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  Firing Stories
Real simple, I worked at a fancy-schmancy chocolate store, where expensive, hand made chocolates were made. I had only worked a few months, and already, I realized that the people who came in were extremely wealthy to afford such chocolate. Well, evidently, so did a petty thief. When a rather large woman came into the store, a man came in and swipped her bag. She screamed, and I chased after him. I tackled him, and got the purse back, but he ran away. No harm done, right? I got the purse back, and I continued work as usual. That night, I got called to see the manager. He informed me, that I he found me guilty of "leaving work and fighting", and I was thus fired. The woman did feel bad, and gave me a nice tip, but it wasn't worth my job.
Scared boss
So my dad worked as a cook when he was younger. (he's a great cook) It paid pretty good and his boss never had any problems with his work or style. My dad found it boring so one day he looked at his boss and said "I think I'll quit" so his boss (surprisingly) said "I think it's for the best"
mabye his boss was too imtimidated to fire him?
Say What??!
One day some employees were making chit chat and idling around the office, I overheard them saying what a terrible boss I am so I walked up and said "say what?!" and the employee said "you heard exactly what I said about HIM" not knowing it was me, so I said "ok well HE says you're fired":) I'm actually a nice guy.
Food Fight
I'm bored unless something interesting is going on, so working at McDonalds was a bad idea I guess, It was Sunday and hardly anyone had come through to eat, there was a lot of leftover food and I was working the fryer, being as bored as I was, I picked up a handful of fries and threw it at my buddy working there as well, he walked over and started throwing food at everyone this started a huge food fight while the manager was out, no one was in the store or the drive thru, so everyone working there was all over the store throwing any food they could find, the whole place was covered in cheap greasy food. The manager comes in to check on us and got hit with something, I forgot what, but it made a mess. He proceded to shout and asked who started the food fight, everyone pointed to everyone and I said I did it and left, I hate McDonald's anyways.
Daycares are Full of Crazy People
I worked at a daycare center in San Antonio, Tx. One of my fellow employees was a horrible woman named Maunuela. She had managed to run off 6 other ladies in my position. She was moody and constantly trying to frame others for mistakes she made. One day I made the mistake of telling her that I was going to call in sick one Friday so I could go out of town, this was at the request of my husband. She got mad at me for some stupid reason, and the next day when my husband called to tell them i was sick the assistant director said that they knew everything and I needed to come to work that day. I was mortified and called them later and told the idiots I would not be back. She sounded surprised. I still don't know why they kept that awful lady who looked like a bull dog and bossed everyone around and the parents didnt even like her. It was a bad job anyway.
You can't fire me!
Before I start, you should know that gas pump assistance is NEVER an option in New York, but it's the ONLY option in New Jersey, so I'm sure this sort of thing happens all the time: I was filling up my gas tank (in NY) and decided to clean off my windshield. So I grab the squeegee and start cleaning when a car with a NJ plate pulls up at the other side of the pump and the woman behind the wheel rolls down her wondow and calls out to me, "Hey, fill it up with 89 octane!" I wasn't quite sure how to react, so I politely said, "I'm sorry, ma'am, but you will have to pump your own gas today. If you want, I can be a jerk to you as you go about it." Well, the woman gets out of her car and marches straight inside and comes out not 2 minutes later with the manager (whom I happen know since I always gas up there). He sees me and decides to have some fun with this woman and starts screaming at me about how this isn't Jersey
and we don't allow people to pump gas for other people
and then, after screaming and ranting for a few minutes, he yells very loudly, "YOU'RE FIRED!" I look at him with a smile, then at the woman, and ask, "Okay...but I want some compensation for the day of work I've given you..." and then I got into my car and drove away. I went back later that day and he said the woman honestly thought I had stolen a car as payback for being fired until he explained to her (slowly) that I didn't work for him.
