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so i brought my boyfriend to work and he was pretending that he didn't know me and like was totally checking me out and then he came up to me and started kissing me while i was gettin some coffee for an old lady and it spilled all over!! i got fired for being inappropriate during work hours! i didn't dump him though, because the job payed a really lil mount of money!
Fired From Pharmacy
i used to work at liss pharmacy as a stock boy. For physics finals, the school decided to take us to six flags where they assigned us rides and we had to calculate the velocity, force, and other physics stuff. i had someone cover for me, but he never showed up. I got fired because i did not show up even after i emphasized that i had finals and someone was supose to cover for me. he kept the job. (probably because he was the boss' son).
when i tried to get my job back, they told me that they don't hire guys because girls works more efficient. they hired few new stock boys who are boys not girls afterwards.
Well i got pissed at my boss [who treated me like a jerk and I was practically his slave and he being like 30 and me 19 hit ont me all the time] so one day before work I went to the pet store and filled his office with mice and roaches!!!I left him a note with my employee stuff telling him he was such a jerk and that i quit, also that he could go to hell.
I worked at this hotel as front desk manager and my boyfriend needed a place to stay. I suggested the hotel I worked at. Then the boss fired me because I was dating a guest. uhg
PetSmart is not very smart.
I have been working at PetSmart for 10 months.
3 months as Stock and 7 months as a Night Pet Care Associate.
I started working for the PetsHotel in Jan. 24th, 2008.
I worked the overnight shift. They made me full-time, gave me benefits, and then fired me soon after I got my benefits. They fired me for leaving the PetsHotel to go into the break room on my break. But I didnâ??t know I was setting off motion detectors every time as I left the PetsHotel. I wish they would have warned me or at least written me up...
Not a word from them. Well, not entirely true. They questioned me as they were going to fire me. Would have been nice if I knew I wasnâ??t allowed to go into the break room. They also accused me of causing damage to the womenâ??s bathroom. Apparently the toilet was broken and it flooded. There were also some notes left in the bathroom that they said matched my handwriting. Which seriously they should get the authorities involved that can analyze the handwriting or dust for prints to see who the real perpetrator instead of wrongfully accusing someone because you didnâ??t get your facts straight.
I loved my job, I had no reason to do such things. They gave me full-time because I was the hardest working night associate. Even when there was 114 dogs, I still busted my butt checking on the pets EVERY hour, clean the facility, prepare and give out food, walk the dogs and cleanup afterwards.
The PetsHotel doesnâ??t have its own break room and the fridge in the kitchen is not big enough to keep my food and drinks because it is filled with the petsâ?? wet food and snacks. It is just a mini-fridge. I had fun playing with all the cute dogs and cats.
I live in an apartment that does not allow dogs. So I really had fun with my job. I looked up other instances of PetSmart employees being wrongfully terminated, and there were lots of people speaking out. I think I may go apply for PetCo
Sick Days
So I was working as a courtesy clerk at this grocery store, and in my opinion for a 100 pound, 5'3 girl I was doing a pretty good pushing around carts, and bagging and I know I have good customer service skills. Well the manager that has the authority to fire and all that doesn't really pay attention to how well people work so when I called in and said I wouldn't be able to work for about 2 or 3 days because I was in the emergency room sick she said I was a liar and that I should never come back. I didn't even get to give her my doctor's note.
Stupid Idiots :(
i was working at a grocery store had been for a year one day i was stacking the fruit up and my boss said i was stacking wrong and she showed me how to do it but i always had stacked it that way and she had seen me do it that way thousands of times anyways her daughter came to work there she thought she could do anything she likes because its her moms shop she was 15 i was 23 and she was telling me what to do and that so one day i had enough then the boss called me into the backroom for a chat i was thinking what had i done then she starts saying ive been eating the fruit and veg from the shop which was so un true i said what makes you think this and she said some one saw you do it i was thinking that little cow lieing about me to her mom.. so i just got up took my apron and badge of and said you no what you can screw your job and take it up your arse then as i walked out the daughter had a huge obvious smirk on her face so i got the closest
thing to hand which had to be a oranges and
started throwing loads at her and just walk out her and the stupid mom where gob smack i got a better job in an office 2 weeks after :)
Duck and Cover!
My boss use to scream about everything. In the Three years of working at the firm I don't think I had ever heard the boss talk to the workers in the office like people and in a pitch that couldn't shatter glass.
