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  Firing Stories
don't work for benson box ever
i was doing a lot of bending over so i asked the boss for some equipment that we use to lift pallets so my back does not ache as bad and i can work better but he straight away said i didn't hurt my back in his building and said that bending over repetedly wouldn't harm my back at all the next day i recived a phone call saying that i wasn't needed for work at benson box
Thats so dumb...
I called to ask a personal day. My Boss said okay,so I did. Then, next day at work, he asked,'Where were you yesterday?' Then I told him that he said I could take a personal day off.
'well, I dont thin so. I think youre makin me think I dont remember what I said.YOURE FIRED!!!!GET OUTTA HERE!!!!!
drunk tubing
i worked at a water park in nj for the summer to make some quick money. the business was family owned and operated so everyone was against me pretty much when something went wrong. so one moring i drove to work with 5 of my friends in the car and we were all drunk. so then we continued to go down the water slides until they sent people after us. ha they found out it was me and told me never to come back.
Personal Phone Calls
I once had a job that required me to be on the phone for a certain amount of time everyday making sales calls. I also had a lot of work to do off the phone. In order to meet my phone time quota I found a few numbers that would go into voicemail systems and not hang up on me. That way I could leave my desk and go do other work and still accumulate minutes towards my required phone time. I kept this up for six months. Once the boss discovered that I was getting a lot of my phone time from a few numbers, he called them. When he got the voicemail systems, he realized that I had found a way to cheat the system, so he fired me for making personal phone calls.
i was working at publix grocery store everything was going fine then my fiance' brought another girl up there while i was workin when he came to see me on my break he said she was just a friend but i knew better so i ended up leaving on my lunch break to go check up on him and i didn't go back that day so i got fired and he broke up wit me within 2 hours of each other.
So i was fired for absolutly no reason. I know this sounds like a 'fack' story. Well it's not i have two people who were there with me. My story is about a bakery and how for 7 months i delt with them not giving me my check and just giving me money right out of the drawer. On july 21, 2006 i was fired for asking to have all my money that i worked for. I didn't yell i didn't swear..In fact i almost started crying because i was scared that she was going fire me. But 10 min before she fired me she wanted me to work a 7 hour shift. ( what kind of boss wants you to work 7 hours then fires you) anyway i demanded my full paycheck and i was called names and told i was fired that 'they don't run a business like that' So that's the short story. Usually when we were supposed to get our checkes she would run away or say she didn't have time. Thats a long story short.
Fired for Not Working
My friend and I work at a convenience store, will I do anyway.My friend and I were hanging out at his house when our boss came in and started yelling at us, because we ran out of beer. My boss and my friend are yelling at each my boss saying I don't pay you sit on your ass while my friend is saying if you were their this morning you would have known we were running low and could have gotten more. So finally after about half an hour they stop yelling and my boss tells him that he is has to go to work the next day, his only day off that week, and my friend says he's not going to go to work the next day and my boss tells him that he is and my friend refuses and my boss finally tells him that he's fired and my friend says good then you can go to work tomorrow and stock the beer cooler, Then my boss says you want to get smart with me boy and my friends says if thats what it takes to get anything through your skull, so my boss says lets take
this outside and i'll put my fist through your
Step fowrard
I had been working as a billing clerk in a hospital and my boss told all the employees, not including doctors and nurses, to come to his office then he asked all the employees who worked the to take one step forward as soon as i went to take my step h said to me wait just a minute. It only took me a second to realize what he was trying to say i just wished he would have told me in private or in some other way because not only was i job less I was completely humiliated in front of all my co-workers
Sleeping Head
One morning i came to work and felt very sleepy. It was the afternoon about 16h00 after my lunch break.
I was playing a game on my PC and fall asleep next to it.

