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  Firing Stories
Too Fast
I went for a temporary job at a certain company. My "friends" at work told me to do it as slowly as I could. The boss was not supposed to know about it. I found it kind of strange and did it at my own regular speed. My "friends" made some very bad gossip about me and found a way of getting me fired before my contract was finished. Up to this day I don't know the reason for them to want me to work on a low speed.
Several years ago, I was working at a pizza joint to make some fast cash. The district manager told me to change the sign outside to "The pizza is here", "thats H-E-R-E, not H-E-A-R", he added with contempt. I promptly changed the sign to "Closed for private party" (it was friday afternoon). Several hours later, while he was wondering why so few customers had arrived on what was supposed to be a very busy evening, he noticed several cars enter the parking lot, and quickly turn around. Upon noticing a large party exit their vehicles, point at the sign and return to their vehicles and leave, he decided to investigate. I attempted to deny my actions with the sound reasoning that I was supposed to be illiterate, and thus could not possibly have spelled all those words correctly. It didnt work out.
Slaven at the Haven
I was just turned sixteen, the legal age for working in my state. Well, I was excited because I had just gotten my first REAL job at a town pizza place called Pizza Haven. The owners were a cute married couple who had both their son and daughter working as a family business. It was great at first, I had money, the people I worked with were fun and I eventually got one of my friends hired. Well, I noticed that when asking for a day off during the week, my lady boss would give me and entire week off. It was as though she was angry. Then one day I didn't see my name on the schedule so I didn't go to work thinking I had the day off. Well my friend called me up saying that I was scheduled and already late. So I talked to my boss, And she started screaming at me over the phone saying that I was scheduled, so I told her I had already made important family plans. Well she told me to show up or consider myself without a job and hung up. Well
needless to say, I found a better job.
The Notebook?
So, I worked at this well known "Italian Resturant" as a hostess. I brought in a blank notebook because sometimes it got boring up front so I'd doodle. Anyway, a few of the other host(ess) got ahold of it and wrote some unkind things in it about another employee who was known to be a brat, to say the least. This person told me she was going to turn the notebook in and I told her, "Fine. I didn't write anything rude in it. In fact, I wrote things saying be nice." Of course she turned it in right that moment and I was called into the office. Then I was sent home. She wasn't even scheduled to work that day AND she wrote nasty things back to the people who wrote things to her in it! I was fired, everyone who wrote it was fired, and she wasn't.
wedding day
Well both me and my boyfriend worked at subway, and one of our good friends was getting married. We knew that he babied this kid who worked there and always gave him saturdays off. So we asked for it off in advance. When the schedule came out and we saw that we were on it we told him we would not be there. He kept at it the whole week, and kept asking and we kept telling him NO! Well........needless to say we went to the wedding and proceded to get drunk at 11:00 AM in the morning.
yha fired
I was using my bosses money for my pleasure's and the next day he take me to the airport and said you are fired and said I need your keys, car, and i will drive you home. I'M sorry
Late Party
this friend lets call him Chucky went to party with a couple of pals of his anyways the party was amazing everyone had a lot of fun he ended up going home at 4:30am but he had work at 5:00 so he just went straight to it when he got there his eyes were blood red smelled like beer and it didn't help that he threw up there too.So the boss walks up to him smells him and Chucky is smiling like there something funny and yeah the boss just fires him.
Bleemin' chocolate letters
Half a year ago I worked in a chocolate letter factory, here in Holland these chocolaty digits are part of the holidays.

Anyway, I was working in the department where they pack the letters into displays, because you constantly have to work with sharp paper it's not unusual to have you hands full of papercuts at the end of the day, which I had, now call me childish but I have tendency of drawing random stuff of bandages.

Anyway, next day boss comes over to me and says that I don't work fast enough and would better be used packing seperate chocolate letters, well, this would mean that I could esentially eat chocolate all day so, I didn't mind.

With the bandages still on my hand I start working, working, and suddenly it's 10 pm, when I start noticing that some of my bloody bandages from my hands are gone...

At the end of the day, if there's been a good production the boss gave us all the letters that are unusable, he and his pet employee of course also indulge.
I get nibbling on my chocolate when I suddenly hear "BOOOOOOOOOB!!!!".
And I looked at the boss's pet holding a piece of bloody, now full of saliva bandage in it's hand, that had one of my drawings on it.

