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  Firing Stories
Great Ameica
During the summer, when I was 17 years old, I was working at the Outback Shack restaurant in Great America. One day I was carrying a box full of drinks and I fell. I spilled the drinks and they were no good anymore. My supervisor came in and yelled at me and said that I was fired. That was that and I never worked there ever again.
Oh, Baby!
I was working security at a downtown mall with my boyfriend and his best friend. We had found out that I was pregnant in early Sept, I was written up 7 times for utterly ridiculous stuff (taking too many bathroom/snack breaks, not taking it when people pushed my pregnancy buttons on purpose) basically they thought that my pregnancy symptoms were not allowing me perform properly. So, about 4-5 weeks after we find out, I was let go. The kicker is, that not only was I fired, but my boyfriend AND his friend was fired!
I was only trying to help.
A few years ago, I was working for a Medical Transcription Company (listening to doctors' recordings and typing what they say). Prior to working for this particular company, I had worked for a large Internal Medicine practice called ICP. Dave, my boss at the time of this story, wanted so badly to get a contract with ICP, and I thought I might be able to help him by setting up a meeting with Dave and the office manager from ICP (Kevin). So I sent the office manager from ICP (Kevin) a personal fax inviting him to an event that I was also trying to get Dave to attend. In a sense, I was trying to hook them up like they do in the TV sitcoms. Anyway, it backfired on me because my personal fax came through on a paper that had of our biggest client's letterhead. It apparently looked like a medical letter from them, but it was a personal letter from me. One of the girls at ICP called my boss and squealed on me (She was my arch enemy
when I worked at ICP) notifying him that I sent her boss a personal letter that came through on the letter head of one of the doctor's offices who was our biggest client. My boss, Dave, called me on the spot and said, "Joanne, I can't believe you did that. I'm going to have to fire you. But you can come back again in 6 months to work." (Yeah, like I was going to come back to work for a guy who fires me for using the fax machine in an attempt to help him gain business. It was a blessing in disguise because Dave was a total jerk anyway.
The Witch
I had been working at "Subway" for almost 2years when my boss quit. Well after she quit I was the longest employee. so the company put me as the temporary manger. for three months I ran that store, I knew everything about and how to do it all. well they finally found some one to be the manger. well this lady found out that I was the one that would be training her, she never mad a sub ever in her life. she found out that I was the one that was in charge and everyone that worked there listened to me. she played it out to be really nice and cool. well one day I needed to take off and she didn?t give me the day off so I had some one else come in for me. later that night when I was done with the other stuff I needed to deal with I went to the store to check on everything. Let me first say that the next day I was supposed to be there at 8am, and work all day long till 9pm. I went into the store and saw two people there, my new manger and the guy
that I had come in for me. right then she fired me. no reasoning, all she said top me was "You lying little B****, get out of my store and don't ever come back." I looked at her and corrected her that I wasn't the b****, and that she was. and told her that she'll never be able to run that store like I did. with in the following two weeks, everyone quit on her. and the third week she quit.
my crazy boss
i was going to work one day and my boss walked in and we was all just standing around and she got mad and fired us all later that day i went back and tried to get my job back so she gave it back to me and then fired me again for no reason. i was so mad.
late again
i was late for the seventh time so i got fired
fired for working
I had a manager at walmart that i guess felt that i made him look bad in the community and at work because of my good work and involvement with people and charities etc, well he had tried to get me to quit and fire me several times over the year but to no success, well finally he decided to fired me for working too much on schedules they approved and then offereing me up to 40 hours overtime to help unload trucks, needless to say he said i was fired for workign too many days , oh and i'm just letting my attorney handle it and anyways he already now has a very bad image in our community from how he has treated me and several other associates over the last year.
Well , it was my last day when i argued with my boss in a rude manner and my termination letter was on my table after 15 min
a piece of my mind
I worked at tyson fresh meats for about a year and a couple of months. And one day I was in a bad mood my supervisor and I always got along but that day I assume us both were not having a good day and she gave me a piece of her mind she todally snapped on me so I snapped back. I got sent to the superintendent's office and got fired for talking back to my supervisor. So basically I got the message if you don't have anything good to say don't say it all.
Everyone loves a clean-shaven rat
I had been working at a local Chuck E. Cheeses, My position was in the arcade section, but occasionaly each employee would be persuaded into jumping into the Chuck E costume, a 6 foot tall "hip" rat.
Anyhow upon my arrival to work, in full wardrobe, I had been taken out of my superior acting debut (as a Friendly Rat) walked in to the office and immediately questioned about some stuble on my face. that was it; it was all over. fired mere seconds later, never to return.
i had no idea
i got fired from my job at Burger King because i thougth it would be funny to come dressed as a chicken to my job ieven was walking and acting like a chicken when i got to work iguess it wasnt funny!!!
Terminate because of taking Company Money
I was a manager in a leader restaurant, because I was addicted with gambling, It was ruined my life. I feel so sorry for my self, I lost everything in life that I've dreamt of. I got terminated after the day I took a company money for almost 4000 dollars, I had co-operated by go to the head office of my company I worked and we have a talk, I had told them why I took the money and what reason I took it. I got terminate on that day, I volunteer to turn my self to the police station in Santamonica, I was arrested. They put me in jail for one whole night,it was my first and freaking time I've ever had. I look to myself and think look at you Santhana, A Smart and Full of Knowlegde Manager sleep in a jail. I was crying and feel so sorry about my future. Right now, my case not finish yet, I have to go back to the court on 01/22nd/2007. At least, I feel better cos PD told me, they won't put me to jail, the court will order
me to take probation, because I was co-operated with everything, they don't really beleive why I volunteer to take myself to the Police Station to get arrested. Most of the Crime, they try to run away, but not for me, I just feel I have to responsible for my case, and I did paid the company back. everything I did bad, I already solve. I write this story not about the money but I just want everybody knows that Gambling can make you nut and ruin your life and I just want to let the world knows so I feel better for my self. I know I am not gonna get a good job from today, but at least I paid back what I did and try to be a new man in a golden country.
Employee Harrassement
I was an employee at our Target store near the Del Amo Mall here in Torrance .

