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  Firing Stories
one day at work the boss called me to his office. I was guessing it was probably a promotion. When I walked in my boss was eating some sort of messy salad. When I sat down my chair fell backward and hit his desk and his salad went flying into the air, adn landed straight smack dab in his face. He wiped his face and said "YOUR FIRED".
I was working at the Cracker Barrell for a few months when I requested off the weekend of my best friends B-Day to be able to go to her party. Now I requested it off, like 3 weeks in advance! So I should have gotten it no problem well the weekend came and I happened to not have it off so I lied and said I got poisen Ivy really bad (I did but the previous summer ha ha) anyways I went to the party got so drunk I passed out ofr a few in some POISEN IVY! I was tryin to look all sexy so I had on a mini skirt OMG that poisen got all over me my legs mostley my back my arms my feet my chest. So I actually went into work on Monday showed them the poisen ivy (in the appropriate spots) and they fired me for a no show. What jerks!! I got poisen ivy for nothing :(
Earn too much
I was paid much more than my co workers and I told one of them how much i earned. He then told the entire office. 4 days later, i got fired.
The happy face
I worked for an ambulance company, I was having a bad day, so I decided to carve a smiley face right onto the ambulance driver side door. The ambulance was red so it was pretty visible, needless to say the only person that was happy at the end of the day was the smiley face.
I called off work due to heavy snow and ice,so they fired me for not coming to work.I chosed my life and my four children over a job at Staples Disturbution.
How I lost my job at Rapid Rooter
I was let go from Rapid Rooter in Sacramento for reporting someone else for not doing their job. The bosses turned around, decided I had created a hostile work environment, let me go, and are now contesting my unemployment. The other employee who actually created the problem still has her job and is still doing the same thing,
Responsible Service Laws got me FIRED!!
I was a bar manager for a year, and obviously had done my Responsible service of alcohol course, paid for by my boss. I was fired for a dispute because i refused to let my bar serve a man who could barely stand up and was being so loud, regulars were leaving. being a casual employee despite my full time hours, they took the 1 week old club manager's word he was sober, despite my 4 witnesses and fired me.
The so-called mobster
I worked at a diner/bar. I was seventeen years old, and it was my first job.I worked really hard and i would close the restruant at night. There was a new employee that showed up a month after i started. All of a sudden money started to come up missing. I guess because i was the youngest; they blamed ME without any proof. It doesn't stop there! I always kept track of my clock-in slips. I never even got my first paycheck yet. They jipped me out of 60 hrs. of pay!! i counted my slips it just didn't add up! Well when i confronted the owner, he said i stole money and i didn't. So i dragged my parents up there; so i could get the rest of my pay.They fired me! i was gonna quit anyway.I was so mad i was going to report him to the news. I was told not because he was considered a dangerous man. He was supposedly part of a bigshot mob. I obviously don't believe he is, but i stopped the process anyway. I figured it was gonna take to long of a
process to get my hard-earned $100. I look back now and i wished i did something.
Silent Revenge
I was working at a call center where we were contantly on the phone with customers. I has just switched teams and moved across the room to a new row two days before. My old team was announced to having been the top team in the center. I look over at my friends across the room and they start laughing at me and mouthing off how much my team sucked. Since I was in the middle of a call, I simply raised my right hand and flipped them all the bird. Unfortunately for me, a manager who was trying to get me fired saw the whole thing and went to upper management. I was fired for unprofessionalism in the workplace. 8 months later, still unable to get a job.
Why i got fired
i was at work one day and i accidently spilled coffee on my boss, and by girlfiend had just broken-up with me and i cursed out my boss. He fired me in a snap of a finger.
Shopping Carts
I worked at kroger and i was the cart guy. So i would push all the carts to the racks and shovel so that people could use them and stuff. During winter, I was taking out a whole stack of carts, and I had to stop on the wheelchair ramp into the building for a car. The front six carts came out of my stack, and rolled into the car. So the chain had to pay for a new mirror, paint job, and hubcap.
i was walking into work and my boss came up to me and started telling me things that i was supposed to do all day at work. i was supposed to go home early that day to watch my sons. i got so mad at him i dumped my hot coffee all over his white shirt and tie.
It was a monday morning and i worked at McDonalds someone asked for a large fries i gave them small then they complainded to my boss and he fired me.
