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A Week in Texas? Fat Chance!
So I worked as a busboy at a diner in a somewhat large city close to my house. I had a vacation planned for the summer, and called my boss to verify, as well as fax the vacation form to his wife, who worked as a manager/hostess/waitress. So anyway, I go on my vacation and have a grand old time. I head into work the day after I come back to find that my name isn't on any of the time cards. When I go upstairs to ask the boss's wife what's up, she glares at me and walks out of the kitchen. So I give my pop a call on his cell phone, and he drives to the diner and gives her a piece of his mind. She stood by her claim of "He was a no-call, no-show and we don't need that at this point, so we decided to take him off the time cards." At this, I flipped because she had hung my vacation request form ON THE BULLETIN board where that stuff was supposed to go. So I politely called my boss and asked him what was going on, and he said
it was a misunderstanding and asked if I wanted my
job back. I took one look at his wife (who was listening to the phone call) and said no, hung up and walked out.
Doggy Delight
So I worked at this Doggy daycare. My boss was a total jerk. Even though I worked with the dogs everyday she thought I was afraid of them, so she moved me to the front to be a receptionist. Working in the front means I'd run the computers, do sales, and count the cash drawer everyday. After a few months of that she started to accuse me of stealing money. That progressed into accusing me of stealing her camera, and her cell phone, both of which she found at the end of the day in her office. She never did apologize and I just kind of let it go. The straw that broke the camel's back was when she got into an argument with a customer and took it out on me. She swung a leather leash and it hit me in the face. I gave her a good left hook to the jaw and walked out. Needless to say I'm no longer allowed anywhere near her. At least I went out with a bang =]
I'm just going on break
I worked at a small, local grocery store for over two years and was also the Office Manager. To put it short and sweet - I had been in the company longer than my assistant manager and I could also (easily) run circles around him. For some reason, he began to suspect me of stealing money from the office. We had video tapes and I know he could not prove it on there for the fact I had NOT stole a penny from that store. I began to get really fed up with being accused. So one day, while he was snooping around the office trying to make it obvious he was making sure I hadn't taken anything, I had had enough. I walk into the backroom and he follows. As I'm clocking out, he asks me if I'm going on break and told him I was. This was right before the five o' clock rush would hit the store and I promised I'd be back before then. Needless to say, I wasn't. Best part of it all is the fact that he had NO idea how to run a register and he was the
only one there who could. Of course I was fired but
hey. . it brings a smile to my face every time I think of the frantic look on my Assistant Manager's face as he attempted to run that register.
Dock box mix up
When I was 16, I worked at West Marine. I knew ZERO information on boating so I was already dead in the water here. Well I told Hal, that one of the customers wanted to purchase a huge dock box and I couldn't bring it to the register because it was too heavy. Hal brings up the dock box, I ring it up, the customer leaves;everyone is happy. The next day I found out that neither me or Hal looked inside the dock box. The customer paid $175 for the huge dock box, but there were atleast $1500 worth of life vests inside. oops ;)
Crazy sauna
So i was bored one day at the gym where i worked. i decided it would be funny to turn the sauna room temperature up as high as it would go.
Unfortuneately for me, that happened to be the day the boss inspected the gym to make sure it was all working and he used the sauna. Well after some investigating he found it wasn't the first time i'd done one of my practical jokes (tinkering with the speed controls on the treadmill etc..) and he fired me.
Wrong husband
I had just got accepted for a job and was so excited! me and my sister were going to pick up our husbands from their skiing trip when I saw my husband from behind ran up and put my hands over his eyes and kissed him hard on the cheek suddenly he turned around and i saw it was my new boss he was soooo angry and told me not to come in on Monday so i told him where he could stick his poxy job whilst my family were in stiches although my bosses wife looked like she could kill me on the spot! we quickly made off for the nearest taxi!! (my family and me rather than me and the bosses wife).
