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How I broke my wrist
one day at my job as a restocker at the local wallmart, it was closing tome and no one was in the place except for like 5 people.
soooo, i decided to take one of the shopping carts for a joy ride. hopped in and started surfin. then i fell quickly. right in front of my boss.
and got fired.
i had a boyfriend that i worked with and lived with. i noticed the past couple of days he'd been talking to the new girl a lot. one day he came up to me and asked me for the car keys so he could put his wallet in the car. i gave him the keys but found it to be an odd request so i took a glance out the window a few seconds after he walked outside where i found him and the new girl kissing! my heart was broken and i was furious but decided to do nothing at the moment so i wouldnt get fired. later on that a few hours after work i sent her a text that said she had what was coming to her because i was angry. the next day i showed up to worked and was asked to leave because i had scared one of the emplayees!
my friend was fired beacuse he was drinking more alcohol than he was serving at his bartending job. there was no cameras there and he had a little too many one night, he wasn't drunk but his boss noticed he had been drinking. needless to say he was fired on the spot
Pant size
I was working in this company where the work had to be done standing up. It was a "when we need you, type of work". Around the table were several women working and they were really into a conversation about clothing. Well, this one lady (who is much heavier than I) stated that she wore a size 14 jean. Well, everyone looked around at each other as if to say "yeah...where". I didn't really know who the lady was but I turned to her and said "I'm heavy and I wear a 15 in jeans and they are stretch jeans, if they weren't stretch I would probably be wearing a 18/20". Well I guess she got the message I was trying to tell her and she didn't like it to much because I wasn't called back to work again. I didn't know she was the supervisor. Live and learn.
It's probably not the most interesting story but I used to work in a movie theater and I threw a roll of pennies at my manager and hit him in the head. What's funnier is that at my current job; I threw a drapery rod at a fellow employee from about 20 feet away, hit him dead center between the eyes(lots of blood), and I got promoted a couple months afterwards. Ignorance be praised!
Text Messaging
Ok, so text messaging on the job is bad right? Well I had been working for a guy named Jerry for almost a year. There where only a couple employees so we where all like a little family. One day we were text messaging and he was teasing me and I teased him back. HE FIRED ME! Granted, I told him to go suck on another bottle of jager... he still made fun of me first... I saved the text: "YOU'RE FIRED! Turn your keys in tomorrow morning!"...
A few summers back I was in need of some money so one day as I was eating at Mickey-Dees I thought hey why not ask for a job, so with in that thought I walked to the counter and asked if they were hiring. Sure enough they were and I had to report in for work the very next day. I got there and they showed me the ropes and how thing worked. Every thing was great for about a week then the other workers started to talk to me about every Friday they would steal a bag of fries and they would get together at someone?s house and have a cook out? well I thought that was a big lie, but Friday after Friday pasted and they would steal a bag of fries. Well finally they asked me to come to a cook out but the catch was I had to steal a bag of fries as sort of an initiation. So Friday came around and we were closing and I went to the freezer and took a bag of fries and put it in my car?But the way my luck ran NO ONE told me that they had installed new cameras. So the
next day when I showed up for the job i got fired?..ALL FOR A DAMN BAG OF FRIES.
You Snooze, You Lose
I work on a computer all day. I had finals at school that week and stayed up all night studying. I fell asleep at work on my computer and when I woke up there was a post-it note on my computer screen from my boss saying that I was fired and to make matters worse I had the keyboard inprinted on my face.
Not so appropriate...
I used to work at Chuck E. Cheese, I worked there for over a year. After hours one night. I was with another co-worker and her friend waiting for our manager (the co-worker's sister) to finish closing the restaurant. So I happened to have a video camera, so we dressed up in two Chuck E. costumes, and had some fun. ;-) Not real anything, just fake. Well, I came home and made an awesome video out of it with music from the opera Carmina Barana (sp?) It was awesome. I put it on my myspace to show off. Within a week I had received a call from the Chuck E. Cheese, Regional president asking me if I knew about it. I said yes, freaked out, erased everything. But it was too late. I got canned for bad publicity.

Ironically, I now run a small business in video editing. :-)
haunted house havoc
I was working at a haunted house where all of my friends joined. I thought I would be a great actress, but it turns out I was completly wrong. The first thing that happened is trying to scare everyone by acting insane, and punching the walls, but all that did was put holes in the wall. The second thing I did horibbly wrong was my trench coat hooks got caught on a coat rack, and hit a costomer walking throgh the house. My coat troubles didn't end there. It caught on to a skeletons hair. I tryed to chase someone out, but instead of scaring them they cracked up laughing, as the skeleton draged behind me.

