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Worst Western
About 6 months ago, I had been given a job offer by my temp agency at a Best Western Hotel as a housekeeper. Having been unable to find work for awhile, I decided to settle for the job even though I was Culinary trained and certified.
When I first arrived, nobody could find the manager who was supposed to show me and my fellow new employees around, and we were given a half-assed tour and overgeneralized instructions by another employee who was fairly new herself. Then we were set to work, even though we had barely half a clue what we were supposed to do. The next day, the manager we were supposed to see came in and examined our work as we performed it, criticizing us as though we were well-trained, long-time employees who were supposed to know every detail of our jobs. She really ragged on us, but eventually had a seasoned housekeeper show us what to do. The critical treatment continued for several weeks, nearly daily verbal abuse to all the new employees by this woman.
Plus, she herself didn't know how to do her own job, often forgetting things that were important, like when she had certain employees scheduled, or when an event would be going on that required more rooms to be cleaned than usual, giving us the room assignments last-minute and making us work hours after our shifts were supposed to end. As well, she didn't know how to schedule employees properly. For instance, she would have a majority of the housekeepers on during the week and hardly any on busy weekend shifts, often having to assign each weekend housekeeper as many as 32 rooms. We all had to stay and help the others until all the rooms were done, on one occasion keeping all 6 housekeepers on shift that Friday from 7 am until 8 pm.
One Monday, when I was seriously contemplating quitting my job, I was on my way back from break when my coworkers and I were all brought into a dining hall by upper management and the doors were locked. We were asked to discuss our feelings about the job, and to discuss with them how we felt about that particular manager. Finally, the uppers told us that we had to be kept in the room for a bit because the woman had just been fired from her position and she was throwing a hysterical fit that seemed likely to turn violent.
I quit a couple weeks later, but it was very satisfying to know that foul woman was out of the hotel as well.
I was working at McDonalds almost everyday making low wage and i had a fat boss she had me sweep the whole floor but there was this piece of lettice stuck to the damn floor and it wouldn't come off by using the broom, so she got pissed and told me to get it off using my hand and i said some bad things to her so she fired me and i chucked my broom at her and walked out
Hospital Story
okay, my friend was working at this hospital, shes been there for at least 2 yrs now..she is in college so she need the money, she worked in the summer, when the summer was over, she quit n that day was a FRIDAY, the boss said her last day was Monday, she sais okay, then wen my friend went back to her desk, there was a girl there, on my friends computer entering her information, n the girl said, oh im sorry i didnt know, i thought u quit, then my friend said my last day is monday then the girl said "my bad" then my friend said if she could leave, politely, she said im not done with my stuff, my friend got pissed OFF!! she was like well my last day is monday, and today is friday, so im still an employee! then the girl was like i said im not done entering the information yet now would u please leave me alone?! my friend got pissed n went to the boss, turns out that it was the grls first day, and she got fired before actualyl started.
Trip up
I was working at the cornershop down my road, and brought a box of crisps out from the back to put on the shelf, but left them behind the counter instead for a minute while i used the toilet. The boss came round the corner, tripped over the box, crashed through the whole display and broke the crisps. When i came out from the toilet to find him lying on the floor surrounded by sweets and crisps i couldnt help but laugh.
And he couldnt help but fire me. No one has a sense of humour these days
No teeth
I was working for the LaRosa's call center in Cincinnati. I had been there for 8 months and was the top Customer Service representative in the place and The job was pretty cool. Just sit on the computer in a comfy desk chair in a cubicle and take call in orders. I had had oral surgery in April.I had to stay off of work because My mouth was swollen and I couldn't talk. They fired me because I was not able to work due to the fact that I couldn't talk (even though I had a doctors note that they said was fake and that I was pretending).
Here's your Newspaper!
My first job was working as a paperboy it was hell! I got up at 4 am every morning (even on my days off if the fat weekender kid didnâ??t show up) I was never later apart from when I was hit by a car (which my boss had no sympathy about) and only three weeks later (still with my arm in a cast) he told me to deliver more papers on a Saturday or I wouldnâ??t get paid, Well I did for about a week but then he told me if I didn't do another four streets (which had about 25 homes in each) I would get firedâ?¦. So all I did was take the bag off my shoulder slammed it onto the ground and said â??who do you think you are!â?? Then picked up a lot of papers and jammed them all in the post box outside the shop.