Anyway another store employee was bothering me while I was working in the womens dressing room all alone by myself .
I didnt have anyone to help me so I had to do something because my supervisor at the store wouldnt help me .

My Job coach was never there when I needed her .

The other store employees wouldnt help me .

So I got fired for doing something that I shouldnt have done .

A nerf ball..... It hurt this time!
My Fiance was working at that yucky store that begins with a W. Where everyone goofs off all the time by the way. It was a very slow night and he was picking a little nerf ball off of the floor and he tried to throw it into a shopping cart. Well he missed and an assistant manager saw and they fired him for not following store rules. I swear other people there including managers dont get fired for sexual harrasment and other things but throw a nerf ball and you are out of there.
My day started normal and while I was working my boyfriend sent me an email and I sent him one back he sent me a very nasty e-mail and it got forwarded to my boss!! I got fired that day.
The Wrong Comment
So I was working in a video rental store. The store was dead at the moment with only myself and my Manager working. There wasn't much to do but place some videos back on the shelf. So my girlfriend walks in to say hi to me...I tell her to just look around until I'm done putting back the movies. My manager walks up to me and tells me he wants to talk to me privately in the back...(there was no one in the store but the 3 of us). So he tells me that I can't have my girlfriend around cause its interrupting my concentration at work and that I should tell her to leave the store..I look at him like if he was kidding, but he wasn't. So being the good employee I am, I walk up to her and tell her to just wait in the car about 15 minutes until my break time came around because of what my manager said...she didn't take this lightly so she leaves the store, saying a couple of things under her breath..nothing personal towards the manager. At that
moment he turns to me and says "If she wasn't such a b****, I might have let her stay". So I lose all perception of reality and start firing at him verbally with every cus word I've ever learned since pre-school. As I'm doing this, I start approaching him so he thinks I was trying to attack him and proceeds to jump the check-out counter and tells me to leave the store. I walk outside and with all that adrenaline pumping, I knock over a trash can that was cemented down to the sidewalk. At the moment he peeks outside and says, "thats coming out of your paycheck mister." So I said screw you I quit, picked up my last paycheck the following week (paid in full) and never saw the place again.
Computer guy working, when i was told that a shop guy could use one of our old computers. So i hooked it up for him and aked him what he needed to do with it. He said print. So i added him to the network with printing privilages. The boss guy who told me he could have the computer got all upset... So i cracked a pencil and threw it at the wall with disgust. The next day i was fired :)- And of course i collected my unemployment benefits of $405 per week all that summer :)
sleeping on the job
I was working security overnights and it was common to nap a little at night with two guards present. So I layed down in the dark, on the floor, curled up in a ball, next to a space heater in a room just off of the guard desk. Anyhow, I was awaken by a security inspector at about 3am. Ha Ha, I still collected unemployment benefits after being fired:)-
Dumb Excuse
I was working as a hostess in a resturaunt only for a couple of weeks when i decided to go out drinking one night. Despite the fact that I had to work the next morning, I got a little wasted. Early in the morning, I woke up with a terrible hangover. I decided to call my manager and in a state of panic, the first excuse that came out of my mouth was that my dog had run away and I needed to catch him so I would not be able to make it in to work that day. I was fired shortly after the incident.

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