Needless to say, that night I was unemployed again.
Walgreens sucks
I was sick on monday, and i had a note..my mum called in and everything, so i checked my schedule thinking that i worked monday, thursday, monday...etc.. well i missed monday, so i figured i worked on thursday and went in. I got there and my manager came over and pulled me aside..i guess i had to work the monday after i called out, and i was fired because i came in on the wrong day..they said they called my house, but i was home all day and the phone did not ring..isn't this unfair?..now its hard to get a job anywhere because i got fired from walgreens..grr
When i was 17, i worked at a grocery store. at the time, i was a smoker; as was another worker who was at the time under the age of 18. So, to purchase a pack of cigarettes, i went into his line because i knew he would sell them to me even though i was only 17. the "front end supervisor" saw the transaction and notified the manager immediately. Thus, i was fired for the underage purchase of tobacco products, while on the clock. The kicker is, another kid who was under 18 sold cigarettes to a minor which caused for police involvement, this guy only got a three day suspension!
Hurt Ankle
Well i was in colorado on a missions trip and with my bad luck i severly sprained my ankle and i was out for a couple weeks but my boss wanted me to come back in so i did and then a few days later i got fired because i couldn't move fast enough, it was like i got fired for having a hurt ankle.
dared to hug
I was working at a gas station. It wasn't very fun. I was complaining about it to a friend. She dared me to go to work and hug every customer. So I did. And well apparently people don't appreciate hugs like i do. My boss came out and told me it is inappropriate and he could not have me doing this. So i gave him a great big hug and well needless to say I had to give my name tag back.
So Messed up!
I was employeed at a fast food place, well my boss had given me some verbal and written notices that I was slacking off and that my chances were slim. Well one day I came to work and tried to open the store and someone who worked with me had taken my key off my key chair so I couldn't get in and there was an enveloped taped to the door that said "Turn in you uniform or you will be billed! Have a nice day!" Can you believe that, they didn't even tell me in person!
I Hate My Boss So Much I Could Die
OK i was not so ready to go to work and so i was late for work and when i got there i started working my boss was looking at everyones papers and i didnt care but my boss did so i started playing games on the internet and my boss came straight to me and he said " where is your work" and i said that i didnt do it and my boss said " come to my office NOW" and i walked in and he said YOUR FIRED!!!!!!!! and i said WHO CARES! so i geared up my stuff and walked home and i told my husand that i got fired and we got into an argument and thats why my job sucks and " I Hate My Boss So Much I Could Die" THE END
Salty Strawberries
I once salted strawberries that are used in strawberry shortcakes. I made it look like sugar and then the desserts went out to tables and the people were so pissed. It was really funny! I was fired later on for telling them that the job wasn't worth my time.
I got up late and didn't shave so i did it while working with a customer and my boss saw me.
Fresh Fried Puke
Well about four years ago I was working at a Red lobster in Illinois. I was the cook there and I totally loved my job. Well one night I was celebrating my 21st birthday party with all the waiters and waitresses at a Rip rocks club that was next door. That night I had very many drinks, and little sleep, and had to open the next morning. So I got to work opened up the kitchen but I was notfeeling that great. After running back and forth for about an hour cooking food the smell just got to my stomach from the food. So without great reaction time I ended up throwing up in the fryers. My boss was pissed. They had to shut down the kitchen for about and hour and a half to clean and sanitize the fryers. Well because of all the sales they lost and my upchucking I ended up being fired. Oh well, at least I had fun the night before.
I snooped....
I snooped in my boss's private folder on the computer and found out I was going to be fired 1 week before he fired me. All the way up to the last day he didn't even act like he was going to fire me. I told a co-worker, and that Monday, he fired me right off the bat.. saying "I noticed you started taking your pictures down".... still not sorry I snooped!!
Rude Customers
A friend of mine was recently fired from the restuarant she worked in because she got busted dripping dirty dish water into the food of a particularly rude and sleazy customer.
I was working at sonic and my job was to carry a tray filled with ketchup...napkins..etc. I saw this couple making out and I said to them.."you want a mint FOR YOURE BREATH??!" Manager heard me and then fired me.

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