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he's a loser
one day i was at work and my friend was talking to his other friend and he tripped on a wire and fell on my boss's desk and all my boss's papers fell. his computer fell too and it broke. when my boss got back he was fuming. then my friend got fired.
My boss fired me because he thought i put a farty bag on his cushion chair! It was my friend who did it and i got fired!
The Day Sonic Fired Me
I went to work like a usual day. I walked in and was excited to hear talk of the annual "Christmas Party" so i decided to ask if I had to attend. Sure enough, I did. So, after my shift, I gladly went home and slept...awaiting for the time of 9pm. As the clock ticked away the minutes, 9pm was roaring upon me quickly. Alas! I heard a honk outside. I open the door quickly and I see it is my friend and loveable co-worker, Roxie. I walk down the stairs and talk to her. "Do you want a ride to the Christmas party?" I gladly shook my head yes. I opened the car door and sat down inside.. "Hey lets ride to my mom's house first," she sugested. I quickly nodded and figured I had time. As 9pm arises, I remind her we are going to be late. Little did I know, Roxie was fired earlier that day! So, she wasn't supposed to attend. Well, when we finally do arrive she hands me money and asks me to order her some
food. She gets out of the car and walks inside Sonic. (Nothing out of the ordinary,right?) Until, she comes walking back outside angry as hell! She puts the car in gear and drives off fast. The next day, I went into work, ready to explain that I had no idea what happened. Well, they sent me home and fired me for getting a ride to the work premises with someone who wasn't even allowed on the property!
fired for going to the hospital???
Well, i was a dishwasher at this little Italian restaurant and pizza place. I got paid under the table so there was nothing i could do about getting fired. Well my mother has a problem with getting really bad migraines. and one day she woke up with one so bad that she was passing out from the pain and sensitivity to light. so enough was enough... i couldn't take seeing her like this anymore. I called my friends mom and asked her to drive us to the hospital. I wouldn't leave her side to call work and tell them i wouldn't come in cause i was with my mother, until they gave her the painkillers and she fell asleep. Well i stepped outside to smoke a cig and call my boss. i got the waitress on the phone that worked the shift before me and i told her to tell my boss Angelo that i was at the hospital with my mother and couldn't go in. so i go back inside and go up to her room. then the doctors tell me she has to have a cat scan to
check for something wrong. so i have to leave all my stuff in the room cause im not allowed to bring any metal or electronics into the room. when i get back maybe an hour later theres a message on my phone. i call my voice mail and my boss Angelo left me a message in broken english saying "you no come back bobby... u dont get paid either. and he hung up. well i never got that 75 dollars he owes me and i never went back there. thats how i got fired
look before you leap
I used to work in an engineering company and i got along pretty well with my colleagues. one day i was talking to my boss and i saw a really overweight woman out my window. i looked at her and said to my boss"that woman needs to be strapped to a traedmill for hours" the boss replied "IF YOU HAD A WIFE I DEFINITELY WOULD NOT INSULT HER INFRONT OF HER BLOODY HUSBAND" he stormed off and that night i got a call off him and he told me i was fired.
Aggresive one
I was always going to work thinking I was the boss. My boss was a pain in the ass. I dont take anything from anybody. If there was a piece of paper on the floor he would tell me to pick it up when it was right next to him. I hated that...he'd always try to keep me there late until one day I went off on one of the employees and then my supervisor...til finally I got into one with me boss and he kicked me out for the day and I said I quit...you think you the boss of me (which he was) and I said you need to learn how to act like a grown man instead of a wimp...and that was it...my mouth did it all for me
a lesson in depth perception
well i had only had the job a very short time. i was still going trough training when i was told to go clean up the dining room of a local fast food resturaunt. well i was mopping the dining room floor and i kept backing up and up and up till i heard a shattering sound. i accidently backed the long mop handle trough the plate glass window behind me and broke it. My boss thought i was a safty hazzard so he fired me.
My friend walked into work drunk, still from the past night. Our boss pulled us aside to go over what she had planned for the day. In the middle of her talking he grabs her butt. She just stares at him for a moment and without any exchange of words he just walks out knowing he just got fired.
Sonic mess up.
