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  Firing Stories
Mean Boss
Well, I worked for a smokehouse over the summer. My boss was new and she sucked!!!! She threw measuring cups at me, so I told someone else who worked there that I was quitting after that day. That person told the boss and my ex-boss called me at 6 in the morning to tell me that I am a unhappy person and I need to find a new job. Needless to say, I don't eat or go near there anymore.
i was 13. and i was a babysitter for some neighbor kid for 4 days. i got fired cuz i forgot to clean a mess of the brat's barbies in the basement.
The Ternderloin
I was working at a retirement community and i was head cook of my kitchen. It was about 6:45pm,we had just got done serving supper and i was cleaning up the front line to prepare to leave for the night. When we serve supper we fill out tickets for the residents so we know what to put on each plate and who the order goes to. Its really busy during serving time that sometimes the tickets get lost or sometimes we forget to fill out one for a resident. We also have room tray tickets (a residednt eats in their room). Well this one room tray ticket never got filled out or completed so a cna came into the kitchen to ask for a tenderloin on a bun with french fries! well at this time i only have 15 min to fill the order so the cna ask the resident if she would eat a cold meat sandwich instead because i didn't have enough time to prepare the tenderloin and she said YES without and fuss. Well the next morning when i was well into my shift the kitchen
phone rang for me and it was one of my bosses. She asked me all about the night before. Well by this time i was all upset because i knew they were mad because i didn't make that tenderloin and the resident had complained that she didnt get it. After the phone call my favorite boss came up to my kitchen and asked me what was wrong. So i told her and she just told me to forget about it and everything was going to be ok. Well 15 min later the phone rang....they (2 bosses) wanted to see me. This was it, 3 years in the making all down the drain. "you refused to -prepare a grilled tenderloin for a resident and we have had complaints all day long" YOUR FIRED! Thats so funny because a week before that my best friend got fired for burnt chicken!
Termination From Worlds Of Fun
Well, i was operating a ride called the Finish Fling and i was texting on my cell phone at the same time. My supervisor walked up and noticed what I was doing. She started yelling at me and some words were thrown around, apperently texting while peoples' lives are in your hands is strictly prohibited. I was sent to the manager's office and i was fired.
Fired For Arguing
I got fired for arguing with the boss and pushing the boss into the wall.
I was working with a guy named Karl as security for a club. He was a horrible employee and management wanted to fire him but knew he would collect unemployment so they came up with the idea to convince him that he had won Powerball and in turn most likely quit his job. So the night of the drawing the managers called out over the radio that they were sending Jon (another security guard) to the store to get PowerBall tickets and if anyone wanted tickets to see Jon before he left. Karl came out front and gave Jon $5 for tickets and Jon went. When he came back the General Manager jumped into his car and copied down a set of numbers from one of the tickets and told Jon to give Karl that same ticket. Just a minute or two after they ran the numbers on the tv the manager read the numbers on the radio that were copied down and given to Karl as if they were the winning numbers. So as predicted, Karl ripped off his headset and radio, threw them to the floor
and walked out. He drove to the nearest gas station to claim his multimillion dollar prize and found out that he in fact didn't win. He turned back around to ask for his job back and when he arrived the manager just smiled and shook his head no! They had 2 of us "escort" him off the property. Thats evil!!!
What the heck?
I was fired from a law firm after a week and a half of being a receptionist. The only reason the lawyer could give me was that if and when i got my own transportation (i didnt have my own at the time) I would be gone to long on running papers to the courthouse!! (What the heck!?!)
Its not my fault I had brain surgery
My boss called me into her office to tell me that she did not like the way I was styling my hair and that she could not stand looking at me another day with my hair styled that way so it was time I moved on and then went on to complain about how I came to work when I was sick because I looked like hell and can't look like that in front of clients. I came to work thinking it was better than calling in because I could still do my job I just didn't look too great. And she did all of this when I had brain surgery 6 months before and had my head shaved. Styling my hair was not the easiest thing to do considering the fact that I had long hair all of my life. I feel like I was fired because of my surgery.
Never get hurt on the job.....
At the last job I worked at, we had a session about safety and how to handle materials that we worked with in order to avoid work related injuries. (Not to mention that we did not have health coverage from that company).
The next day I came to work, I was ready to take the trash out to the dumpster, I pushed the trash down in the bag for it to fit the bag, the next thing I knew I cut my finger and I reported to my supervisor to my big surprise all he could say was "go home and have some rest................."

