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Shake Machine
I was working at an Arby's and my boss was a total jerk. She wouldn't give me more than 5 hours a week near the end of my one-year employment there, even though I did good work, was never late, and was good with customers. So I decided to quit. But not just that, I wanted to quit in style. The shake machine we had, if what you were mixing was watery enough and if you tilted the cup just the right way...maybe you can guess. So I filled a large cup about 3/4 of the way with Pepsi and added some shake mix, acted like I was making a shake for the customer, then as my boss walked by, tilted the cup, and turned the mixer on full speed. When it was empty, I smiled and told her I quit. She just stood there with all that stuff dripping off her with her mouth open. Everyone who workd there hated her and I was applauded as I left, by employees and customers.
Small town bank, just not worth it...
So, I had worked for this small town bank for... well about a year. Im not too big on sweating my career yet, honestly I just don't wake up easily before ten am. That's all ok though because I go to college during the day. I got a job with this bank before my college started and worked heavily during the summer to make ends meet. I had some attendence problems in the fall, no big, and I made it through... or so I thought.
One day in the summer my cat didn't look so good, so I took her to the vet, and was about three hours late to work, called in and everthing. I worked the rest of the week and all was fine until the friday after. They call me up around lunch time to go to the office of the 60+ year old boss. She looks down her glasses, and says "we gotta talk". "We are terminating you because you were late every day this week by 5 minutes..."
I reply stunned, "sorry??"
She says, "you clocked late on monday, and every day this week"
Long convo short, she says that me OPENING the bank at 6:45 a.m. means that I should LOG INTO the COMPUTER SYSTEM at 6:45, 6:50 was 5 mins late... This practice is actually illegal, which I realize now, due to the fact that I was working and not compensated for it every day. Her only real reply was, "well you can take it up with HR if you like"
I got fired cause i was caught in the camera ringing a giftcard and putting $10 on it and afterwards putting it to my pocket and guess what they also caught me on camera buying something from the stolen giftcard!! bwahaha!! ive never regretted anything about it because it was blessing finally getting free from my stupid job, w/c makes me work hard, id always get freakin tired, always close by myself, and have to deal w/ jerky people! never work at target cause the bosses freakin thinks that its like Macys or Nordstrom!! dude its just a TARGET!! a freakin cheap place to buy freakin cheap stuff!! stupid idiots
It Involves A Forklift...
I worked at a bottling factory. My supervisor decided that one of the lightbulbs needed changed, and instead of doing it the normal way, with a ladder, he asks me to pull around the forklift and hoist him up. I do so.
So there he is, straddling the metal prongs, screwing in the halogen bulb, when he slips. First thing I think is that he's down for good. Fifteen feet doesn't have the best survival rate when the ground is concrete. Somehow, he managed to wrap his arms around one of the prongs, and kind of laughed. I laughed too, and was about to lower it, when in walks the main boss.
I thought she was cool with it, you know, had a sense of humor, so I say, "YOU GONNA TALK TO THE BOSS ABOUT THAT RAISE NOW, BUDDY?!" with a menacing look at my supervisor.
Apparently she didn't think the hostage-by-forklift was funny, and I was fired.
Myer Madness
I worked in the electonics department in Myer. This fat, old Lady came and asked me for a Sony LCD TV. She had names written down but kept on changing her mind. It took half an hour for her to even choose a brand of TV so I picked up a TV and threw it at her and then i started trashing the place. I wasnt acttually fired until i threw a TV at the manager....
Early job starter gone wrong
I was about 14 when i started working. I worked as a fashion dresser. someone who dresses the models before they go on the runway. so anyways, I was dressing my model when the boss lady comes over and "accidentily" rips the dress! After the show was over she made me (a 14 year old) pay for the $500 dress that SHE riped! I had to pay it with my college money. A nother fashion show later she fired me accousing me of burning her toast!!!!!! HOW STUPID IS THAT? What ever you do DON'T sign up for one of those jobs EVER!!
Gettin back at mickey d's
i worked at mcdonalds for six months without a raise, extra day off or anything, and they fired me for putting too much soda in the cup instead of ice, so i got a job at another mcdonalds that was owned by the same person, and gave everybody 100% free food when the manager wasnt paying attention. they prolly lost about 5000 dollars.
The internet is public
So my dad had came home from work one day saying that they had to fire a coworker. I asked him why. It turns out, his coworker had posted a blog insulting the management of the company, and then said that she worked the least she possibly could. Good thing those bot Checks came in handy!
ok so i had been working at this dominoes pizza store for about 6 months. its a gruleing job with min wage. we had gone through 3 managers in the time. anyway one day it was really busy, all my co-workers along with my irresponsible boss were out back smoking and stuff while i was up front answering phones, taking orders, and making pizza. so when i get one with the diner rush it was time for me to go. i kindly asked the boss what he would like me to do to clean up. he yeled at me and said "WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE YOU NEED TO DO!!!" and i kindly replied that i didnt know he was the boss and could assign me with any job i didnt mind. so he starts yelling at me! so i tell him to go to hell and i punched him in the face and never came back. now i constantly egg the store and drive by paint ball it with my buddies :).