Broke The Door
I was an assistant manager at a walgreens and one day a drunk guy came into the store and was causing problems for the employees the other customers. I asked him to leave and he raised his voice yelling "This is a free country I can be where I want". When I tried to walk him outside he started pushing me. I eventually got agitated, grabbed him by the shoulders and threw him through the sliding door at the front of the store. The door slipped off the tracks and broke the glass on the ground. After watching the tape I got fired.
Stick puck fired
When I was 15 I worked at a canadian tire part time after school and on weekends. One weekend me and one of my coworkers were working in sports department alone and the rules say two people have to be on the floor at all times unfortunatly it was a 10 hour shift so we needed a lunch break and at least 1 15 minute break legally but they said niether of us could leave the other alone .. I argued it was their fault for not having enough staff that's when my coworkwer kinda stopped me and said don't worry about it . I knew he was up to something haha .. We go back to work and he takes out his cell phone and orders up some pizzas to the sports desk haha the delivery driver comes right to the desk and after we pay out comes the supervisor who in turn makes a fool of himself by yelling at us in front of customers so I calmy told him that's not very professional haha which made him even angrier seeing how I just offered pizza at work hahaha he
threatened me by saying hed fire me if I ever did
anything like that again so as the day goes by it gets quiet around the tire me and my coworker decide to go to the warehouse grab a hockey net and open up some goalie gear. My buddy there put the gear on I grabbed a net a stick and some pucks haha. Were havin a good time when I shoot the ball wide of the net and hits one of the kids building bikes. He comes out pissed right off telling me he was telling on me! So he ratted on me and I got fired haha good times tho well worth it!
Hospital stay
About 6 years ago I worked as a ramp agent at a local airport. I (and my co-workers) noticed that i was getting really sick. Losing abnormal weight and i had a swelling in my throat. Now this job sucked but it was my job and i actually liked half my co-workers and bosses were pretty cool. all except for one high strung wanna be idiot. I ended going to the hospital and getting surgery done on my jaw, because a tooth had gotten infected and went and infected my lympe nodes. I was sick as a dog for weeks due to the antibiotics i had in my system. Needless to say i was calling in alot because i didnt have the strength to destroy someones bag. Well one morning that high strung squirrel crawled up my butt after i called in after i spent 2 hrs hunched over the toliet. That jerk yelled at me saying i might as well never come back in. So I told him fine he could kiss my butt. It did my heart good to hear about how the other bosses jumped his case.
Fat People in 5 Guys
Ok so one of my first jobs was at a Five Guys. I liked the job but I felt like I was working too hard. One day I wasn't very busy cause almost everybody was away on spring break. So I decided to go into the kicks and sticks (lacrosse and soccer store) which was right next to 5 guys and have a look around. I look around for 5 minutes probably and then go back. There was still nobody in there. Then 2 super fat people walk in an order 4 large bacon cheese burgers, 2 large sodas, and a large order of fries. They amazingly finished it all in like 15 or 20 minutes. Then one of them comes back and looks really mad. He claims that I didn't put on enough bacon so I tell him that he's too fat to notice how much food he ordered and I shove a handful of bacon in his face. They told my boss and I got fired but boy did it feel good.
What's up with that?
Dude, I was walking to my job (I worked at a Hot Topic) and all of a sudden, my boss tells me to stock the new TWLOHA shirts. I wasn't even at the store yet. But I said whatever and went to go do it. Then my friend Chris walks in and opens some hair dye and starts to dye his hair. Then I tried to make him stop because he got hair dye on some of the vans we had on display. So while he was running around, he got cherry red hair dye all over the dang store. My boss fired me, and I opened a box of Electric blue hair dye and threw it at him. It was sooooooo dang worth it!
Die or get fired?
So i worked at a hospital. im an EMT, and I was working as a CNA. Anyway, i have heart issues and started to feel like I was going to pass out, or possibly go into AFIB (my heart shakes so much it cant get back into rhythm). So i took the ACCUCHEK, which checks ur blood sugar, so I could check mine to make sure I wasn't dying.. and I checked it, but i had to use a patients name because it doesnt register without a name. Well somebody went and told my boss and she pulled me in her office and screamed at me, and I told her to go to hell, and I left. She originally was telling me I was her best employee, and than I check myself to make sure Im not dying, and she gives me a hard time?
obviously i didnt die, but i DID have to go into the ER and I was admitted for a week!