Hot Dog Embezzler
I got fired for rolling on the floor MI style behind the cafe at a store I used to work at. I stole a hot dog because the cafe was closing in only 15 minutes and everything was being thrown away. There was a really nasty lady who worked there so it was pretty funny. My friends were cracking up so I hit my one friend in the jowl with the hot dog. Then I bit the top off and spit it at my other friend. I then threw it away, i never actually consumed ANY of the dog. I came in the next day and got called to the office. They showed me the video of myself rolling behind a counter and stealing the hot dog. They couldn't see what I did after and since i was already on probation for telling a lady that her "sturdy" mop could be used to beat her kids. So they fired me. FOR HOT DOG EMBEZZLEMENT it actually says that HOT DOG EMBEZZLEMENT.
Cashier not a detective
I worked at a beauty supply store for about two weeks, when my boss told me I had to follow certain people around the store. She pointed out several black women to me and said they might steal something. I told her I wouldn't do that. She fired me the next day for not following company policy!
St. Patrick's Day only in Chicago!
I was just 20 and missing my hometown of Chicago. I recently moved to California and I loved celebrating St. Patrick's Day, even though I am not Irish, lol...but everybody in Chicago is Irish on St. Paddy's Day, but I soon found out that only Irish people in Los Angeles celebrate and by celebrating they wear like a green shirt, ugg...Sooo...I had to gather all my friends from Chicago and really party. SO we really partied and had a great time, but missed the Parade and the green river. When I woke up, about 6:30 am with a great huge hangover, my girlfriend was designated to call my office and tell them that I was sick. She did call and tell them not that I was sick, but that I had broken my arm!
It was a Thursday, so I had some time to work on this "lie", and too recover. On Sunday night my boyfriend and I went to the local 24 hour drugstore and found some of that cast stuff. We soaked the strips and put it on my left wrist due to fact that I am right handed and wanted to use my hand, and proceeded to let the cast set. Ouch, if you don't have a broken arm, wrist don't place it in a cast! After a week of work I could finally take the cast off, then put on another one Sunday night. When I went into work, the owner reconized that the signatures on the cast were not there from the week before, such as his two children! He explained to me how he really loved my ambition, with the cast, but he could not have me work for him and could not trust me...I have since never had a friend call in sick for me. That was my lesson, lol!
Mean Boss
Well, I worked for a smokehouse over the summer. My boss was new and she sucked!!!! She threw measuring cups at me, so I told someone else who worked there that I was quitting after that day. That person told the boss and my ex-boss called me at 6 in the morning to tell me that I am a unhappy person and I need to find a new job. Needless to say, I don't eat or go near there anymore.
i was 13. and i was a babysitter for some neighbor kid for 4 days. i got fired cuz i forgot to clean a mess of the brat's barbies in the basement.
The Ternderloin
I was working at a retirement community and i was head cook of my kitchen. It was about 6:45pm,we had just got done serving supper and i was cleaning up the front line to prepare to leave for the night. When we serve supper we fill out tickets for the residents so we know what to put on each plate and who the order goes to. Its really busy during serving time that sometimes the tickets get lost or sometimes we forget to fill out one for a resident. We also have room tray tickets (a residednt eats in their room). Well this one room tray ticket never got filled out or completed so a cna came into the kitchen to ask for a tenderloin on a bun with french fries! well at this time i only have 15 min to fill the order so the cna ask the resident if she would eat a cold meat sandwich instead because i didn't have enough time to prepare the tenderloin and she said YES without and fuss. Well the next morning when i was well into my shift the kitchen
phone rang for me and it was one of my bosses. She asked me all about the night before. Well by this time i was all upset because i knew they were mad because i didn't make that tenderloin and the resident had complained that she didnt get it. After the phone call my favorite boss came up to my kitchen and asked me what was wrong. So i told her and she just told me to forget about it and everything was going to be ok. Well 15 min later the phone rang....they (2 bosses) wanted to see me. This was it, 3 years in the making all down the drain. "you refused to -prepare a grilled tenderloin for a resident and we have had complaints all day long" YOUR FIRED! Thats so funny because a week before that my best friend got fired for burnt chicken!
Termination From Worlds Of Fun
Well, i was operating a ride called the Finish Fling and i was texting on my cell phone at the same time. My supervisor walked up and noticed what I was doing. She started yelling at me and some words were thrown around, apperently texting while peoples' lives are in your hands is strictly prohibited. I was sent to the manager's office and i was fired.

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