Children in the lettuce
When i was sixteen i had alot going on in my life. I went to high school, i had a girlfriend, and i worked at subway. So being that i was a pretty busy guy i wasn't able to spend much time with my girl. One day i decide she could just stay at work with me sense subway was too cheap to put up cameras and have two employees working at the same time. My supervisor was a fat lazy chick who didn't care about her job, sense she loves sleeping in the back in the middle of the lunch rush, and never came around. So after the lunch rush my supervisor goes home early and asks me to fill in her shift at night till 11 pm. I needed the extra money and was about to tell her yes when i noticed she had already left out the back door. My girl comes in at around 9pm which was perfect because the dinner rush had just finished. I let her in the back and asked her to remain quiet and just sit in the back away from customers view. I attend a few more
customers and i notice i have a half hour before i close.
So i close early so i can clean up shop and prepare tomorows vegetables and prepare the chicken and also i had to do an inventory of... everything. So as i came back from locking the front door and flipping the sign to off, i notice my girlfriends pants were on the floor infront of the walk in coolers door, which was wide open. I need not to say anything else about what happen then. But when my supervisor came in the next morning she found the shop spit shiny clean. Everything was in order, well except for the white cream she found in the lettuce that at first glance she thought was mayo until she tasted it. I never passed by there again!
No Sick Grandmothers
I was working at Best Buy making a little over minimum wage. I'm a computer tech now and when I was working there I was selling computers. I was the only person who knew what I was talking about when it came to computers, networking, etc. So after working my butt off for about 6 months they fired me right before Christmas. The reason being is that I had to go a few states away to see my grandmother with terminal cancer. They couldn't "authorize" the time off and asked me to reapply when I got back. I looked my boss in the face and said, "Yeah right... Don't count on it." P.S. Best Buy sucks... in about every aspect.
Target sucks
Basically the worst job you could possibly have is working at Target. i went to my boss one day and said i wanted to put in my 2 weeks notice, she convinced me to stay so i did. than the big fatty lady that is 40 and runs the toy dept. decided she didnt like me because i transferred out of that department...so i got fired the next day.
New boss wants to be a friend
I worked at a tanning salon for 4 years. It was my very first job. I loved it. Love my boss, my coworkers, Loved the Job. Well one day my boss told us she had decided to sell the salons, due to the fact she had a little boy and really didn't have much time for it anymore. 2 months later we met our new boss. She didnt know the 1st thing about running a salon, but we all gave her and her husband the benifit of the doubt and helped them out some. About 2 months later I decided it was time for me to buy a new car. So I went to my "new boss" and explained that I would be buying a new car soon and I would need so many hours of work to pay my new car note. She happily agreed and told me no problem. So a week later I got my brand new car. Exactly a week later my boss comes in crying telling me she is so sorry, but they don't have the money to keep the salons up and running, so my last day would be Friday. I was so mad. Even
though I was upset and mad, I decided to go ahead
and finish working out the week until Friday. I was suppost to work that Saturday, but she told me the salon would close on Friday. So when I didnt show up for work on Saturday, they were mad at me cause their were customers showing up with no one their to let them tan. When I finally spoke with them they told me that they never told me that, and that I was lying. I was glad I never worked another day for them money hungry wanna be's!
Don't show up, don't bother working
I work at a pet store known as The Pet Company, I work in animal care where we take care of the dogs and cats, clean their kennels, feed them, give them fresh water, meds, etc. It's a pretty good job, hours are good, and the pay is decent. I work with 3 other people, it would've been 4, but this guy never showed up during the days he was scheduled to work with me. Granted, he has shown up for work during the 3 weeks he was there, but when he was working, he would handle the dogs all wrong. He picked up the yellow lab like it was a damn duffel bag! Seriously, I can understand picking it up by the scruff of its neck since that's how they carry each other, but this guy, Demetrius, would pick the dog up by his neck and the TOP not bottom, of his butt. Now I know I'm not a dog, but I know that's painful. Furthermore, he fails to show up for work 4 days in a row, no call, no show, nothing at all. So, my boss just took the
schedule, which had all of our days we're supposed to
come in, and crossed his name right off the list. bye bye Demetrius. Idiot...