The Hotel
I was working at a hotel a few years back. This hotel required all the front desk personnel to work two night audit shifts once a month and you worked them by yourself (night audit being the 11pm-7am shift). I hated these shifts but it was only two nights a month. Now let me clear this up fist, there were no rules about personal phone calls at work. It was something you wouldn't do in front of your boss, but it wasn't a rule.
So one night, I am performing one of my required hell shifts and I get a frantic call from my girlfriend. She called the hotel phone because I left my cell phone in my car. She had just gotten in a car accident and the people who actually hit her were belligerent drunks and were screaming at her. So she was crying hysterically and wanted me to stay on the phone with her until the cops came. 15 minutes I was on the phone during the grave yard shift (because you saw NO ONE during those hours). BAM instant firing. Using the phone for personal calls...let's just say that left a bad taste in my mouth.
Walmart sucks
I worked at wal-mart for three months. I was a senior in high school, I was also talking a criminal justice course at my tech class..
Well I was working untill midnight, I was comming come and going to sleep and I wouldn't get up in the morning so to make a story short I tried to change my availability three times and nothing at all changed about it..
So finally, I went to the manager (because I was scheduled to work that day so I went in early to talk to him) and I was trying to explain to him I was overwhelmed and I could only work untill 10:30 or 11.. well he said everyone has to work and go to school and I asked if he was going to change my schedule and he said no.
So I told him to take the job and shove it and I left, and never came back, for my shift or for all of that matter.
Too much to handle
I was working at Country Kitchen and had a lot on my plate. I was eighteen, living in a motel room with my boyfriend and his father, I was pregnant and had not yet told my parents, going to school, and holding this job. I only had about three hours to sleep everyday. On one night, I was the only waitress in the restaurant, and we were slammed. We even had a line. People were yelling at me, throwing food, being mean.... And customers would not stop coming. I was also having morning sickness and had to keep going to the bathroom. My manager would not help me wait tables. I was crying while waiting on people. I was walking by this couple and heard the words {"And all these teenaged girls getting pregnant." I lost it, I went in the back, and broke down sobbing. My manager came back to tell me to get back to work, and I quit right there.
Too happy!
I worked at a SuperPharm (Shoppers Drugmart or Pharmaprix depending on where you are) when one glorious sunny day, the store manager calls me into her office and tells me Im being too happy with my customers. about 1 week later i was called by hr who promptly informed me that i would no longer be required.
Fired after one week
Ok so i worked at this company part time from 8-5pm for data entry that i started for about 1 week which was my orientation time and also learning the ropes of how to put data entry for a company that makes data for oil. For the 1st day i met with the my boss and everyone else on my team. Everything was going great but they didnt even set me up with a computer account login name and password. So basically my 1st day was explained by one of my co-workers there who is a really great person and helped me alot. I had no account to the computer for the 1st day which meant i couldnt even get started. I started doing my data entry the 2nd day and the reason i got fired the next week because they are in dire times for getting things done. That really confused me since they fired me on my 2nd week on friday. I did already 2 data entries. One data entry was about 20 miles and another one was about 10-15 I dont even remember. So since im new i asked
alot of questions and also told them if its ok
to check my work. I had one of the people there who is suppose to check my work said everything was fine. My 1st data entry was good but than my 2nd one when i got fired they said the supervisor said there was too many mistakes which makes me angry since they didnt tell me about anything because i had them checked out by 3 other people who work with me. Also they stated that i was sleeping when i instead of taking an hour long lunch break to go that day i decided to close my eyes for 15 in the morning so i can relax myself and not stress about finals that i had in my college class that same week the next day. My employer told me that they caught me sleeping and that it was a bad reputation, while i see many other people who have music on who dont even look like they are doing anything half the time besides talking and looking around trying to look busy. Im really ticked off because they didnt even give me a warning or given me a second chance. Give me a break. It's my 2nd week and they believe that im
suppose to be some type of robot feeding them these data entry sheets and doing all the geometry all the time in a matter of hours which is ridicolous considering the fact the environment we work is in a small office and their most experience workers related to my stuff exluding the supervisor is 6 months. I find it hard to believe that the only reason why they fired me was because of errors they said i made while i was told by my fellow co-workers who i believed were helping me do everything in the right track were correct. How can three people check my data entry for my 2nd assignment which was around 40 pages with about 579 numbers to filled in by a new person like me be wrong when i had these other people check them. They told me that the job wasnt for me while i was still in the learning process and getting familiar of how to use the programs and assigning everything. I'm really dissapointed in myself not only because i believed and trusted everyone around me who said i was doing ok but to be told by
the employer that i was doing my 2nd assignment wrong really effected me. I can't believe people would be like that noone told me anything for the next few days before i was released ( the term they used for me) from the company.
