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  Firing Stories
Waitress from the other side
Well it was my first job , besides the odd jobs. N-E-Ways I was going to be the new waitress @ a small town resteraunt. I did all my training and was working for 2 weeks befor the rest of my co-workers finally figured out i was Black and not mexican (a issue I've delt with my whole life). No offense was taken at all , even though i was the first black person they had ever hired there. Well, i was still in high school and my football team was going all the way we were 13-0. The state game was coming up and i asked for the day off. They told me if i could find some one to switch with me they would let me off. Well i had been working there for 4 months now and knew everyone and had my own regulars. Everytime they needed some one to fill in i would come on my days off with no problems at all. So when i asked for the day off to go to the state game i figured there would be no problems. I asked if anyone could take my place and my boss
said no one wanted to work for me. But i already had the tickets and was gonna go to tha damn game no matter what!! I called tha morning b4 to see if i had any takers and my boss assured me there were none but she would keep askin. I got up very early and boarded tha bus to the game. I called and asked again they told me no and I got fired for not showing up that day. i understand why i had gotten fired and got over it. In fact i do not dissagree with thier choice. But 3 nites later I ran into one of my old co-workers she and i talked for hours when finally she asked why had i got fired i told her the situation and she looked @ me in disbelief. She then led on to tell me that she told our boss that she had no problem takin my spot as long as i took hers next weekend and our boss told her that it was ok because i didn't need anyone to cover for me any more. And that I had changed my mind about going to the game. That I do NOT agree with!!
well my fiancee and i just found out we were gonig to have to relocate for his job. so we decided we may as well get married while we were still around family and friends. anyway i told my boss i could work for her untill i moved and she agreed that was fine, she's known me since i was little. well we only had a month to plan the wedding and i asked for the next 4 saturday's off so i could plan for it. well she got her husband to tell me if i need them off then i need to leave. that was so wrong b/c i ran the place by myself for over a month, so i said see ya!
The Bug Guy Got Me!
Well, I'll just start off by telling you that, this must have all been planned, and my superisor must have really disliked me, because: I was working at the local Dairy Queen, the closing shift manager(f.y.i Im 17 years old), and, at 9:15, the pest control guy walks in and claims, "I understand that the store was to be closed at 9:00." I had no idea, obviously not being informed by my supervisor. I question him about it, but was forced to make an immediate closing of the restuarant. Anywho, after finishing counting and organizing the registers, the bug guy approaches me in the office, (where by the way, we keep all the money) and asks me if I can keep the office open for the pesticide. Me, young and unexperienced as I am, responded, " Im not sure, We dont have a pest problem here, but I suppose if you need me to, I can keep it unlocked." Then he asked, If I could sell him an ice cream bar. "Well," I said
"we are closed, but perhaps if you have the right amount, I could just leave your money here in the office." So I sold it to him. Well, in the end, it turns out the pest guy told my supervisor that I gave him the opportunity to enter the office without supervision, and that I sold him ice cream after close. (Which by the way, is not allowed...) She fired me a day later.
I once had a temp job as a call center employee. I was flirting with this girl, and she was flirting back, U know a little frienly whispering in the ear, she would giggle, but tell me, why did I go and mess it up by sticking my tongue in her ear?. Her smile turned to a frown as if I had just vomit on her. She marched into the office. I was called in about 5 min later, and terminated on the spot.
right across the street
I went thru a mcdonalds drivethru with my pizza delivery light on, and the mcdonalds was right across the street from my job. my boss saw me of course and i was fired
Loss Prevention
In november I was hired at local department store. In our training class our trainer told us that we would receive $25 if loss prevention would ask one of us ladies to come to their office to stay with a female shoplifter since their wasn't any female security guards. So a week and half later I got a call from loss prevention to come to their office. I ecstatic that I rubbed it into my co-worker's faces that I was the lucky female that will get $25 in my next pay.They were so jealous. I ran upstairs to the loss prevention office and knocked on the door. After entering I expected to see a shoplifter but a folder on the desk. I acted as if I won a prize but received a one way ticket to the unemployment office. They sat me down and said that I was fired for falsifying documents because of a previous misdemeanor that I failed to put on a application.
fire cracker boom boom
I was 17 years old when i was working for KFC. i was the cook there, ine day i was all cought up on my cooking and it was really slow so i decided to go and light off some of my fireworks that i had. so i went to the back of the store and i stacked up all the fire power i had. i lit the army of fireworks right as my boss rounded the corner. his jaw dropped at the sight and his fists clenched. he tried to stop it before it went off but he was too slow. so then they went off causing the sprinkler system to go off and all the customers ran out screaming. so he said to get my stuff and get out, so i did. i went back a week later to pick up my last pay check and he gave it to me, the only problem was that is was all wet and the ink had ran. lol so i never got to cash it .
