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  Firing Stories
The Wrong Comment
So I was working in a video rental store. The store was dead at the moment with only myself and my Manager working. There wasn't much to do but place some videos back on the shelf. So my girlfriend walks in to say hi to me...I tell her to just look around until I'm done putting back the movies. My manager walks up to me and tells me he wants to talk to me privately in the back...(there was no one in the store but the 3 of us). So he tells me that I can't have my girlfriend around cause its interrupting my concentration at work and that I should tell her to leave the store..I look at him like if he was kidding, but he wasn't. So being the good employee I am, I walk up to her and tell her to just wait in the car about 15 minutes until my break time came around because of what my manager said...she didn't take this lightly so she leaves the store, saying a couple of things under her breath..nothing personal towards the manager. At that
moment he turns to me and says "If she wasn't such a b****, I might have let her stay". So I lose all perception of reality and start firing at him verbally with every cus word I've ever learned since pre-school. As I'm doing this, I start approaching him so he thinks I was trying to attack him and proceeds to jump the check-out counter and tells me to leave the store. I walk outside and with all that adrenaline pumping, I knock over a trash can that was cemented down to the sidewalk. At the moment he peeks outside and says, "thats coming out of your paycheck mister." So I said screw you I quit, picked up my last paycheck the following week (paid in full) and never saw the place again.
Computer guy working, when i was told that a shop guy could use one of our old computers. So i hooked it up for him and aked him what he needed to do with it. He said print. So i added him to the network with printing privilages. The boss guy who told me he could have the computer got all upset... So i cracked a pencil and threw it at the wall with disgust. The next day i was fired :)- And of course i collected my unemployment benefits of $405 per week all that summer :)
sleeping on the job
I was working security overnights and it was common to nap a little at night with two guards present. So I layed down in the dark, on the floor, curled up in a ball, next to a space heater in a room just off of the guard desk. Anyhow, I was awaken by a security inspector at about 3am. Ha Ha, I still collected unemployment benefits after being fired:)-
Dumb Excuse
I was working as a hostess in a resturaunt only for a couple of weeks when i decided to go out drinking one night. Despite the fact that I had to work the next morning, I got a little wasted. Early in the morning, I woke up with a terrible hangover. I decided to call my manager and in a state of panic, the first excuse that came out of my mouth was that my dog had run away and I needed to catch him so I would not be able to make it in to work that day. I was fired shortly after the incident.
Comfy Couch
I used to work at this local cofee shop in a small neighborhood about 15 mintues away from my house. It was my very first job, and I loved it at first. I would be the only person there when it was opened, and I was the one who did everything. I could do everything when I was ready to do it, as long as I had it all done before it was time to close at 9:30pm. I only worked nights dut to the fact I had school in the mornings.
School didn't start until 8:30am and my boss opened the store at 6am! EARLY!!
Thank god I only worked afternoons...
until I got that dreaded call,
"Can you open the store tomorrow? I will come replace you before you have to go to school..."
Well of course I couldn't say no! So I dragged myself there. I had such a hard time keeping my eyes open, and I jolted awake everytime a customer came through the door.
One morning turned into two, then, every other morning...
I was exhausted!!!
One Saturday I was schedulded to work in the morning. I got myself out of bed, painfully, at 5am!! I got comfortablly dressed and did not even think about getting all dolled up. No make up, not fresh hair style... just rolled out of bed.
At 5:30 I left my house and made it the shop at 5:45. I proceeded to make the coffe, turn on the machines, and got myself awake as possible. (like a good employee should) At 6am I called my boss to let her know I was there and that the store was open.
When she answered she sounded like I had waken her up! She then asked me why I was there so early...
Um, because that's the time you open your store... I thought.
It turns out that she doesn't open her store until 7am on Saturdays!! I was so upset...
She didn't seem to mind, even though she sounded annoyed, and she told me to just hang out until 7.
Well, I made myself a large latte and plopped down on the big comfy couch in front of the big screen television that was there for customers.
Sleep deprivation started to kick in, and my eyes began to get heavy. I set an alarm on my phone to go off a couple minutes before 7 just in case I dozed off.
Which I did.
And my phone did not wake me up.
It's now 8:30am....
the coffee shop phone is ringing.... I hear it but I ignore it, until I realize i NEED to answer it. I jumped up off the couch and realized there were a bunch of people outside watching me and wondering what was going on.
My boss was calling! I answered the phone and told her everything was fine, and proceeded to tell her I was just too busy to call her.
But she found out after all the customers complained...
I was later terminated due to the fact she said i was too irresponsible and couldn't do the job efficiently enough.
I may have been upset... but in the long run I am so thankful! I hated that job...
thank you Comfy couch!
my boss the idiot
I worked at a golf course as a proshop manager for a couple of years and during that time we got a new owner and he knew nothing about the golf industry. One Saturday morning, we were short handed and the new owner and I had to set up for a big tournament. I had a killer hangover and was not in the mood to deal with his stupid questions and so after about 30 minutes I said "you own the frickin' course and you know nothing about golf, you are such an idiot, my 5 year old goddaughter would be more help to me!" Well the jerk waited until the tournament was set up he came up to me and said "how does it feel to be fired by an idiot, get out."
even with a doctor's note...
When I was 16 I worked at a hobby/silk flower shop and go MONO and was out of work for a month because the DOCTOR said so and gave me note stating that I couldn't work. When I came back...managment had changed and I got fired for ABSENTEEISM!!!!! Jerks...too bad I was too young to know that I could sue them....
