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  Firing Stories
Working when i want too....
Well i needed a job and Macys hired me for a seasonal job and so i started working. First of all i hated getting dressed up and my boss was always sending me home. I never had a job before and i didn't know how to read a schedule, so i got fired when they caught me and i was so embarrassed that i didn't tell them that i didn't even know how to read a schedule...
Caught red handed
we have a food court at Sams Club and i couldn't work there because i was to young so used to steal out of the food court taking napkins to food, I thought i wasn't going to never get caught i went in the food court got ready to eat i didnt pay for so my manager tim was watching me the whole time i drop everthing and walked off he called me and said u know what you done wrong he told me it was complete termination. everyone found out i was so shame.
drunk and tired
well I had to work the Oklahoma, Texas A and M ball game, so I drank a pint of scotch and a few beers, then I got pretty tired since I had been up all damn day. so I decide to just lay down next to this dumpster and take a nap, needless to say, I woke up in handcuffs, barney pfeiff beating the hell out of me, went to jail. so when the boss finds out, of course, he fired me, thank god.
My sister was working at a mcdonalds and it was her first day there and she was working the cash register, someone came and held a gun to her head and said give me the money when my sister gave them all of the money in the register the robber left and her boss came up to her and said that she was fired when she asked why he said because she gave in too easily.
a stupid reason to fire
My boss is very uptight and must have everything perfect, well on April fools day, we found out how uptight she was. My co-worker though since our boss is so mean to us sometimes, we would play a prank on her for April fools, so we got the key to our office and rearranged everything during the night and the next morning she was freaking out and my co-worker decided to tell her and she got so mad she fired her.
Kissing at work?
So I worked at a pizza place called Eureka Pizza. The manager, was a good looking guy, in his 30's, but was married and had 6 kids. Every night, I would take a smoke break and he would always drop everything to go outside with me. I just thought he was bored or I was really fun to talk to? Anyways, one night we were both out there smoking, he kissed me!! I was shocked! I pushed him away and reminded him that he was married and had 6 kids, he didnt seem to care and tried to kiss me again. I walked away, got in my car and left. Next day I had called the area manager and told him the story, he said that Brian, my manager that kissed me, told him that I had just walked out and he fired me for lying to him!!! Messed up huh? haha
I worked at this lingerie shop as a second job. From the moment I was hired I told them I could only work one or two days a week because my first job was my main job. They understood and everything was ok for about three months. Then one day one of my managers said that I needed to be a little bit more flexible. I said there was no way, so I was told I would be back up and they would call me when they needed me. Well it's been about 6 months... still haven't heard anything.
Wendy's Day in Court!
When I was 18 I got my first job working at Wendy's resturant, I was so happy. I worked there for a year when they hired a new manager. Dana. I went in for my shift and saw that beside my name that I was off for 2 weeks, woohoo! So 2 weeks later I came back and Dana called me into her office,"I've been waiting a long time to can your butt, now get the hell out of my store." I was shocked, so I left crying my eyes out and went home and told my Dad, he said we'll see those MFer's in court and sure enough we took them to small claims court. We called it Wrongful Dismissal, they said I was stealing from the condiments, WTF?? Needless to say the judge ruled in our favor and Head office heard about what Dana had done and canned HER ass. Karma works in mysterious ways.
keep your mouth shut
The manager at the store where i worked was going on vacation for a week. This man was full of himself, he thought he was the best salesman in the world. Well, while he was on vacation the owner of the company worked in the store with me, this was the end of the year and we sold abouut 7 or 8 hot tubs in one week. The owner sarcastically told me that 'we do not need tom", She said this a couple of times!!

When the manager returned from vacation, he said "Did Cecelia say anything about me?" I said"yeah, sarcastically she said we do not need you". He acted like it was no big deal.
The next day that I showed up for work. I was called into the owners office. While i was in there the manager started to cry and said he was really depressed about the things I had told him the previous day and the owner said the she never said "we did not need tom". So, she got mad because I was accusing her of being a liar and I got fired. Next time I will not open my mouth.