Someone told my boss that they had been hit by a coat rack, and that they were going to sue unless I was fired, so he watched the video tape from the camera secretly placed in my room in the haunted house, and saw everything I did wrong. That's when he came to my room and told me someone else would be taking over, and that i had to leave. I couldn't even face my friends after that.
Burger King
I had called in sick one day to hang out with my girlfriend. I came in the next day and clocked in, was fired, and clocked out. 2 weeks later I got a check from burger king for 13 cents. The postage and paper cost more then the actual check value, I have this check on my wall as a reminder of how stupid some people are.
I was scheduled one day at work and an hour before i was about to go in i got a call from a friend, he just got these great seats to a Red sox game tonight! so i did what any fan would do which is call in sick. i called my boss made up this tragic story about a death in the family that just happened thats why i couldnt call the necessary 2 hours before work. He's apologizing to me while im working up some tears. So im at the game, beer in hand, screaming, having a great time (about 20 minutes into the game) who comes walking by to get to his seats a few rows ahead of me?? My boss and his wife. He takes one look at me, walks over and says.. You Are Fired! Clean out your desk in the morning. I wasn't screaming for the rest of the game.
Punish your children harshly
I worked at a pre-school and there were two ladies in charge of the place. They told me that I didn't punish the children harshly enough. They were mean to children, they yelled at them, and spanked them when it wasn't there own kids.
Fired for competency!
I recently was fired from a job because I did everything I was asked to do quickly and accurately. The final word was "we don't have anything else for you to do." The projects that office staff thought would require months, the hundreds of incoming calls, the new accounts and employees were all someting that I could handle. The problem was I handled them a little too well. If I had any idea that I could possibly work myself out of a job, I would have worked much slower and a lot less proficiently. But, I didn't know. So, here I am broke and astonished and really in need of the hundred you claim to give for good stories. I guess it's worth a try.
Fed up
For a month now I have worked at an office job I hate, a lot of people I can't stand, not to mention bad pay. Last week I decided to go out with a bang. I volunteered to stay late to finish up some work, so while I was waiting for the janitors to finish up, I went out and bought a dozen large bags of flour, then, back at work I checked to see if anyone else was around. I went to the main boiler room where I know the air vents are and made sure they were turned off for the night, then loaded the flour in, locked up and left. The next day, every single window in the building was caked with flour, and I imagined every surface. I called my boss on my cell phone and told him I did it because I hate the job, then hung up. Needless to say I was fired.
the firing of ryerye
I was working at this 4 star resturant named Gertrudes. I was the saute' making this french sauce named demi glace. Well the kitchen got really busy, and all i work with are spanish people who did not speak any English, and it didn't help i don't speak Spanish. Well i was cooking very fast, and then 2 of the spanish men started to argue. Well i was laughing my butt off cause they are arguing in a language i couldn't understand, and it was so funny, i started to HIC-CUP while making the sauce and the 2 spanish guys started to fist fight, well i was trying to break them up, hic-cupping at the same time, laffing my butt off and i burned the sauce that took 8 hours to make.Well while breaking up the 2 guys, one of them picked up a saute pan and swung it at me, then i picked up a saute pan and i swung it at him. And i hit him, and he fell face first in the burnt sauce. No Harm done to him,no burns or anything. But i got fired for trying to
break up the fight that i actually ended up in!!!
one day at work the boss called me to his office. I was guessing it was probably a promotion. When I walked in my boss was eating some sort of messy salad. When I sat down my chair fell backward and hit his desk and his salad went flying into the air, adn landed straight smack dab in his face. He wiped his face and said "YOUR FIRED".
I was working at the Cracker Barrell for a few months when I requested off the weekend of my best friends B-Day to be able to go to her party. Now I requested it off, like 3 weeks in advance! So I should have gotten it no problem well the weekend came and I happened to not have it off so I lied and said I got poisen Ivy really bad (I did but the previous summer ha ha) anyways I went to the party got so drunk I passed out ofr a few in some POISEN IVY! I was tryin to look all sexy so I had on a mini skirt OMG that poisen got all over me my legs mostley my back my arms my feet my chest. So I actually went into work on Monday showed them the poisen ivy (in the appropriate spots) and they fired me for a no show. What jerks!! I got poisen ivy for nothing :(
Earn too much
I was paid much more than my co workers and I told one of them how much i earned. He then told the entire office. 4 days later, i got fired.
The happy face
I worked for an ambulance company, I was having a bad day, so I decided to carve a smiley face right onto the ambulance driver side door. The ambulance was red so it was pretty visible, needless to say the only person that was happy at the end of the day was the smiley face.

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