The Fat Pig
I was working at a mortgage company and part of my job was to receive mortgages throughout the day and process them. That is no problem. Come 4:30ish PM everyday the group I worked for would stop sending me mortgages so I could get caught up on the final part of my day. Well this fat, freckled, Ms. Piggy type woman made me late in leaving at least twice a week, usually sometime over 45 minutes later than what I should have left. Well we never got along to the point where I would tell her to stop e-mailing me because seeing her name annoyed me. Well, my boss told me to e-mail her when I felt the need to say something to this chick. So I did... problem was, I was soooo busy ranting and raving about this red-headed stepchild that at the end of the e-mail I accidentally typed the ugly woman's name into the TO box. So within roughly 3 and a seconds the ugly woman got a message saying "I don't need to like her, she is a fat pig." Needless to
say, I was fired the next day. When they fired me
I sent a company wide e-mail out saying "It was great working with most of you. (ugly ladies name) is a big fatty!" Then I was out of there.
Work Injury
I had worked for this teensy lil chemical company as a secretary for 5 years. The owner just loved my work, kept giving me raises, and even helped pay for my after-hours schooling!
He sold the place to an ex-employee. This new owner, my previous co-worker, first busted me down to "receptionist" with corresponding pay-cut, then began making arbitrary protocol changes without notifying me. He started making me come in early, then stay late so that I was late for classes, then complained that I was there for HIS satisfaction, that I should not be in classes at all. He then decided that I didn't have enough to do, so he made me work in the warehouse most of the day. He wouldn't allow me to use moving equipment...I had to move containers under my own power. While moving 300 lb tanks, I fell. I wound up with two fractured vertebre and displaced discs, one in my upper back and one in the lower, with excrutiating pain radiating down my arms, back, and legs. I couldn't stand, sit or lie down without crying out. I turned in an incident report, and went to the dr. The doc sent me to phys-rehab.
I got fired for going to rehab. It's ok, though, because when I applied for unemployment, he LIED about it and said he'd fired me for being unprofessional. Unemployment ruled in MY FAVOR, and it went against his record!! Bwahahahahaaaaaaaaa
Bad Telemarketer
I was working as a telemarketer for an insurance company and our manager was a real jerk. We were told that a very important client was coming in the next day and we had better not do anything to embarrass our manager. That morning i waited until the clients came in before i entered the building. I was wearing a Batman mask with a rainbow wig and a t-shirt that read "Fight the Power" and carrying an air horn and a whipped cream pie. I walked up to an employee that i didn't like and rang the air horn, screamed " HAPPY NEW YEAR" and hit the other employee in the face with the pie. My manager physically removed me. A few months later, the business closed.
Bakers Square
ok so i just got my first job... it wasn't what i expected cuz they put me at the cash register knowing that i have no experiance... and it was sunday so everyone was there... and i had the manager come help me and she yelled at me... so she decided to have me seat them and take their drink order... well this nice old couple came in and i went to seat them, and no one told me that there is a special way to hold the tray when you get them their drink (everything that is served has to be on a tray... even the littlest thing.) so here i go to get them their ice water with lemon... i went to give the old man his drink... that worked out fine. but the tray was now off balance because weight was taken off. so i spilt the ice cold water all over me and the nice old lady. then they decided to show me how to use the cash register. so the person who showed me ran through it like she was running from the cops... she showed me how to do credit and debit. but
it is complicated to someone on their first day.
so she left and this one guy came to the register and was TRYING to pay for his meal. well i dont know what i did but i almost either charged him too much... or what i think i did was gonna let them have a free meal. so i tell them to stay while i get the manager. so i go and get the manager and she is pissed and she fixed it but she had to shut the whole system down and start it again. after i finished my shift, she called me into her office and fired me.