Staples sucks
So yeah, I worked the retail electronic gig in high school. Needed some cash over the summer and got a job at Staples. I told them on the application, interview and when I started I was going on a one week vacation in about a month. Didn't have a problem with that. I worked the first four boring staples weeks. My manager asked me everyday different sales questions and I had to answer questions or pretend I was talking to a customer. He told me every day he wanted to see some numbers and I told him everyday there were absolutely NO customers looking at computers or cameras. I spent my day stocking ink and helping ppl find replacements. I could not believe it, I worked at circuit city and had 100s of customers looking for computers each day. But at Staples for the entire four weeks I had only 2 customers interested in computers. Ugh. So I went on vacation, to Bonnaroo in Tennessee, of course I didn't tell them that's were I was. When I came back
a day early, I went in to grab my paycheck and let
them know I could start back a day early. The customer service girl said my manager was busy but would call me with a schedule. Waited two days. Called in. Same girl. He'll call you. Waited another day. Called in. Got my manager, Seth. Said He'd call me once he made a schedule. Waited a few more days. Called. Same Girl. He'll Call you. Is he in today? Yes, but he's busy. So, I went in there to confront my manager and ask him why I haven't started working or been given a schedule. He said that they just have a small hour pool, and I would only be called in when needed. I told him that if they thought my numbers were bad, it's because there's no traffic in this Staples, and if he wanted to fire me because I couldn't sell to non-existant customers, that he should be a man and fire me instead of letting me go on vacation and hoping I wouldn't come back. I told him I dreaded coming back, because Staples sucks so much compared to any other retail store i've been in, and that i don't enjoy it here, but I
can do the
work and need the money. I just looked him in the eye for a minute, and decided to break the silence and ask him if he was going to tell me what's really going on here.
He said "we have nothing to discuss." and walked away.
I didn't mind being fired from a bad job, it just pisses me off when people can't even do THAT.
car wash
when i was pregnant, i worked at a local car wash as a cashier. the manager knew i was pregnant and having morning sickness so i was sitting down alot between customers. so the punk fired me for sitting down alot. the day i got fired, the district manager was there that day and the manager told me that they "werent impressed with me". but they didnt know that i was stealing.
Forklift Fun
While working in the lumber department at a big chain home improvement store that rhymes with Blowe's, customers would often just leave trash from their trucks in the parking lot. One slow morning, a customer left a large (about 3 feet tall) stuffed bunny behind. I had the bright idea to put it on top of the entry way to the lumber entrance of the building. And the best way to do that, is with a forklift! Long story short, me and a co-worker spent about 20 minutes doing this and forgot to take it down later to get rid of the evidence. The entire thing was caught on camera. We both got fired after working there for over 4 years. We were glad.
Too Funny
i was working at a gas station on the day shift , when my shift was done i left and the next cashier took over. he aparently got bored and locked up, filled his tank for free, and bailed. the next morning my manager realized by the register print out what he had done. he never came in that afternoon, of course, so i had to stay late till she got someone else to come in, when my relief got their she called me into the back room and fired me saying that her regional manager told her she had to fire someone to set an example and since he wasn't there she choose me (skiny blonde gets the ax). well she hired a new girl for second shift and gave the other night person mine. new chick didn't show up so the girl on my shift had to stay, she got pissed n called a bunch of her friends for free fill ups, sodas, chips etc. then closed earlier than the previous guy. when she closed she didn't bring in the iced down soda displays, the oil rack, or lock the ice
machine.. all was taken by morning.. the manager
came to my door the next morning asking me to come back because she didn't have enough help to cover the hours,, i'm still lmao!!!!!!! and of course i didnt go back.. all i have to say is she is lucky one of the early closers didn't rob the place blind.
Picking up Shifts
Okay, so I worked at a sandwich shop for about 8 months. I was a good employee I got to work on time every day (well almost), I did my work, and left. Anyway my manager was a real jerk, he yelled at people for no reason, came to work drunk, just sucked at everything. So one day I come into work and he is on me about everything that goes wrong that day so I decide to quit. So next week I pick up every shift I can get, morning, night, all of them. So after accumulating over 80 hrs. in one week. I walk in during our most busy rush of the week. My manager yells at me for not spreading the mayo evenly. I threw the spatchula on the floor and told him to do it his got damn self. Needless to say I got a couple of angry phone calls from work over the next few days. Because noone would take their shifts back and a couple of people followed my lead and quit with me. :)
I was working one day up at local Sonic in and my day was not going to well. I've benn working there for 2 years and made assistant manager in 6 months. I was the best employee there. Anyhow my day was bad, and customers were being jerks. This one women was a major jerk. Our ice cream machine was down for the day do to functional errors. This women wanted ice cream which we did not have. My car hop goes out to the women and tells her personaly, just to be yelled at. I go out to see the problem. This women is telling me that i'm a bad person with people and that it's my fault we have no ice cream. she wanted to pay with a Sonic card but our machines at the time didn't take them. This women was straight yelling at me for somthing i can't control. So I looked her in the eyes and told her off (you should have seen her face) the next day I was fired then rehired to come back as a cook to make more than I was as an assistant manager. Now I'm manager
again and making more money.
funny calendar
my boss gave me a lecture on being accurate (his principle joy in life is in lecturing everyone) and demanded why my dates for Xmas operations were wrong. I looked at his calendar and his was the only calendar that went fron Monday to Sunday whereas every normal person has a Sunday to Saturday calendar. Never the less it made him madder that he was wrong.
