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Nor can a soul die except by Allah's leave O Allah, to You I commit myself
O Lord ! I make my complaint unto Thee O Lord, grant me your love
O Lord, keep me alive O Lord, praise to You
One truth from the Quran is worth more than all the wisdom of man One way to defend the Masjid is to attend it
Perfect our light for us Pour out on us patience and constancy
Remember the Lord in retirement Seek Allah's help with Sabr and Salat
Serve Allah, as you would if you could see Him Some of the Quran's most precious
Take us not to task Tell us, which action is dearest to Allah
The acquisition of knowledge is a duty The best thing to do with the Quran
The dead person will see both his places The Masjid gives the people what they need
The Masjid is a place where we can admit our failures to one another The Masjid is no more to be blamed
The Masjid should be a living organism The most excellent Jihad is that for the conquest of self
The nearest to me are the abstinent The one who only samples the Word of God
The person who has a true Muslim spirit The Prophet said, If anyone of you sees a dream
The Prophet said, Whoever sees me in a dream The Quran breaks hard hearts
The Quran is a telescope The Quran is like a compass
The Quran reveals the wickedness in the heart of man The Quran was given for our transformation
The Quran, like a bank The true Muslim is a person who is right
The value of the Quran is not knowing it, but obeying it The verses in the Quran will save you from spiritual reverses
The Word of God, spoken with compassion The world at its worst needs the Masjid at its best

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