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Don't work at Page One (Singapore)
I was trying to help a customer with a book she couldn't find in the store. I can only order it from an overseas supplier and it would take 6-8 weeks. Seriously, that long??? Even I think it's ridiculous. She obviously didn't want to wait that long. So I told her, what if I can order it online and sell it to you back at no extra cost and it would only take a week. She said ok. Book came and I told her I would meet her outside the store. But she insisted on coming in. Then she asked another colleague of mine where she can find me. Apparently she told that woman about me doing a favor. Long story short I was fired for trying to help a customer get her book. Totally worth it because I was about to leave anyways.
Fannie Mae fires contractor with a lie and a orange
I was working a 16 hour shift and got hungry. I moved away from the computer equipment as to not spill any food on it but still making sure no work came in while I opened a small cup of mandarin oranges to snack on 1 1/2 hours into the 2nd shift. When the jerk I'll call prissy sissy Patty starts giving me the eye like I was doing something wrong. He was shaking his head as if he was telling me ah,ah,ahhh!!! (no) Being confused at his jesture I apologized and explained I was really hungry and was working a double. I gulped the orange cup down and proceeded to sit down at the computer when another boss told me to grab breakfast and he'd watch things til I came back. I was happy to do so because I was starting to feel light headed and my stomach full of air. I went to get the food and on the way out, I saw the jerk, (not knowing he was one at the time) and said,"Have a nice day." All he did was smile,
that same smirk he gave me before. I didn't
think anything else of it and carried on. At the end of my shift I was asked to stay a few to talk, but ended up taking the walk of shame. He told other supervisors to fire me because we had words and I had a attitude. I was like what words? What attitude? I wasn't upset but humbly explained why I was eating and plus I got to get real breakfast anyway so what's to be mad about. They just said well that what he said so today your last day. I hate that man. He ruined my life over a fruit cup and a well wish. I hope he gets exactly what he deserves because he does this to folks all the time. I wasn't the 1st and probably won't be the last. I hope he feels the pain of having lost it all and not knowing where you will live next week or having to tell your child you cant buy them the things they need because you lost your job to a cup of fruit. The sad thing is I loved that job, was never absent and on time every day. To add insult to injury I scored 2nd highest on their little test to keep my job 90% only
there 5
months, while they still employ tardy people and folks who do the same thing day in and out for 3-4 years and fail the test (How you fail a test on something you do for years everyday and still stay employed?). How did this happen to me? I hope he becomes a pan handler and walk the streets begging for help in his old age until he dies. I hope no one helps him. I hope people start seeing him for the trash that he is and put him in his place. I didn't deserve this. Fannie Mae are heartless devils who don't deserve the power they possess.
Retail Fail
I loved my job. I was working at my job for less then a month and there was a big sale and my manager pulled me aside and told me someone complained i didnt smile enough. 2 days after the sale they fired me for it. If they were planning on firing me they should have done it the day they told me and not drag me along for two more days of working till 11:30 at night.
Ruff Day at Work
Basically I worked at a very upscale doggie daycare. The snootiest place around. I had only been there for a month when I could just tell everything wasn't going to end right. For one thing my bosses never taught me anything, expected me to know how to do everything and be available WHENEVER they wanted me to be. Another employee actually panicked when I explained I needed this day off for a doctor's appointment (I was part time mind you). She pulled me aside and told me I could never again tell them 'my' schedule, I was just to show up whenever they told me to.
About 6 weeks in I was helping my boss move this very heavy, awkward box up the basement stairs. Basically this basement door looks like a trap door, a handle on the floor, type of thing. The only way to prop the door up is to brace it with a wire--- a 10lbs door braced on a wire. So we're moving this box and its too big, so he pushes and unlatches the wire. The door comes crashing down on the back of my head. I hit the steps, and begin to cry. I felt like someone had taken a sledge hammer to my head. About 2 minutes later, I realize my boss just left me there, he went back to work. I pulled myself together and said I needed to go home. They were angry that they would have to pay for me to go to the doctor's and that I couldn't just 'suck it up' and finish my shift. About a week later, they wouldn't return my calls.
