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Drive thru Window.
Ok. I was going to Burger King. And i pulled up to the drive thru. The people wouldn't say "how may i help you" until a couple minites later. Then finally they said it. I said " Yes, Finally, ok i would like a.." Then she purposly interupted me and said "Just hold on sir." And i Screamed " I am not a sir, i am a ma'am" And the lady said "oh sorry ma'am, i don't care!!" I GOT PISSED!!! So finally she came back and she said "ok can i take your order now?" And i said" ok i want a..." Then i got cused out, the girl said "God Damnit! order some food!!" and then i cused her out, then i got some food and then threw it at her. Then i went back a couple days later, and i asked where did that one girl go, and they said she got fired for cussing out a lady at a drive through.
So I was in an accident.....
So my best friend and I decided to get part time jobs at the mall, we were both still in high school. We walked the mall in search of job after job but it turned out nobody was interested. So as we were walking out we noticed some indian guy in a new store selling blankets and purses. So we thought we would give it a shot. The guy "Dempi" tells us that he would be hiring a couple "girls" and that he would give us a call.
So he calls and tells us to come in and we could start working. My friend and i insisted that we could only work on the same days. What we thought we would be helping customers and ringing them out, OH NO! we had to do all dempi's work. He would tell us all kinds of lame work while he sat in this chair and ordered us around. And then he started to act really creepy.
So my friend and i knew we wanted to quit, but how could we do this the easiest way out? So the next day we were at one of our friends, who is known for always breaking a bone at least 4 times a year. So we were playing around with the casts and crutches when we decided to tell dempi we got in a car accident, therefore, we couldn't work. So we limped on in with my arm cast and bandaged head, and my friends crutched leg. We told dempi we were in accident and that it would be impossible for us to work anymore.... HAHA
And the funniest part is he believed us. So every time we went to the mall after that we would have to hide in stores and duck down behind counters when he would walk by!
Why don't you just DO that!
I was working at a videotape and CD duplication company near the airport in Salt Lake City. That job started out pretty decent, but over a period of time they started to get really cheap, and began insisting on having us work double shifts and weekends. Needless to say, I was in the market for a better job. Besides, I was going absolutely INSANE having to quality check Barney videos for 16 hours a day. (Yes, you heard right! BARNEY the dinosaur! I had to watch those over and over again, checking for defects! I am probably ruined for life! What was ridiculous is that we couldn't keep up with the demand either. Who WATCHES that crap, and why in the WORLD did the client insist on using Macrovision (anti-copying coding), like who in their right mind is going to want to make copies of THAT??!!??)
So anyway, a former co-worker had quit and got a job at this vending machine company in Salt Lake City. He said he could probably get me a job there as well. Turns out he drew his boss this really pretty picture about all my so-called "qualifications" and convinced the boss that I was the right man for the job. I went in for the interview, and they started asking me questions, such as whether or not I have ever worked on arcade or vending machines before. I wanted the job, to get away from my old job, but I answered their questions truthfully; no I didn't have any experience with working on arcade games or coke machines. That didn't matter apparently, because they ended up hiring me.
First day on the job, I show up and the only other person there was the receptionist. Everyone else was out doing service calls. The receptionist told me that the boss wanted me to start working on this pinball game in the back room. So I go back there, and the machine is all disassembled, in pieces, all over the workbench! I had never seen the inside of a pinball game before. I was totally clueless! So.... I faked it! I picked up a part here and there, examined it, would scratch my head, glance at the manual, then back at the part, back and forth. The receptionist would occassionally walk past the room and ask me how it was coming. I faked it, trying to look like I was actively engaged in working on the machine. I did that for about 3 hours until my co-worker got back to the office! I pulled him aside and said, "Don't you EVER do this to me AGAIN!" He thought it was hilarious.