I worked at Taco Bell and got fired for eating to much food. They said I ate more than 4 fat pregnant women put together , so they gave me an ultimatum and said i can stay if I cut back on eating or they will dismiss me if not, I chose to EAT Because I LOVE FOOD AND FOOD LOVES ME! SO before I left that day . I had one last goodbye FEAST
My Record
i got hired at Wal-Mart with them knowing i had a prison record, and after about 1 year they fired me because the wall was broke from someone and it broke so i got blamed for it, they realized they were in the wrong. So i got rehired then about another year later they fired me for having a prison record! Now i can't get another job....
i did not were my suit, and i got fierd
Take this job and...
I worked at a library a few years ago. It paid like 4 buck an hour and sucked. So I went in for my first day of work and realized i didnt want to do it, so i left in the middle of my shift..without clocking out. The next day I just walked into my work, clocked in and left. I came back later to clock out, and walked past my boss. She just asked me how i was doing and how i was liking the job. I said great, and went home. I never went back. A few weeks later I got a letter in the mail from the library saying i was lazy and was not a reliable worker.
gotta go gotta go gotta go right now
I swiped ID cards at my college for my work study job, allowing people access into the dorms. I worked a six hour shift sitting at a desk swiping cards. We weren't ever supposed to leave the desk. If we had to pee, we were supposed to call for a break, but oftentimes relief took around two hours. So naturally, when I had to pee I wasn't going to wait two hours in extreme discomfort so I would always run down the hall and pee and run back. Took me sixty seconds top, and it's not like a murderer was going to walk into the building while i was gone, or if he was going to, it's not like i would be able to stop him if i hadn't left. anyway, one day a security guard was walked in during the sixty seconds i was away from my desk, reported me like an ass, and my stupid boss who was just an older student thought that was worthy of firing me.
my fault
I barely went to work and if i did i went on their computer and ate there food and it was a daycare
Postman Pat
While i was working as a postman in a town i didnt know my way round in, i found it much easier to repost the letters i had and go to the nearest pub. I managed to do this for two days until the undelivered letters turned up and the manager realized they were from my round. Sorry if there was delay in your post.
I DID'NT say it!!!!!
i was a cook and i was talking to my assistant one night at work. there were 2 waitressses that were there that did not like me to begin with. After a while of talking to my assistant, the assistant manager came barging into the kitchen telling me that if i wanted to talk about her then i need to do it to her face and not behind her back. i asked her what she was talking about and she told me that the 2 waitresses heard me call her a nasty word behind her back. After trying numerous amounts of times that i DID'NT say it, she told the manager. about an hour later i lost my job of almost 2 yrs. right before I got a raise and before i started recieving vacation time. hey, the manager and the assistant manager were dating anyway. i really got screwed out of my job.... I DID'NT SAY IT!!!!!!!!
My Deranged Encounter
A man came into the she department at my job one day. He looked like your average Joe. Tall,white, a beard. As he was looking over there, he asked me for help and I couldn't help him because I had boxes in my hand. He became angry and, in his anger, called me nasty words. In my anger I pulled out a knife which he assumed to be a boxcutter and held it up yo his face. Mind you, I am not a violent person. My boss caught me and fired me, not because of the knife, but because I didn't call on her to assess the situation.
employee vs.waitress
Me and this girl had been having miss comunications all day. we ended up getting suspended from school because of the fight. We were suspended for a total of 10 school days. We had to work that night and we both worked at the same restuarant. The other girl didn't think that she got her full sayso in at school so she thought it was necessary to wait for me in the parking lot at work to finish out the conflict from school. SO here we are going full involvement and these customers show up and they think that something needs to happen so they go into the restuarant and they tak to the manager that was on duty which happens to be the owner. The manager comes out and he sees me hit her. I am fired on the spot for fighting with an employee in the parking lot. SHe gets to keep her job because she wasn't seen hitting me and the customers didn't see her hit me either. Needless to say that wasn't it. I showed up that night and placed a brick
through her back window of her ne
pwn the noob
i was at work one night when my friend tim came in to show me his new airsoft gun. was a little pistol airsoft gun that cost about 30 bucks.A fellow employee had been annoying me all night so i decided to get even. i borrowed the gun and when she went across the dining room to change some trash i pulled the gun and shot across the store and hit her in the back of the head. pwned that noob...boom headshot.
but of course the manager saw it and i was fired on the spot.

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