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  Firing Stories
It was my first job. I started working a fast food chain. I had only worked there for about 45 minutes when my manager asked me to fill the ketchup pump in the dining room with ketchup. So I went and got it and I saw a big box of the ketchup packets (you know the ones they put in your bags in the drive-thru). I took the packets and started emptying them into the ketchup pump thing. My manager was standing behind and she started rolling with laughter when she said that she was going to have to fire me for wasting company money. Well at least I was worth a laugh anyways. Right???
Nursing Home
i got fired from a nursing home because my boss said that i was pushing the patients down the hall to fast in there will chairs and the patients were upset that i left and it still hurts me
my friend got fired because he started the office building on fire because he was smoking and it burnt down . then he didnt confess and it took like 20 days to figuare out it was him.
sick time
i had almost 80 hours of sick and vacation time and i used it all within 3 weeks i was down to an hour and a half and my boss fired me after working the for 6 years
Drinking on the job
I worked at a day care. I worked with first graders. One day I came in with what everyone thought was a strawberry coolata. Nope! It was very much spiked with vodka. I threw up at work and the kids just thought I was sick. The director could smell the alcohol and fired me. oops
My Mother's Involvement
I was working at a local restaraunt in town (I'm from a small town) as a waitress. Waitressing wasn't really my thing, but I did the best I could and I think my boss recognized that (which is why he never really fired me). It was the summer before my first year of college and he hadn't given me hours in over a month. So I called and asked why and he gave me a reason that seemed perfectly logical to me, but my mom didn't feel the same way. So after I hung up my mom called him and started railing on him, saying she didn't like the way he ran his business and that he was an unfair employer. It was bad. I'm still too ashamed to go eat there again. Some friends that were working then told me later at school that they had heard my mom yelling and just cracked up. it was bad.
glued door
so i had this dumb boss who left three young teenage girls to run her boutique while she went on a vacation to israel (which she didnt tell anyone). The day she came back, the store was a mess and she made us stay there until 10 p.m, way past the time we were supposed to leave (4 pm it was a friday.. and shes orthodox jew by the way lol) so anyways my boyfriend got so mad at what she did that he put crazy glue in her door the next day. The day she went to open the store, there was a heat wave and about 95 degrees. Take a wild guess what happened to that door, and to my job.
How I got fired
My friend was kinda mad.Once he was told by his boss to bring some tea.The bass liked it.The boss continued his work till evening at his place.At about 4 he told my friend to bring tea just like the one in the morning and my friend did.The boss said"Hey, this tea stinks,didn't I tell you to bring me one like in the morning!"And my friend replied" Well....Sir,I don't remember the exact recipe of the one I made in the morning so I just gave you the remaining tea which was left ."
My friend used to work at Oportos, and he was the chef, one day a man ordered a meal, and he brought it back 5 times so my friend through the chicken at him,it just barely missed his head but his tupee (wig) moved a little. he was fired the next day.
Damn that buffalo
I worked at denny's a few years back and on my break decided to play the claw machine. I put twenty five cents in manuevered it around to the first thing that looked easy to get which was a buffalo and suprisingly won it.when i went back into the reasturant my manager came up to me and said if i didnt give him the baffalo he was going to fire me.Come to find out he had spent over sixty dollars tryin to get that buffalo and it pissed him off i got it with one quarter. Anyway to make a long story short he didnt get it and i got fired.
gap is not cancer friendly
i got fired cause i was sick for too long with tongue cancer. just doesnt seem fair. oh well
the scary firing.
I was on a break with my friend, and we decided to so something fun. So we went on youtube and watched a featured video. The one we watched was supposed to be about a ghost in a summer camp, but all that showed was a picture with a quiet song, and then a ugly face and scream at the end. Well, we turned the volume up really high at first because we enjoyed the music, but then when our boss came to tell us to quiet down, the scream came. As my boss opened the door and came to us, the ugly face and VERY loud scream came on. My boss was so scared, he banged his head on the cabinet and got a huge bruise, and he spilled his coffee all over his shoes. Well, after we got him to stop screaming and cleaned up the coffee on the floor, he looked at me and my friend with a red face and screamed "GET YOUR FACES OUT OF MY SIGHT". We then sadly went home to make up excuses to our wives....
My friend was working at the hospital in the cafeteria he hadn't had much sleep the night before due to staying up all night playing video games so he decided he would take his alarm and pillow to work and sleep during his breaks in one of the booths out front were the patients and visitors could see.
