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fired for fighting with a repairman!!!!! LOL
Well ill put it this was i once worked for the Railroad Norfolk Southern... we worked on track gangs there are like 50 some gangs in the whole railroad system. Well each gang has their own repairman to fix the machines when they break down, well our repairman was extremely FAT and LAZY, he complained everytime he had to get outta his truck to fix something, and he always hated the new employees... so i was operating a machine called an anchor machine. One morning we went out on the track to go to work and it was cold as hell, my machine wouldn't start, so he had to get outta his truck and try to start it. After he had got it started he looked at me and said "you are a worthless piece of dirt and i dont know how you got hired when you can't even start a machine", and i said well its cold like 5 degrees below zero, and he said "well im gonna go tell the supervisor that your too dumb to even
start a machine and that he should get rid of you". Well i called him a lazy fat jerk then he slapped me upside the hardhat, so i took off my hardhat smacked it upside his head picked up a railroad spike threw it at him hit him in the knee flatened the tires on his truck. Then the supervisor come up to me and said your fired and i said i quit!!! not much of a story.... it just goes to show that sometimes not only bosses can be your worst enemy on a job!!!!!!
I Scream at Keeny (with the fight at Town Square)
The second I started my job at "Keeney Kone's Ice Cream Parlor", I hated it. My Co-Workers were snobby and it was a 102 degrees. But I couldn't quit or get fired until I found a new job. Sure enough, I was fired the next day. I don't know why. The assitant manager just came up and gave the slip to me. As I was walking home wondering what I would say to my Dad and Step-Mom, I bumped into my old boss, nicknamed Keeny. I screamed at him for firing me, even though I hated the job. But it ended up a mistake. I was not fired! But because of the yelling, now I was. Hmmph.
Don't work at Fazoli's
I had been working at Fazoli's for a month when they fired me. They said i hadn't been productive enough, but i had "been so nice'! hours before my firing, i was being trained for another area, and the trainer was commenting on how well i was catching on and doing a great job. one of my friends worked there too and they fired her too. They didn't bother to tell her in person, they called her!
Dentist Office
I worked in a Dentist Office. My job was to call patients and make appointments. One day I was in a really bad mood and my boss[who is my cousin-yeah I now know that you CAN NOT work with family]was on my case. It was a slow day at work, we had no patients. My boss told me to call patients in and I did. The problem was that NOBODY wanted to come to the office. My boss started screaming at me saying that I was not doing my job. And I screamed back at her "WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO?!?! DO YOU WANT ME TO GO TO PATIENTS HOMES WITH A GUN A POINT THEM IN THEIR HEAD AND THREATEN THEM TO COME HERE OR ELSE I WOULD KILL THEM?!?!" Then I left and slammed the door on the way out. When I arrived home, i had a message from my boss saying "You know you are fired right?". I was pissed because I didn't have a job...but it was worth it.=]
So, I was working at this camping store that also sold cool boats and boat trailers and stuff. It was my first day and this cool mercedes pulled up (Keep in mind this is January 2007) and it was brand new. This really nice, kind guy gets out in a big, official buisness suit and smiles at me. He bought a boat trailer and asked me to direct him out the gates.The boat trailer started unhitching itself from the car. I shouted at him to stop, but the trailer rolled down the big hill that the store was on. Moments later a truck at the bottom of the hill drove along...and the trailer and truck was mangled. This can't get any worse, but it did. The guy got out of his flashy car and shouted at me. He ran to the edge of the hill and saw his brand new trailer...or brand new hunk of metal. Suddenly his car rolled past us and crashed into the truck/trailer combo.The driver was still sitting in his seat and got out. The two men were hollering in my ear. I was
fired on the spot. To make matters worse,the flashy guy was my bosses husband and the truck driver was my friend's uncle...I was so great at my job.
Employee Privacy Rights??
I am writing on behalf of my wife. She took a seasonal job at a jewlery store chain. She just got a better job. She didn't call the jewlery store, she just stopped going. Her boss just called and asked for her. I answered and told her that my wife had a new job that's full time. She barked to ME that my wife was had missed 3 days and was now terminated. With no hesitation she slammed the phone down. This woman had NO IDEA who she was even talking to. Has she no right to privacy?
donut shop fist fight
i used to work at a donut shop...well one day i was tired of my coworker bossing me around, so i decked him in the face and we started a fight that ended up totally destroying the whole place and getting us both fired...soon after i got hired at a local golf course and promoted to manager...i hired my ex-coworker and made him work cleaning the portopotties outside in the heat...i love my job
I used to work at a library. I was good at my job and I caught on pretty fast. I made friends with several of the employees. But....one day one of the employees told me she heard a rumor that someone was out to get me although she didn't say who. After talking to more of my co-worksers, several people confirmed her story. To my surprise, one of the Asst. Managers actually was nice enough to let me know that the main Manager was looking for reasons to fire me but she didn't know why. After that...I never went back. Later they told a future employer seeking a reference that they loved me and I could have my job back. Needless to say I didn't take it back and to this day I am unsure about whether I quit or got fired.
Sheetz is Definitly not the place to be...ever
It all started in the summer, I was just getting done with my junior year of high school and I needed some extra cash. The local sheetz was hiring, 7.25 starting and that sounded like a good job for me. Well within the week I was hired, and the first thing I was supposed to do was do all this training on the computer on a program they used called z-force witch told you how to do everything in the store. (In other words, an orientation of sorts.) Well my first day witch was a Sunday started out ok, I used the computer for about 30 minutes and the swing manager came busting in all flustered up and said ? we need you out In the MTO food section were all backed up.? So never even being trained to do it I was just put out on the floor... making food, yes I taught myself and when I was done and was ordered to go back to my training, the swing manager had checked off and deleted all my food training as to make it look as
if I was done with it.
So another week went by in food and all was ok? and now here it is the most ridiculous firing in the history of fast food/ mini mart working. One night I was out on cash register... Witch by the way was never.. Ever told how to do. Someone came to the gas pump and filled up, and drove away. When that happens you were supposed to go through a big process on the cash register to report it, well I never was trained how to use this thing and just closed the warning box out. The next day bright and early in the morning I show up and a hefty plump angry looking women form ?Human resources? awaited me. She then explained what I did wrong and decided to ?let me go? or just plain old terminate me for... And get this..Impromper register operation? ahaha I know its ridiculous they fired me for not working something I never was trained to do. Ridiculous as I said before so I just figured you guys would like to hear that one, and even if I don?t win this... Take one simple thing with you?. DO NOT WORK AT SHEETZ?. EVER?.