When he moved to the west coast, he made history as being the one of the very few who got fired from a gov't dept. for not competing a project on schedule. Guess I wasn't around to look at his stupid calendar and put up with his lectures.
Turns out you can have too much bacon
My friend was working at mcdonalds in the grill area where you make the burgers, another friend who worked there ordered a burger, well she put an extra slice of bacon on her burger (oh dear god!!!) and they both got fired hahahahahaha conspiracy is what they got fired for i guess.
i work in a school in NYC & everyday we read stories. So when it was time to read stories one teacher Ms. Harper would take off her sandals & rub her toes, clip ,& use a Pedegg. Everyday her toe crust would fall from her toe soles onto the ground.I know gross. So around Christmas i got her some feet lotion. And the same teacher was always musty, so I bought her some Dove Deodorent. A week later I was called to the office & was told I was fired.
Deli of Disaster
It was my first actual payroll job and they stuck me behind the deli counter, showed me ONCE how to use the equipment, didn't watch me do it to make sure I was doing it right, and left me to find the salad recipies by myself. After about 2 weeks of wondering who's going to bitch at me because all of my co-workers lived in this tiny hick town their whole lives and were old hags (except one.) I got a call that my mother was on the other side of the state in intensive care for a burst brain aneurysm, so I call off for the next couple of days and left. She almost died (by mere minutes,) and I called the next day to update them after I told my manager where I was and why, she said "Well, you're really not working out anyways, so we're just going to let you go." What the hell do employers expect of us? I could understand if I was googing off, but hell!
Crazy vietnamese boss!
So I worked at this local vietnamese restraunt called McPhoi Phoi Noodel for three months. I was hired to do all kinds of things from dishes, cleanup, playing waiter, cash register. I do a pretty darn good job here when I work and make it clean and good but it takes a while..so my crazy boss (who also owns the place) yells and screams at me in vietnamese and english, "You schtoopid white boy! Wok fasta! Learn to do fast! Fast!" and he throws stuff at me. So I be patient and cope with this for three long months, hey the pay was pretty good for the first two (his girlfriend was in charge of pay and felt sorry for me)..well the final month my boss came to know of my pay and got pissed so he started treating me bad to make me feel that I should quit. The third month was finishing and it was payday so I came to him and asked him at the end of my shift. He screams and throws a penny at me and says, "hea white boy! yo pay! fo
woking hard!".
I got pissed so I threw a fish at his head and got a bowl of noodles and threw them at him, his customers, and all over the place!
Sleeping on the job
I was working at mcdonalds at 10:00pm at the drive thru..i was bored out of my mind...and also really tired cause no one had come for a while. so...i actually fell asleep when a customer pulls in. i was snoring very loud when they gave their order. so they pulled up and started cussing me out because i was asleep on my job. i got fired and i have never walked in to that mcdonalds ever since then.
Where Are We?
I had one employee at Burger King in drive thru spend the whole afternoon correcting customers orders to sound like McDonalds foods and verifying the order that way convincing them we were bought out by McDonalds. (i.e. a Whopper was now a Quarter Pounder, etc) I finally had to fire him after several warnings.
About 2 years ago i was working at the Coop,"the feed mill" in Bryan Texas. My boss and i didn't really get along too well and one day me and got into it and i ended up saying some things that i ended up regretting. He decided to make me change out all of the cat boxes "redneck litter box" for the cats that kept the mice out of the feed. well i didn't appreciate that so i dumped 2 tons of sheep and goat finisher on his desk and then dragged it with a forklift through the 7 acre warehouse until it finally met its final resting place on top of the 2 and 1/2 story stack of deer corn. needless to say i lost that job, and am no longer allowed near that feed store,"or forklifts, ironicly" but it was worth it to get back at that jerk.

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