I hated my job at walmart so i decided to not qut but have some fun and get fired. I got into a buggie and got my best friend to push it. She ran as she pushed the cart all over walmart and i screamed " FLYING RAINBOW MONKEYS ARE EVERYWERE!" Then i got out and went in the dressing room along with my best friend and locked the door and said " i can't come out, there are flying rainbow monkeys everywere and they are taking my muffins!" they got SO mad at me! they opened the door and these big men came up grabed me & my friend and dragged us out and said we can't go into walmart anywere ever. we still go in anyway, just not infront of those same people.
Cleaning the windows
My best friend's brother worked at this resturaunt (i think it was called Frank's or Frankie's or something) anyway his job was to clean the windows and he absolutly loved his boss. His boss decided he had to move out of state and he got a new boss, the boss was a total jerk. He always yelled at my friends brother and the day he quit, he wrote "I QUIT!" in big letters in ketchup and mustard on the windows. HAHAHA
Wal-Mart Job
I worked at a Wal-Mart for about a year and a half, and for that long period of time i was a very good employee. I had a co-worker who thought that just because she was an old hag that i should respect her. She was always telling me to do stuff when she didn't ever have the right. At the time i was going through a rough spot financially and needed the money so i put up with her. One day she was especially hard on me; yelling at me for random things, blaming stuff on me, etc. So when i went to take some trash out i noticed a friendly stray cat wandering around the trashbins. That sparked and idea...I stormed back inside, bought some laxatives and a can of tuna. I made sure to purchase the neccessary items in her lane throwing the money i owed her in her face. I marched right out the back door, opened the can of tuna and crunched up a couple of laxatives to put in it. After watching the feline eat up his dinner i grabbed it and walked over to the co-
worker's car. I opened it up (she never locked
it), shoved the cat inside and locked the door (No animals were harmed, i assure you). I was tired of the job so i picked up my belongings and drove home. Needless to say i was fired the next day, it sure was worth it.
Thieving Employer
I used to work at a childrens portrait studio. i was really good at my job,and got great commissions and had a lot of fun. but for some reason i always got picked on, and i finally figured out it was cuz i was the youngest one, who lived out of a backpack, so they were harrassing me for being better at the job while having no expirence and no money. so one day, i had money, i had $800 to pay off a traffic ticket and put down some rent. i folded it up in my wallet and put it in my backpack at the very bottom. Before i left that day this stupid coworker came up screaming at me cuz some girl lost $45 she'd left openly in her clear cubby. she acused me of stealing it, because i was "a hobo" and i screamed back i didn't do it. well, she left, i left, and i reached into my backpack to find my wallet, it was there, it looked like the money was there. when i unfolded my bills, it was two twenties and a bunch of ones! i called my boss
who wouldn't answer, and when she wouldn't help me
i called the cops and filed a report. The next day there was a meeting which consisted of them yelling at me since cops came, and me shredding the employee lounge looking for it in the highly unlikly scenario it fell out of my bag. i started wearing dress code violating pocketed pants to keep my wallet on me always, and they cut my forty hours to eight and harrassed me constantly. With my twenty dollar check i said i needed more hours. My boss said the other girls didn't trust me and didn't want to work with me, and i could quit, or be fired. I said i quit. However, before i left i printed out all the pictures of me, my family, and my boyfriend, probably a hundred dollars worth of merchandise, and set the printer running test pages, which were solid black. I set all thier computers to the ping of death, and left. They asked me why i printed of the pictures without paying for them. I said screw you, take it off my tab. They didn't pursue it at all.
Foreign boss
I live in Australia, and had to leave school at 15 and get a job (for family reasons). So my first job was in a small cafe/sandwich bar, and the boss was an American who had only just bought the cafe. The first few months there were great - I was a fast learner and picked up on things better than she did - I had her asking me how to do things all the time - and even got me to do interviews for her to get another employee. In my first month there she bought me a bunch of flowers for "being a great employee".