I was sick and ordered by the doctor to rest from any kind work while on treatment. I was shocked to death when reported back just to receive termination
fired for letting boyfriend stay in room
i work in a hotel...3rd shift my boyfriend always scared for me at night..so i let him stay in a room until i got off,,,well boss found out in fired me,
How I got fired
One day I was reparing a broken computer, when suddenly I saw my boss enter the room. He said," You have been slacking off lately, so we are going to have to let you go." I got so mad that i just dropped my tools and left that building for good
Getting fired on your day off
my boo and I were working together at the local Dominios. I was an insider and he was a delivery driver. On our day off we recieved a phone call. One of the new hires had quit. Leaving no driver for the night. So, he came in to help out. well, two hours after his shift should of ended, I hadn't heard anything from him. I was getting worried. So, I drive to our job. Only to find him sitting in the back of our job talking to friends. Well the situation quickley went from worried to anger. We got into an argument in the back of the store. He had gotten so mad in the arguement that he knocked down a large stack of boxs we had folded. Landing on me, in anger i threw the closest thing I could find which was a cock gun. Now, why was there a cock gun in dominos, Ihave no idea. Just then the manager came to the back. He still had closing work to do and I didn't know that. so, she yelled at me "you have to leave your
disturbing my employees". Well, she was a good friend of both of ours and I thought she was joking. boy was I wrong. My boyfriend and I kept arguing. I seen our manager come back to the back and told me I was fired. and, my last check would be waiting for me.
run over
I was working at a carwash when the driver of a car ran into me with the bubmper, so I dumped a bucket full of water all over him and the interior of his car.
Fire to fired
I was working as a fry cook and I accidently caught my boss's right leg on fire.
Fired From Fast Food
So, after my friend got fired from the job at Subway, I figured the 'stealing money' issue was over. Oh no; the next day, I come in to hear I was, now, being blamed for stealing money. In fact, my drop ticket was missing, and the money was out of the drawer; and thus, we went to look over the camera - it shows me dropping the money into the safe and all. However, the money was not there.. but an empty envelope was. After lots of arguing, I was discharged for stealing which I did not do. I go back the next week to retrieve my final paycheck, and low and behold - the assistant manager tells me it wasn't me, but another girl doing it. Thus, I ask if I can have my job back. Her response? They'd already filled out the paper work, thus no.
i was working at Subway and handing out foot longs to ANYBODY for a 1.71. Chips, foot long, drink, cookies all included for under 2 dollars. I got fired a month later because he thought I was playing games on my calculator! (TI-89) Not for selling subs and everything for that cheap. lol
Fired for taking my vacation
I worked 3 years for a resort in florida in charge of the cleaning crew that did the rooms.My vacation time came and a few people had quit and it was time for my vacation.I had already made reservations to go to Vegas.When the time came they told my to cancel my vacation i said i could not do so. When i got back they told me my position has been eliminated and i did not have a job anymore. So i told them,you can't fire me for taking a vacation and then quit.
How I got fired from Jack n The Box
My first job I ever had I worked at Jack n The Box. I was new so they called me "Taco Girl". My best friend who got me the job also worked there. Her brother who I had a crush on picked us up from work every night. This night her brother showed up early and I could see him from the corner of my eye watching me as I made a ton of tacos. It was almost time to go so I was trying to hurry. While I was doing my work I just so happened to over hear my shift leader talking about my crush. She said he was cute and she would "do" him. I couldnt help but be so pissed! I started to throw curly fries and tacos every where. She seen that I was obviously pissed off and asked if we were going out. I said no and since she was my shift leader she wrote me up for having an attitude and throwing stuff around. Next thing you know I ran out the back door across a busy street all the way home. Needless to say I got fired.
How my life and my job was over
It all started when i was in the bedroom watching my favorite cartoon. i was aware that i would have a reaally really really busy day ahead of me.Instead of going to bed i stayed up and watched television.I went to bed at around 1:58 the next morning i was 2 hours late my dumb alarm clock didnt go off instead i slept most of the day i managed to get to work 1hour after but i didnt understand why my husband daren didnt bother to wake me.when i finally arrived at work it took me 32 mins untill i finally realized that my shirt was on wrong and showing half of my upper area. but it was too late my boss already saw me and beleive me he was ferious he fired me on the spot so i had to pack all my belongings and it seemed like everybody was laughing at me. when i reached home my husband was most ferious of all.i didnt even explain i just went straight to bed and knew my job and my life was over.
i was on my break and i didnt really no nobody so i went outside for a cig and at the end of my breake i went back into work and all of my belongings was in a box i wouldnt mind but it was my first day starting that job and the boss come out of his office and said none of my staff smoke on my premises i said i wasnt smoking on your premises i was smoking out out side he said just get out.
A new manager would not allow me back to work after taking a leave because I told her I could not work on Sundays. She said, "My daddy was a Penecostal preacher and HE worked every Sunday!" Yeah - I thought - that's what preachers do ...

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