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  Firing Stories
Burnt Hair
I burnt my bosses hair when we were having a cigarette, I went inside grabbed a drink - which unfortunately was vodka from last weeks party- and tipped it over his head. His head was burning so so bad, I called the ambulance just in time my mate Bill came over and chucked some water over his head. The first thing I heard him say was ' your fired! '
Thrown up and out
I once called in because i was sick and throwing up every where. When i called in i was told that i didnt have any sick days, so i decided to go in. Within the first 30 Min. of being there i threw up all over a lady and her baby. I was immediately fired and sent home.
boss hates me
i went in to work to check the schedule to see when i worked that week and it said that i worked the next day at 4:00pm the next day i went into work and the boss called me in to his office and said why are you late i'm not yes you are he said i have you on the schedule for2:00 not 4:00 your fired
Wrong Place For the Bowl
My friend got a job at a local restaurant as a dihwasher, and he was pretty happy about it. Well, one day when he was finished washing a bowl, he set it down on the counter beside him. His boss saw this and began to yell at him for not immediately placing the bowl with the others. My friend tried to explain that he was just about to do that but his boss wouldnt listen and he got fired.
sick child
My daughter had two surgeries in a 2 year time frame. I mised two days work for each one of them. After the 2nd one my boss had his secretary to call me and let me go. I immediately called him to see what was going on . I mean with hospital bills for this we needed my job. he agreed to keep me on . So the next day as I was leaving for work my cell phone rang . it was him telling me that he had changed his mind, I was fired . Not only was I fired i never received my last paycheck. I now have a better paying job with better hours. thank God
i was working at a git-in-go and i was hungry and thirsty at the same time so i thought that a shrimp slushy would do the job of filling me up....unfortunately the manager caught me and i was fired!!
well i was cutting a lawn for a bit of extra cash and well....i kinda chopped up their most expensive plant that they had had for about 10 years oppps lol.
I was working for a company that packaged things for convenience stores . This story is not funny but it's the only one I have . I was working for them for about three weeks and the man that hired me had already told me that he didn't care how slow I was as long as Ididn't make any mistakes which Ididn't after I got the hang of what I was doing . But after three weeks they called me into the office and fired me because I was 2 slow it really sucked 2 because i couldn't go back 2 the job i had before . Now though Ihave a very good job making alot more money than I was there .
called the county health department
I was a waitress at a hotel restaurant that had a banquet facility on the 8th floor and the regular restaurant on the 10th floor. When passing by the banquet facility kitchen on the service elevator, the stench was overwhelming. I called the county health department from the restaurant telephone and told them how bad the kitchen was. The operator that helped me get the number was horrified when I told her the story. The garbage disposal on the dish-washing machine was broken and all backed up with rotten garbage and dirty dishes. There were stacks of dirty dishes everywhere; pots and pans, plates, eveything. The floor was filthy, the walk-in cooler was filled with rotten, uncovered food, the lights were burned out in the cooler too. They were giving banquets, but never cleaned up afterwards. They had over ten pages of citations and were fined a lot of money. I told the head-waiter what I had done, and he told the boss. The
boss asked me if I had called and I said '
yes'. I wasn't surprised when she fired me, but felt good about what I had done.
Its not what it seems
I was mowing lawns for a lady in the middle of fall and as soon as I was done all of the leaves blew all over the lawn again. I was so exhausted so I went to sit down and as I was drinking water the lady came home and saw the work I had done but to her it looked like I hadn't lifted a finger. I haven't recieved a call back since.
slap that boss
i slaped my boss because she told me that i couldnt go to the restroom when i had to go very badly. he said you can go in ten minutes when your brake is but i couldn't wait!!!
Star Trek Was Too Interesting
So I had a job at a Grocery store called Giant Tiger in Canada. I was a good worker and all for about 3 months. However, after the three months they shifted my schedule over an hour, so I had time to go home after school instead of directley to work, this is where Star Trek compelled me. I would watch star trek deep space nine then go to work no problem, I got into it about 2 seasons, when they transfered my shifts back to their original time. However, I chose to come in an hour and a half late to work everyday because I did not want to miss star trek cause it was getting so damn interesting. After about 3 weeks of this I was fired. There you have it, I lost my job because of star trek, and I don't even regret it
Pudding prank
My friend worked at a vase shop and was a real prankster so one day she decided to fill a vase that her boss was showing to customers with chocolate pudding. A woman went there tring to find a vase to match fake flowers she had and my friends boss a
showed her the one with pudding (not knowing it had pudding in it) and the woman stuck the flowers in it to see how it looked and when she pulled them out she screamed and scared off customers the next day she was fired! lol Right!
no shoes no job
ok, when i was 16 i had worked at this hair-cuttery. there was a dress code which made you wear fancy shoes EX:HIGH HEELS. n*e*wayz, i went to work one day after school and forgot to change my sneaks. so i called my bf. to bring me my heels. when i sw him pull up outside i took my shoes off inside the store and ran outside to get the heels. when i came back in to put them on, the big boss came out and told me i was unprofessional and was fired. whatever!! there wasnt even any customers in the store.
joke gone bad
I got fired when i made fun of my boss and my boss in the office overhearheard it and fired me for that.
Oh "Shoot!"
I'm a security guard. I was working on one of my cites when I saw one of my friends and we just started foolin around. He showed me his bibi gun he had jus got and I was showin him my sexy gun poses. So while we were getting out of control, my boss showed up and was watchin me point the gun at random strangers while I was at work. Think thas it? Here's is why this was teh worst day ever. I was a new employee, I had no met my boss yet. He was comin to give me the uniform and the badges and all that stuff. I was dressed in dress pants and the work shirt for my work. So the cops were involved and everyone thought I was some psycho killer. Good thing it didn't go on my criminal record!
i was fired
alright i was working in a messagenger place but i was still in school and i kept on going to work late then and my job was taking money out of my check next thing u know i said something three days later FIRED just like dat they told me that they had to let me go becuase i was getting 2 work to late
Have a nive trip? See you next fall.
My sister and I worked at the same place at this time. After I had been there about a month, my sister quit because our boss verbally abused and cussed at her. On the next day I worked with our boss, she 'accidentally' dropped a slice of tomato right as I took a step causing me to sprain my left ankle. I had already sprained that ankle twice, so, it was pretty bad when it got sprained at that time. By the way, I saw her looking over her shoulder every time she heard me move. Looking back at this point, I know she was waiting for me to take a step in the direction she was planning on dropping the tomato slice. After everything was said and done, she fired me because I had to sit down when my ankle bothered me too bad. What she said was that she couldn't have me there not doing anything. I had to sit down once every hour. I was there for 7 hours a day. I only sat down, maybe, 5 minutes other than we I ate lunch or dinner,
depending on what hours I worked. Is
that a bad (or good) enough for ya?
how i got fired
well it all started when i was sitting at my desk as usual doing my work.when i suddenly began to feel bored so i decided to play some computer games. while my boss was having his dinner. i was shouting every time i shot the people on it.i was shoting that much i heared a creak at the door when in came my boss.
'wot are you doing i heared shouting every time i tried to take a bite of my samwich'.
i just stared at him.
he came over to look at my computer i quickly tried to minimise it but i minimised the wrong one.
'katie,you are fired for playing computer games'.
so thats how i got fired all because of me playing computer games.
when i went to work my boss said yo your fired and i ask y he said because yo were`t hired.

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