Sure I had my bouts with the boss but generally I liked to keep my head down smile, nod and then mumble hatred to myself as I walked off. Then at the beginning of the year it got worseâ?¦
From the moment you walked into the office till the time you left, all you could hear was this ridiculous screeching. Employees left, right and centre where getting yelled at from a dizzy height.
Then day after day it was my turn, everywhere I went I had this barbarians voice in my ear.
Finally, I just couldnâ??t take it anymore
She was laying into me about a report that was done incorrectly because she all of sudden decided to change the format without letting anyone and wanted to know why is hadnâ??t been done the way SHE wanted it,
It was then I turned and at the same pitch said,
Yeah thing are generally quieter these daysâ?¦
I still chuckle to myself when I think about it
By the way
So I started working at McDonald's Drive thru for about 2 weeks. Well I woke up late and was like 3 hours late for work. I called them and apologized and asked if I could make up the hours later that night. They agreed and I was there and when the manager had fixed the schedule she had me working a 9 hour shift! About 1 1/2 hrs later I get my 15 min break, cool. Then went back in the "hole" after about 3 hours I asked the manager if I could take a smoke break and sit down for a min. She said I had already had my break and that I would get no other break. I went back to work, the anger pressure in my head steaming. After about 5 mins I put the headset down between customers, grabbed my stuff and started to walk out. The manager saw me around the customer side of the counter. She said, what r u doing? I can't go that long without a break. Who's in the drivethru? no one. So I guess I quit. But can I get a double cheeseburger to go? I'll
pay full price, I already had my employee meal. She
looked stunned. She said, I think you better go somewhere else. And I walked out the door, laughing to myself, but also still hungry.....
Domino's Australia
I was fired from a Domino's Store (pizza place) for 'apparently' leaving without telling my manager and being rude and unprofessional to the assitant manager. I'm a 15 year old girl and i did everything they asked me to, the customers loved me because i was friendly and i always treated them well and did my job well. One night my best friend (co-worker) got drunk out the back on her break and decided to leave. I had finished an hour ago and clocked off but i was waiting for her. She left before her shift was finished and conned the delivery guy to drive us to a party around the corner. Needless to say the next day i got a text from the manager saying that he was sorry he had to fire me and it was the big boss's decision. Now, my mum works with the union and she was SO angry. She went into the store and RIPPED THEM TO SHREDS, she got the phone number for the owner and they had an hour and a half chat which was mostly her being AWESOME
haha. Turns out the assistant manager didn't like me
and had been making stuff up about me like how rude i was and i didn't do anything and blah blah. She got fired and i got a second chance. I didn't take the second chance coz it was a pretty gross environment considering the manager is an ex-jailbird who was texting one of the girls at work and asking for love in the freezer. I now work at McDonalds and i have to say anyone that needs a job WORK THERE IT IS GREAT.
Home Depot Denied
Well, I was a over night kinda guy, you know, all the wonderful thrills of no customers, and the fact you could be as gross as you wanted to and no one could stop you, I guess it's quite the story on how I got fired, the thing I was caught for was making a potato gun, and well getting caught launching a ton of glow sticks across the interstate. But what gets me is the fact is the reason I got fired has nothing on everything I did before that day came...Well, here it goes, my story...I started, I had no clue what the hell to do, I slung wood, laugh I know you want to, anyway I got the pleasure of learning how to drive a forklift, no less then a week later I put one through a glass door. Well they were mad but no biggie, a little while goes by and I decide to take a few riding lawnmowers out for a spin, did you know if you slammed it into gear hard enough you could make it pop a wheelie, but if you're like me you have to push it a little
harder and make it flip on you, yea, that was a bad
night for me...
One of my best memories was making steel plates for my shoes and holding on to the back of the forklift and making sparks all through out the store, lol, oh the fun I had...
And how could I forget the night I decided to ghost ride a forklift and crash into a pole... yep...
And then then mother of all evil, the night I found a abandoned car, and well I destroyed, stabbing it with the forklift blades, popping tires, breaking windows, and then... picking it up 10 feet off the ground and dropping it, what a thrill...
And to think, I got fired cause of a potato gun, I just wonder what their faces looked like when they watched those videos from months and months before hand and know what they were thinking...
"How the hell is this guy still alive?"
I didn't do it
I worked as a Store Manager for a store that was only around a few months out of every year. At 20, apparently, my District Manager didn't think I could handle it and was always around. I hired several good employees, but all the ones he hired quit without notice, didn't show up, or stole. Anyway, he decided I wasn't cutting it and told everyone else before he told me. AND he told me the day after I had major surgery. What makes things worse is, after he demoted me to Assistant Manager, he accused me of stealing a deposit. I went to the police, told them my story, said I'd take a Lie Detector Test, and never heard anything else. And apparently my employees HATED the girl he replaced me with! Ha ha! That whole company was LAME!
