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  Firing Stories
screen saver
my best freinds computers screensaver said "if u are reading this u r fired, yes u tony see me in my office asap"
I worked for DICKS SPORTING GOODS in Las Vegas, NV. That was until I got fired because I was sick. I mean really sick. I was throwing up and had to have someone from another department watch the register while I ran to the bathroom to puke my guts out. What happened was this, I had some sort of food poisoning and was throwing up alot, to the point where I just about threw up on my register. I needed to go home. This was at around 9:00am and I called my boss (CHRIS C.) and told him I needed to go home because I was throwing up. Now, I also hurt my back on the job, went to physical therapy and had a doctors note stating that I couldn't lift no more than 10 lbs. But this job didn't care and I was still lifting. Anyways, I needed to go home and my boss assured me that Id be able to leave at 11am when another person came in...No one showed up, and 12:00 passed, then 1pm...then 2pm... and by 3 I couldn't take it anymore so I left and went home.
Now I show up for work the next day and get fired by my boss Chris C. because he wouldn't let me go home. Do you know how unhealthy that was, not only for me but for my customers too... so i got my things, went home, took a hot shower and went to bed! The very next day I got a new job with UC Inc. located in the LVOC and I love it. I am currently still employed by UC Inc., the best company I've ever worked for!
Off the ramp
I worked at an automotive shop doing oil changes and tire rotations. To do an oil change I had to drive the cars onto a narrow ramp just wide enought to drive a car on. One day I hade to drive a truck onto this ramp and change the oil. As I was about to drive up the ramp, I meant to hit the break but accedently pushed the gas. I lost control of the truck and hurrled that truck right off the ramp. All this happened while the owner watched from about ten feet away. I went home after that never to work at an automotive shop again.
blue hair
well my story does like this i woke up one day and decided to color my hair blue and went to work and i walked in and all the workers looked at me and were cheering me on and a costumer walked in and started talking to me and the boss wanted me to get back to work so i did and that day my boss came up to me after my shift and said here is up months pay go home and that is my story
Back Injury
I worked in a nursing home for almost a year when we got a resident that had dementia, and a slight case of schizoprenia. I was all by myself one night and she fell on me and pulled my back, when I got her back into bed she was trying to scratch and bite my arm. I was sent to the doctor the very next day....The doctor confirmed that I had pulled my back.

So my employer would not give me any days off, making me work 12 hours a day, even though the doctor's order said to rest as much as possible. So I asked for a weeks vacation time, and it was approved.