Most sincerely : P

Dropping the Soap
When I was younger I worked in a gift store in Southern Texas. One day I was cleaning up the store and I accidentally knocked over a huge display of shower gift baskets. It was a disaster. Soap every, it was just a mess. The next day I was fired, because my manger was just a grump.
A few years back I worked for a small design firm that had (2) owners and an owners best friend. The best friend, we'll call her Amy, probably felt threatened by me, since I had a degree and she did not. Anyway, from the day I started the owners would tell Amy to have me help with whatever she was working on, but as soon as they would leave she'd tell me she didn't need my help and would have me file, clean and answer phones. After 9 months of being left out of real work I was fed up. I tried to think of a tactful way to express my feelings, but exploded one day and just yelled at her. She was appalled! I tried to further explain, but the damage was done. That following Saturday (Yes, on the weekend) I got a call from one of the owners who told me "I should have just sat back and learned and not butted heads so much." I was fired. Funny final note. They ended up calling me on the very next Tuesday and left a message on my voice mail asking me
to come in and help them with some computer stuff they couldn't do. The nerve, right? Needless to say, I never called them back.
I fired my employee because he came to a boardroom meeting drunk and started insulting me in front of my audience, I ended up loosing the contract.
the costumer is always right
I got fired for arguing with a costumer at the fast food restaurant that i worked at and throwing their meal into their car at the drive thru.
Falling Asleep
I was working at price chopper and i was working nights and was fired because i went into the back and fell asleep on the paper towels in back stock.
Best babysitter ever
When I was 13, I lived in a small town of about 700. This new family moved in town and had a 1 month old baby and needed a good babysitter. I was well known in town as the best babysitter there. Well the lady at the general store told these people that I was the best and that every one used me for their babysitter. No, I was not the only one in town that babysat. She also recieved recommendations for me from several other people in town. When she called me, she said that I came highly recommended and would I babysit for her this Friday and every Friday on a weekly basis. Of course I said yes.
I got there and she left....oh no the baby was crying..yes she was wet so I proceeded in changing her. Now you have to know that I had never watched a baby in diapers before, I always watched toddlers and up. Please keep this in mind. Every thing was going very well. The family came home and paid me and thanked me. I went home. You know she never called me back again but was using a friend of mine instead. I later found out why.....I had put the baby's diaper on backwards. WOW I bet she never asked any one else in town for a recommendation. I guess you can say I was canned.
lawn mowers blues
working at a job i loved for 3 years and one year found out we had a new supervisor.dude must have had a thing for women being in charge of guys..because one day,while cutting their grass at a new account..i had a small accident..ran over a guys light in his yard. the home owner was great about it..the stupidvisor used that as an excuse to fire me..what a bozo.
Food Folly
I worked as a driver at a company which catered food to major airlines. I pulled my truck next to a jumbo 757 and my helper and I got out and catered the aircraft. I did not think that I was too close, but evidently I was. As the plane filled with fuel and then passengers, it lowered as expected. But I was an inch too close! The guard rail on the top of my truck caught a bolt on the plane's side causing it to pull out. The airline's mechanics said that it would not be much to replace, the co pilot who inspected the plane also agreed. The captain however did not, the airline ended up putting all of the passengers on a new aircraft. From what I have heard the company I worked for had to buy all new tickets. I sat at home for 2 mos waiting to hear from my union, I never did. I went to resign, but later found out that I had been fired.
I still cannot find the same type of job, this happened in Nov 2004
Long Dress
my friend worked at a record store. it was her first day and the boss came by to pick up something in her new long dress. my friend walked to put something away and accidently stepped on her boss's dress a little too long and sort of exposed her boss to the entire store, including her date. and well, you know what happened to my friend.
Everything was going smooth at my job. I was hardworking and dedicated to it. I was very comfortable with my co-workers and I enjoy the office space. When my boss asked me to bring someone in to fulfill an open position, I thought it dutiful of me to bring in my sibling. The idea was that no one would be aware of our relation since we have different last names. However, my uncle who worked at another station wasn't too keen on the idea and started asking around to be sure two siblings could work together. Needless to say, word got around until the very high positioned people got wind of it. Both my sister and I were unfortunately fired (she hadn't even begun working there yet) without any specific reasons, but just that it was causing too much of a strain to figure out if two siblings could work together so they decided to just let us go. Not only that, but searches were done and all sibling counterparts (mostly in lower positions I think) were
fired also.
My boss fired me while i was on vacation. He mailed me a letter saying my services would no longer be needed....and then proceeds to insult me by saying I am only worthy of working at McDonalds, as a bookkeeper. Talk about looney tunes.....

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