Well, one day, when I'd been there for about 10 months (and had hired another worker). I had an order of bacon and eggs to be delivered across the road (just after we'd opened). I took the order across the road and then came back and wrote up the Specials Board. Well about 5 minutes after I finished writing up the board, our boss got back from the grocery shop, and asked me why I didn't put quiche on the board. I told her I didn't know we were having quiche, as I looked in the ovens and wrote what I saw. She told me that she had told me we had quiche just as she left for the shop, and I told her "no, I was delivering the breakfast order when you left, you must have told Liz" (the other employee). She was certain that she'd told ME and that Liz had taken the order across. I told her that she was mistaken. She started yelling at me (as a customer walked in behind her, but she had no idea, and Liz wasn't there as she'd just gone to the bathroom) anyways, she totally blew up at me saying how
imagination was going to get me in trouble. Then Liz came back and was like "um... what's going on?" then the boss said to her "Liz - tell Raychel that YOU delivered the order and I told HER what we had for specials". Well, Liz said to her "No actually Raychel delivered the order and you told me what we were having" so she got really pissed off and ran back into the kitchen. I walked into the kitchen, grabbed my handbag, threw the apron on the floor and told her that if she wants to get away with speaking to employees like that then she needs to find some pathetic little school girl. She obviously thought that I'd put up with that just because I was young. Okay I know this isn't actually a "fired" story, because I actually quit, but hey...
The gossiping manager
ok so i was working at a Halloween store and my manager was always talking bad about everyone who worked there and one day she started talking about one of my friends and i told my friend and he called her out on it and she got pissed at me and started yelling at me in front of everyone thinking that because she was older than me and my manager that i wouldn't yell back and lets just say she was wrong anyways she clocked me out early and sent me home and when i left she told everyone that i was lying and that she never said any of that stuff and she bought everyone pop in an attempt to get them on her side needless to say her boss found out and she was fired a few days later.
He dug himself into a hole
I own an excavating company. We do large earthmoving projects and underground utilities. One of my workers was to back a very large articulating dump truck close to a 25 foot deep hole for loading. He got into the truck, turned on the radio and off he went. He could not hear the spotter backing him up. When I looked up, he had backed the truck right into the hole. All that could be seen was the very tip of the truck. Needless to say, he went home early, I'm sure he had to change his shorts;).
She got hers in the end
I used to work at Sears in the Women's Department while I was going to school. When I was hired, I told my manager I was in school and gave her my schedule. I wrote the schedule in three different books so I wouldn't get scheduled while I was supposed to be in class. Well, the manager would schedule me either right after I had class and yell when I was late or schedule me during a class. I finally complained to one of the assistant store managers and he offered to move me to Kids, since the manager there loved me. My current manager stopped that in the tracks, siting the times I had been late (because she had scheduled me without enough time to drive from school to work) So I put in for a Sunday off so I could go to a musuem for my art 101 class. (I had a paper due that week). It happened to fall on an employee appreciation sale. My mom had seen an entertainment center she wanted and sent me to pick it up for her. My manager
saw me and asked why I was there when I had asked
off. She fired me on the spot and demanded my key card. I threw the damn thing away, cleaned out my locker, and left. When upper management found out that she had not followed the proper firing procedures, they fired her! They asked me to come back but I had gotten a better job that worked around my school schedule.
Hot Dog!
I used to work as a hot dog jockey at a Famous Hot Dog Joint. I had been there for about 6 months, when in walked my ex-boyfriend with the girl that he cheated on me with. They were laughing and giggling and all over each other while I had to take their order. Eww... Anyways, when it was time to bag the order, I decided to lick her corndogs before I put them in to the packages. I thought it was freakin hilarious. And she never noticed...she scarfed those wieners. Unfortunately, my boss didn't think it was so funny.
Dunananana Batman!
Well, I worked in a costume store. I got bored so one day I decided to dress up as Batman. I went outside as Batman, and sang the theme song just as my boss was walking in. I was fired but it was soo much fun!

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