The Valet
My brother in law had just started a job as a valet parking other peoples cars. I don't have all the details of where he worked, but at one point he has to go out and get the cars he parked. He couldn't find one car however. He gets his boss involved and they both go over to where he swore that he parked the thing. Upon looking around, the boss notices a sign "NO PARKING VIOLATORS TOWED AT OWN EXPENSE" You guessed it! After a few phone calls they reached the towing company and the valet company had to fork out $200. That was his first and last day on the job.
Too Many Forklifts?
This happened to my buddy, not me. There are rules upon rules in life, many are written somewhere, but most you just "know." Well my friend worked at a large seed shipping company (we're from the midwest). He had been working his butt off all week when he is called into his boss' office. They fired him there on the spot, but refused to give a reason stating, "We're looking into it." Turns out in his busy-bodied rush, he had zipped through one of the seed warehouses on his forklift, while some of his co-workers were waitng for a truck to finish backing in so they could unload it. Apparently there is a universal "unwritten rule" about only four forklifts are allowed in the warehouse at one time. Long story short, he's getting unemployment and is sueing for lack of adequate guidlines which led to his being fired. Sucks to be his ex-boss!
Great firing story
I got fired from a pizza place, because someone else (who didn't like me) screwed up an order, that she wasn't even supposed to take, in my section. The girl smirked and snickered when she found out. The next day, the boss told me to come in, and called her in too. The boss had watched the security tapes last night, and saw exactly what happened with the order. He also saw the other girl steal two other people's tips. I got my job back, and she was fired. She started screaming and yelling, "It wasn't my fault! She's just jealous! Stop pushing me out the door! Stop! Wait! Please! She's jealous of me! Really! STOP!!!!!" It was pretty darn hilarious!
Always try to make friends with your coworkers.
I had been working at a clothing store in the mall for about a year. Everyone there loved me, all my coworkers said I was the nicest person that had ever worked there, except for one.
This lady had been working there for a really long time, and she hated me. I don't know why.
One day, a customer came in, and she asked for pants in a size that we didn't have out. I told her I'd go get it. One of the employees that liked me and the one that hated me were standing in front of the back room door.
They asked what I needed and I pointed to the woman and said what she wanted. My friend chuckled and said, "Wow, she's pretty optimistic." The boss came out of her office, and said, thinking that I said it, "Danielle, how could you say that about that women?!" I said I didn't say it, and the boss asked the one that hated me who had said it. She, of course, said it was me. The boss told me that it was my last day there. The part that sucks the most is that my friend wanted to quit anyway.
Home Depot
I was a sales assciate for 2 years at home depot. It can get pretty boring so you have to come up with things to do. So one day I decided to find out how one of those dry cemical fire extingishers worked. So I pulled one off the shelf, pulled the pin out, and pulled the trigger. I thought it would just be a little puff so I aimed up in the air. As it turns out, if you pull the trigger even a little bit it will spray all of the powder out out. And it spray's very far. When all the powder finally settled there was a thick layer of dust down the entire length of and 80ft isle and on everything that was on the shelves and I was covered in the stuff. The dust went out of both ends of the isle and looked like smoke. One of the managers seen the smoke and came running over to see why there was smoke, needless to say she was mad. I did this at about 9am so the store had quite a few customers at the time. To this day I still don't regret my discion to pull
the trigger.
prego mishap
I was 5 months pregnant waitressing for a local restaruant. I had been there about 3 months. I was working alone one day and had about 4 customers. I was rushing around trying to fill drink orders for them when all of a sudden i started throwing up ALL over the place. I couldnt help it, I was sick alot during my pregnancy. The cook (who was also my boss) started screaming at me to get up and help the customers! What did he expect? Needless to say, he ended up sending me home, for good. What a jerk. Now I tell everyone the dirty things that go on in there. Haha. He lost quite a few of his regulars from that.
10 cents
One of my friends worked at Best and less, so one day the manager came along to her till fired her on the spot for having a 10 cent peice on the floor, turns out the mnager was just waiting for an excuse to fire her but I don't think that ws a good enough reason!
okay so i went into wall mart where i work and there was this old lady walking and i hade the big carts with the boxes and stuff so i couldnt see where i was going so i knocked this old lady down and ran over her then i ran away and dint tell anyone about it but my boss found out when she sued wall mart i got fired then bought wall mart cause im rich and the fired him ha ha ha fun times

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