I came to find out that I wasn't the only one hurt on those stairs. Apparently, it used to be just a hole in the ground, no door. But a customer FELL through the hole, snapped his neck and was in a coma for a month. They did NOT sue...which I thought crazy. I wish I was making this up but its just too bizarre. Think twice before paying an arm and a leg for idiots to babysit your dogs
CrAzY pUrSe ShOp!!!
So I worked at this high-end popular purse shop. One day my other co-worker (the only other one) decided he wanted to leave to his house for lunch. My manager/boss wasn't even at work she went on a trip to Europe. Then a group of about 20 teenage girls come rushing into the small boutique and get in the cash line and i can't control them. Then they reported me to the manager for screaming to make them calm down and well... I got fired.
Bored...and therefore fired!
while at my job, i completed it to a T. i did the work so fast and efficiently -- isn't that what i'm supposed to do? my boss constantly questioned the "integrity" of my work because of its speed. are you kidding? he'd also give me half directions so he could yell at me later!! (e.g. "call Tricia - ask her for a quote on __" "alright" i ask her for the quote. just as im about to hang up, he yells "OH YOU NEED TO GET HER TO FAX IT!!!" while im on the phone with her. -i stormed out that time-) also, when i was bored, i surfed the internet/emailed like a madwoman because THERE WAS NOTHING TO DO. my boss warned me thrice, but i didn't care. what do you want me to do? STARE AT THE WALL!?!?! if i read a book, i'd get yelled at. if i slept, i'd get yelled at for looking like i had nothing to do! those stupid idiots surfed the internet, never began work until NINE (not 8) because they were doing
trivia, boss stared out the window for 2+ hours a
day and then took a 1 hour lunch, they'd walk out 15 minutes early, SURF THE INTERNET in the mornings, talk midday for hr.+, make racist (about indians we did biz with) and condescending remarks about the women in the next room, and talk on the phone (work phone) for 15+ mins. then one day i took lunch at 11, came back 12. he called me into his office, and said OH NO ONE KNEW WHERE YOU WERE! i was like shut up in my head! he handed me my check and said "oh you're supposed to tell someone where you're going" WHY? EVERYONE ELSE WALKS OUT OF THE OFFICE! and "thats not your normal lunch hour" i was pissed. now you TELL me when i can take lunch? he was like "oh, im sorry you don't get what im saying? you're terminated" in my head i screamed HALLELUJAH! and said "well i was going to quit the end of the month anyway" slammed his door open, grabbed the plant on my desk (everything else was cleared - i had prepared to be fired for weeks, LOL) and stormed out!! THANK GOD
OVER!!! i cant wait to go back and laugh in his face when he's making 25,000 a year while im rolling in millions! PEACE
Honesty Isn't The Best Policy!
I worked at my college cafeteria. all students had pre-paid food cards so it's not like we were actual customers..well My boss was Indian and didnt speak very good English. i heard him talking once that his religion didn't let him eat pork. Well the cafeteria had these gross things called "pork nuggets" Well my bf came thru and ordered them and i said "Ew are you sure?" haha he knew i was kidding coz we both knew how gross they were. Well my boss comes up and with his Indian accent says " BRITTANY! ARE YOU TELLING CUSTOMERS THAT THE FOOD IS GROSS?!" I was like "well..do YOU like the pork nuggets?" he was like NO I DONT EAT PORK AND YOU DON'T TELL CUSTOMERS THE FOOD IS GROSS!!! i was like "dude they arent even customers we HAVE to eat this slop!" he brought me into the backroom and told me to go home because i was rude and never smiled!
Down the ladder
I picked up a part time job at a golf store in the mall to a) get discounted golf supplies and b) to earn a little extra money to go golfing. The owner asked if he could pay me under the table. I told him I didn't feel comfortable doing that. I didn't take the job for the money, so I really didn't want to risk anything. He then paid me the minimum wage for a neighboring state (the state he lived in) and gave me a hassle when I asked for the minimum wage for the state I lived in and he operated his store in. About a month went by without incident, then one day I used a ladder to get a golf bag off a high shelf. Coming down the latter with the gold bag I missed a step and broke my ankle. I told the owner my girlfriend was coming to take me to the doctor because I heard a pop. The guy then proceeded to give me hassle about leaving and called me a pansy. The next day I came to the store (in crutches) and told the owner the hospital wouldn't take
my health insurance because it was workman's
compensation. The owner then asked for my key and told me he never wanted to see me in his store again.