Anyway, it didn't take long before the boss started figuring out that no, I really wasn't as knowlegable as Scott had led them to believe I was. I wanted to quit, but wasn't sure how to break the news to them. Scott and I were always joking back and forth, and were always smart-mouthing to Rob, our boss. Well one day, rob called us from the Front Row bar, which was one of our clients. (The place should have been called FRAT row, it was a complete DIVE!!!) He asked Scott and myself to drive out there, he wanted to show us something. We got there and Rob started chewing us out for not fixing a machine properly. Scott set the trap and I fell right into it. Scott started telling Rob, "Well why didn't you tell us which parts to bring with us so we don't have to run back to the shop and get everything??!!?" Rob replied with, "Well if you guys come out here as often as you should, then you should already know what's wrong and what to look for." At that point, I said something
like, &
quot;Well if we have to keep doing that, before long I might be looking for something ELSE, like maybe another job..." I was half-kidding when I said that. Rob was quiet for a minute, and then he said, "You know what? Why don't you just DO that! Go back to the office, drop off your keys." Scott had the most priceless look on his face, like "OMG, I can't believe you said that!" So... I DID! I wanted to quit anyway, I would have preferred that the job end on a friendlier note, but problem solved, none-the-less. When I got to the office, I politely handed in the keys, thanked the big boss for the opportunity, said it wasn't working out, and I left. Good times!
The Binki
I was baby sitting for this adorable little boy, Kenny. One day, Kenny and i went to buy some ice cream in the park. Kenny started to cry, so, I bought him another small ice cream. He didn't stop crying, so I called his mother and asked her what to do with Kenny. She told me to go home and get his purple binki. She told me it always shut him up. When I got home, the binki wasn't there. When i asked Kenny were he kept it, he said he left it under the Alice statue in Central Park. He refused to go out an buy a new one, so I stayed inside with him and listen to him cry. When his mom got home, I told her the full story and said I would be happy to pay for the missing binki. She said that she got that binki in China and it was almost impossible to replace. I said "What mother gives their two-year old a binki made in China?" Then, I got fired. Oh well. I didn't get paid well either!!!!
Breath Mints are a must!
I was working at this tire shop, that happened to be located right behind a bar. I decided to go to this bar on my lunch break, because they served up some pretty tasty steaks. Well, I ran into some buddies, took down some shots, then returned to work to pull some vehicles into the shop when the idiot (we didn't get along) sales man smelled the booze on my breath. He called up the manager and I was fired on the spot. He tried to cuss me out, but I told him to go to hell, and his place of business sucked anyway!
kitchen problems
I was 17 and got a weekend job at a local night club. My job was to collect pint glasses and put them in the dishwasher and bring them back out into the bar. Without thinking i also put these tea-light bowls into the washer. the wax from them melted and clogged the machine. oops. for the rest of the night they had no more clean glasses and couldn't sell any more beer haha. same night i was dismissed without pay.
It was worth it
I found my work place really boring even though my co-workers were cool people. They liked having fun but were always scared to get in trouble with the boss. I told them that I got approval from the boss to host a mini putting tournament in the office on a Friday. I made a 18 person bracket (with a qualifying round) and a trophy for the winner. We got kind of loud and the boss started yelling at people. I went in and took responsiblity and got fired.
I used to work for a collections company as an account rep processing payments and scheduling repos for cars. One day i started to get a sore throat, i thought it was nothing and went to work becuase i didn't have any sick days remaining. My throat just got progressively worse over the following 2 weeks, but i didn't go to a dr or miss because i didn't have any sick days. Finally i gave up and went to the hospital, they told me i had tonsilitis. My tonsils had swollen up so bad that i couldn't swallow anything and i was having trouble breathing so they had to give me a breathing tube. Needless to say, they told me no work the following day, sitting on the phones would just make everything worse. I called my supervisor and let him know i had just come back from the emergency room and i wouldn't be able to come back to work until the following week after my dr cleared me. I faxed him over a copy of the doctors signed instructions specifying
absolutely no work. i laid down and took a nap after i
faxed over the note, about 2 hours later the Floor Manager called me and let me know that they had to let me go because i missed a day of work and didn't have any sick days. I got fired for almost dying and not coming into work.
So I worked at Wingers for a while as a hostess... Needless to say I did NOT plan on working there my entire life, so I never took anything seriously. I used to get the bartender to make me drinks and throw stuff in the kitchen... just cause pure havoc. I decided I was going to get my dimples pierced while I worked there and since this is in Utah, people are not okay with piercings and tattoos... I happen to have both. Well now I was on the manager's bad list for a stupid piercing... One night my girlfriend and I are hostessing (this was a Friday and it gets crazy on weekends) Mind you, both she and I had worked there for a long time... There was a new girl working there and the managers decide to put her in charge of us. She has no clue what she is doing and since she was in charge of us... we just didn't help her. We did exactly what she told us to no questions asked. Except and occasional 'you can say please' LOL... then we went around and
got all the servers to put TEAM ASHLEY on all of
their server books...Best part was we weren't closing, she was... so we trashed the bathrooms knowing she was going to have to clean it. I guess after we left she broke out in tears and quit! We so got fired but who cares, its Wingers!
