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God's word is like a highway sign Grant us good in this world
He who leaveth home in search of knowledge I wish to be enlightened and have peace of heart
I wish to be honorable I wish to follow the Straight Path
I wish to have a long life If anyone pursues a path in search of knowledge
If anyone removes anxieties of this world from a believer If you avoid forbidden actions
If you do not complain to any fellow creature If you do not loose your temper
If you have mercy on yourself and others If you keep yourself pure
Illumine your hearts by hunger It is better to speak to a seeker of knowledge
It is difficult for a man laden with riches Keep yourselves far from envy
Kindness is a mark of faith Lay not upon us such a burden
Learn to know thyself Make us not a trial for the evildoing
Master your indignation and fury Muhammad said, Entertain him
Muslims should outlive, out-love and out-laugh Never do I argue with a man
No man is a true believer unless No soul shall have a burden laid on
None of you should point out On the contrary live with them your wives
Once a man, who was passing through a road People are distracted by objects of desire
People fancy that they are enjoying themselves Place us not among the people
Preserve the wings of desire Reputation is what men think you are
Say to the Unbelievers, if now they desist from unbelief Say what is true
Shaitan threatens you with poverty and Allah Promises you forgiveness So do not become weak against your enemy

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