hair cut there anyway and usually go tanning, and she told me how she thought that I was fit for this job and could see me being manager one day. Well I told her I just couldnâ??t do it with my schedule that I wouldnâ??t be able to put work first in front of my college education considering I didnâ??t plan on working there all my life, since there is no retirement or benefits there. So as I left the office, she had me crying too not because she fired me but because she put me on a guilt trip. So as we walked out of the office both of us crying, she told everyone that I was no longer able to work there, so I got my stuff and left. As I went out to my vehicle I realized I still had my parking pass since we have special parking where it was. So I went in and returned it to her, as I walk in she has a great big smile on and is looking at another girl already because the lady had dropped a resume off just a couple days before. So I just started crying because I didnâ??t realize how 2-faced my boss really was, and
left. As I went down to where my dad works, my mom and boyfriend were there. They both looked really confused on what I was doing since I wasnâ??t supposed to get off of work until 7 or 8. I told them both what had happened and boyfriend laughed because he thought I was joking because I told him that we wouldnâ??t be able to hang out. Well, my mom was the complete opposed. She was pissed off. She hadnâ??t liked my boss in the first place because when we would go and get our hair cut up there, she was just always mean. Well the next day, I was able to sleep in and have some time for myself since I hadnâ??t had a break from school to work, and I was leaving for the beach that weekend. Well I get a phone call and itâ??s from the job interview and they told me that I didnâ??t get the job. So basically I was screwed, I had started paying for a lot more things since money was tight between my parents. So pretty much, I had no idea what I was going to do. Well I checked my e-mail
and a lady that I had graduated with her daughter, had sent me an e-mail telling me that she had given my name out to a few people because she knew that I was looking for a job. So finally I got a job working at the campus, I love it. I work 30 hours a week and do absolutely nothing. It will be a better job because Iâ??ll be able to more study when Iâ??m in school because in the office thatâ??s what they would you rather do then to play on the computer. Well after a few weeks after this happened, I stopped in to the hair salon because I needed to make a hair appointment, and my old boss asked how my new job was and I rubbed it in her face, that I absolutely loved my job and how they are much more flexible, and she said well Iâ??ll talk to you later and Iâ??m glad you like your new job, she had to walk away because she was getting tears in her eyes, not to mention she was training someone else and I just laughed about it. So I thinkâ?¦MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! And lesson
learned from thereâ?¦.you get punished for being honest!
A number 18?
I worked at McDonalds for 3 hours, and this is why. I had showed up for my first day of work and watched the video for 2 hours when the manager put me on the front cash register. I was doing fine until a big lady came up to the register. Now for you to understand why this came out you would have to understand what type of person I am. To put it short I am not very inclined to keep my mouth shut no matter how it might seem to other people and I was 14 at the time. With that being said, this big lady came up to me on the register by her self and asked me for a number 18. I looked up at the board behind me and notice that there was no #18 so I told the lady just that. She looked at me like I was stupid and said "well that's a #1,#3, and two #7's. With out a second to think things over I blurted out Your fat butt doesn't need that stuff. Little did I know that the manager was standing right behind me, so he put his hand on my shoulder and with
a held back smile said " your fired" and
that was my 3 hours at McDonalds.
Theater Madness
My second job when I was about 17 was working at the movie theaters. To start off I asked to be put in as a Consestionist. They said sense I had no prior job working with money that I should work as a usher and they'd bump me up to concessionist after a little while (I worked there for about 5 months, never moved even though other people having this as their first job getting into Concession without even asking). Not to mention besides 3 people i was one of the only employees that didnt quit after 3 weeks after starting work there. So I start working there, get in trouble every now and then for talking to people when I'm supposed to be cleaning even though the floors are spotless and all the theaters have in. Even when I'm just cleaning a spot and i'm talking to a co-worker I'd get in trouble. Sent home early and things like that. The best manager we had there that wasnt a complete jerk got fired for i have no clue what. But the next day I
had already told them that i was taking off
Thanksgiving because my family is very into that holiday especially. And I already used up all my sick days. They have me on the list of people coming in then. I confront them about it, they said I have to come in that day. I said I'm not coming in then, they said fine, then you know you be fired. I just walked out.
Don't work near the lazy
I had been working at the local Pizza Hut/Wing Street Franchise as a dish-washer for 5-6 months, and while i may not have been the fastest worker in the store, i was diligent and got things done to the best of my ability. I worked the night shift, and saw only two other dishwashers there, an older woman and 'the offender'. The older woman was a decent worker that bridged the lunch and night shifts whom i was fairly friendly with and did her best to help me till the ends of her shifts, and often times a few minutes after...the 'offender' was this *ahem* 'special' boy that seemed to do nothing while he was there, and got payed to do it, while his case-worker hovered in the rafters, waiting and watching for someone to say something bad about her 'child', swooping down to berate and belittle them when we commented on his lack of work, which led into my firing. Around.... month 5 1/2, I came down with a severe case of the flu,
though i did not realize it for the first...week (I did feel
sick, but to be honest, i was always feeling sick), and was unable to work for at least two weeks. Upon coming back, i struck back at my job with a fervor, albeit one that lacked towards closing (when EVERYTHING gets washed [floors, ingredient containers, etc]). I had been getting fed up with 'T.O', and had begun to go directly to the case worker with my complaints, biting my tongue when she tried to use 'his' handicap {he was slightly autistic, but could function enough to do things when HE pleased [ergo, only when a manager was nearby]), and after that, the managers (there were three, Mitchell...the best of the three [he was bi-lingual, always friendly to the customers and staff, and was the hardest worker there {he worked from open to close, never once complaining}, 'Baldy', middle-manager #1, who for the most part seemed crabby but was actually decent when you were in his presence, and 'G-Pa' the resident old fart manager that probably had worked at the original Pizza Hut). The day of my firing,
I was on
my second smoke break [i worked a...nine hour shift, and took a smoke break once every four hours], leaving 'T.O' to have to work (it isn't that bad if you stick to it, since the dishes and what not don't pick up till an hour or so till closing), which caused the case worker to go postal, riding the managers to get me fired, saying ' i had been doing nothing for the past several months' and 'took a break whenever i could get away with it'....I will admit that i wasn't the best worker, and was lucky to get Mitchell as the manager that had to 'give me `that` talk', and came to a mutual decision that i WAS fired, but it would be put down as me quitting...so that i could at least pull in that last paycheck. I knew that nothing i did would matter, so i walked back in, looking happy...and promptly gave 'the case worker' a piece of my mind, and told 'T.O' what i thought of him.
