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Lead a happy married life with the blesssings of Ayyappa Leave all thy burdens on His hands
Let Dhairya Lakshmi bestow you with courage and strength Let every mortal man elect the friendship of the guiding God
Let not the fruit of action be your object Let the world go topsy-turvy
Let your child be filled with the wisdom of Godess Saraswati Let your child grow in the wisdom of the Godess Saraswati
Listen to me brother Live Thou my life through me
Love is a consistent passion to give Love is the song of the soul, singing to God
Make no mistake, without Hinduism, India has no future Make our inner life more perfect
Manikya veena mupala layanthim Mantra
May Bhola Shankar grant you all your wishes May Godess Dhanalakshmi give you wealth and prosperity
May Godess Lakshmi bring you health May Godess Lakshmi keep a watch over you for years to come
May Godess of Health bless you with a healthy n peaceful long life May Lord Hanuman save you from all the troubles
May Lord Sai Baba protect you all the time May Lord Shiva take away all your troubles n sorrows
May the blessings of Godess Saraswati be on your child May the blessings of the Three Godesses be upon you
May the Godess of Learning grant you wisdom May you have the blessings of Godess Saraswati
Meditate on Om Mind without fear
Mrityunjaya Mantra in Sanskrit Mrityunjaya Mantra
Mushikavaahana modaka hastha Nainam chindanti sastrani
No burden is heavier for the earth Now it's only Mother, Mother
O brothers, the love of God is sweet O Lord of lords, I offer my obeisances unto You
O Lord of lords, O abode of the universe Observe the vow of silence

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