The third day of my vacation I got a call from my boss, stating that I had not showed up the night before so now I am fired. She ignored the fact that I was on approved vacation. She didn't want me to sue for the back injury so she fired me instead!!!!!!!!!
Dilly Bar Disaster
I had worked at DQ for about a month, and they NEVER gave free food, not even a fry. Not even if it was a mess up order. So one day, I was really freakin' hungry, and I had no money on me to spend on a hamburger. Me and my friend Tiff always would spot for eachother while we wolfed down dillybars in the big freezer, but Tiff wasnt working. I decided to go eat one anyway. I went in the freezer and got to work on a rock hard dilly bar. Once I was FROZEN and finished eating it, I went to open the freezer door, but it was locked! I started banging on the door but no one could here. Finally about 5 mins later someone opened the door, and I walked out all casually as if I had been in there for no more than a minute. Next day, I got a phone call from my boss saying there was hidden cameras in the freezer, and my dilly bar stealing days were over.
I was fired from my receptionost post
I was working as a receptionist in a reputed company. One day in the morning when i was going for work, my mom asked me to buy some things from the mall while returning. In the office, she called me to remind of mall. Between her call, the mager of the company(an old lady) called me for getting some files ready. Call got connected to the manager and I thought that my mom was on the line. I said "I love you". I intended that for my mom, but, the manager heard it. When the manager came to the office, she acted to me differently. Next day, the boss called me and asked me that do I really love the manager. I said that she is good at her works. And he gave me the dismissal order silently. I thought that it would be a promotion letter, but was shocked to find that it wasn't.
I worked with this guy at mcdonalds and you could tell he did not want to be there..none of us did...anyways-we heard the backdoor alarm go off, so the manager sent me and a male employee back there to check it out. We find this guy out in the parking lot with bags and bags of frozen patties and fries, throwing them- screaming some crazy rant..needless to say he was fired and arrested for theft (unbelievable, i know)..and my manager got mad at us for taking so long to clean up his desruction....we were laughing so hard.
Well Known Retailer goes stupid
I worked with a co-worker who's friend bought her some cupcakes because she had a bad night. The next day she got called into the office and and they fired her for accepting a cupcake without asking for a receipt. So, now everytime we see her we ask GOT RECEIPT?
Better Late Than Sorry
I was Late because my car had broken down and my boss did not believe me.
Gas Station
Boss fired me after buying me chinese food, fired me in front of EVERYONE! Customers, other employees, Very loudly said, "You no longer work here, please get your things together, and leave my store" After telling me the day before in his office that if I kept up I could become assistant mananger soon!
Fired for following the Rules
I was a waitress a TGIFridays for about nine months. I was a loyal, honest, hard-working employee who was never in any trouble of any sort. One VERY VERY slow night- a very elderly woman and her adult daughter came in and ordered an alcoholic drink from me. After I brought it out the daughter spoke to my manager and I soon found out that these two were secret shoppers (people who are hired to check up on chains and report back to the 'mother' company). The next day i was fired for not ID-ing the woman! Our rule is to card those who look under forty and seeing that this lady was obviously over forty I abided by the rule....and was fired. Even though I did what was I was taught, the manager basically wanted to cover his butt so he wouldn't get in trouble with HIS manager....uuuuuh.
A Change
I had been the receptionist for a general contractor for almost 2 years. For Christmas I got a bonus and in November had received a pretty descent raise. So in January when I was called into my bosses office I was not alarmed. The next thing I know, he states "We're making a change." I had absolutely no idea what was going on. I asked questions and he answered with the same...."We're making a change!" I collected my things and was escorted to my car. I couldn't believe it. Was I being canned so they could hire a young blond, or someone in the family....I mean what in the world was "making a change"? It's been about 10 years since this happened and I sometimes I still wonder what the real story was with that one?!?!
OH, Nissan Nissan Nissan....
Well, i starting working at Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp in Irving TX around July of 06 (by the way, i was 18). It was at the insurance dept of the corp taking calls from customers when they have been in accidents and from insurance comp to do total loss reports. Any way they hired me on a temp to perm position and they needed someone who was bilingual because that dept didn't have one, well i gave one hell of a interview speech (it was all true) about me and i was hired. I believe i had the most responsibility because i took english calls when ever they would come in but also any other rep who would get a spanish call, they would transfer to me, so basically they can go 30 min with out a call but i would ALWAYS be on the phone!! and i had to do numerous other tasks around the office and i had an hour lunch and when i would come back i had about 15 - 20 spanish cust to call back!! Mind you i was the ONLY spanish rep there. Any way
one of my jobs was to seal certified letters to cust about repos i guess and it was everyday that i had to do some like every body else and they HAD to go out the same day by 3:00, it was a MUST!. By this time i had been working there for 3 months and there was this one monday morning where i was more overloaded then i had ever been, around the time they pass out the certified letters i didnt realize they had givin me any because i was tied up. So around 4:00 it started to slow down and thats when i looked over and realized that i had about 40 certs on my desk. Well i immedietly went over to one of my ser reps and told them the problem. The next day i come in and my boss comes over really gingerly like if nothing were wrong and told me that my temp agency downstairs wanted to see me. I was never under the impression that anything was wrong so i went down with confidence. The moment i sat down at Amy's desk, she says "Well, (boss name) wants to let you go." I was in total disbelief and so was she.
..after about 5 min, when it actually hit me, i started to cry because i started thinking that i was going to have to live on the street because my boyfriend and i were not going to be able to survive on his paycheck, but i made things work and we are still living off his check but i try to do little things here and there to make a little extra money.
We All Makes Some Mistakes
Well My friends and I needed money and needed it quick, So i got this job translating things for my boss. My boss was German so i just used daily resources since he preffered human contact for translation. Anyway this one guy stepped in and he was a metaphors kind of Idiom guy then he told my boss "I've had my eye on you for a while" I translated and my boss looked Skeptical then nodded and looked shifty eyed. Then the convo got boring and I spiced it up with some Idioms .. Bad idea My boss went insane and shouted. "HOW CAN I BE STUMPED?!!? SO I LOOK LIKE A TREE?" Then he just kept shouting and i justed looked shorter and shorter :/ Finally My Boss asked "Wheres that eye hes had on me" Then i Luaghed and fell of my chair laughing... Then got Fired for insolence -.-.
oh no
When i got my very first job working for the littlewoods catalogue company i was only 17 and my supervisor was very hard on me because we had to meet targets that were nearly impossible to meet, i had been working there for about 4 weeks and one day my supervisor said to me get your stuff your going home and i said why so she said she wachted me run through 5 ilses and then she said she seen me go for my dinner 10 mins early so i've lost it and threw tv-video combi (in the box) towards her and nearly broken her leg i got arrested and everything for it.
Well i used to work at a daycare and one day i went to work i had only gotten a few hours of sleep the night before so im sitting in a rocking chair rocking a kid to sleep and the next thing i know my supervisor is waking me up and she said i was fired i was so embarresed for myself and the children i was supposed to be watching.
Caddie Problems
Well, when I was younger I used to be a caddie at a nice country club. As a caddie, obviously, it was my job to carrie the golfers clubs, bag, and so on. I was still a newer caddie so I found my self struggling to make it through a single round. On this particular day it was a 27 hole tournament. I made it through the first 18 holes fine but the problem came around hole 20. My back was starting to become quite painful and I was trudging along head down not paying much attention. Well, this particular hole was a par three in which you had to take a rounded trip to make it around a pond to reach the green. So as I'm starting to make the trip around the pond my back continues to ache. So I trudge along head down simply trying to ignore the pain. However, I misjudged the placement of the pond and I suddenly found myself trying to balance myself as to not fall into the pond. But, the heavy golf bag weighed me down and took me and all my golphers
goods into the pond. Well as a young worker that was where I learned all the choice swear words, thanks to my golfer, for my vocabulary. The golfer quicly took his soaking bag and walked away yelling at me as he went "Go home you little piece of %#^% because I ain't *&^%*& paying you" So I went back to the caddie shack and told the caddie master the whole story. He simply laughed and told me to go home because I wasn't built for a caddie. Thinking about it now I should have gotten paid for the first 20 holes but ehh I'm sure the golfers bag smelled like *%&$ the rest of the day.

How to get fired on your first day of work......
I have only ever been fired from one job, and amazingly it happened on my first day. Impossible, you say? No my friend, easy as pie. For you see, after being hired to said job and scheduling my first day of work, I promptly forgot about the job and didn't show up for that first day. About an hour after I was supposed to be there, I got the call.
fire cracker
When I was coming to my work on january 3rd, and I put the bag of fire crackers by a hot oven and they blew up!

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