Idiot mafia boss
I worked at a very high-class, prestegious fine dining establishment. It was privately owned and they owned the entire corporation (3-4 other restaurants in town). When our business slowed, they did what all other money grubbing jerks do and declare bankruptcy, take a week off, and re-open as a SPORTS BAR! So I was the hostess at the "sports bar" and on my last (unknowing) night there I chipped one of my back molars on their cheap popcorn they make. The piece of tooth then ended up getting stuck in my chewing gum, unbeknownst to me, and I must have chewed it wrong, and the piece of tooth ended up slicing open my gums and starting filling up my mouth with blood. I immediately got some napkins and started to spit out the blood because I was not "permitted" to leave the hostess station unattented. The owner of the joint (also a compulsive gambler) came over and said "You put a smile on that face or you're outta here&
quot;. I explained to him that my tooth had
chipped and showed him the bloody napkins, and believe me it was a considerable amount of blood, and he just shook his head and walked away. I started to cry because I was afraid it needed immediate dental care because the hole in my gums was gaping open, and the manager on duty came over and told me "I wish I could send you home, but the boss says no, and that you better cheer up because we don't want people thinking this is a sad place to eat" At this point I was holding the side of my jaw because I honestly thought it might as well fall off, for how bad it hurt. I called in the next day to get my schedule and they said that the owner didn't like my attitude last night and not to come back. what a jerk.
Windsheild Wipper
I was working the drivethru at Chic-fil-a and it was pouring rain outside. It was probably about 9:30 at night. This woman has her windsheil wippers going full blast and it was splashing water all in the restaurant. then i said "mam could you please turn your wind shield wippers off while your car is sitting still" then she said "hell no" at about that point the left windshield wipper flew off and came threw the drive thru window. I handed it to her with the food and said "serves you right" then i turned around and there was my manager.... Totaly worth it
I had starting working at Mobile gas station. I was told for my first day to report at 5 am. Now I was already upset that I had been laid off from a $20/hrly job and had to seek out a minimum wage position. So Im at the place at 5am and the manager didnt even arrive until 5:45 to let me in. She trains me for about an hour, and goes out for a cigarette break. Im at the register by myself at this point, she leaves me there by myself until 2 pm. She advised me at the end of the shift that i would be opening by myself the next day, to report to her at 5am. I smiled, waived good bye, and never called or showed up. The jerk called about 5 times that next day....
Best thing that ever happened to me
I used to work at an AT&T kiosk at the mall selling cellphones. Our pay was pretty lousy compared to how many hours we used to work. Well anyway when customers come in and buy accessories we can sell it for the tagged price or pretty much make our own price on the computer. So pretty much when a customer comes in and buys a case or charger we'll say $25 even, ring it up as $10 on the computer and pocket the rest, and usually the customer doesn't care about the recipt or we tell them the printers broken. We pretty much got away with this because the cameras were busted, but one day they miracalously got fixed and yup, i opened that day and got caught doing it first thing in the morning. Well coporate called my manager and of course he had to fire me even though he himself was doing it too..lol but in a 5 months period i probably pocketed 2 to 3 thousand dollars. Losing my job forced me to take this sales job this guy
gave me that i didnt want to do before but its been
about 6 months in my new job and im making close to $6000 a month legally working 30hour weeks. So im pretty set.
Don't work for a franchised Dairy Queen
So I used to work at a franchised DQ as a cook. It was poorly managed, and A LOT of stupid stuff went on there. The owner was a 53 year old jerk. I didn't like the guy. One day, I dropped a chicken finger on the ground by accident. I go to throw it away, and the owner is all "HEY! We can still use that!"
"Im throwing it away."
"If you throw it away, youre fired!"
Long story short, I threw the finger away and walked out.
Somehow, it didnt end there. I went to pick up my last paycheck. He comes out from behind the counter and pulls me to where he thinks no one can hear him (Oddly enough, my 14 year old brother and his friends were up there, and we wound up close enough for them to hear us). My ex boss started yelling at me and jabbing my check towards me as he talked. "I want to let you know how much of a piece of dirt I think you are. If you ever come in here again, Im calling the cops!" Thats the short version of a 20 minute rant about food costs and my return argument about food saftey.
After I left, my brother and his friends threw a stink bomb behind the counter.
Bulls eye!
I worked at Target in the back room for about 6 months and everyday I had a different manager telling me something different from the previous days manager. I talked to them about it and they said they would fix. well they never did i just kept getting yelled at and yelled and threatened to get fired so one day in the middle of the store in front of about 30-45 customers the managers was yelling at me again and I said "derek, shut up." he stopped mid sentence and was like what did you just say? i said "you heard me you idiot, this stuff isn't my fault, its all yalls faults. and that scanner gun over there, you can take it and shove it, I quit." then threw my scanner, name tag and shirt at him and walked out in the middle of my shift. Dont work for taget, they screw you over every chance they get.

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