I was skating around with a tray full of food when I lost my balance and threw two burgers and two drinks all over a Firebird. I blamed it on the family for distracting me. I had to pay for the food, but instead I threw the rest into the car and swore at the family. The boss fired me.
we ripped you off, so now we'll fire you
I was fired from my last job after I noticed that they had been paying me at fulltime wages when I was on casual hours, (a difference of $3 an hour)for a full seven weeks, resulting in me having been ripped off for around $180 in that time. I told the boss that it was happening, thinking it was accidental, and she fired me on the spot so she didn't have to give me what I was owed.
eating the business
I was working at a restaurant that was very busy. I was a cook. Everytime it got so busy that it was stressful, I'd say that I was going to get something from the prep kitchen fridge. I'd always go into that fridge and chow down. This one time they had a cake that was specially made for some sort of reception. I was in the middle of chowing down on this cake, when the night supervisor came in. Busted. then fired.
oops I did it this time
I was an escalation supervisor for verizon wireless midwest for a call center. We were being trained for verizon northeast. Our trainer advised us we could have an hour lunch break, but we needed to clock in to work after 30 min. All 14 sups that were being trained went to lunch across the street, wrote down all of our logins and passwords and had someone run back to work and clock us is at 30 min. The person doing it got caught with all of our info by human resources, and we were all fired.
14 minutes
Well, I was taking my break one day and I had finished my sandwich and thought I'd go back in. I got bored so I decided to clock back in an go to work work. Well, I didn't know I could get in trouble for clocking in too early but I did. That night when I was getting ready to leave, my boss called me into his office and told me I had been terminated for coming back to work 14 minutes too early.
The wrong person
One time I was suppose to give the rep from the bigger company office a tour of the office I worked , and while I was giving the tour to the wrong person, the real rep. became really angry told my boss and I was fired. And in the end the wrong person said thank you for the tour.
Long Lunch
This was a little different to getting fired, but when i was just out of school i started an apprentiship and i had the worst boss in the world, so i waited until lunch one day when we got paid, and i went to lunch and didn't return. A few years later it came up again in a conversation with mates, and they all bet me ( $650 all up ) to return to work in my old uniform and apoligise for the extra long lunch, i was nervous but really wanted to do it, i went up to my old boss (who i hated!!!) and acted as nothing was different and asked what he wanted me to do for the day, he was shocked at first then he got very angry and told me to get out!
Broken Truck
It was just an ordinary day back in 1999. I was at work doing my job in cleaning up lots and houses in a construction zone using a rubber tire back hoe. Some of the guys and I would do some pretty cool tricks with it. mostly spins and pop a wheelie. Well that day I was on it and one of the co-workers yelled at me to pop a wheelie. So before I started I had to back up. Yes that's right back up, because there was not enough room in front of me. So instead of looking behind to see if anyone was there I decided to go forward and spin around. Well I didn't realize that the gear was already in reverse. The reason for that was because I had to stop quickly to see my co-worker. Well lets just say that I went so fast backward that I freaked out and ended up going through my bosses hood of his pick-up truck. Needless to say I was fired on the spot. Let me also say that I have never seen a face turn so red like a ripe tomato until that day. I'll never
forget the summer of 99'
My friend worked at a pancake house and hated it. After getting sick and tired of his boss he locked himself in the break room and stood in front of the video camera with about 10 things of syrup and started screaming and pouring it all over himself and the room yelling, "I QUIT I QUIT!" they still say they fired him since he didnt give 2 weeks notice.
I just stopped going
I worked as a waitress at this crappy Perkins restaraunt in Wisconsin when I was 16. Everyone hated me because I was quiet and shy and there was a couple of girls there who made it especially difficult for me to work there. They would check my work before I could leave at the end of my shift and were just overall jealous of me I think. Anyhow, the best ever, was, I just stopped going, the most fantastic way ever to quit a job, hahahaha
shot at
i was working the shake maker at McDonalds and it suddenly broke and sprayed all over me i ran to get the boss and right on the spot he fired me just like a movie.
Don't lie, you might get fired
I was a waitress at this restaurant. I asked my boss for a week off to spend time with my bf when he's in town. We live 3hrs away and we don't see eachother much. Anyways, she wouldn't let me so I called in one day and told her that I broke my leg and couldn't come in. The next night, my bf and I were having supper at Boston Pizza, and my boss and her family came in and saw me without a broken leg, so I got fired.

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