I was fired from my position at a retail store, I was in loss prevention. My reviews came in the month before all very favorable. Any way I was fired for haveing M.S. I ask you is that fair? I also lost all my medical coverage, for myself and my young daughter.
A little too much to drink
My job was to clean a supermarket car park using what can only be described as a big industrial hoover . One day I forgot that I had work and drank a litre of Vodka. I was running late and decided that I could whip round the car par with the hoover as if it was a small room. Only trouble was,as I was running with the industrial size hoover, the my feet stopped and the hoover kept going. I feel flat on my face just as the boss was coming round the corner to check up on me after receiving complaints. The hoover nearly hit him and I was sacked instantly. I also had a black eye for my troubles.
Hot Grease Anyone??
Ok so I was at work one night, I worked the overnight shift. I had been ready to quit my job at Arbys for the longest. I had worked there for four months when they hire this girl I had gone to highschool with as my "supervisor" when she had no idea what the hell she was doing and had no supervisor experience! I was pissed as you can imagine. Well one night I lost it. We had cameras in the store and on my last night of work she came in bitching and complaining as always trying to "make me" do alllll the work...So right when I took the bacon out of the oven, she said the last "smart azz" comment I could take...I turned around and threw at her the entire pan of hot bacon and bacon grease! Bacon bits went flying! She must have felt the seering heat of the grease cause she started screaming and crying HAHAHA! I ran out of the store, and needless to say I didnt come back, not even for my check..I was scared ..
but they mailed it! LOL So I win !
It Was A Long Way Down
well it all started before deer hunting this past year i requested the season off and got it I am a truck driver I just worked extra hard the week before now the truck i was in needed some majore repairs that were considered hazerds for the truck to be on the road the boss said that the 9 day deer season would be more than enough time to repair it when the 9 days were down nothing was done and the truck hadn't moved from the place i parked it I told the boss that I wasn't moving the truck because the law states that these repairs have to be made and that I didn't want the fine if the d.o.t. checked me. He waited 1 day then called me on the phone and told me I was fired then got someone in the truck and sent it down the road!!!
It just so happened to be the last day of my brother's summer job at a camp and to celebrate the end he and some friends went down to the conference center pool which had a very tall waterslide winding down to the pool. Apparently my brother had a new found confidence from jumping from high places. One of his friends "Sharkbait" jumped first and he made it into the pool perfectly. After his stunt, he urged my brother to do the same and he did, making it into the pool...the first time! He climbed back up the 20ft. waterslide for a second jump and as he jumped his foot slipped out from under him (the bar they climbed atop was wet). He and his friends both knew something went very wrong. He flailed in slow motion for what seemed like forever to him and suddenly he smacked the pavement with the whole right side of his body and flopped into the pool. First he panicked and tried to crawl out of the pool as quickly as possible, but his
friends had to help him out. We were all more worried about him being paralyzed or having a head injury. An ambulance was called immediately and was there in about ten minutes. They put him in a neck brace and laid him on the stiff back board and rushed him to the nearest hospital. I (his sister) had just come back from the mall and was getting ready for work when I heard the news. I was quickly driven to the hospital by some friends. The hospital had done a few test and to everyone's amazement, his only injury was a deflated lung. He spent many days in the hospital and nothing was done except many, many x-rays. The hospital bill was outrageous! Anyway, he and the lifeguards were all fired the day of the incident. What a way to celebrate your last working day!
Work Troubles
there was alot of stuff that had been going on at work. first, the newest employee stole money out of my cash register and i got in trouble and almost fired for it (which my boss found out was the new girl after i got fired). Then i had found out i was pregnant so i had morning sickness at work and had to go home early a few times. But the worst thing of all...one of the other employees tryied to hit me while i was pregnant!!!! That same night, i was doing the things on my chore list before we closed up and she told me that she didnt like me because i was dating her ex-boyfriend who she was still hung up on (and i was pregnant by). I told her that i didnt care what she thought of me, that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and i went back to doing what i was suppose to. Well, she came over and tried to hit me because she didnt offend me by what she was saying so she got mad. Well, words were exchanged and the next morning we were both
called to the boss' office and I got fired and she didn't....
chillin on the job[literally]
Well it was in summer and i was working at quiznos subs. They had me work the "mascot" so i had to walk around in a cup costume all day! it was literaly ninety something degrees. So after a while i just couldnt stand it anymore, i walked inside and hid out in the freezer for the whole shift (while still in the costume)! Well turns out a fellow employee told on me and i got fired the very next day. hahaha

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