Mean Boss
I was working as a marketing executive at an IT firm. My boss was handicapped, short, and a very loud, rude mouth. He was (is still) the meanest and most cruel boss on the face of the Planet! Well one day a customer walked into our premises with a laptop that he had previously bought from us. He claimed it was faulty and started yelling and demanding his money back. I was the one who officiated the sale so when it came to my boss' attention, he blew off the roof. He started cursing me and yelling at me as to how i suck at my job. Then he went on to abuse my mum. That was it! I got into a fit, grabbed his neck, pulled him out of the wheel chair and threw him out the window!... (lucky for him we were on the gound floor...) He called me "the biggest idiot I've ever seen" so I told him that only an idiot employs an idiot! Ofcourse after that i was fired, ordered to pay for the broken window (which i didnt)......!
i was hired as an electrician, and i got assinged a job to fix the electricity at someones house but i kind of blew everything up.the police and fire department came and i got fired with in two hours.
Subway of DOOM!
I started working there a little after school started. I was there about a month and I got strep throat. So my boss was a jurk and punished me for calling out sick and having a doctors note. Then like 3 weeks later he fired me saying I was "rude" "rude to customers" and not a good worker and everything else. But it was a lie.
Working when i want too....
Well i needed a job and Macys hired me for a seasonal job and so i started working. First of all i hated getting dressed up and my boss was always sending me home. I never had a job before and i didn't know how to read a schedule, so i got fired when they caught me and i was so embarrassed that i didn't tell them that i didn't even know how to read a schedule...
Caught red handed
we have a food court at Sams Club and i couldn't work there because i was to young so used to steal out of the food court taking napkins to food, I thought i wasn't going to never get caught i went in the food court got ready to eat i didnt pay for so my manager tim was watching me the whole time i drop everthing and walked off he called me and said u know what you done wrong he told me it was complete termination. everyone found out i was so shame.
drunk and tired
well I had to work the Oklahoma, Texas A and M ball game, so I drank a pint of scotch and a few beers, then I got pretty tired since I had been up all damn day. so I decide to just lay down next to this dumpster and take a nap, needless to say, I woke up in handcuffs, barney pfeiff beating the hell out of me, went to jail. so when the boss finds out, of course, he fired me, thank god.
My sister was working at a mcdonalds and it was her first day there and she was working the cash register, someone came and held a gun to her head and said give me the money when my sister gave them all of the money in the register the robber left and her boss came up to her and said that she was fired when she asked why he said because she gave in too easily.
a stupid reason to fire
My boss is very uptight and must have everything perfect, well on April fools day, we found out how uptight she was. My co-worker though since our boss is so mean to us sometimes, we would play a prank on her for April fools, so we got the key to our office and rearranged everything during the night and the next morning she was freaking out and my co-worker decided to tell her and she got so mad she fired her.
Kissing at work?
So I worked at a pizza place called Eureka Pizza. The manager, was a good looking guy, in his 30's, but was married and had 6 kids. Every night, I would take a smoke break and he would always drop everything to go outside with me. I just thought he was bored or I was really fun to talk to? Anyways, one night we were both out there smoking, he kissed me!! I was shocked! I pushed him away and reminded him that he was married and had 6 kids, he didnt seem to care and tried to kiss me again. I walked away, got in my car and left. Next day I had called the area manager and told him the story, he said that Brian, my manager that kissed me, told him that I had just walked out and he fired me for lying to him!!! Messed up huh? haha
I worked at this lingerie shop as a second job. From the moment I was hired I told them I could only work one or two days a week because my first job was my main job. They understood and everything was ok for about three months. Then one day one of my managers said that I needed to be a little bit more flexible. I said there was no way, so I was told I would be back up and they would call me when they needed me. Well it's been about 6 months... still haven't heard anything.
Wendy's Day in Court!
When I was 18 I got my first job working at Wendy's resturant, I was so happy. I worked there for a year when they hired a new manager. Dana. I went in for my shift and saw that beside my name that I was off for 2 weeks, woohoo! So 2 weeks later I came back and Dana called me into her office,"I've been waiting a long time to can your butt, now get the hell out of my store." I was shocked, so I left crying my eyes out and went home and told my Dad, he said we'll see those MFer's in court and sure enough we took them to small claims court. We called it Wrongful Dismissal, they said I was stealing from the condiments, WTF?? Needless to say the judge ruled in our favor and Head office heard about what Dana had done and canned HER ass. Karma works in mysterious ways.
keep your mouth shut
The manager at the store where i worked was going on vacation for a week. This man was full of himself, he thought he was the best salesman in the world. Well, while he was on vacation the owner of the company worked in the store with me, this was the end of the year and we sold abouut 7 or 8 hot tubs in one week. The owner sarcastically told me that 'we do not need tom", She said this a couple of times!!

When the manager returned from vacation, he said "Did Cecelia say anything about me?" I said"yeah, sarcastically she said we do not need you". He acted like it was no big deal.
The next day that I showed up for work. I was called into the owners office. While i was in there the manager started to cry and said he was really depressed about the things I had told him the previous day and the owner said the she never said "we did not need tom". So, she got mad because I was accusing her of being a liar and I got fired. Next time I will not open my mouth.
I worked at Taco Bell and got fired for eating to much food. They said I ate more than 4 fat pregnant women put together , so they gave me an ultimatum and said i can stay if I cut back on eating or they will dismiss me if not, I chose to EAT Because I LOVE FOOD AND FOOD LOVES ME! SO before I left that day . I had one last goodbye FEAST

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