With a broken ankle, a few grand in medical bills and a hospital that wouldn't take my insurance I was forced to hire a lawyer. When my lawyer called to get the store's workman's compensation insurance info the owner refused to provide any information. The owner then told my lawyer I came to work with a broken ankle. After my lawyer asked how I climbed a ladder with a broken ankle the owner threatened to report my lawyer to the Bar Association for participating in workman's compensation fraud. A few weeks later my lawyer called and told me the owner has skipped every hearing before the workman's compensation judge, the state insurance commission listed the store as having no workman's compensation insurance, the owner wasn't paying into the state unemployment fund and the owner hadn't paid any sales tax to the state in two years. The state then launched a full investigation and eventually they closed his store down. That sucked because everyone lost their job, fortunately it was nobody's full time
except for the owner. What also sucked was I never got a dime from this man because he filed for bankruptcy. My lawyer said the bankruptcy won't absolve him from any of the money he owes the state. Fortunately my lawyer got the state to pay for my medical bills. According to my lawyer he's barred from opening up another business in our state. A year later he opened up a new store about 10 miles from his old location, but this time in the state he lives in. I'm not allowed in that store either, but at least my ankle is ok.
Jealous Wife
I worked for a company for 10 years full time. I became close to a coworker a few years ago. He was on and off with his spouse, and we started a relationship. This went on for almost 2 years, and he is now back with her. Because we work together, and spend so many breaks together (as friends), his jealous wife talked to my manager and human resources department, and got me fired (for private things that were not illegal)! So I have lost my career and benefits because of this woman, and I am struggling in every aspect of my life. What's to stop me from inflicting pain on her? I think of harming her all the time. He unfortunately is NEVER allowed to leave his house alone, except to go to work. She has threatened divorce and sole custody if he talks/sees me again.
Fired for chips and tea
I was recently fired from a large grocery corporation for failing to pay for a $.75 bottle of tea and a $.59 package of chips before my only 15 minute break after almost a year and a half of employment.
Fired for getting a bonus
Myself and a friend were working at a small insurance company in Los Angeles when they started an incentive program to increase production. They posted everyone's production numbers on a bulletin board each day. It only took a couple of days for my frind and I to see that in an office with 10 examiners, 45% of the work was being done by two examiners, my friend and myself. We decided to go into the owners office as a team and tell him that we wanted a raise, or we'd both quit and he would lose 45% of his production by his own figures. He explained that his company had recently been bought out by a larger conglomerate (which we knew as their corporate goons were already hovering over the work area) and that they had frozen any raises. He offered to give us a substantial bonus if we would just keep it a secret. We agreed to this immediately. Now this company had these ornate presentation envelopes that they used whenever
anyone got a promotion or a raise or something of
that ilk. The next morning, the owner came around and handed one of these envelopes to my friend and myself. Of course, everyone wanted to know why we were getting the envelopes, but we had agreed to keep it secret. The department supervisor went to the owner and he told her that he had given us a bonus, which apparently made her angry. She went to the corporate goons and said that we had circumvented them in an effort to get more pay. We were called into the office, one at a time and each told that the other had said that they had told everyone. Unfortunately for them, we were both good friends and that tactic didn't work, and we refused to even discuss or acknowledge the bonus. We were both then fired for insubordination for, essentially keeping quiet and getting a bonus. They said that they put a stop payment on those checks and escorted us out of the office. The next morning, my friend and I got together and went back to the office, and, essentially held the owner hostage until the checks were
made good. The best part of that story is that when we showed up, the new COO, who had introduced himself to the company by saying "This guy looks like he goes over 200 lbs.....maybe we should listen to what he has to say..." was found hiding in a closet because he was convinced we were coming to do physical damage to his over 200 lbs.
