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  Firing Stories
Fired for vacation
ok, so, i was working at the ice cream place near my house one summer, and made it perfectly clear to my boss that i would be on vaca for a week and that another kid was covering my shifts. Well, when the kid didn't come in for my shifts, the boss called me and told me to get my butt to work...too bad i was 600 miles away. SO, he fired me for not coming.
Christmas Party
Well, we're having the company Christmas party at the bowling alley i worked for. It's a real loose atmosphere around there, we were all like family. Well anyway let me first state that at the bowling alley there's (lets say his name is) "shawn" who is the main boss and (let's say) "miguel" who is the one below him. Well anywho "shawn" the main boss also coached a college bowling league so he was out of town at the time of the Christmas party. Now here's where the fun begins. I go into the bar to talk to "miguel" and he bets me 20 bucks to go "streaking" in only my boxers. So keep in mind "shawn" is gone so "miguel" is first in charge. That in mind I take the bet. Well I do it and the security guard gets mad and almost tackles me. He calls "shawn" and "shawn" fires me.
It's the mustard's fault!!
ok i was serving the people, and when i got to a family at dinner they kept changing their order over and over again. They kept the order of mustard and when i brought them their food, they changed their order again!!! i have anger problems so i squirted the mustard all over the floor and screamed. i got fired after that.
Bad DJ
The bowling alley had unexperienced DJs for a short time. One of the DJs just walked out on the job. Just his luck, an experienced DJ was sent to check on him... He comes back an hour later and The experienced one calls their boss, and the next thing you know, the experienced one is DJing and the just-fired one is leaving.
Fired for a hit and run
I was working at Dominos Pizza as a delivery boy, right. And one time I was in the mood for a smoothie. So as i was gonna pull into a parking space, this totally hot girl passed in front of my view and as I stared at her, I accidentally clipped this parked car. Since I didn't want to get a ticket, or be late for work, I jetted outta there! Not even a month later, thanks to parking survellaince, I was giving the dreaded ticket. So I went to court and plead guilty, for I totally was. Another month later my boss said, "Don't clock in I have to talk to you." So he asked, "Do you have a hit and run on your record?" I explained to him the situtaion, but it didn't matter because it is company protocol. Sucks too, I was making some bank there.
V-day Quitter
On Valentines day I had a friend that worked at an ice cream shop, and she didn't like her job any more, so she sent them a dozen roses with a note that said "I Quit."
So I worked at Boston Market and they gave me 4 hours one week. I decide its time to go find another job. I interview for a position and get it 2 hours before my shift starts at Boston Market. I decide to show up for my shift in the clothes interviewed in and tell my manager I quit in person. Well since I was one of the people who served food they were short staff and my manager had to start serving people food. To make things better I went and ordered food and sat and ate in the dining room watching my manager serve orders for about a half hour.
oh no not again
i was working at mcdonalds and i saw some chips that were left so i ate some while they werent looking but my boss saw me and i was.....FIRED!!!!! I WAS SO BUMMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fired Over Bread
I worked at a French resturant and my co-worker had a family. They finished all the bread and then asked the boss for more bread. My boss thought that she never gave them bread. He was so mad he fired her over bread! The family tried to explain they just wanted more but the boss still fired her.
Im so so sorry
well i had just started a new job at a hospital ... Which i had always wanted to work at. I did such a
Good job on my first day .. My boss insisted i come in && do some extra hours the following nite ... Which just
Happened to be the same day && time "i love new york" comes on .. .I went in but of course decided i
Would watch tv in one of my favorite patients room ... Halfway through the show i couldnt understand why i kept hearing
A beeping sound.. Come to find out the person who's room i was in was losing blood pressure just as the show ended .,..
I saved their life... But was still fired quicker than you can say "i love new york"
Extra Cash
My friend used to charge everyone an extra dollar for their meals when he worked at mickey D's. He got fired. Then they hired him again the next week. But he did it again, so they fired him again.
Chocolate-covered popcorn
My ex co-worker, Katie, got fired because we were working at a movie theater and she thought it'd be fun to try to make chocolate covered popcorn by dumping a bag of m&m's into the popper lol and the boss got PISSED.
As if I am that dumb!!
I landed a new job as a receptionist at a family owned company. On my first day at the job, I was asked to print a document, so I pressed print, and a screen came up with about 10 different printers to choose from, so I asked the girl who was trainig me (the boss's daughter) which printer to print from. About an hour later the boss came into the office, and in front of everyone told me that I am not suitable for the job (I had only been there for a few hours) I thought he was joking, because I hadnt even done any work yet, so how would he know if I was suitable or not) and he said to me 'I am being serious you are not suitable, I will pay you out for the week and you dont have to come back again'. Then I asked him why, and he said that he heard I dont even know how to print a document. I mean, come on. I am now in a job that pays almost double what that job was paying, and this job is a much higher level. His stupid daughter obviously
didnt like me!!
Majority Rules
I used to work as a cook at the local Pizza hut and all of us who worked there were really close knit friends after a while. Then one day we got a new general manager who was a bit... quirky. He insisted that everything be done in a certain order, even if it was against how we'd been trained.. and his hands shook CONSTANTLY. Naturally it wasn't too long till we questioned his sanity or soberness. One of the other cooks, Santi, stood up for Pizza hut policy of not giving out a free meal to everyone who calls with a slight question or whatever. Well... Mr. Manager didn't like that and fired him. Soon after the rest of us were rescheduled to cover his hours.... then the other cook quit.... then the girls who answered the phone... then the counter...