Screw Tim Horton's
Okay, so I wasn't really fired, but I walked out of my job. I was a storefront Tim Horton's employee. The day I quit was on a Thursday. Everything was fine until we got our usual morning rush. A customer was pretty much whispering into the speaker at Drive Thru and I had to ask her to repeat her order 5 times. I STILL couldn't hear her so I just guessed. I got it wrong and we had to make it over again, which severely slowed down Drive Thru. Of course, I got blamed for it. Sorry I couldn't hear her! We had two employees that I HATED working with. One was a Supervisor (she has bi-polar disorder) and the other was a FREAK! Severe mood swings, screaming at people for no reason...Anyway, I had problems with them both. I was being blamed (ONLY ME) for the dumbest things. So I went on my break and brought the manager outside and I told him "I can't do this job anymore. I'm sick of being blamed for everything." and I walked out.
Take my word for it: NEVER work at a Tim Horton's. EVER.
The Cart Corral
so i worked at Menards for 4 months before i was quit/fired. when i first started they had me as a cashier. it was a good job with good pay. then they moved me into the carryout position. my job was to wrangle carts and help cuztomers with heavy orders. when i accepted the postion i was told that there would always be 2 carryouts during the winter season. as i pulled up to work (after a 6" blizzard the night before) i realized that none of the carts were inside. so i clocked in and started my job. the let my carryout help go home 3 hours early, leaving me to wrangle ALL the carts and help all the customers that needed rock salt. after about 2 hours, my boss told me i was going too slow, i go off on a rant about how he sent my only help home 3 hours early. he told me if i didnt like it i could leave. so i took off my vest and walkie talkie, took all the carts that i brought inside and pushed them all back outside and said i quit. 2 weeks
later i still recieved my holiday bonus. thanks
for the 6 bucks menards.
Planting the seed of terror
ive always been a hard worker. i take pride in all the hard work i do, and it shows. im taking some time off between high school and university to make some money for school. so ive had a couple jobs here and there. ive only been fired from one, but i can honestly say that im glad about it.
i worked at a natural food store for about 3 months. the job was awesome, supervisors would pull pranks on each other, everyone got along fine, the chicks were hot and the pay was decent. but theres always the jerk there that thinks hes bigger than everyone. ever since day one this idiot been on my case. at first id let it slide as the give the new guy a hard time till he gets more into the game. but this jerk left me to do all the work. i was in the produce department and even the other people in the other department filed reports about this jerk supervisor telling me to do everything while he tried to score with customers, no joke there. me being a good little idiot did as i was told to avoid problems.
but then he started getting racist. im spanish and im a rocker (go figure) not many people like me, so he gets on my case and starts going with that. i tell my manager and he said he ll talk with him about it. it goes on for about a week and thats when i exploded. since i worked in produce i worked with knives, and i study taijutsu so i know how to use them... i scared the hell out of him. a customer drops a watermelon and im restocking stuff. this idiot while hes flirting with a chick off dispatch, tells me to go clean it up and i tell him im busy do it urself ur not doing anything. he tells me to stop being useless and throws me an empty box. i grab a really big melon knife stab it into a pumpkin all the way through and make it go through the table and snap the blade off. i hold the broken knife and point it to his face and tell him to "be nice... ull live longer". needless to say i got fired even though everyone liked me including the boss. dont blame them though. but im happy cause now that
jerk cant go anywhere around knives without going pale. *keep in mind i just wanted to scare him. not actually fillet him.

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