My manager woke me up - asking me what am i doing . I told her but i was just closing my eyes because something flew in it. Than she asked but why did i play games while i surposed to be working - i could'nt give het=r an answer, she said well first you plaed games and then after that you were sleeping. She said if you were only closing your eyes why were you snoring so much. I also cou;d'nt give her an answer. She walked away - and myself and some collegues were laughing so much i thought it was just nothing to worry about. She called me saying that she wants to she me before i go home - at that moment i started worrying.

I was only in her office for 2 minutes and she said 'YOU'RE FIRED'and that she never wanted to see me again.

So i turned around and walked home very sadly.

So there you have it.

I was working at Denny's, my boss accused me of using a manager's number for giving discounts, which wasn't true. I called him a nasty name, then he fired me.
slapping match
it was feurary 2004 i had been working at Mc donalds for about 3 months there was a teenage girl who worked part time well it was super bowl sunday me and her were workin side by side for a few hours making burgers when suddenly a guy walks in and orders 30 double cheese burgers and 30 chicken sandwichs we start fixing the order when i reach over her to get some meat patties she said im tired of your crap and threw a Mc chicken sandwich in my face so i picked up a patty and slapped her in the face with it . the only difference in mine and hers she had mayo on hers after it was over i was fired and sent home immediately and put on the non rehirable list she was never even gotten onto
My Friend Got fired from his job at Subway.. He was checking this lady out and he was taking for ever.. so the lady said that he was the worst worker she has ever come in contact with. So he said that she was the ugliest person he has ever come in contact with and then said you know what, I dont give a F*CK about doin this for you. Then he reached into his pocket and pulled out his camera phone to take a picture of the lady and then he laughed at her and went to make more sandwiches.. He got fired the next day. It was Hilarious.
Kleptomania and me
I was a sincere salesperson at a famous and huge Departmental in a cosmopolitan city centre. With the whole gamut of CCTVs and the security setup, I was to keep an eye on the CCTV monitor screen between my busy tasks at the counter.There were many a descrepencies in the stores tally at the weekends and my collegues were being pulled for the lapses.
That horrific day, I zeroed in on a graceful looking lady looking very casual and hoarding a lot of stores on her shopping trolly and in the mean time tuck-in a couple of expensive and small cosmetics and such novelties in her hand bag.That was blatant and I shot out like a James Bond and ran to the corner and showered all the abuses and caught hold of her wrist, quite hurting her and treatneing her.
Loud and insulting, showing a great deal of initiative, I called the police from my cell phone. The Police station being in the near vicinity, the cops took no time to arrive.Some local press also got a few snaps for the evening newpapers.That was quite a scene till the Manager came and held my collor and took me aside.
It took only next 2hours to get myself fired and kicked out of the famous shopping Mall because that woman turned out to be the Boss's wife. The graceful lady did not lose her grace in slapping me hard on my face before the security staff pushed me out of place.
BAD DAY at work
Ok it started off with me teaching this guy named Randy how to do his job because he was new. So i tought him for a good year. Than i stoped because he new how than he took all my ideas and my job. I dont know how!
hangin out
i want to a bar and met this beiutiful woman sitting all by herself. I though i would go talk 2 her and maybe get to know her a little bit. As I sat there and talked for about 20 minutes I started to make a move. As i did her husband came up to us. It was my boss. so i got fired and she got divorced.
the way that i got fired
so, last week i got fired. i've worked at a firm that sells computers. My job was to repair broken computers, so on that day i had to repair a laptop. While I was working a friend came a brought me a cup of coffee, but accidentally i dropped the coffee on the laptop a I broked it. My boss saw me and I was fired.
I was fired for complaining about my
bounced pay check.
Sick Leave
Was going through hard times: divorce, depression, lots of things. Worked in the medical field and my job was stressful. Decided to talk to my boss about it. Boss encouraged takeing leave and mentioned family medical leave which I had never heard of before. Before my 12 weeks of time off had occured, my boss called me in office and said I was fired for 'no call in, no show' for work. And it was acutally his idea I take time off! I am not happy.... neither is my lawyer!

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