The final day I worked at the store there were three of us on the payroll. I was scheduled for a double shift 5/7 days that week and besides the manager the other guy didn't speak much english. When I quit the manager looked at me with tears in his eyes... and when I walked out the door the entirety of the former staff was there to give me a high five, and the Region General Manager was with them.

It doesn't matter if you're sick ...
I had health problems for about 5 years - I needed to get my gall bladder removed. Because of my health problems it wasn't unheard of that I would need a day off during the week because of excruciating pain in my mid-drift area. I ended up in the hospital for an emergency operation, and they kept me there for a week. A month or so after I got back from the hospital I was told I took too much time off from work, and they didn't believe I'd been in the hospital; they thought I may have even fabricated the hospital documentation!!! ... I collected unemployment as long as I could :0)
Jerk of the Year Award
So, im from Texas where the whole friday night lights thing is a pretty big deal. However, our schools football team is more worried about getting dirt under their nails than catching the ball. So, because the fb team sux our school has devoloped a deep love and respect for our band, were pretty good. anyway, i took a job at a convenience store about mid-way through the season. the jerks i worked for were very strict about comming to work, "No Excuses". Any way, our pretty good band has advanced to the state competition in San Antonio. when i told my boss i needed the weekend off he had the nerve to say to me, and i quote "Well my dear, its starting to sound like 'band' is more important than this job." you can imagine where i told him to shove his beloved cash register, and how fast he told me when to come pick up my check.
then the jerk didn't even send me my w-2!
Ok. So I was working at a party store, and my job was to blow up the balloons with the helium thing. Just that. So one day I was in the back room, blowing up balloons. It was a really slow day, And I was almost done with my set of balloons. So i decided to have some fun. Everybody knows the trick with inhaling helium and it makes your voice all high. So I now sounded like a Chipmunk. So when I had had my fun, I got back to work. But I was still giggling to myself, and I accidently put to much air in the balloon. It startled me, so I screamed. But I still sounded like a chipmunk. It was hilarious!! So I started laughing. And I couldn't stop. Maybe helium fumes affects your brain or something, because I was not in a right mind. So I popped another balloon, and screamed. And I did it about another five times when my boss came in. I tried to tell her that I just wasn't paying attention, but my voice was still skweaky!!! So she fired me on the spot,
charged me for the helium AND the balloons, AND she tried to check me into REHAB for inhaling helium. She thought I was crazy!! lol
i was fired first at a big hotel in london where i worked as a chef...i was working in the staff canteen as cover and took 5 bananas from the staff canteen fruit stall (all food free) and took them to my room on the way i met the head chef and said morning chef went to my room and returned the chef approached me agian this time with security and i was fired for staff...umfortunatly taking the bananas out of the canteen to my room was theft as the staff quarters five floors up where off hotel grounds...whoops........the 2nd time i was fired was when a friend of the managers enjoying a free barbecue complained i said bloody vegetarians (wrongly it was the customer behind her) anyway she complained and the drinking on duty manager fired me when i told him i was innocent and that he was drunk useless and unfit to be a manager....
few years back
So a few years back I was working at this local restaurant while in college.it was a second job just to make ends meet. From the start I shoulda known it was a bad environment cuz at least 1 person was fired a week. So the job started off well, I was a waiter and made pretty good tips. I worked days cuz it was summertime but told the manager that when school started I would need nights and she was cool about it. Well much to my dismay the owner fired her 2 weeks before I started school and I had not yet been trained for night shift. Well of course when I went to the owner about working nights he kept saying nights were fine (even though only 2 people worked nights).well when school started I was only able to work on sunday (which killed my tips) and to boot I had to come in at 6am. Needless to say I eventually overslept one day so I called in but the asst manager said it was a slow day so not to worry. The next sunday I wake up early and make
sure I am there on time only to find that my name was not on the schedule for the next 2 weeks. I saw the asst manager walking into the kitchen and when we locked eyes she promptly turned around and went into her office. I left and never went back there even to eat but to think I got fired so subtly,just didn't put me on the schedule...that's low.
When in doubt, say what you really mean. It feels AWESOME!
This is a great memory for me... I had been working for a while at Dunkin' Donuts with my boyfriend (now an ex), and he had been working there for over a year, full time (supposedly), when all of a sudden our boss decided he didn't want to schedule him for more than 3 hours a MONTH.  Yeah, I know, what a jerk.  Anyway, as this was affecting my rent payments (I had to get a second job to keep up because my ex is an EXTRA super lazy mooch and wouldn't get another job, so instead of making him, I just let him live with me while I paid all the bills - lesson learned), I decided to give the boss a piece of my mind.  Best decision EVER.  I burst in the door after my stupid boss sent my b/f home for the day because someone else showed up unexpectedly and my boss would rather let that guy work instead of the scheduled person (my b/f), who was higher-ranked and had been there a full year
longer.  I was pissed because I had to drive him there and then straight back home, wasting my time and gas money.  SO... I went to my boss' office, where he greeted me very nicely like we were best buds.  Until he saw the look on my face.  Then he just stared like a deer in headlights as I told him exactly how his life is and how he's a jerk for saying my b/f was full-time and then jerking him around. I used lots and lots of profanities, and hand gestures to him and all the security cameras.  He said that if I kept it up, my b/f would be fired, so I said, fine, just fire him then, he doesn't need to be working for an idiot like you anyway, and so... he fired him.  So I got my revenge and my b/f got over being mad at me pretty quick, but then refused to get a job for 3 months and I had to kick him out of my apartment.  But now I'm absolutely in love with my new(-ish) boyfriend of 1 year, and my ex is still a loser.  Oh well.  Worked out for me!!

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