The Bad Day
So one day I walked into work and I was really pissed off for no reason at all really, I was pretty much on my last nerve when this guy walks past my cubicle, and as he did, he hit all my papers and they fell. AT this point I was REALLY angry and said if that guy walked by again I would curse him off, so about 10 minutes later I'm still watching for the guy, I see him walking up and since I only saw his pants I figured it was him, as soon as he got close I jumped out of my chair screaming and cursing, turns out it was my boss so I got fired.
Target...and the deer
So i had a job at "the most wonderful superstore chain in america" (aka Target). as much as i loved shopping there i thought 'hey, why not, it pays the bills right.' so this one morning i was on my way to work at 6:30 in the morning (i live in the boonies and it took me an hour and a half to get to work) when i come around a blind corner in the road in the middle of the woods. this HUGE deer jumped onto the road and needless to say, i hit it doin about 45. and of course i totalled my car. i walked for 35 minutes hurt tryin to get service on my cell to be able to call work to let them know what happened. now mind you i had been working there for about 4-5 months now and had never been late or called off. ever. when i finally got service and got a hold of the manager, i told her the story. the answer i got? "if you don't come in today, you're fired"...needless to say, with that answer after a wreck like that, i wasn'
t going to work for "america's best superstore&
quot; again.
Fired on account of Brocolli
After graduating from college I worked at a really high-end, "customer service" type grocery store while waiting to start law school. Anyways, I was working at a cafe and this customer comes to order a stir fry but wasn't impressed with the freshness of the brocolli even though I had pulled a fresh case from produce that day. I told her it was fresh and that I didn't have time to go all the way to the cooler to get more, well it was more like yelled at her. Anyways, she yelled back and told on me. Turns out she bought a lot of food there. Anyways, I get taken aside by two of the managers and apologize profusely, and tried to explain that it was my bitchy supervisor that was putting me on edge. Anyways, they let me work another two weeks before canning me, which was incidentally a few days before getting into the union. Never fight over brocolli that's for sure.
I was working at a BnB for a couple of months just there...really, it was kinda bad, but I was nice, polite, did my best to arrive on time when I had to rely on trains and other kinds of public transport, did a whole ton of extra work, like laundry, considering I was only a receptionist. But the pay was really good, and it was two seconds down the road, sooo...it was pretty sweet. And most of the guests were pretty nice, though we had ones who called us incompetent one time (the office was locked, manager out, and we didn't have access to all their info, and they hadn't brought along the copy of their booking, and we were trying to be nice and help figure out how much money they owed us exactly) and some swore at me in Spanish...anyway, not the point. So I have driving lessons on a Saturday that I have to travel to get, and since I'm within a month or so of my test I was pretty reluctant to change instructor. I explained that to my manager
at my interview, told her I'd be moving it to
during the week in summer though, she said that was fine. I also recently gave her a list of exams I had coming up, so I'd need time off then, and I had a holiday booked for mid-June. Hello, I was told to give a week's notice - I gave a month and a freaking half! I was told it was all fine, especially since I said I'd be totally free after that, and weekends and summer's the busiest time (but I always worked Saturday nights to make up for being unable to do the day). So this week, I totally forgot that I hadn't let them know I had an exam on Monday. I couldn't get hold of the manager, so I called the other guy and said to him, could I maybe have a few days off this weekend to study, I'm really worried about it? I can do Sunday easily, but let me know if you need me to work the other days? He said it should be fine, it was my exams after all, and I apologised for not letting them know sooner. Then the next day, I got a TEXT from the manager - Kirsty, I'm naming and shaming - to say that the
other guy
had explained the situation, but "unfortunately, I am unable to offer you any further work DUE TO YOUR UNAVAILABILITY"!!!!!!!!!!! BY TEXT!!!!!! So I'm gonna get the money she owes me - I'm going to TEXT back and be all nice and ask her to post it - but I'm not sure what the worst of it is - the fact that I have to walk past it every day, or that I can't even get a damn reference! Actually considering offering my services to the new HOTEL that opened up just down the road...
body ice cream, anyone?