Eat 1st pay later
I was working at a "Wally world" aka Wal-Mar*..Ive done this before were I get a 15 min break I would get a drink and snack off the floor and go to breakrrom and pay afterwards. one day this girl saw me and told mgt. even thought they did not tell me it was her i knew, anyways mgt asks about it and i fessed up and was fired for "Stealing at that time"should have payed before eating" (Good news I got some unemloyment out of it)
During a 10 minute conversation with a customer on the phone and getting her order for reprints on her Christmas family portraits , i went over her order to make sure i got it correct and when she was happy with her order we confirmed the pick up time to be next week, and she requested i call her if they got done early. I told her i'd be glad to and that wasn't a problem. Because of the Christmas rush, she said she would check back regardless in the next couple of days. I replied "Okee-Dokee, thanks for your business", and we hung up. The bosses wife who had been hanging out that day thought i was too casual with the customer on the phone and didn't think it was proper to use Okee - Dokee with customers. I was let go at the end of the day.
Harry Potters fired from the olympic village
we where constructing furniture one day in the athletes village when we came up with the idea to draw on one of our mates faces. 3 of us chased after him and held him down while we drew Harry Potter glasses on his face in marker. it was all laughs till he went to wash it off and it didnt come off. the little jerk complained and we all got fired for physical assult. we all now convinced another company to give us new jobs for the olympics as managers for another site. we didnt give references.
I was working in Florida as a radio repair technician. I was asked by the owner / boss of the company I worked for to break Fedral law. ( FCC rules). I told him no and was fired. I did not want to go to jail. I ask the state employment board to over turn this action. As I wanted to collect unemployment. Here in florida if you get canned you get no money. Nothing. The state of florida sided with my ex boss. Go figure. This is a true story.
Fired, but had the la$t laugh
I worked for 2 years in an accounting firm. Horrible place with horrible bosses. I knew my boss was going to fire me for a younger prettier girl. Which he did, promptly after I was fired I called the NY State Labor Board. It seems the firm had a practice of not paying time and a half after 40 hours for the administrative team. I filed a complaint and the office was raided and thousands of dollars had to be repaid to assistants who had been bamboozeled by the firm. I may have been fired, but I had the last laugh.
No Clue
I was at the end of my second day of substitute teaching middle school. I thought it was going good, especially compared to my first day when the kids decided to be as wild and vulgar as they could be to the new sub. I was mentally counting down the minutes until the end of the day (15 left) when a woman came in and asked me to step out into the hall. She told me to gather my things and leave. I was completely flabbergasted. When asked why she said it was because a student said I had said something inappropriate to them, but she would not elaborate on what it was I supposedly had said. Considering the whole day had been spent fending off and ignoring offensive questions from kids, and keeping the class pet from being hurt I had no clue what they were talking about. I was not allowed to talk to any of the office staff to clarify the situation, and was basically escorted out of the building. I still don't know why I was dismissed. I went to the boards
office and was told to write out a statement of my
day for review. All I know is substitutes get thrown into a class without any introductions, instructions, or allies.
I couldnt see to come to work....
one day i wasnt feeling well so i called in sick at work. the next morning upon arriving at work my boss approached me and informed me that i could not work until i had a doctors excuse for missing the day before. on such short notice the only doctor i could get into see that day was an eye doctor. the next morning i arrived for work and my boss asked to see my doctors excuse for missing work earlier that week. i handed him my exam from the eye doctor the day before. the look on his face was priceless. he asked me "what is this", i replied it's from my doctor showing i had an exam. my boss was not amused and told me once again to go home for the day. the following morning i was fired for not having a valid doctors excuse for missing work. the good news is i found out i had 20/20 vision.
The word FIRED has been in our lives for over 3 months now. Why does a company like Central Transport fire my husband because he broke his leg and damaged his ankle falling off a ladder on vacation? He has been a truck driver since 1978, with a clean record, never called in sick and always helped others so they can go home early. He worked for Central Transport for 2 years and never called in sick and stayed late to help others finish their work. We just bought our house last March. Now I don't know how we're going to make this month's house payment. My husband doesn't deserve this. Central Transport told him on July 2, 2009 on a conference call you have 21 days to heal or your fired, and you have a great 4th of July and be safe. They terminated him on July 29, 2009. My husband will be able to work sometime this month. He gets his second screw out of his ankle on Oct 15, 2009.
Broadway Grill
Its a pretty short story. I was working Broadway Grill a few years back. I called out because my Grandfather passed away.. my boss said it was ok and to just call her tomorrow and let her know if I was coming in. I called back the next day and she told me I did not have a job anymore...
Now I was not lying.. he really did pass away! my cousin was close friends with the boss' daughter.. the info could have been easily verified.

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