As an added bonus, turns out that two months after i left, Mitchell got sacked on a 5 year old D.U.I that was brought up by 'G-Pa', which prompted most of the staff to leave with him (including the spanish cooks [legal, but only one of them spoke english well enough, the good waitresses [the ones that had no qualms make the trek back and forth at the customers whim while still being friendly {I.E:My sister was coincidentally one of them, and was the one that got me the job in the first place), and the majority of the phone girls and custodial staff....which left them with no-one that knew how to work anything (I was the only one that could have helped them, since i had worked both the oven-line, and fryers)
Too old for this
Worked a month for a high profile restaurant. We had a handook training session and I was advised to show up 5 minutes early. First hard rain in awhile, trains were delayed and I got to the meeting 10 minutes late. 3 days later I was fired for being late to the meeting and giving "attitude". Their employee policy list said you had to be late 3 times and be written up before being terminated and I really wish someone would define what "giving attitude" is, because I certainly never rolled my eyes or cussed anyone out.
Racist Pig Of A Boss
So, I worked at a Pizza Hut in New Jersey, and my boss was this southern republican, and I'm a extreme liberal, so I had to bite my lip. But one day, this nice Mexican family came in and the boss told them to get out, despite the fact that all of the people in the kitchen were Mexican. So, right in front of him, I asked the family to place their order. He said I was fired, so I ignored him, got the family their food, told him off, and walked over to my car.
i was playing darts in the bar i work at it was my turn and i saw my boss anyway i wanted to get fired so when he walked past the dart board i threw it and hit him in the eye i got fired.
I used to work at a pharmacy. One day a customer took the bag I put on the counter without looking at the name on it before taking it. My boss at the time called me that evening and told me I was fired. The lady said she didn't understand what I said when I repeated the name on the bag to her. She should have politely asked me to repeat myself instead of costing me my job. Sheesh. Now I work at a department store I like better.
The days of the week
A few years ago I got a job as an administrative assistant. I would work three days per week on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays. My cousin worked there too and she was the one who told me about the position. We would occasionally have our spats on a few matters but nothing too major. Anyway it so happened that the Monday coming up was a public holiday and so I didn't think anything of it. I just thought that I had to work the Wednesday and Friday. On Tuesday morning while I was home I get an angry call from my cousin saying that I was supposed to come in. I didn't think that I would considering Tuesday wasn't one of my designated days to come in to work. Then she started going on and on about how I shouldn't assume anything because I will make her look bad and that they were expecting me to come in. So I came in and again my cousin started ranting and raving. In a couple of days the boss told me that they no longer need my
services. Thanks to my dear sweet cousin.
Never Again
My very first job was a fastfood resturant called whataburger based out of texas. I loved it and was a good worker. i had to quit but went back. I ended up workin in a different city and the management sucked but it was paying my way through school so i stuck it out. During the summer i transfered to another store and my register started coming up short. not just five dollars but almost 100 dollars everytime a certin manager worked so i quit during lunch rush. when the school year started back up i got my job at the other store back but this time my roommate whom i used to love, my best friend, party go to girl etc. became my boss. she called in or didn't go in all the time but if i wanted to do the same she'd give me a hard time. so i quit, no call no show. she gave me a hard time about how they were asking her why and blaming her and how i'd never get another job anywhere cuz my references would be bad etc. so before i moved i romanced every
guy she had a crush on. She hated me cuz not a
single one wanted her... did i mention i'm a hot blonde?
Still Not Paid...
I was working at a Montessori Day Care as an assistant teacher a couple of years ago. I was pretty excited about the position, but I only lasted 4 days. The center was so disorganized and the Principal was a total Jerk. She kept changing the schedule every day, so that at one point the kids were eating their lunch at 10am. I never got a chance to actually teach my class because I was the designated pull-up changer. I was literally in the washroom all day changing kids' pull-up's and underwear. I was reprimanded for dumb things every day. I was told that I applied sunblock on kids incorrectly, and I was taught how to close curtains properly ("Now, it's kind of difficult.."). I'm not a child, don't talk to me like I'm one. I wasn't actually fired. I quit. But then I was never paid! I called and called to get my paycheck and I was hung up on. Twice.

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