I was working at an ice cream parlor, and of course all this ice cream fell on ME when MY CO-WORKER dropped the bucket. It was pretty funny at the time, and i took some off my cheek and ate it. I joked around and asked if my co-worker wanted some (he said no haha) but my boss came and fired me. Of course this happened the day after his wife left him. Excuse me for being happy!
What the heck
so i was working at Food City (a grocery store) and i messed up my knee pretty bad and they said that i needed to bring in a doctors excuse before i came back in. and this was on a saturday that they told me this so i had to work the next day and then monday rolled around and they marked out my name and stuff and told my best friend i was fired and then they never told me and i walked into work and everyone asked me why i was there and i said to work and they said but you don't even have job here anymore and i was like what the heck.. so yeah i dont think i will EVER work in a grocery store anymore.
Fired at a company
I am a Java programmer at a major corporation. I was too lazy to make my own program so I copied it off the internet. I was fired the next day because I did that, now I went from making $90,000 dollars a year to less than $25,000 working at Wal Mart.
167$ gone...
I work at a McDonalds Resteraunt in Canada, i usually work in the back. well one day we hired this new guy, he seemed cool. well on his first shift alone his till (cash) was short 167$...your only allowed to be up, or down 3$ on a till...well turns out he had all that money in is pockets....instantally fired....it was pretty bad considering it was his first shift alone after being trained.
Fired For the Color of My Hair!!!!
I worked for a resturaunt that rhymes with smickadilly, and I was a waitress, well I like funky colors. Well our uniforms were hunter green, so I decided to dye my BANGS (Not Even My Whole HEAD OF HAIR) Teal Green, The Manager told me that I had 1 week to change the color of my hair of I would be terminated. I choose not to come in until the next payday to get my last check. I mean this resturaunt paid 2.15 an hour UNDER the waitress law, Plus It was a very slow resturaunt with people who didn't tip well, When I dyed my Bangs people would call me over and say Oh I wanted to see if your hair was really teal of if it was a reflection off the lights in the resturaunt, There by starting a conversation leading to more tips. But NOOO none of that!!!
Mexican Restaurant
I started working at this Mexican restaurant because a friend of mine was friends with the owner and they needed a part time bartender. It was a decent job, $7 an hour plus tip out, so I was happy. Everyone was cool except this one girl, Joy. She was the snottiest little girl I had ever seen. She was also friends with the owner and got away with everything. She would even tell customers who asked to see the manager that the owners of the store were her parents! Her PARENTS? Whatever, she was a jerk. Well, I started needing more work, so they let me come in on Tuesdays and Thursdays to run the cash register. It was like my second cash register shift, and I didn't know what I was doing. So I kind of sat off to the side while the other two were working (not even offering to teach me or whatever). I was really starting to get tired of Joy's attitude, so when she looked over at me and said "What are you doing?" So I
responded that I was waiting for someone to show me what
to do. Ooh, she was like 'You need to find something to do'. I was so pissed that I snapped. I started on a little rant that went something like this: "Joy, you are a jerk. Just because you are friends with the owners doesn't mean you can treat people like dirt. I don't understand why you are such a jerk. Were you mistreated as a child? Because you are a jerk. A short little jerk." All she could reply was "You need to do your job". HAHAHA. Well, the owners knew she was a jerk. The dishwashers were congratulating me, telling me that they had my back and everything, EVERYONE hated this jerk. So the next time I bartended, she wouldn't ask me for the drinks so she wouldn't have to tip me out. At the end of the night I went up to her all sympathetic and said this exactly: "Joy, I didn't realize things were so tight. I have some canned goods in my cabinets at home if you need". Well, I guess she decided then to tattle on me. Of course, I was scheduled to leave
Spring Break, and when I was in the Keys, I discovered that I had Shingles. So I called work and told them that I wouldn't come in the next time because I have shingles and I can infect little kids and stuff. Well when I finally did show up, they had another bartender and told me they wouldn't need me. Oh well, it felt so gooooood to put that little jerk in her place. I wish it hadn't had to be that way, she was a little hottie. I think I was secretly attracted to her jerkiness.
Something you weren't suppose to hear
At the time I was 17 and I had gotten a job a the local Burger King I was working the drive thru when a rude costumer drove in I was talking to my co worker about the rude man when I said, " Wow that is one rude guy that is one burger I'm definetly spitting in." then to my surprise the man answered me by saying that's one burger I'm not buying and of course he told my boss and I was fired on the spot!

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