My friend got fired ON THERE DAY OFF!!! Reason being that they shipped boxes to the wrong address in another state the day before.
damn fat dude
this fat guy got me fired by farting beside me and my boss thought it was me
how i got fired by a 9 yr old
Well i was in a band with my cousin who was like 9 and we had pretty good business and one day i showed up 4 practice and she was like "i found a cello player we don't need a singer anymore". and i was like how old is this kid? and she said"6". and i just flipped out. But now i have a new band with people i can trust.
Me and My Boss
It was April Fools Day.
I'd just got to work to find my boss wanted to see me. As I went to his office and sat down, he collapsed. I rushed around for help and to ring an ambulance, but before I did he jumped up to say April Fools. Needless to say I was relieved but also slightly annoyed so I decided I was going to get him back.
I thought very long and hard but the best I could think of was to place something in his office that would make him jump. So me and a few of my colleagues set up a trap while he was in a meeting, we made an alarm go off that would make him jump then as he got up to turned the alarm off he would walk through some fishing wire which would make a box tip upsided down full of mayonaise. It worked perfectly yet little did we know he was quite allergic to mayonaise and had to go to the hospital, so I got fired when he came back to work.
Here's some roses your fired.
So I was working at this ambulance company. It was my second week training and it just so happened it was my birthday. They bought me a cake and an expensive vase with roses thent he next day they fired me. Isnt that nice? Happy Birthday, your fired.
Crapple Bee's
I was a waitress at at Applebees, I got so sick of the cheap people that would come out to eat and order a whole bunch of half price appetizers during happy hour and not leave me a tip. So I started serving underage
kids liquor for a fee. I also used to get my manger's card to comp food off the bill so I could pocket the money. In my last attempt I tried to give my manager a 10 dollar coupon for another cheap table, but then he confronted the table and I was fired! Thank God.
On a good one
I worked at the Ram restaurant and Brewery in Kent, WA. I was a server. I had to be to work at % in the evening so i decided to get drunk before. I had like 9 shots of vodka and a pack of cigarettes. I showed up to work totally blasted and everbody knew it. I even told them! They let me work my shift and then I was fired the next day.

Mrs Heavyweight
I was working as a driver for a limosuine company. I was sent to the airport to pick up a lady who had to weigh 350-400 Lbs. When I got her home to her house to drop her off, she couldn't get the seatbelt unfastened. The more she struggled the more difficult it became. She started to panic and scream. This of course attracted a lot of her neighbors who came outside to see what was happening. I called my boss on the radio from the car and asked him what i should do. He said do whatever it takes to get her out of the car, because you have to hurry back to the airport for another pickup. That's all they care about is the next pickup. So I took out my pocket knife and leaned over her to try to cut the belt off. Someone who saw this called the police. They showed up guns drawn and needless to say I had quite a time explaining. I was fired for not being able to get back for my next pickup.
Experience not wanted
I got fired because they didn't want to pay for experienced employees anymore and felt I was being over-paid. It's fun, because they were the idiots that were giving me raises all along.
ink explosions
one day i decided to blow up some ink tags, you know the ones they put on clothes so people dont steal them, well i blew up a couple of them by stomping on them or throwing them against the wall, ink was everywhere :)! i was fired the next day by my fat, ugly manager.
I was babysitting and I got fired because i let a child have one cookie.

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