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I never really knew why I liked you. At first I thought it was just because you had large brown eyes that always seemed to drawn me in. And I thought it might just be because you were the only guy who talked to me when nobody liked me because they thought I was ugly. That was almost four years ago. Now I'm sitting here without those glasses and gap-filled teeth and bushy eyebrows and even though I've changed and a lot of people find me beautiful, you haven't really. You still like the same girl you did three years ago, and yet again I can't compare. I don't see what you see in her, with her wide but flat butt, flat chest, and large nose. But whatever it is, I know you don't see it in me. I want to just give up on you. But it's not happening. Somehow, I still love you.

dead best friend

my best friend died a couple of years ago and i feel sad all the time now. What do you guys and girls out there think i should im only 11 years old he got cancer in first grade and died in third he wasnt able to go to school and he wasnt able to see us very often either i really miss him and on top of that i never got the chance to tell him i love him he was always there for me and my friends and he would always help us if we needed it i just miss him so much

im stuck

I don't love him and he loves me, im only with him cos i dont wanna be on my own... im kinda ashamed of him and in 3 weeks i stupidly suggested he meets my dad... when im not with him i forget why hes my boyfriend.. i dont wanna hurt him... im scared and i cant talk to anyone..i really dont wanna hurt him

Seeing 2 guys

I was with someone for a long time, but I was fairly young and wasn't ready to settle down. This guy who I always talked to and flirted with - well, we talked more and more and I fell in love with him; however, he had no direction, no motivation and was unempathetic at times. I couldn't stay away from him though, because I truly loved him. I wanted to marry him. If he could only get his stuff together and think about someone besides himself...but he didn't. I moved in with him anyway, and he found out about the other guy. Needless to say - his heart was broken and I became the devil to him. I know what I did was totally selfish. I miss this man so much and if he had just said - let's get married....we can struggle...and have our hard times but let's do it together...I would have been with him solely. Or if he just made some committment to himself with his future. I would have given myself completely. But I didn't, so I hung on to the other guy. I miss him so much, and I hate him for not getting his stuff together. I hate him because I know he loves me and cares for me...but it was never enough for him to get his butt in gear. Now, I told someone about my future plans with the other guy- just so he would hear, and just so he could be hurt.

Confused Loneliness

I'm torn between my loving my best friend. I'm currently single and like me, my best friend is single too. We both love being single and enjoy each other's company. we spend practically every day together for the past year. Recently, because of work, school. we havent been able to spend so much time together. and being a guy, i refused to call her or sms her when i feel lonely and need her company. She's probably the one one who really understands me in this whole wide world. She's totally wrong for me right. i'm truly not good enough for her. she's gorgeous, cute and lots of fun to be with. i need to detach myself from her. i want to be best friends again without all these feelings. i need to get rid of my emotional attachment to her. i really hope that i dont have to feel like this for long. it's like loving something u can never have.

I'm sorry God

I'm mad at You. I need Your help, and I feel like You're ignoring me. I'm so angry, but I still love You. I know I have not right to demand anything of You, Lord. But I'm so helpless right now. I feel that only You can save me, and I'm angry that things aren't changing. I know You work in Your own way, but I am impatient and unwilling to wait. Please help me to trust in You and stop being angry.


I just finished my first year in college. I think I have a crush on my best friend. One of my friends asked if i liked him. I lied. I didn't want it to be awkward. I cant stop thinking about him.

I have no friends

I have no friends and I'm going to college

Pickup addict

I am addicted to picking up girls. Currently I have a girl who I am with but who doesn't want to be with me officially because it will never work out because I have kids and she is of an ethnic background that values marrying people free of baggage (maybe a little more than other ethnic backgrounds). Anyways I love her very much but cannot tell her becaue that would make this real. So instead I protect myself by keeping a steady supply of women at my beck and call by picking up girls off of the street, on subways at coffee shops and generally anywhere where ti is possible to pick up women. It makes me sad that i feel I have to do this but I don't know what else to do right now (other than the obvious stating of the truth) but that would be too easy right?


Taylor, we drove by your house yesterday. Your garuage door was wide open and your car was in the drive way.


I don't care that we've we're engaged. You think just cause I said yes that that's it? That now you don't need to 'try' anymore because you're already got me? Don't try to keep me, and I'll find another who will.

Online flirting

he left his web page open on my computer today....he has been chatting up women with flattery and flirtatious questions. I don't feel guilty at all about looking because it was on my computer.

My best mate's wife and I have fallen in love

The title says it all. I've never had feelings this strong. But we both love our spouses and there's no way this can work. We haven't done anything, and we're not going to have an affair. But the pain is unbearable. I can't concentrate, or get any work done...

In love with

I am married with two kids but I am in love with a co-worker, who is also married. She doesnt know it and I will never do anything about it but I sometimes cry because I lover her so much. My wife is not a bad person but I just do not love her anymore but I care too much for my family to ever sacrifice it but I am trying to deal with the fact that I will never be truly happy now. My heart skips a beat everytime I see her and when she touches my hand or shoulder, I feel like a million dollars. She is wonderful.


I have an eating disorder I've been hiding from my family and boyfriend. I've thrown up with them literally in the next room. I make up all sorts of lies to everyone to explain my weight loss. People will buy me expensive food, only for it to end up in the toilet 10 minutes later. I feel horrible and worthless about my ingratitude.


i gave out my home phone to people i met online. i know that they're safe but i'm grounded and i don't know what to do. we all felt safe and we talked about harmless stuff. gosh darnit, parents are too strict.


I seriously don't get everyone's freaking obsession with death and loss. Your relative is old and they died. It happens and yes, it is very sad. Yes, it sucks very much but that's life. People die. People leave. People are either taken from you or they leave voluntarily so learn to deal. It's not like this has never happened before and it's not like you do not have a gigantic support system of family members there to help you. Crying at work and scaring people by being so upset at home isn't fair to them because an old woman died. She was old and had a good long life. It's not your fault and life will go on. Stop being so selfish and learn that people leave you especially when they are old and near death to begin with. I'm less than half your age and I know that people will be leaving me for the rest of my life. Yeah, it sucks but that's life. Either deal with it or leave.

I love HIM

I am in love. I dont know how to express myself. I want to say i love you but i cant do it. I dont know why. I am 19 years old and i know i have a long life before me but all i think about is him. it scares me, how much i love this kid. i never love. i cant read him, i wish i knew he loved me as much as i him, in the back of my head i know he loves me but then again i dont. it has been short but i know this is real but inside i am fighting it with stupid stuff in my past. I am not ready to have my heart broken but some kid whom i could never see again. I have no ties to Ohio, only thing is school. if he breaks me i could never come back again and never see him what happens then? i wish i could see how this all ends up becasue i am not strong enough for this. not now. but i am in love so i cant break up with him because I am scared... can I?